The Cracies, Crats, Crites and Chits of Pluto ~ 21 May 2008

During my preparations for my upcoming dwarf planet video series about Pluto I’ve, found fascinating out things about Pluto. Pluto nearly did not receive the name he did because of a popular laxative/cure-all bottled under the brand name “Pluto Water.” For whatever enigmatic reason e-Bay bidding on Pluto Water products typically soars through the roof, making props and visual aids difficult to purchase. A turn of the century spoon bearing the name Pluto Water and the intricate devil logo sold for more than $400. A wooding packing crate for Pluto Water recently sold for $210. How indulgent. It seems some folks have disposable income; hopefully some is spent on the acquistion of cosmic nuggets to plot a plan for moving ahead.

Pluto and his imagery carry potent literal tones. When a person puts out a Plutonic claim, either negative or positive, Pluto surfaces, bearing the insights of the Underworld to the claimant precisely in accord with stated claims. Maybe definitions of Pluto-like terms would help.

Operation PLUTO (Pipe-Lines Under The Ocean) came about during World War II. The operation by British scientists, oil companies and armed forces sought to place undersea oil pipelines between England and France.

Plutonic refers to rocks formed by the solidification of magma deep within the earth. For astrologers it suggests matters, conditions, archetypes of Pluto and those sacred vows sipped over a bottle of Pluto Water.

A plutocracy is the rule by stratosphereically rich, international capitalists, their retainers and charges. In a plutocracy the middle class is controlled through taxation, low cost and potentially lead-ridden imports (my comment about the lead), topped off with unopposable corruption in the political system. A perfectly executed Plutocracy has two classes: rich and poor. A plutocrat is one who prescribes to such agendas and actively participates in the class war through political control and manipulation of others via the poverty/wealth axis.

A Plutocrite is a person openly empathetic to the plight of the poor, but does nothing to resolve such downtroddenness.

A pluton is a dwarf planet in the new IAU category of small bodies with orbits greater than 200 years. Or a pluton can be the queerest person in an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channel. Here, I’m assuming this has nothing to do with sexual preference, but more the archaic use of the word, connoting strange, odd or even more informally (and possibly appropriately), spoil or ruin.

As a result of Pluto’s re-categorization into dwarf planet status (and he insists that I restate “He is still a planet, dagnubbit”) to be plutoed means to be demoted.

Finally, stygian means dark, gloomy and foreboding, or referring to the River Styx.

I attempted using all the above words in one sentence, but mental constipation resulted. After sampling my 1950 vintage bottle of Pluto Water, I might need to scribe the rest of this swiftly.

Anyway, do Plutocrats use astrology, do you reckon? If they don’t, they should. Pluto, the Roman god of underworld, hoarded gems, which appeared in his domain and conjured up contrived plans to ensure he lost none of his precious soul count in the underworld. Yet Pluto was remarkably generous to those he favored, even mortal beings. Early on he was once blinded so he would not judge by appearances, but when healed he persisted in showering those he perceived as good with his blessings of abundance. In his underwordly domain, he undersees (or perhaps he oversees all that which is under) everything underground such as the roots of pomegranate trees and root vegetables like estrogen rich yams and blood red beets. Oh yeah, and oil.

Brontosaurus-based oil forms in Pluto’s underworld. Since we’re fresh out of brontosauruses, oil, according the law of supply and demand that Pluto no doubt favors, rises in value beyond the wildest dreams of the Plutocrats presently in charge. Diamonds and other precious gems form in Pluto’s realm. If you make enough money from oil you can buy such gems in unlimited measure, if one turns a blind eye to human rights abuses and corruption often surrounding the acquisition of the precious commodities of Pluto’s realm. Polarizing the mundane with Pluto’s deeper spiritual aspirations, no doubt transformation tops the coveted must have, need to purchase commodity list. Perhaps with the naming of the next two dwarf planets, humankind can grasp a more distinctively clear path of progress toward Pluto’s high road aspirations.

Like most of you, I’m sure you’ve all received tons of the boycott oil for one day to teach the oil companies a lesson protest e-mails. While well-intended, those efforts seem thin to me. To start with, I’m not much of a fan of protest. It always seems to polarize the opposition into a stronger grip upon the point of the protest. The oil companies realize the protestors must tank up within a day or two of the protest. But if we all pushed for legislation to create windfall taxes (and get rid of the death tax), we’d be more on target in making a dent in oil pricing structures. It seems Pluto, the god of greed and abundance, maintains his tenacious rule over supply and demand, thus the inflationary prices of oil and food. If I adjusted my fees in accord with these Pluto standards... Come to think of it, maybe we all should adjust our fees and reassess our worth. Can that be done without propagating a negative-impact increasingly upward inflation spiral? Hard to know, but worth taking into the cool shade for contemplation sans a shadow.

How do conscious-minded people function within a Plutocracy? I’m not sure exactly. If I knew the answer to that, I might have bottled it and likely become a Plutocrat myself. Pitching a fit against Pluto never seems to dent the bucket. Per the I-Ching, change is from within to without, occurring at the right time and for the right reasons. If driven by those with the insight to know that you can’t take it with you, well directed change can potentially retard some of the negative spiraling. Folks who value creativity, passion, talent and the human spirit get the message. Perhaps leading by example, exacting the indisputable revenge of living well, closes the deal. Maybe we could adopt the highest agenda of Eris and weave it into life: create a quality of life worth living. In the military to submit a request to the powers that be, the process started by writing out a request chit. Sometimes, despite the tendency of military tradition to be unmarred by progress, the wish was granted. Why not write out a chit to Pluto that addresses the desire to live a life that combines consciousness and material well-being into a healthy, organic package. Might as well make your ardent desires known to the one who gets what underwrites desire, passion, purpose and prosperity.

Astrologers allege that Pluto reveals the gems of his underworld in the form of transformation and spiritual insight. The key becomes that of applying the gift - a gem of consciousness, if you will - to a life driven by well oiled intentions. Pluto serves to conjure an impeccable consciousness of what means what and from that, he helps a seeking soul reaffirm a sparkling, valuable inner nature. It’s more than elbow grease. It’s Pluto oil - or perhaps Pluto water.