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Last Minute Details ~ 12 Apr 2024

Last minute details for what? But of course the Jupiter to Uranus conjunction in Taurus. In order to make the transit what it optimally intends to be, trigger mechanisms require gainful engagement, both before and after the conjunction.

Before we get into the planetary set up for the highly touted conjunction, a brief note. Transits that are highly anticipated are often disappointing. It’s not like God (for those claiming monotheism), or the gods (for those of polytheistic persuasion) snap(s) their fingers and poof, a magical life is bestowed upon any given mortal. Mortals must work at this getting the most of any transit thing. Propitiation frequently serves ones purposes. As does introspection combined with frequent reassessment of ones place in the Universe and what one intends to do for betterment. Like all of what happened to us all during this past week.

Kicked off by Monday’s fabulous solar eclipse in Aries conjunct Chiron (square Ceres in Capricorn, no less), the Universe is impossible to ignore. Media coverage, groovy pictures and wow-struck onlookers filled not only media footage, but social media posts, too. The agenda: seek to heal whatever psychic wounds remain, scrub up the consciousness, then wrap around the concept of putting your desires and needs as your primary objective with every step taken in life. With Ceres in quadrature, the goal slants to advancing ones distinct causes in life no matter what, infused with positivism, inspiration and respect for Creation, as if having had recently witnessed a total solar eclipse.

Tuesday’s Mercury retrograde conjunction to Eris in Aries kicked self referential themes down the road. Any feelings of personal isolation, being ignored, rejected etc. are replaced by the affirmation that one has the right to stand where they do, pursuing objectives that fulfill the best plot for their incarnation in progress. Period.

Wednesday’s Mars-Saturn conjunction in Pisces sought to shake out feelings that either could not be identified or expressed given the demands of life. No matter what, the planetary pairing sought to inspire individuals to dig deep and access any emotion requiring expression. Compassion, sensitivity and empathy result as natural byproducts.

Thursday’s Mercury retrograde conjunction with the Sun in Aries marked the midpoint of Mercury’s current retrograde interval. The alignment between the Earth, Sun and Mercury intended to sort out real-world priorities, set the stage for articulating all personal objectives to oneself, the Divine, then those with whom one seeks an audience and participation.

Saturday’s Sun to Eris conjunction in Aries heaps on more of the need for self-affirmation and the recognition that one carries much to pour into the cornucopia of life. Individuals defining personal merit and conscious, cooperative participation tend to be included and contribute to the fold. This is a great time to do all of that.

On 17 April Venus conjoins the north lunar node in Aries. The objective is to clearly identify the value of ones skills, talents, attributes and whatever has been accumulated in ones arsenal from activities accomplished in life. Taking time to value all personal commodities contributes to a fuller sense of self and this, added to ones consciousness, radically increases ones receptivity to the good things that intend to come ones way from life. Be grateful, receive, absorb the good... do more of the good stuff you know you are destined to do.

It’s post tax time in the U.S. of A. when the 19 April Venus conjunct Mercury retrograde in Aries influence is more clearly realized. It’s time to figure out either how to spend that juicy tax return or recover from the payment of taxes. More to the core, it’s all about continuing to affirm, without bombasticness, what one can offer to any other person and offering up ones best without insistence, but merely a statement of: “I can assist. If you want that, please reach back.”

Depending upon where one stands upon planet Earth, the Jupiter to Uranus conjunction in Taurus, sets up shop 20 to 21 April. All the traditional rhetoric of unexpected opportunities, grand awakening, the whimsical fates and muses bestowing gifts on mortals with perspiration on their brow from effort fully apply. This is a big deal... and the conjunction trines Ceres in Capricorn. Ceres poses a couple questions and if one replies with a proper answer, there’s cosmic endorsement of personal objectives.

What if one does not see an immediate filling of the coffers, unprecedented success or suddenly stand in the middle of the aura of achieving overnight sensation status? And then?? How does one report to those in ones life who are not so much fans of astrology that this conjunction happened and things are more or less like they were a couple days ago; greatness was not instantly achieved? Say Ceres, “One reports nothing. One simply endures and persists.”

