Questions, Consultations and Ongoing Consulting Services

Please pay for consultations and questions here.

Quick Answers via e-mail

Do you have a pressing question about which you could benefit from a quick, objective look from your galactic astrologer? Do you just need some fast, blip information without having the time for a full-blown reading? Should you fall into either of the above categories, consider the following answer service, now offered on a introductory/test-this-idea basis. If you need to ask a quick couple of questions, I'll provide you with an answer by e-mail for each of your questions (up to three). If you ask a yes or no question, you'll get a yes or no answer. Since the idea here is fast and furious, no lengthy chart explanation will be provided. It's going to come back at you as one quick, yet succinct answer. In rare cases, if we need to follow up with one brief e-mail, we can do that, too.

However, there are going to need to be a few rules of the game.

I cannot answer a question involving another person's horoscope unless the horoscope is that of one's spouse, live-in relationship partner, parent or child under the age of 18.

No electional questions such as: When should I get married? When should I incorporate? or When should I have a medical procedure? The setting of events takes a ton of time. If interested, though, his can be done, but not in this category. E-mail for details. I do not answer any medical or health related questions. Questions regarding a person's death will not be addressed, such as, When will my rich step-uncle pass and leave me buckets of money? I cannot answer which company will hire you without the horoscopes of the companies. However, we can assess career choices and timing probabilities for success. All project and concept information will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

Personal Consultations

My standard sessions run 60 minutes in length, by phone or Skype. All sessions must be prepaid (see note below); all in person sessions must be paid at the time of the consultation, without exception.

30-minute sessions are available.

Please note that if incorrect birth data is supplied, Philip Sedgwick is not obliged to redo any or all of the session. In the event of a faulty audio recording, Philip Sedgwick is not required to redo any or all of the session. You are welcome to record the session using your personal recording device as well.

For phone sessions, you will call 520.888.1920 at the scheduled reading time.

Estimate scheduling your session at least two weeks in advance of when you desire the session to occur.

New recording terms: All sessions are digitally recorded and an MP3 file will be sent via

Recordings of consultations will be archived for 90 days following the session and then deleted.

Recordings of consultations remain my intellectual property and as such, are copyrighted content.


All consultations paid on this website must be paid not later than 72 hours prior to scheduled session time to allow electronic processing time to occur. Electronic checks are not accepted.
No Exceptions.

Payments not rendered according to this schedule result in automatic cancellation of the consultation.
A 50% rescheduling fee is applied for sessions changed within 48 hours of appointment.
A forfeit of the entire fee is applied to any consultation not kept. No refunds for consultation services once conducted.

Please pay for consultations and questions here.

Business Consultation and Corporate Services

Would you like to start a new business or find the best day to incorporate? Need some assistance on which cities should be first targeted for marketing and when? How about hiring a person (this one is tricky since you can't ask for a birth date before hiring as it implies age discrimination)? Need to come up with a name for a product that buzzes with electricity? How about a planning schedule for your next six months or a year? All this is possible with astrological analysis. It just takes time. In the past I've worked with sole proprietors, small businesses and Fortune 100 companies. There are as many business applications for astrology as there are creative ideas.

You can customize a business plan to suit your needs. Before starting I'll give you a few tips so you can maximize your time investment. All business services must be paid in advance.

2.5 to 5 hours, $200 per hour
5 to 10 hours, $190 per hour
10 to 20 hours, $175 per hour

For longer retainer arrangements, please contact me directly.

You can customize a business plan to suit your needs. Before starting I'll give you a few tips so you can maximize your time investment. All business services must be paid in advance. Retainer services have an expiration of one year from the date of contracting those services.