The Super Galactic Center

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Tropical Longitude:  02 Libra 03 33

Latitude: 14 N 25

Sidereal Longitude : 07 Virgo 02 13

Declination: 13 N 23

Right Ascension : 187 42 22

with 3U 1228+12, Vir A, ZS, M-87, NGC 4486

Taking the next step outward in space, some 13 megaparsecs away, in the increasing scale of galactic cores lies the Super Galactic Center (with galaxy M-87). This powerful black hole devours everything in sight. M-87 has the mass of 30 trillion Suns, though 90% of it remains hidden to any observable form. A photograph taken in 1918 of M-87, revealed a luminous spike emitted from the core of the galaxy. Dubbed the "jet" this emission foreshadowed incomprehensible discoveries to follow. The ejected jet bore strong blue shift characteristics. Later, a counter-jet was discovered. Galactic neighbor M-84 falls very precisely on this axis of the counter-jet - a disconnected galaxy directly woven into to the vortex’s web. The X-Ray jets reveal the last energetic hurrah of matter compressing into nonexistence as it prepares to enter the void of the Super Galactic Center. These jets contain X-Ray "knots." The initial measured X-Ray luminosity for the Virgo cluster was 1043 ergs/sec compared to the solar reference standard of 1026 ergs/sec for the Sun. Every second this complex object generates a factor of 1017 times the energy of our star! The Super Galactic Center once held the title of the only Super-Massive Black Hole. With the discoveries of the Hubble Space Telescope, many other supermassive black holes have come to light. However, the Super Galactic Center is the prevailing, dominant force in the supermassive arena.

The largest known black holes, ZS, gravitationally organizes more than thirty galaxies, ours included, at the cost of cannibalizing all of them. Contained in this congregation structure lie 3 trillion stars and over ten thousand globular clusters, all captive to the infinite gravity, time dilation and violent energy eruptions of this central influence!

This early Libran cosmic vacuum cleaner remains insatiably hungry. The axis of acceptance and approval, classic to the sign of Libra, takes on infinitesimal proportions. Usually this manifests as sequential monogamy, however, keeping several relationships in the air can occur in extreme cases. The serial relationship syndrome squeezes the existing relationship partner into taking on all that matters in the person's life. The partner feels the exceptional squeeze of needing to be all things and at all times. The relationship is doomed. No one, no thing, probably not even one God can deal with that much co-dependant compression. Ultimately, the relationship partner squirts out of there past the breaking point, gasping for whatever flicker of personal energy might still remain. And then another committed relationship begins.

As reported in Carlos Castaneda's The Art of Dreaming, one of Castaneda's initiations consisted of encountering a nagual, or sorcerer, known as the Defier of Death. The Defier carried a reputation as one of the oldest living sorcerers who would appear and make a deal with Castaneda. The nagual needed Carlos’ energy to continue on and would grant him something in return. It had to be an agreed deal - nothing could be surmised or assumed by presence or proximity. Castaneda persisted in just trying to "give" his energy to the sorcerer, but she (who was just recently a “he”) would have nothing of it. Don Juan, the sorcerer under whom Castaneda studied for years, warned Castaneda that this transaction could kill him and yet, was unavoidable. As the deal went down, the sorcerer granted Castaneda the ability to dream and gain total intra-dimensional perception such that he could perceive the nature of energy. Castaneda slipped into an altered state of consciousness that apparently lasted overnight. When Don Juan finally found Castaneda, he had existed in the shifted consciousness for nine days. As one in love often reports, “How time flies when you’re having ecstatic fun.” Regardless, an extreme, possibly cosmic energy transaction resulted, mutually benefitting both parties, despite the potentially doubtful appearances of the deal.

The opposite sort of dynamic all too often happens in what appears to be "normal" interpersonal (any direct one-to-one connection regardless of context) relationships. The black hole personality here possesses unbelievable powers of attraction. They can fish in even the most resistant potential partner once they attach their potent gravity beam. The charisma, charm and appeal of these people runs off the personality charts. They do more than woo you on the psychological level. They capture you energetically. Then, they demand your energy. They usurp your essence taking you down into their void. This condition lasts until the perception of the contributor realizes the magnitude of exhaustive sacrifices unconsciously being rendered. The partner breaks free with absolute and sheer volition. Others comment upon return of the participant that they have been gone for a long time. To the one who fell into the void, it lasted forever... as long as the blink of an unseeing eye. Regardless, this transaction does contain a strange symbiosis. Both people need each other in a specific, unavoidable way. The relationship actually fulfills a relationship destiny, leaving both lesser in energy, but hopefully wiser in perception.

