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Silver Linings ~ 12 July 2024

It seems as though Earth and its inhabitants currently traverse an era that could have been induced by the ancient Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times.” The planet’s climate is bonkers. Political elections wobble topsy-turvy skewing the balance of power here and there in unusual and interesting (of course) ways. Companies plot to mine the asteroid belt causing who knows what solar system gravitational disturbances. And Artificial Intelligence is upon us, like it or not.

In 1977 astronomers located Chiron. The era was delightful with astrological speculation as to what this object might be and could portend for humankind. In 1983 the Internet’s official beginning (according to some level of consensus) occurred. In 1990, the World Wide Web fell upon us and slowly but surely, pretty much every person (and if you believe social media, cats, dogs and other critters, too) in the world signed onto the “web,” and we began communicating via email. Following soon, social media and texts became new modalities for staying in touch (sort of). As the web wove more stands for humans to process, in 1992, astronomers discovered the second object orbiting in the realm of Chiron - the centaur Pholus. Also, the first Kuiper Belt Object beside Pluto was detected: Albion.

Notably, Chiron’s discovery preceded by a short while major technological advances that people needed to wrap around. And following the introduction of WWW, Pholus came into collective consciousness. It has been my contention that with their extra chakras and four-legged stance in life, the centaurs provide grounding for all of the disruption of the various levels of consciousness that may occur while navigating the web and now all the derivative applications stemming from its installation. And their natures provide healing modalities for all to engage.

For instance, Chiron helps a person reset groundedness after their soul gets slammed online. Hylonome assists a person resist FOMO (fear of missing out) baiting that occurs online and assuages reactions to any perceived missed opportunities. She also comes in very handy restoring confidence after enduring shaming or blaming online. Elatus reminds us all to establish well-intended motives and clear messaging before social media posting as to not cause unintentional interference. Nessus sorts out the vitriol and bad blood cause by online exchanges, though this process is not the simplest to sort.

The list goes on. On my website (use the “Eris, Sedna, Dwarf Planets and More” link on my homepage), there are keywords posted for all the named centaurs and Kuiper Belt Objects. They can be explored and applied to any sticky wicket arising from online or cyber-based activities or any matter that involves the complexities to new discoveries and innovations.

The centaurs clearly provided a silver lining with our collective engagement with online activities. I wonder what will be our astrological silver lining saving grace for AI?


Incidentally, if you need astrological support for your plans and circumstances you now face, the links below will get you to the right place to schedule a consultation(s), ask a personal question, order a Galactic Report (which addresses many centaurs) and more. Better to engage sooner than later. Go FOMO especially if you don’t believe YOLO.

Recent observations of gravitational interactions in space have encouraged and inspired those seeking the yet undiscovered Planet 9. Mike Brown, discovering astronomer of Eris, contends there is a Mars-sized planet likely in the orbital range of Sedna. Won’t this be fun to include astrologically? They’ve been looking for a while. In fact, they’ve been searching since the early discoveries in the Kuiper Belt.

What if our current technology lacks the right stuff for the discovery of this planet? It’s not like this planet isn’t affecting us now, even though we have no exacting conscious awareness of it. What do we do about coping with AI... and all the other crapola popping up everywhere?

The most likely antidote comes from the fact that in the next relatively short interval of time that follows the proclamation that AI is here to stay and advertising promises that this new cell phone will be able to make a cup of cocoa, is the sign changes that all the gaseous giants endure.

The preview to the AI-era (and all the other world chaos) would be Pluto entering Aquarius, with strong support from Haumea entering Scorpio and Sedna migrating to Gemini. The logline of these three suggests that personal creative resource (Haumea in Scorpio) must be applied to ensure that one’s effort constantly seek to provide the biggest and best solution with the most widespread application (Pluto in Aquarius) and to encourage all humans to realize they are where they are because of choices made, and if it’s not a great place to set up shop or thrive, changes can always be made (Sedna in Gemini) that require blaming no one nor any external condition for any circumstance in ones life. This trinity more or less took hold as the tech giants did their best to impose AI on the world.

Soon Jupiter enters the Cardinal sign of Cancer (June 2025) and early on, squares the ingresses of Saturn (May 2025) and Neptune in Aries (March 2025). This offers a lot to unpack. Perhaps the simplest plot through-line is: Support goes two ways (Jupiter in Cancer). The support you fantasize should organically come your way (Neptune in Aries), likely occurs upon you rendering the best you have to offer to everyone encountered (Saturn in Aries). Might as well applaud the successes of others as you pursue your greatest aspirations.

Watch how this works as those seeking the easy road apply AI and receive huge rebuffs from those to whom they “present their best.” AI has been known to fabricate legal cases to create a precedent. AI, by its proclaimed nature, makes stuff up for a living. AI has no ethics nor morality as if such qualities can be coded into ones and zeros - it’s up to the user. AI does not directly benefit from psychological angst and certainly does not understand the embarrassment of an uncontained belch or worst, flatulence that escapes at the worst possible social moment.

Uranus soon enters Gemini (July 2025) and shortly thereafter, while not immediately conjoining, matches efforts with what Sedna already established in Gemini. This looks like creating clear, conscious choices that look long into the future for impact and consequence, as Sedna demands with her lengthy orbit. Uranus notes that change must be made, not for the sake of change, causing chaos, or disrupting status quo, but rather to invoke mundane improvements that ease human consciousness in accepting evolutionary progress for what it is - exhilarating, tempting, tantalizing and as jolting as an unexpected jack-in-the-box appearance.

In the meantime, in case you can’t wait until next year for the salve of the gaseous giant changes, Neptune now transits late Pisces in a virtual square to the progress and advancement introduced by the Galactic Center. Years ago, and when getting paid by the word, I coined the term “psycho-technological adjustment” to describe the ability of humans to wrap around invention, innovation and change. How many years was it from the Galactic Center rich first flight of the Wright Brothers until commercial air travel became a thing? How long after the first e-mail service appeared did it take for people to hop onboard and establish e-mail accounts? Adjust your psyche to be more immediately receptive to all things that you realize you will eventually include in life. Warm up to these things as soon as you can and get the flow flowing.

It’s like that now. The chaos and confusion stems from a plethora of emotionally and soulfully saturated life circumstances that all of us must navigate regardless of opinion, politics, religion or consciousness. It’s thick and sticky in a yucky kind of way, and not always pleasant as it gets unstuck. It’s life in session though at this space and time, with all the advancements that have been made and all the circumstances created by individual choices along the way. The antidote: grasp the transits and those we know will induce relief sooner than later.

Take a moment to explore each and every condition to which you must respond and react. Ask yourself:

Where is the silver lining?

How does all of this impact my end game and resolve my karma in a good way?

Is the trend at hand supporting my needs and desires or opposing them?

Are people supporting my agendas or getting in the dang way?

What can I do about each and every annoyance in life to locate the silver lining?

How can I present silver linings and offer solace and support to those in the peak of the storm and their dark night of the soul?

More soon.

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