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Consider the Whole Sky. The word “consider” comes from root words literally meaning “examine the stars” or “with the stars.” In examining the stars and all of Creation, Whole Sky astrology provides the baseline of astrology for the 21st Century and beyond. This view of the Universe allows for examination and understanding of objects outside the confines of our solar system, and is not confined to a narrow plane of sight. Like it or not, objects in space profoundly affect us. Our Sun involuntarily revolves around the Galactic Center, much like the Earth does around the Sun. Our Galaxy rotates around another nucleus of thirty-odd galaxies, the Super Galactic Center. All this draws toward an enigmatic point known as the Great Attractor, which appears to be steered by another super-cluster. The relationship of Earth to all these points (and everything else in Creation) remains undeniable. Other objects bombard us with high energy beams that dramatically impact the energy system of the body. Understanding what is out there and how it affects us connects our psyches more to the point of Galactic Origin, enables an understanding of the “vibes” we feel, offers a deeper understanding of our psychological constitution, assists us in coping with the real world, and above all, opens the door for a clearer spiritual belief system.

With the discovery of new planets and more in our very own solar system, new transformational templates and mythological models apply to individuals, society and the world at large. This site remains committed to bringing forward the latest and greatest information in space “closer to home” as well as galactic matters. Stay tuned and come back often; this site shall grow at a rate proportionate to our increasing knowledge of our solar system and beyond.


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