Those contacting the Super-Galactic Center contain a super-massive hunger. They need and need and need. They quest for the perfect relationship as if it is the Holy Grail... and to them it is. The one and only syndrome reaches its apex here. Still, no one can live on the needle point of that precarious pyramid. Nothing that exists can successfully fill that open space. Anything entering is either destroyed, at worst, or at best, transmuted. This consumption continues until finally the person figures out that no one or no thing can ever fill the emptiness felt inside. Typically, some childhood trauma that negated one's self-worth can be found in the psychology. And sometimes there is no definable family or origin scar. Should one scour the archives of past lives seeking the source? No. It does not matter here what the origin is. The intellectual understanding offers nothing to the essence of this situation. It must be healed, regardless. The magnitude of these emotional cravings exceeds those wounds by exponential extremes. The scars will be healed, though. It takes time. It takes unfailing energy from the ultimate inexhaustible resource - the source of one’s soul.

Extreme cases of the Super-Galactic Center involve obsession with relationship. One of my favorite jokes told in contemporary comedy comes from a comic indicating that he paid a lot of attention to his former girlfriend, “Okay, so today they call it stalking,” he reports to the audience. Once one executes the interactive black hole dive, the attention placed upon the relationship seems never-ending, saturated and overwhelming. These reactions will be felt by both participants, more typically by the individual on the receiving end of the attention. It remains critical to remember that such relational involvements, from the point of view of a supermassive black hole, simply cannot be resisted. This has nothing to do with a lack of will. Somehow the soul determines that this interaction will serve the evolution immediately required, even if, and especially if, the relationship does not reach its expected emotional destination.

Relationship endings are particularly difficult for this galactic point. The pain seems to last longer and the healing process rivals any classic love tragedy. This effect exists only because the grieving partner placed total self-energy into the other person’s energy. A tear in the aura goes with the emotional anguish of separation. This energetic rip debilitates the person for a while. Appetite, energy and the ability to conduct daily life cease to exist. Other wounded parties exhibit the rebound characteristics with great relish. Here, they immediately seek another relationship guaranteed to fall infinitely short of the relationship just ended. This relationship slam dunk sets the individual back even further. But it does make the clear point that adding energy to a void that cannot adequately reciprocate, fails miserably.

Sexual intensity increases for these people. They promise the potential partner that they can meet their every sexual need in ways they haven't even begun to fantasize. The truth be known, they prepare to hook up their emotional/psychic vacuum cleaner to the partner and drink until the partner's energy fails. At this point, sexual interest disappears. The psychological spin looks like a person realizing that they can no longer support the intensity and creative fantasies that must exist to sustain the fires of passion. It sounds as though one person cannot uphold their end of the sexual bargain. The comment fired back in response sounds like , “Be careful what you wish for. You got it and can’t deal with it. If you can’t play the game, don’t suit up.” While intending to inspire the withdrawing partner to recommit to the relationship, guaranteed, the opposite effect results from this pressure.

Some persons connected to this Black Hole transmute the energy from relationship orientation to their career or even the purpose/destiny axis. This effort is more difficult to resolve because the justifications for the obsession make rational sense. They can portray themselves on the threshold of CEO-ness or sainthood. But they don't believe it. No salary can supplement this void. No salvation rendered to the needy can attend to the singularity pressure to define godliness in a profession. Married to a dysfunctional career, the divorce from work duties ultimately must occur. Ideally, this occurs through choice. If not, firing, layoffs, early retirement or company closures force the hand of healing.

Perhaps to this point, the picture of the Super-Galactic Center is grim. Really, it’s not grim at all. Usually, one experiences the liabilities of the singularity, playing out standard psychologies and basic human nature. One day, in timeless reality, it clicks. When the requirement of consciousness of the Super Galactic Center shines multiple light bulbs in a person’s head, their life changes on a dime.

When one shifts to the core meaning of the black hole and ceases the wrestling with the psychological considerations, the spiritual issue appears for healing. There is a soul mate. The first psychic I ever experienced in a reading told me that your soul mate never incarnates at the same time as you. Grinding your teeth over that one? Well, the point is that if one fully covalently bonds their spirit to their own physical being, then a marriage to self, the ideal Sacred Marriage occurs. This black hole does not define Sacred Marriage as the integration of female and male (listed alphabetically) sides. It does not give two hoots about the left and right brain. The essence of the black hole extends to that powerful point in space that ultimately consumes everything we know. Everything is headed here, like it or not. It might just be better to jump on the time/space curvature band wagon and beat the rush at the rapture. Simply, get inside yourself and deal with the good that it is you.

Regardless of if this Libran point works itself out as relationship, work or destiny, it dominates the life of one connected to it. Ultimately, the bottom line remains the same: the soul mate is sought. The truths be known any external kindred spirit, a.k.a. the soul mate, cannot be encountered until one completes the mating process with his/her own soul.