Figure that a huge dollop of cosmic grease was applied to the gears of an electrical switch box. Now when flowing current (enduring personal effort) provides stimulation to the circuitry, following the buzz of the building charge, movement occurs. Simply because a transit happened, life is not all easy, groovy and miraculously perfect. An ongoing application of energy and effort applied with the best consciousness possible is required to ensure that brilliant moment of opening continues to support the best efforts and best laid plans of mice and all people of all pronouns.

On 21 April, the Sun in Taurus squares Pluto in Aquarius. Concurrently, Venus conjoins Chiron in Aries. First, make sure recent healing sticks. The solar square to Pluto may drop a pothole on the path. Affirm and reaffirm that you have done all work required to clear your baggage, relieve undesirable reactions and present yourself with best intentions. Pluto clearly favors those committed to best intentions. There’s a reason the road to hell is paved with same. It is so a person and Pluto can have a chat to make sure that goals and objectives pursued actually serve the soul if accomplished. If so, then clearly continue with the distinctive knowing that doing the good you’re doing for yourself organically benefits everyone in your life and fans out to include people you may never come to meet. If not, chat with Pluto for a spell... literally and figuratively.

A few days later, on 24 April, Venus aligns with Eris in Aries. Mercury pulls into the station, apparently halting, then resuming direct motion all while, more or less conjunct the north lunar node. Bear in mind any planet’s retrogradation is the perception of ones view of the rest of the solar system from planet Earth assuming the home planet to be stationary. Retrogrades would be perceived on Venus or Mars or any other body, however, in reality no planet reverses tracks. This suggests that the reactions of others to ones value and offering may be relative. From where another stands your value may not be yet perceived. Regardless, you must realize and savor personal attributes and offer them, with an unflinching reaction to the time it may take others to recognize what you present... and why you present those attributes. This is a perfect time to resolve suspicion, doubt and questioning of your motives.

Relative to where you stand on Earth, on 29 - 30 April Mars enters Aries. This is great. For about six weeks, here’s Mars doing the Martian thing from his natural sign turf. Surprisingly, with sensitivity to cause and effect reactions to ones efforts, aggression eases back into agreeable assertion. Stating to others, “This is what I do,” without the expectation that others immediately do it the same way or immediately join in, goes a long way. As the adages go, “Daylight’s burning... make hay while the Sun shines.”

Come 30 April, Venus, now in Taurus, squares Pluto in Aquarius. Clarify all fiscal things. Why do you charge what you do for what you do? Do you believe you deserve it? How much money do you need? Do you have a greed-immune budget? What would you do if you had more money than you actually need? Watch the news here. All the newsworthy things about business, the stock market, trillionaires, and your reaction to those worldly factors offer up great insight. Given Pluto in Aquarius, it is worth noting what AI is doing for the promulgation of cyber-currency. Is that really a solid thing? Totally bankable? It’s what you conclude and do that counts.

About a week following, on 06 May, Mercury conjoins Chiron in Aries. Given the ramped up Taurus energy around, it would be easy to imagine that when one says, “You need to get well,” that the other person implies economically. Actually, this means get yourself “fit as a fiddle” so you can bow your instrument until those Taurean bulls are inclined to come home. Give yourself a few days before declaring what tasks you imagine as Herculean and yet inevitable for you to assume.

11 May marks a huge day in the getting what good Jupiter and Uranus hinted was available. Mercury matches degrees with Eris in Aries. This is a call back to 11 April when Mercury retrograded over Eris. What did you declare then? Reaffirm the same aspects of your attributive nature, however, with clearer belief based upon recent goings on. On this day the Sun crosses the degree of the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction. Impeccable conscious attention can be applied in the review of what the conjunction was supposed to bring your way. This is a goal reset. Tick off on your to-do list any completed tasks howsoever small they appear. Rewrite your objectives and get ready to do even more.

The next day, 12 May, the Sun meets up with Uranus. Be cheerful. Eliminate any grumbling or crankiness. Shift any part of your psyche inconsistent with being the bright light you claim to be.

But a few days following, on 16 May, Venus crosses the degree of Jupiter to Uranus. Mercury in Taurus squares Pluto in Aquarius. Okay, naturally you’re engaged in everything you’re engaged in because you want more money and you have the thing that should generate it. Leave that out. Lead with what the thing you offer to the world can do to make everyone else more comfortable. Assign practicality and usefulness to what you do. This asserts the undeniable value of your services and offered commodities. Others assume you’re in this to make money... and that’s why you charge what you do. Allow others time to wrap around the cost versus worth axis, thus perceiving all your merit.

