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Jumping Gemini ~ 20 May 2024

With the Sun’s ingress in Gemini and our star’s alignment with Sedna, the enigmatic object that hooks our solar system with the great beyond via its 12,839 year orbit (by current data), astrological gossip officially shifts from the recent Jupiter to Uranus Taurean soiree to the upcoming Jupiter engagement with Saturn from Gemini to Pisces. Evidently, Gemini also rules long sentences.

Jupiter’s pending three squares to Saturn are curious and particular kettles of fish. The first square in August occurs with Jupiter direct and Saturn retrograding. The second square on Christmas Eve reverses the effect - Jupiter retrogrades and Saturn ranges direct. Next June (2025) both Jupiter and Saturn maintain direct motion as they square. However, at this point, Jupiter is no longer in Gemini - he’s parading about in Cancer. And appropriately, Saturn is no longer in Pisces - he’s surging forward in Aries. Four days following the third of these squares Jupiter moves onto square Neptune in Aries.

Should one have any angst about the Jupiter to Saturn squares, consider that the planet who rules expansion and the planet ruling contraction engage through a difficult angle with the objective of creating perfect balance. The Jupiter-Saturn square, while possibly shifting priorities, clearly presents fresh approaches that further ongoing objectives. And there’s time yet before one must shift full attention to this trinity of squares... and there are details to be done prior to the first of the squares.

Right now the upcoming ingresses into Gemini deserve full attention. In three days Venus slips into Geminian costuming. In five days, Jupiter commences his roughly year long romp in Gemini. And come 2 June, Mercury enters their home turf of Gemini. As planets transit the early degrees of Gemini they square tidy collections of black holes in Virgo and oppose singularities in Sagittarius. Underscoring these black holes is one notable x-ray pulse that lasts a whopping 283 seconds. This x-ray pulse seeks full comprehension and contemplative pondering of the cosmic thoughts that accompany the burst. It’s as if an image requires nearly a full five minutes of concentrated attention to appear out of the ethers of the latent realm and into complete clarity.

For all intents and purposes the personal planets, Jupiter and Sedna have a field day with these thought blips over the next while. For certain, Sedna emphasizes the idea of staying fixed on new thoughts for at least this x-ray pulse’s full duration as a constant modality for the next couple decades. No more thought grabs. Thought with applied consciousness serves the agenda. Jupiter, by transit, actively sanctions this process through at least the solstice. And the Sun, Venus and Mercury work new ideas from now into the first few days of June. Gone are the days of ungrounded fleeting thoughts fueling the next new and great thing. Now it’s all about thought capture and development in the moment of reception. In fact, other black hole patterns suggest that when a new thought gets grabbed from the galactic domains, constant attention is best applied as a priority for ten to eleven days following. This ongoing attention ensures the idea continues to receive cosmic seeding while the vibe hangs out in the air.

Some may choose to point out that Venus in Gemini squares Saturn in Pisces on 7 June, followed by the Sun’s quadrature to Saturn on 9 June and Mercury’s on 12 June. Of course. This is not a squash to fresh thought. This is transit perfection. Starting a week deep into June, all the blip thoughts require cultivation to the point where they can coherently be presented to anyone and fully grasped at full merit in the moment of pitch.

Mars soon does Gemini, too. He skips into Gemini on 20 July and remains there through the first four days of September. In the first week to ten days following this ingress, he supports direct action taken that applies fundamental steps to work the great ideas recently received into practical applications in the real world. During his transit in Gemini, the first of the Jupiter to Saturn squares happens. Sure, Saturn retrogrades during this aspect. This simply suggests that all details be thoroughly reviewed before application to ensure logical sequencing and that all ideas receive a solid think-through before being declared as gospel.

So while the transits do their thing, follow suit. Hunker down with five minute respites of concentrated thought to capture all the great concepts downloading free of charge! There’s a heap of cosmic insight to be mined, refined and applied during the pending Jupiter to Saturn squares. The ideas downloading potentially ease mental angst that may appear in reaction to concepts and programs that imply change or adjustments to status quo. These “hard” aspects actually do a great job of ensuring that one does not engage life prematurely and ensures one not fall victim to the Icarus syndrome.

More soon.

Since Gemini loves sales, deals and gimmicks, today and today only... given that Mercury must orbit the Sun three (3) times for both sides (2) of the planet’s surface to direct receive sunlight, taking 3 plus 2, the next five people who order a consultation or a Galactic Trilogy will receive a free Galactic Report (if they previous have one, this can be gifted). Wait, there’s more! The first three consultations ordered (new or previous client) receive a discount coupon for 50% on the next session they schedule.

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