A self-dating protocol for healing works extremely well. In this time, preferably longer than ninety days, the ZS contactee does recreational things alone - and consciously choosing to do so. This offsets the tendency to establish rejection oriented isolation themes. So, she/he goes to movies no one else wants to see. Enjoying dinners at unusual restaurants by oneself also fits the bill. Walks in nature alone assist the process. Finally, intimate experiences with the self fill out the agenda. This can consist of simply placing a hand over the heart and the other above the sacral center in a soulful, self-full, love-bonding encounter.

Castaneda received countless lessons from Don Juan regarding the nature of energy compared to the normal human perception of physicality. This black hole asks that you perceive your own energy and fuse it with your physical-cellular structure. This is soul mating. The Super-Galactic Center maintains the greatest implication of soul retrieval of any point in the Universe. It demands that you get back in there and deal with yourself in an essential manner. It is essential that you do so. It is also unavoidable. It will happen. The only question is when?

No more potent point of healing exists than that of the Super-Galactic Center. It discriminates against no one and blesses those in contact with it by giving them a quick joyride into the wonderful realm of their most potent essential nature. Anyone can call up the Super-Galactic Center at any time. Those connected to it take on leadership roles relative to this quest. They frequent this habitat themselves. They dare to take others on the healing joyride of complete self-discovery.

Time warps in all directions. Let's say someone submits to an intolerable physically abusive relationship because they believe it is a karmic thing. More dysfunctional things have been said in astrologers' offices, but not by much. Anyway, with this karmic thing keying the addiction, consider that there must be a future life between these two people that will occur with a positive relationship. Sure, it may be in a trillion years from now and on some planet you seen in a sci-fi movie, but it'll happen. Imagine then, the qualities of emotional and spiritual understanding that results when total acceptance and healing has occurred. Feel it? Good. Make it cellular. Conduct self fusion again. Now take that awareness and overlay it in the lifetime just preceding the one where these two really mucked it up in a past life. With that complete, the negative results of the questionable lifetime cease to exist. That, from a pure physics standpoint, is correct. The healing seals the relationship and it is now free to go forward without any more pain.

Remember that black holes warp both time and space. Karma, as a linear cause and effect concept, falls as an obsolete theorem. Co-dependence and dysfunctional relationship behavior intend to endure similar fates.

Any addictive behavior can be resolved with ZS by totally indulging the nature of one's spirit. The soul retrieval process alleviates addictive leanings. First, one clears out the hurt and negative social/emotional/nurturing memories bearing negative sensation. The soul, preferably with the assistance of a facilitator, is sought out, retrieved, brought back and hooked up in the body to the DNA structure. At this point, creating a positive, sentient, purely physical experience that can be recalled at any given time greatly amplifies the retrieval. It is really that simple. And it’s also that hard.

As a sharp example, comedian Dennis Miller (11/3/1953) owns a natal Mars to ZS. Miller deems nothing sacred and attacks all attachments people make in life often asking where people lost themselves along the way. Though his humor rubs many the wrong way, he bumps you up against your own event horizon and suggests a look inside the orifice of what makes you tick. He terrorizes dysfunctional relationship. He blasts those subject to relationship addiction and abuses. He pulverizes those in the positions of power failing to demonstrate any ability to comprehend. His ultimate message seems to be: “Hey, pal, figure it out.”

As a more generational example, Mormon leader, Brigham Young, was part of a generation of people with Uranus conjunct ZS. At this time in history, propagating the species made sense and was a hard core reality. Life on the plains took its toll in the cost of many lives. Procreating provided the assurance that the sect would continue. Plural marriage relationships and polygamy held the answer and made sense to these people. This sect easily accepted the idea that as many wives as you could support, you could have. Not only did Brigham Young charismatically and gravitationally pull his followers together and westward, he maintained his share of marriage partners being a good example of the “be fruitful” principle.

A relatively easy releasing exercise allows for the removal of those individuals seeming to hold a magnetic grip on the life of another. This procedure also enables reclamation of one's own power and prevents future negative bonding with other individuals possessing psychically cannibalistic dispositions.

First, imagine your own space... your own place. This place can be a meadow, atop a cloud, in a sacred chamber... your choice. This location is unknown to others and remains impenetrable to possible intruders. No one gets to enter this space without your consent.

Look about this space and fully view it. Note the colors, contents, smells and the feeling of the place. Savor it.

Now, allow one of the individuals with whom you have a relationship issue to enter. He or she approaches you and stops a bit less than arms’ length away. Take each others' hands and engage eyes, left eye to left eye. Say firmly, "I freely release you and I ask you to freely release me."

This next part comes with qualification. The criterion intends to say either or both of these next statements if they can be said with complete clarity and honesty. It fails to serve your emotional nature if you push to achieve lovingness or forgiveness prior to your ability to do so. Great emotional damage can be done by jumping to assuming these emotional states before expressions of full grief, rage, betrayal and the like are complete. Perhaps it seems spiritual to quickly forgive and let go, but if you are not there emotionally, the results may create excessively damaging denial.