It takes virtually no time for the cost versus worth thing to sort out. On 17 May, Venus aligns with Uranus and the Sun meets up with Jupiter. All this in Taurus. Here you go. While a month ago Jupiter and Uranus teased the consciousness of the world with gain and attribution, this is the interval when the deal becomes clearly perceivable... and there’s yet more to be done to extract maximum benefit.

Take the morning of 19 May to honor Mars to north node in Aries. Reset everything about you. Recite your personal affirmations while transacting the most mundane of tasks, from making a cuppa, to taking shower, to driving to where you intend to go in the afternoon and evening to engage with everything you’ve promised the world (and the deity above) you intend to engage.

Next up, on 22 May, Venus embraces Jupiter in Taurus. Regardless of your state of capitalization, savor the good things of life. Make a point to bask in the tasteful and tasty, enjoy affordable luxury, and savor everything magnificent that graces your life... like quality people, awesome locations, things of great value and importance.

On 25 May, Jupiter graces Gemini with his magnificence and conjoins Sedna while doing so, soon to thine Pluto in Aquarius. This is a whole different style of enchilada and will be saved for the next SkyScraping.

But a few days later, come 29 May, Mars conjoins Chiron in Aries while Mercury reaches the degree of the Jupiter-Uranus union. A preventive physical checkup is a great idea. Get blood work. Buy a blood pressure monitoring device. Check out that nagging whatever you’ve been noting about the physical being. If you’ve been complaining, seeing the right person to define what’s up with your bodkin is hugely important. Why? Because with Mercury to the degree of the Jupiter to Uranus conjunction, imagining doing what you’re doing for what feels like forever! It takes a huge amount of energy and total well-being.

Then on 30 May, with Mercury to Uranus in Taurus you can throw your shoulders back, adjust your neck, clear your throat and with confidence declare what is next on your slate.

June kicks off with Mars conjunct Eris in Aries. Intrinsically, this is good. Eris and Mars share similar reactive instincts. Care must be taken for the correct presentation for the palate of all others out there in the world. It’s fine to be seen as a maverick or unconventional innovator. It is also appropriate to stop short of the reputation as disrupting, revolutionary or being a pure chaos creator. Expect to reassess your punch in life. Bear in mind that checking your views on social media is not a clear indication of favor or accomplishment. Ensure that any social media posts reflect only verifiable and measurable deeds done well.

So as 3 June rolls around, Mercury says to Jupiter in Gemini, “So, big guy, are we there yet?” Jupiter, off a massive eye roll, retorts, “What have we learned since Uranus and I put on the exposition? Do you need to upgrade, enhance, improve, and dare I ask, correct anything done during last number of weeks?” If Mercury can’t think of anything, Jupiter will dispatch the trickster on a task or two in which the joke of it all comes back for realization by the loquacious one. It is time to assess irony. It is time to consider paradox. It is time to ensure that words and actions perfectly align with ones declared consciousness. Conduct an internal contradiction check. If adjustments are needed, gracefully and enthusiastically meet the need.

On 08 July, Mars advances to the degree of Jupiter and Uranus conclave in Taurus. Now, a claim can be staked. While this could look like receiving copyright or trademark paperwork from issuing authorities, it is more time to review everything that has happened since 20 April. What a wild path it has likely been. What unusual twists and turns yielded this new methodology to apply or that. Pause as Mars transacts 21 Taurus 49. Are you receiving what you need from life? Is more required? Is that more an indication that more effort is required of you in terms of output, or that your life-acceptance skills require polishing? Take a day or two around 5 July as the Earth steps back from the Sun as far as it does. The Earth’s aphelion naturally represents a needed retreat in the interest of “what in the world am I doing with this year?” This pause and associated realizations can be duly applied with Mars as he crosses the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction degree. Here one can declare, “The wheels of progress are turning. In fact, the path to fulfilling the promise of the gaseous giant merger of April is currently well-traveled and soon to reap huge rewards... for all.

Whew! That’s a bucket load of planetary stuff. More soon.

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