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Play the Planets ~ 24 Mar 2023

For a tad longer than a fortnight, Saturn has occupied Pisces. Yesterday, Pluto took his first step into Aquarius. Sure he’ll return to Capricorn, but this breaks a constant run in the uppermost sign of the classical chart since late November 2008. Today Mars enters Cancer after what seems like an eon of his two-stepping in Gemini. Before you know it, in mid May Jupiter enters Taurus, prepping to tango with Uranus. A few days later Mars leaps into Leo and as noted last Skyscraping, during the middle of June, Sedna and her critical choice-making proclivities head for Gemini.

All this is like the rolling of the balls in the lottery tumbler. The potential to come out lucky with one transit can be fortuitous, but with five planets shifting signs and shaking it up in the same relative time... that’s got to be the untangling of the proverbial the ball of yarn, right? One thing we should all know about Pluto, he loves to pull on loose threads to achieve outcomes perfectly to his liking. And, with Mars making the rounds, no doubt the co-rulership clause in his cosmic contract with Pluto is going to come into play at this time.

Here’s the bottom line: From now until the time Jupiter finishes up his conjunctive efforts with Uranus which occur a few days short of thirteen months from now, life can rival the lottery. Of course, you have to play in order to win... as lottery ads always declare.

There is a reason specific dates have not been provided in the planetary preamble. The combined strings hang from balls of yarn, the collective mix of opportunities and the options for finding something very close to personal nirvana has not existed with this much gusto for quite a spell. An entire range of ephemeral opportunities prevail... in fact, it’s almost a celestial smorgasbord.

Every horoscope will be transited by something in a different sign for the first time in a while. An objective assessment of the sign changes could come up with the speculation that the planets might be able to groove in their new turf and maybe a person applying said transits can achieve unprecedented gains. This is a time in which the planets support any person’s determined efforts when they decide to groove forward.

Saturn emphasizes that ones approach must be on the cusp of impossible, at least improbable, with no sense of persecution, rejection or worry as to the outcome.

Pluto in Aquarius underscores all effort by making one aware that what one does with their life, in the long run, should intend to do good for the collective as well as the individual.

Mars in Cancer promotes the idea that all you pursue, when achieved, is good for what ails you and lines your nest.

Jupiter in Taurus begs to differ with poverty consciousness, the betting against ones best interests and any sense of not being sufficiently resourceful. With a wink, at Mars, Jupiter wryly notes you always have your energy as an asset. Who knows what good the simple lifting of a finger might do until it is done?

Mars, as he enters Leo in May, reaps confidence and self assuredness from every singular action applied. Life is what you... the really powerful you... make of it.

Sedna in her first run at Gemini says, “See, you did figure it out. What a great decision. Now, when I return to Taurus in November, fret not. Instead, reengage with your perceptions of all life assets, collect those and consider it’s okay if they’re in one basket for purposes of focused inventory and mental harvest. Then, apply action essential contributions of all your assets.”

Says Mars to Sedna’s push, sure savor accolades, awards and praise. Infuse it so far into your ego it becomes soulful, then get off those laurels and turn and burn once again.

Turn and burn indeed. Filmmakers often report that filmmaking is the hardest work they have ever done. There is so much coordination, cooperation and scattered resources to be applied. Everything requires impeccable timing and the conscious attention of cast and crew in impeccable focus. Despite its intrinsic difficulty, it’s the funnest work one could ever do.

Okay, so there’s all those coaches and motivators and influencers out there telling you to write a script for your life... make life like a movie that you really want to see, especially to be amazed by how wonderfully the story turns out... yeah, yeah... rah, rah. It’s true. If there was ever a time to cast the planets in your life, this is it. If ever you could write a blockbuster script for yourself... or taunt all your abilities to rise to the occasion of the most fantastical plot ever... this is that time.

Perhaps correlating the sign changes to key plot points in a well-written screenplay can turn on the lights. Scripts start with an inciting incident. Like Mars changing signs, a new course gets set. Jupiter coming to Uranus in this cycle loves surprises. Saturn notes that progress must always be at hand... with every task. Hard work must line up with Jupiter’s zest for life such that progress can push the protagonist of ones life past the point of no return. Yes, there will be naysayers along the way to inflame Chiron’s concern about personal inadequacy. Still, one must engage Neptune with the belief that all bets are off when it comes to making life work out fantastically. Sure, Saturn and Pluto sneer at each other as adversaries and circumstances possibly may even lead to a dark night of the soul. So what? Sit in the dark, breathe deeply and find that groovy Jupiter to Uranus LED-like epiphany that rights self determination into a posture of can-do, and must-do consciousness.

The transits transcend arbitrary or perplexing influences all in the interest of sorting out these next few months to achieve previously unimaginable results.

All the world’s a stage that mirrors the collective theater of the cosmos. All the people are the players. If there was ever a time to play the planets with unlimited abandon, this is it.

More soon.

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