This being noted, they say to the former or pending partner, "I freely forgive you and I ask you to freely forgive me." Then, "I freely love you and ask you to freely love me."

At this point drop hands and without any further contact, see the other person, of his/her own volition turn and walk away. This person then completely disappears. They can walk out a door, over a hill, dissolve, maybe even explode into a burst of purple and gold light, but they are gone.

Now review your space. Ensure that you stand alone. Check the energy for leaks. The space needs to be seen as pristine.

Imagine a beautiful door, ornate if you will, but a fantastical door, not connected to any wall... just a door... in the middle of your sanctuary. Approach the door knowing that when you open the door the most fantastic thing that has happened to you in a long while will occur. Place your hand on the door knob and open the door. On the other side, there you stand, facing yourself. Step through the door, approach yourself, taking you other part by the hands. Engage your eyes, left eye to left eye. Take a breath. Say to yourself, "I freely release you and ask you to freely release me. I freely forgive you and ask you to freely forgive me. I freely love you and I ask you to freely love me." This being said, draw yourself near and hug yourself. Embrace yourself until you merge into oneness. Step back through the door, close it behind you and make it disappear. Review your sacred space back to its original look. Take a breath and come back to conscious attention. The release is complete.

You may do this procedure each and every time a person you seek to release comes to mind. In fact, if you have just started a new relationship, it is a great idea to release this person as well. This effort clears a good deal of the karmic backwash allowing the relationship to advance without baggage.

You can perform this release for every past relationship, whether they be familial, professional or personal. It remains important to conduct the last half of the release. This self-connecting segment ensures that the void created by the absence of the other person's energy gets filled with you. Subsequently, no other person will be called upon to fill the void and the cycle is broken.

This releasing exercise, if done devoutly, will produce a notable change in the relationship released in a relatively short period of time, typically days. Constant participation with this visualization remains critical through the time of transition from a significant relationship.

With the void of the supermassive Black Hole sealed with the spirits of the soul, the ZS inhabitant now moves forward, ready for the next step. The next step looms as a big one. It is that of teacher or healer. As teacher, the task before you stands as one of revealing other concurrent realities and pointing out the absurdity of the bonding to the current mind set. As healer, one literally and figuratively draws negative energy from another person. This healing method works like a psychic siphon. A connection occurs, followed by intense and overwhelming drainage. At the end of purging, the healer seeks to locate the essence of the healee's soul. The soul returns and the healer uses positive energy to seal the soul in place. The healer then must purge his/her own system. Sometimes this process is extremely intense, but it goes with the territory. Finally, after the healer's purge completes, the healing settles into place. Disconnection and release must now happen. Otherwise negative psychic linkage lingers, causing both individuals to negatively pull upon one another, creating an emotional dysfunction from hell. This malady holds no real place in the scenario and becomes very hard to resolve. It cannot be resolved with conversation or a psychological approach. The problem maintains its core in energy and silence with energy withdrawal constitutes the remedy.

A remaining important point to the ZS healing model observes: Clear first, bond after. To be socially perfect, one would not invite others for tea without cleaning the parlor. The same idea applies to soul retrieval. All the emotional debris must get gone. Creating empty, hollow, free inner space opens the door for receptivity. A soul retrieved before clearing occurs, will escape at the first possible opportunity. This mechanism creates the sense that one can never heal the soul, which is not at all true. Follow the doctrine. Clear out all refuse, physical and psychic. Savor the hollow. Honor the space. Bring the good of spirit home.

Those individuals who have processed within the Super Galactic Center’s blessing, sealed their souls and accepted the karma of their role in life, then embark on the real quest for soul mate. If, of course, they choose to have a singular life mate. This mate just drops into life with remarkable ease. The ZS ego knows that with the soul intact, he/she can relate with anyone of like spirit without the demand that this person be the one and only. Here the axiom, "Like attracts like," sets into place. The more like oneself the potential partner is, the more successful the relationship becomes. Blessed with a clear karmic slate, a knowingness of dharma, the ZS resident glides through life on an emotional high beam, attracting only those of high spirits. They now serve as a model of healing for others solidifying the last rustle of the soul urge for the ultimate life.

No matter what application one chooses, the Super Galactic Center prevails in one’s life. Perhaps one would argue that this impinges upon free will. Actually, it does not. The Super Galactic Center dryly comments that you must have known something of this agenda prior to incarnation.

Once integrated, those directly involved with Super Galactic Center become directly involved as a central force of healing in the lives of unimaginable numbers of people. Whether a casual interaction by social standards, or a long-term committed program of healing, the results are the same. Potent, powerful pushes toward clear self-allowing Universal Reality results. Imagine what you would be if you were all that you really are.