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Change in the Air ~ 31 May 2023

A transit triad combining a vital conjunction and two sign changes hover above our rather immediate horizons, each of which intends to shift the tone and tenor of the atmospheric sky shape. Such atmospheric changes work to alter the background for collective moods and as these emotional tones seep into daily lives, change the way everyday tasks are accomplished. Such shifts can induce mental resets with emotional and spiritual summoning of the will and stir the intention to get on with things, now more so than before.

Rather immediately, as in tomorrow, Jupiter, the grandest and gravitationally most significant planet in our solar system and the north node of the moon, move into precise alignment in early Taurus. Here, the vibe shifts toward setting objectives that bring about soulful satisfaction and real world fulfillment. Collectively, pretty much everyone wonders what they can do that adds momentum to the theme of why they incarnated in the first place, and then, what can I do day by day, each and every day to contribute to creating a life that suits ones highest soulful intentions while rendering daily satisfaction?

Suggestively, locate your personal compass calibrated to your ideal life destination. Redefine a primary goal that is as large if not larger than life. Carve that goal in the lodestone category and make a point of doing something every day to accrue knowledge or to perform a benevolent task that contributes to lifelong objectives. With the year being more than forty-percent complete as the new month rolls around, and with the uncertainties of the real world, life may feel thick, stalled or delayed. Well-directed, strategically-aimed personal actions shift one from the grasp of the doldrums into navigatable life circumstances.

Other ongoing planetary transits inspire heaps of momentum and the getting is good. This sensation of stall results from contrasting long term objectives with the socially prompted need for immediate gratification and everyone’s favorite, FOMO: fear of missing out.

To avoid missing out, ironically, a review of previous objectives to ensure satisfactory completion fills the billet. On 11 June Pluto makes a retrograde return to Capricorn for one last look. Come 11 October he resumes direct motion, assuming mortals have enjoyed a sufficiently long enough look back into Capricorn and turns tail toward Aquarius, which he enters on 27 January. Here, he promises not to return to Capricorn for another two centuries and some decades yet to come.

What assessments can be productively reviewed without feeling stuck in lingering laments?

An accurate look at ones financial situation helps. In Pluto’s reality one does what one must materially in order to accomplish enormous deeds in life. Pluto loves profit. After all, there’s that plutocracy thing. He savors opulence and the divine enjoyment of more than enough. He prompts a soul to do what it takes to get ahead... of course he often baits mortals with temptations often with the concept of low-hanging fruit potentially reverting emotional reaction back to the instant satisfaction theme. But Pluto takes a long time to orbit the Sun... two and a half centuries. That means he understands that the really good stuff in life takes time for full fruition. He plays a long end game and encourages those who consult with him to think consequentially, always in the big picture, and always with the eye on the ultimate objective - in this case a karmically flavored objective.

Pluto manages resources. He often suggests accruing debt as a means of getting ahead while contradicting himself with the proclamation one should never use ones own money for monumental undertakings. Pluto always inquires as to why such a pursuit is some important on ones path. For him, intention is everything. Why a person does why they do remains huge and to Pluto this stands out as the most important singular aspect of ones psyche. Those he knows have full intention motivated by their personal moral high ground, he favors. For the well-intended soul (according to him) Pluto assists and reconciles complex life obstacles, often with miraculous results... and of course, contingent upon the full life involvement of the soul he aids and abets.

Also in the very long planet (dwarf) category is Sedna, weighing in with a currently estimated orbit of 12,281.48 years around the Sun - whopping fifty times longer than it takes Pluto for solar revolution. She takes her first step into Gemini on 16 June. She retrogrades on 1 September retracing twin ship steps until 21 November when she saunters back into Taurus. Does cosmic curiosity exist within her first emergence in Gemini. Great question! Yes, it does. But more, there’s a shift in the perception of circumstances in life about what one chooses that is more key.

Mythologically, because Sedna and her father lived in the severe Arctic climate, he wished for her to choose a strong, competent hunter-gatherer. Sedna rejected all of the suitors recommended. Her degree of consideration remains unknown, however, what we do know is when bird man in human disguise appeared from distant lands, he successfully wooed Sedna onto his kayak to join him in his dismal life. The reality of the life Sedna chose violated all the grand promises and hype the bird man rendered. Did he lie? Absolutely. Did Sedna voluntarily step onto his kayak and willfully head off with him? According to mythic representations, she did.

Sedna comes closest to the Sun (perihelion) in the sign of Cancer. At perihelion, a planet feels maximum influence from the center of the solar system on all levels, and moves the fastest. A sense of urgency is implied. Here the urgency is care to ensure ones sustenance and safety in life. This contributes to the agenda of Sedna’s north node in Leo. A good mundane life naturally sustains and contributes positively to ones sense of self and ultimately, a clear perception of soulful accomplishment.

With Sedna in Gemini the resulting cosmic advice suggests that when confronting life changes and making decisions about treks to engage, apply full perceptual ability. Reality check all appearances. Consider if all that glitters is gold. Is this opportunity real in its “too good to be trueishness?” Research all claims. Verify facts from reliable sources. Fall for no chicanery. With the clarity of a full and accurate assessment, consciously chose the trajectories that best support life in the real world and simultaneously, spiritual objectives.

Should the path prove to be less than ideal, consciously choose a corrective course without hesitation, regret, lament and remain free of self condemnation. These days facts and idealized realities are particularly difficult to discern.

Sedna’s shifts between Taurus and Gemini ask what’s real in the world. Are the new things appearing to be real valid? Do they offer value? She wants to know how one can know if cyber currency can be trusted. She asks if regional banks can hold their own. She wonders what the far-reaching impacts of AI will be. She absolutely knows that if one pretends to be what one is not or more than one is and if one engages the illusion, be prepared to adjust in a moment’s notice to restore and preserve the quality conditions of life one has long intended and sought to create.

These next months are fraught with transiting planet opportunities. Should strategic choices be scrutinized and carefully selected, and if the results win favor with Pluto when he returns to Aquarius come January next, amazing progress appears to be at hand for all willing to gather.

More soon!

Given Pluto’s and Sedna’s previews of coming attractions, should it feel a consultation might assist your effort, I’ll be pleased to engage. If you’d like to establish a series of sessions to support navigation in these times, I’m up for that, too. Or answering a quick question or two, or fulfilling your order for a Galactic Report. Like the transits, the getting’s good. I’m thinking there’s no time like now.

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