Retooling by Retrograde ~ 8 May 2020

The news between COVID articles has recently announced that astronomers recently discovered the closest black hole to Earth - that is, closest at this time... so far. This black hole is part of star system HR6819 and weighs in at 2 Cap 50. Interpretively it’s a bit early to delineate this, but there’s the degree so you can explore it at your leisure.

Currently, Ixion retrograde in Sagittarius now stands with the lunar south node. This signals, “Yes, it’s time for a do-over.” Or a bunch of do-overs. Ixion’s mythology reminds us that when a second chance comes along, don’t blow it with irrational or dumb behavior. Do differently now what you did before. Avoid knee-jerk reactions and go for deliberation and long-term envisioning before reacting to the stimuli at hand. Stick a pin in that thought. It’s useful later.

Recently Pluto went retrograde and he remains in reversed tracks until 4 Oct. Sunday, Saturn turns retrograde and occupies reverse motion until 29 September. Jupiter stations, heading retrograde on 14 May and back peddles until 13 September.

The personal planet retrograde parade starts on 13 May with Venus retrograding in Gemini. Then Mercury overlaps her retrograde for about a week starting 18 June. Ceres retrograde overlaps with Mercury starting 7 July. Mars’ retrograde overlaps with Ceres starting 9 September and a handful of days before Ceres turns direct on 18 October, Mercury retrogrades again. Neptune in Pisces might be inclined to observe these schooling planets and report, “this is a fine kettle of fish.” From 13 May until 14 November - virtually and literally six months - counting Ceres as a personal planet, there will be at least one personal planet retrograde and a good majority of the time two, with the time between 14 October and 18 October observing three personal planets retrograde.

Now if the standard practice of pausing from proceeding during personal planet retrogrades is applied that means that from four days from now until what... when Mercury goes direct on 3 November or Mars returns prograde on 14 November all life effort is in retrograde quarantine mode? Such hesitation would be hellacious. The trepidation of progress shunned during retrogrades would be terrible. The stay-at-home quarantine pales in comparison.

Simply, it’s time to retool by retrograde. So remember that Ixion to the South Node in Sag reminds us to apply beliefs and protocols that function for the good when confronting previously confronted circumstances that were addressed in a less than ideal manner? Yep, this is that time.

The alignment of the retrograding body with the Sun marks the longitudinal (zodiac position) midpoint of the retrograde interval. Note that planets closer to the Sun than Earth do so in a conjunction. Planets more distant from the Sun than Earth do so through an opposition. Here’s what we have coming up with some tidbits added in as to what to do with each of the direct solar contacts - after all, solar contacts do intend to shed light (clear, conscious attention) on matters at hand:

Venus conjunct Sun - 3 June

Assess the impact of this year on your economic picture. Consider what you must do to “get healthy” or “whole” once again.

Do you need to take out a loan or seek money from another party?

Call your credit card companies. Ask if they can knock down your interest rates.

Figure how much you need to get through January. Budget all projects and aspirational goals within that. Add a contingency margin to that just to be safe. Seek funds accordingly.

Perform an act of kindness that you can do without compromising or negatively impacting your finances.

Mercury conjunct Sun - 30 June

Set conscious intentions.

Redefine any and all plans. Set time lines that target December and after for fruitful completion.

Time to reach out and follow up on all dropped communications since last December... you know those promises made during the holidays.

Reschedule all cancelled trips and events that serve your personal growth and professional purposes.

Reach out to anyone you need to message... even those from whom you’ll never get a direct response.

Jupiter opposite Sun - 13 July

Time to map out “damn the torpedoes” goals and agendas. Expand, explore and declare all that you intend to accomplish.

Take a few moments to delete thoughts and beliefs that impede progress or do not serve your goals.

Affirm renewed beliefs and philosophical platforms.

Maybe decide not to renew memberships in groups and organizations that offer no gain.

Pluto opposite Sun - 15 July

Meditate like you mean it.

Sit on the Earth and find your energetic fit with the planet under your posterior.

Review your Jupiterian goals of a few days ago and assign your full determination and intention to them.

Assess what matters, what does not. Take what matters and make it monumentally important.

Saturn opposite Sun -20 July

Check for any unfulfilled promises of activity or performance made any time after November of next year. Finish it promptly, or if you cannot, clearly define that you must withdraw previously stated involvement.

Revise contracts and performance agreements.

Measure your vitality. Figure out all goals and tasks not from how much time it will take to do such tasks, but rather, how much energy will be required.

If you decided previously, you might need a loan or debt or working capital, this is a time of general responsiveness.

Tell those in your inner circle quietly, clearly and calmly what you intend to do between now and the end of the first quarter of 2021.

Ceres opposite Sun - 28 August

Review the idea that you are doing you as perfectly as possible.

Every day do something that furthers your life and do it as best you can. This is the time for “any job worth doing is worth doing right” mentality.

Release standards of performance that do not apply or cannot be measured by your skill sets.

Advocate for yourself and do so without apology.

Mars opposite Sun - 14 October

So here’s Mars in his sign shoving against the symbol of will - the Sun. So, do it or don’t. Whatever “it” is.

No talk. Just action.

Consider how actions impact those in your life and ensure that actions taken fit with your beliefs and remain fully underscored by intentions.

Do it or don’t.

Collectively this suggests that by mid-July the results of rescinding COVID restrictions become clear. Sure Mercury to the Sun on 30 June presents the data, but who’s gonna wrap around data when it first appears? It takes another fortnight or so for the collective to grasp the momentum.

The reality of containment considerations, curve flattening and beating the bug with Ceres in Pisces opposite the Sun in Virgo can be accurately assessed for the first time. Not until August ends will we have anything even close to a clear view of the entire COVID scenario, its origin, or anything that looks like a disposition.

What does this mean personally? Set your own quarantine standards that go above and beyond what your country, county, city or state mandates. Be safe. Don’t blow it. Forget about any “don’t fence me in” Uranus resistance. Think how hard it is to pursue life when ill or no longer in body. Apply COVID cautions that feel right. No one’s gonna make fun of you for wearing a protective mask going to the dentist, dermatologist or hairdresser. Before COVID, masks were quite the thing in regions with air quality issues. Now, they will be more of the norm than not.