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Capitalizing on Capricorn ~ 09 Dec 2023

This year’s personal planet Capricorn ingresses commenced on 01 December as Mercury paved the way joining a series of bodies that have achieved tenure in Capricorn. These long-standing influences chatting up Mercury include the asteroid Icarus, the centaurs Pholus and Hylonome, the Kuiper Belt Object Quaoar and Pluto, however you personally classify him. Pluto says, “Sayonara,” to Capricorn until September somewhat midstream in the transit sequence ahead. This sign change suggests a collective unconscious attitude shift that could potentially impact an astute Earth-occupying traveler to apply the evolving consciousness and accrue even further gains.

What does all of this tenured influence mean? Eat well and consume only those things that foster your being. Make every act of life ceremonial. Don’t fly too high - you know, no over assessment of capabilities. Life is a creative song and dance routine. You need to put on a good show, but only following the emotional release of any professional regrets. Be clear that it’s okay to be abundant. And when enjoying opulence, share with those enduring less favorable life circumstances.

Mercury retrogrades in mid-December, retreating into Sagittarius on the 23rd. The messenger mixes and moshes in Sag until 14 January when all communiques revert to “down to business” tones through Mercury’s Aquarian ingress on 5 February.

Following the fleet-footed one through Capricorn are:

Sun: In Capricorn 22 December - 20 January

Mars: In Capricorn 04 January - 13 February

Venus: In Capricorn 23 January - 16 February

Ceres: In Capricorn 07 February - 07 December

Psyche: In Capricorn 26 December - 14 March

A note on the above: Ceres retrogrades in Capricorn May through August. During her time in the Saturn-ruled homeland, she establishes clarity regarding all economic and mundane matters, ensures their proper distribution, and advocates for prime social causes - that is, if well-addressed by those feeling her passage. While in Capricorn, she hangs out in a virtual trine with Jupiter in Taurus the entire month of April, while not achieving partile status. Similarly, she nearly trines Uranus, also in Taurus, when she stations retrograde on 15 June. Late in her Capricorn visitation, she polishes off the work she conjures and conducts in the potent first quarter of the year and April’s fortuitous Jupiter-Uranus conjunction by nearly catching up to trine Pluto before his last days in Capricorn conclude. She successfully trines Uranus on 22 November - an aspect forming a month before Jupiter in Gemini squares Saturn in Pisces on 24 December. Curiously, a sequence of “almost exact” aspects with Jupiter and Pluto, two power players in her mythology and the resolution of her angst.

The upshot of the personal impact of the Ceres sequence: Okay, get clear on where you’re going. Take the high road always. Avoid revenge and retaliation against transgressors, no matter how tempting. Pitch your best stuff, and when the year ends with the Jupiter-Pisces square, enthusiastically work your ideas within current opportunities as if working your fingers to Saturn’s bone. And Psyche adds to the Cerean agenda: If you dream it, you must show up and get it done.

The personal planets in Capricorn have limited aspects between themselves this year.

On 22 December, the Sun and Mercury conjoin in Capricorn marking the midpoint of this mercurial retrograde. It’s the push to solidify contracts and agreements as year-end deadlines loom. It’s about being practical, grounded and ensuring that the facts as you perceive them receive impeccable articulation. It’s about dotting all i’s, j’s and crossing those t’s.

On 26 January Mercury finally tags Mars by conjunction. Without any consideration of how long it’s taken to get here, clearly define what you’re doing. You may appear as a blur to others. Take a moment to explain your real world considerations behind everything you do. Suddenly, you’ll make perfect sense to those in your sphere of influence and you can swiftly resume all tasks you manage without interpersonal interrogation.

No need for lamentation here about the lack of inner workings of the swifter moving solar system bodies transiting Capricorn this time around. Early in the sign perches XTE J1807-294 (1 Cap 50). This is the fastest spinning pulsar known. About two-thirds of the way through the seagoat’s domain sits an enigmatic black hole system SS433 (20 Cap 29).

This speedy and anomalistic pulsar provides an ongoing series of messages that clarify sticking point issues in ones life. These appear as repeating blips from the cosmos that intend to get you to: let go of mental snares that no longer serve your purposes; cease discussing (and repeating ad nauseam) matters of the past you must let go. On the heels of those processes, you get to work in pure creative flow and completing tasks in an unprecedently short interval of time. Let go of the same ole story. Write a new life script that’s perfect for Capricorn: economy of energy applied to enthusiastic aspirations that ensure economic excellence and potentially a modicum of ecstacy.

SS433 is a most compelling astrophysical anomaly. Dubbed by astronomers as the “Bastard Star,” SS433 is known to belch, hiccup, and shoot from the hip as it unusually spins as the binary system it is. It is controversial and factions quickly form around any and all proclamations, agendas and actions. Known as a maverick, SS433 supports the Capricorn mind set that life is better when one captains their vessel in life.

Following is a summation of the transits (plus or minus a day in your local time zone) of the personal planets to these bodies and tips to cooperating with these passages.

