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All While Square Saturn ~ 05 Jun 2024

Over the next few days, peaking this coming weekend, Venus and the Sun, by opposition, intersect a couple of black holes in Sagittarius, on their way to the Galactic Center. Coming off the superior conjunction of Venus to the Sun, and all square Saturn in Pisces, it seems they have some conjuring to conduct. This alignment is in effect now and pretty much through next Tuesday. Just in time for Mercury, solo, to commence forming similar aspects.

A superior conjunction of Venus occurs when she aligns with the Sun and the Earth while on the opposite side of the Sun from the Earth. This puts what Venus wants and needs behind the bright display of life demanding immediate and consciously applied attention. It’s like life is in the way. Too much to do. So many details and requests. Add Saturn in Pisces and it can feel emotionally overwhelming and diminish ones enthusiasm.

This is a transit interval between idea grabs. We’re coming off a download pattern requiring intent focus on ideas as they appear for a solid five minutes at the time of appearance, and preparing for the free concepts and consciousness considerations stirred up by Venus, the Sun and Mercury too, opposing the Galactic Center.

What’s up with the messages from the black holes? Great Geminian questions!

Because the black holes stand virtually adjacent by longitude, their evolutionary direction overlaps. In summary:

It’s time to learn what yet needs to be learned and to research what must be researched. All facts compile into a doctrine, which when applied, either confirms or contradicts previously carved out philosophical protocols. Practice what you preach, unless the preaching prohibits organic, soul-fulfilling actions. If there’s prohibition, upgrade and transform all operating philosophies.

Here Saturn splashes water at you from Pisces prompting you to remain in your personal flow. Feel what you feel, want what you want, and ensure that it all contributes to personal evolution. If it does, cool. Get on with doing more of it. If not, go back and rewrite the code.

Seek out wisdom and guidance only from those with experience, vast knowledge and who conduct expert consul. Run from those who “teach what they need to learn.” Saturn striving to sound hip says, “more so than usual, this is bigly important.”

Connect the dots and figure out the algorithm life provides by presenting the data flow and trajectory of that data flow. From this, cultivate an agreeable consciousness that permits constant tracking of best objectives despite life priorities and shifting demands and schedule changes that feel dumped upon you.

Stay clear and maybe take off your progressive glasses (a metaphor for those with excellent vision) and revert to the close up work glasses when researching or on the computer, switching to long range glasses when driving or navigating long range goals. There exists a nebulous boundary (sort of like Saturn in Pisces) when wearing lenses that dissolve between things at hand and those more out there in the big world. More of the Gemini “it’s this now and that then” vision requirement.

Does this explain all the communication ghosting and inability to pull the trigger with clear concise decision-making that seems to plague the masses currently. More, it implies the need for a six. The current patterns ensure the need for prompt, honest and well-thought decision-making despite Saturn’s underwater scowls of seeming disapproval.

The Gemini data dump from the sky does persist. On 14 June, from across the sky, Venus engages the Galactic Center, and is now officially out of orb to Saturn. This suggests when an idea of merit arrives its value can be accurately perceived by the receiving party. And it should be noted that it takes time for the collective to catch up with the psychic impact of all progressive ideas. The world may not yet be ready for your conclusions in the moment.

Given Mercury snuck by the Sun on the ecliptic, on 15 June Mercury opposes the Galactic Center. It’s time to buy new notebooks for all life campaigns. Fill them with the onslaught of incoming information. Periodically, as in every six weeks or so, review all the grand and groovy ideas. Figure a way for implementing each in every task going forward.

The Sun engages the Galactic Center by opposition on 17 June. It’s around flag day in the United States. Given the recent controversy regarding flags flown, ensure that your galactic campaigns are squared away and right side up before hoisting on the lanyard. Confirm the flag clearly represents and holds your personal banner high. In your banner, include those things you pondered in the last quarter of last year, with presentation of those ideas as integrated consciousness.

Looking ahead, Mars opposes these same black holes staring 16 August, right as he comes off his conjunction with Jupiter. For the next week or so, energetically infuse all good to great ideas with establishing action. Shiny objects are everywhere. Focus, clarity of aspirations and endurance ensure completion and fulfillment along the path!

Keep your concepts conjured in the next fortnight or so front and center, even if close to the proverbial vest. As Mars tracks these same black holes transited now by the Sun, Mercury and Venus, it will be time for all concepts engaged in the now and near future to enjoy unlimited and energetic application. Next thing you know, on 31 August, Mars opposes the Galactic Center. This marks the official opening of “guzinta” season. The ideas happening now merge and infuse into (guzinta) ideas appearing later based upon understanding of ideas previously integrated. The later ideas would make no sense without the mental substrate of the ideas appearing throughout the next weeks.

More soon!

So, to support current aspects, pull the trigger. Schedule that consultation or set up a personalized program of consultations. Seek out the information of the Galactic Report. Research the Cosmos with the Galactic Trilogy. There is no click bait on the links below... only click and catch! As in catching the conscious ideas that lead to insight and inspiration! Even though stuff squares Saturn!!


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