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Here to Stay ~ 29 Sep 2023

EDITED to correct information about Pluto's transit.


The last supermoon of the year is upon us. Overnight, the Full Moon in Aries marked the Harvest Moon in the northern hemisphere as well as the cusp of October. Come Sunday, all Earthlings experience the waning quarter of the Gregorian Year, 2023. The daily calendar thins while the pressure of completing the year’s objective rises.


As the year hits the more or less 75% completion point, a significant dwarf planet shift immediately looms, while another dwarf planet shifts signs in the early days of 2024. Both these planet changes mark significant shifts in any person’s internal power plant and creative fortitude.

Both these dwarf planets, because of the length of their journey around the Sun do spend a significant amount of time in a sign once they ingress. Typically, as the slower moving planets prepare to change signs they do a bit of a step and repeat maneuver, entering the sign, then retrograding out. Coming up, both the dwarf planets change signs and announce that they are here to stay for quite some time.

As the upcoming weekend concludes, Haumea steps into Scorpio. There she proclaims I am here to stay until February of 2049. Reckon with me. I got a heap of good to offer you.

On 21 January 2024 Pluto enters Aquarius where he transits until 2 September. Then, he returns for one of those repeats in Capricorn until 19 November. Then, he enters Aquarius where he intends to maintain water bearer tenure nonstop until March of 2043. His entry statement: So, are you being useful to the world and all the people on it? Are you?

Both these planets force an individual to come to some level of realization about their deep inner workings that directly influence the presentation of the spirit.

Haumea offers up a double dose of self with her north node in Leo and her perihelion in Aries. She demands that each and every person secure an undeniable sense of self that reflects confidence in ones skills and more important, the absolute and unlimited application of ones creative package. No element of ability may remain unapplied per the emphatic urging of this potent Hawaiian goddess. She insists that this invigorated sense of self endure despite the efforts of others envious of your talent package who discourage the native to settle for far less in life than can be conjured with unabated creative application.

Pluto brings a double influence of water with his node in Cancer and perihelion in Scorpio. He demands one recognize their inner power without limitation, embarrassment or fear. He urges that one recognize at all times the fervor of the passion with fullness and transformed into unswerving dedication to the reason a person incarnated in the first place. Pluto will ask a seeker what they were thinking when they selected the lifetime in progress, and will further enquire as to how fulfillment of that progress is going.

Given that two exceptionally potent dwarf planets change signs in a relatively short period of time as one year ends and another begins, the pressures to fully engage ones soul and apply it fully and immediately simply overflows. While it is probably always a great time for a consultation, series of consultations, a Galactic Report, or posing perplexing questions for a bit of astrological insight, the links at the end of this posting will take you to the right places to order and get the process moving. Both planets say: Let’s get a move on. And like the sunset photo below, taken on the equinox, do so without crossing wires. Click on.


Should you chose not to deep dive into yourself with the links below, here are a handful of thoughts and tips to apply as these planets do their sign change thin.


There is no competition. Do what you do in the manner truest to your core. You are unique in your own ways and your creative output will differ from that of anyone else. Assume no triangulation and if you find there are those attempting to interfere, do not engage. Simply do not include them in your soul-supporting entourage.

Attempting to convince the unconvincible or convert the unconvertible creates only frustration and ill feelings between all parties. Sense who naturally leans into your aura and feels familiar to you. Anyone else, sure they can follow you on social media, but they do not need to move into your inner circle.

Realize your healing ability affords you to appear to emerge from any life confrontation or dilemma virtually unscathed. When others tell you how great you look, especially while in the throes of battling to establish your creative foothold, express thanks and infuse the input.

Recall you have the ability to do heaps of good and enable the providence of others. Above all, your energetic and fecund output feeds the souls of others.

When others attempt to obstruct or impair your success, seek no vengeance. Create ample space between yourself and those adversarial to your nature. Save your energy for your very best applications.


Feel your power. All of it, without limitation. Let it flow, work to become comfortable with it, regardless of how intense and overwhelming it may seem.

Ask yourself how big the next adventures in life needs to become. Permit these to exceed your comfort zone, then emotionally wrap around how your life changes for the better.

Develop a keen eye for snakes in the grass and those wishing you harm. When encountering adversaries, follow per Haumea and give them space. Slowly back away to reduce any perceived threat, refocus your energy and when reset, engage free-flowing life without limitation.

Realize that following your passion and experiencing fulfillment, even satiation, works to restore depleted emotional and spiritual resources. Enjoying the best you can receive enhances your generosity and willingness to aid others you may encounter enduring a life plight.

Tell the truth about yourself to yourself. As far as others go, you don’t need to share the secrets of your soul. That’s for you and the source in the sky to know. Pluto does possess a helmet of invisibility. Learn how to use it well and remember to take it off when you wish to be seen and included.

Enjoy the season, the remaining months of the year and savor each day as Pluto may suggest, as if there is no tomorrow. Actually, notes the lord of the underworld, tomorrow is always tomorrow. Today is always today. May as well engage with full passion, gusto and creative prowess and forget about getting stuck in the netherworld.

More soon.


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