01 December - Mercury conjunct XTE J1807-294: Sure, this transit’s gone by and we’re in between two Mercury conjunctions to this groovy pulsar. With end-of-the-year pressures in mind, document all life regrets. Stew on that list... with yourself only. Share your issues with no one. When done stewing, refresh your body and mind with a shower and quality food, every time you stew.

21 December - Mercury retrograde conjunct XTE J1807-294: Retreat to nature alone. Recite your regret list to the cosmos. Shout if you have to. Ask for absolution. Do what penance comes to mind. Speak of these matters no more. Consider this a start with a clean slate.

24 December - Sun conjunct XTE J1807-294: Clarify everything you need to keep in mind. Write things down. Following task completion, be aware when the moment arrives to tick that item off the list. Then, make a point to line through that completed item. When you’ve crossed out three to five items, make a new list that includes any new ideas of which you must remain cogent. Keep rocking.

30 December - Psyche conjunct XTE J1807-294: Just in time for the turning of the year, dreams seed the clouds of emotional concerns. Note strange dreams. They may be revealing long-entrenched matters that can be expelled from your psyche with a conversation between you and the cosmos. And, some of those appearing matters may not even be part of this lifetime. A totally imagined or made-up regret works just fine, too, for bringing blurs into focus.

06 January - Mars conjunct XTE J1807-294: Solid determination is required here. This is a new damn year and things will function very differently. No tripping point encountered in the past before need impair your course presently or in the future. Energetically respond to ease and opportunity with grace and gratitude to acknowledge the simplicity of effort filling the airwaves

10 January - Sun conjunct SS433: This solar event inspires shedding conformity. Find your individuality and note when the instinct to edit your behavior appears. Demonstrate through the entirety of your being the purest of your authenticity. Be clear, not every person will be enthused with you, your thoughts and methods. Maybe turn off comments to your social media posts during this transit. Function and thrive where sanctioned approval resides.

15 January - Mercury conjunct XTE J1807-294: So there could have been a slip-up along the way and you might have recited one of “speak of this no more” details. No regrets. No foul. You realized what you did in real time or shortly thereafter. Take the reappearing matter up with the cosmos and reaffirm your attention to the way life now functions embracing the improvements therein. Feel free to talk about all this a bunch.

24 January - Venus conjunct XTE J1807-294: Notice the value of what you do and how long it takes to complete a task. When figuring the remuneration for what you do in life for fiscal compensation, apply the worth of your experience and expertise. If you ask for remittance based upon your skills and energy expended, and not time, a sense of fair compensation infuses your being.

29 January - Mercury conjunct SS433: Anything that you’ve been holding back saying, go ahead and put it out there. Again, be clear not everyone enthusiastically follows your doctrine and rationale. Work with and for those who do endorse your causes. Better to articulate something awkward at dinner than belch at the table. Get it out there.

31 January - Mars conjunct SS433: Find your followers and launch your campaign. Get on with the getting on. Take time to note the week-on week-off internal rhythm for the next ten weeks or so. Alternate intensity week by week. Know when to step in and engage. Sense when to retreat and take in. Find your own work hours and flow. Find time for those you value in your life, in case your work routine seems to be out of synch with everyone else.

08 February - Venus conjunct SS433: Reevaluate all cost factors, expenses and income requirements. Adjust accordingly. Determine a means of rewarding yourself when completing a vast energetic expenditure. Pat yourself on the back. In a solitary space, confirm your beliefs are solid, beneficial and contributive to the whole. Give yourself an awesome Valentine and savor your attributes for relate-ability.

12 February - Ceres conjunct XTE J1807-294: Expect a swirl of priority causes and considerations suddenly and unexpectedly appearing. Apply Capricorn insight to delegate all the hot ticket items to others that you can. Focus on your passion and engage those things that convincingly contribute to your karma in a good way. Encourage others to find and flow in windows of pure creativity - as of course becomes your instinctive method these days.

16 February - Psyche conjunct SS433: See if any hero or martyr scenarios dominate your dream state. Assess what the tyrants or saints you encounter in your imagination and dreams represent. Cultivate skills to install only the superior aspects derived from those images. Allow for free and unfettered imagination. Apply recent epiphanies to the landscape of your creative endeavors.

29 April - Ceres conjunct SS433 (later in the year 01 June by retrograde, 8 November direct): So for the first of these passages, do your best to understand how those people who seem so skewed off the course fell off the tracks. What is it that makes a heavy lift unliftable? How can one sort riffraff ideas from those of platinum value? Establish where in your body your center of gravity physically exists. Engage action with that center to balance all your efforts. Then locate the point where your personal energy equilibrium resides. Respond from that energetic point. Apply critical thinking and logical pragmatism to all those wild ideas that you ponder engaging.

For those willing to engage and exploit - in a productive, good way - all opportunities, regardless of the spin, there is more than ample gain in the course of the upcoming year... all courtesy of the set-up with the cosmic station of Capricorn, and his ruling planet, Saturn!

Here’s to conscious and contributive capitalization!

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