New Dwarf Planets, Eris, Sedna, Centaurs & More


The International Astronomical Union (IAU) reclassified our solar system and it's bodies. Twice. First in 2006 with the infamous "What is a Planet?" declaration, they classified Ceres, Pluto, Charon and Eris (and maybe Sedna) as dwarf planets. Mid 2008, with Mercury retrograde in Gemini, the interim planet definition declaration succumbed to revised definitions of dwarf planets (now only Ceres) and Plutoids of which Pluto and Eris are the only two. Lost in the mix were former dwarf planet Charon, Makemake and the possible dwarf planet Sedna. No matter. They did the last word mix with Mercury backing talkwards. It'll change again, especially with the celestial rumor mill abuzz about large undiscovered bodies out there yet to be reported in the Kuiper Belt/Oort Cloud.


Some NASA articles refer to the Plutoids as a sub grouping of Dwarf Planets, a far more desirable considerations.


Below you'll find keywords provide basic delineation clues for the named Planets Centaurs, Scattered Disk Objects (SDO's or SKBO's) and Trans-Neptunian Objects (also KBO's or the Kuiper Belt Objects, and also EKBO's or EKO's - Edgeworth-Kuiper Objects). This list will be updated as these bodies orbits receive definition, and after that, names. It might be worth noting that I proposed the names for Thereus and Elatus, which were later approved by the astronomical community. As well, I co-contributed the name Cyllarus. There were many astrologers in agreement on that name.


More interpretive information on the Centaurs, SDO's and TNO's as well as full ephemerides from 1700 - 2099 can be found in the The Galactic Trilogy, which you may order in this website’s store. These will be updated free of charge by e-mail as discoveries are made and data becomes available for those purchasing the entire CD package.


Note on the keywords that follow: The listing of keywords cannot be republished, posted or transmitted in any form without expressed written permission. This listing may not be edited or modified. Any reference to these keywords in original content of any form must be cited by occurrence.


With that out of the way...

Dwarf Planets

Eris (136199 / 2003 UB313)

Orbital Period: 556.65 yr., has lunar companion, 4th brightest KBO (Pluto #1), 3000 km diameter? (Pluto is estimated at 2320 Km).


Some preliminary keywords for Eris follow:


Positive - liberation from addictions to success or status, clear priorities regarding matters of love and money, finally getting you can't take it with you and applying full resourcefulness in life, recognition of the potency of one's energy and life force, clear sense of the sacred marriages: spirit to body, self to Creator, between soulful companions, personal sense of emergence.


Negative - greed, workaholism, believe that you must take over for God, general sense of being forsaken, condemned or abandoned, lack of spiritual regard for life, superficial, status oriented.


Mundane: promises and vows (both kept and broken), elections and election fraud, intervention by higher powers (troubleshooters, authorities, deity or God), using chaos and disruption as a method of reorganization - i.e., dumping a closet onto the floor, then reorganizing, things that overturn, the scales of justice, battles, disputes, famine, fightings, lawlessness (attributed to her moon, Dysnomia), lies, manslayings, murders, oath, oblivion, quarrels - and the last word therein, sorrows and toil, contention, rivalry, loved the spilling of blood on the battlefield, the fifth day of the month, gluttony, gloating, the nurse of war, women wearing men’s uniforms (sports players, women in the military, astronauts)


Ceremonial: capitulation ceremonies, vows to create order from chaos, intent to right wrongdoing, abundance ceremonies


Lunar body contributing to keywords: Dysnomia.


Haumea (136108 / 2003 EL61)

Orbital Period: 285.31 yr., with two moons, Hi'iaka and Namaka., 3rd brightest KBO (Pluto #1), orbital period w/Moon about 3.9 hours, cigar shaped object because of fast rotational period, 1200 km diameter? Hawaiian creation goddess.


Positive: Soulful confidence, an unshakeable personal inner knowing, creative, regenerative. Able to reconstruct, redefine, transform, especially regarding consciousness, willfulness and restoring rock solid integrity. Supportive. Fostering. Fertile. Creative.


Negative : Insecure and attention demanding. Dramatic. Egocentric. A bully disposition. Forces head-on collisions. Claims martyrdom and sacrifice to secure attention. Willing to attach to someone else’s momentum or allowing dependent sorts to attach to one’s efforts for self benefit (using non-paid volunteers, fans, devotees).


Mundane: Self awareness programs. Portraits and or caricatures. “Spin” as in political or media framing of events. Affinity or family bonds with those similar in nature. The Hula. The big island of Hawaii. Storm warnings to sailors in form or rainbow. Lava cooling in the sea to make land. Creation, fertility, childbirth and sisterhood. Verbal affirmations. Body sacrifice. Entourages. Groupies.


Ceremonial: Hulas, regeneration ceremonies, affirmations. Soul-based capitulation ceremonies (surrendering ego to spirit). Ceremonies in which a mask is removed (unmasking of the great Hopi kachina Saquasohuh).


Lunar bodies contributing to keywords: Hi’iaka, Namaka.


Makemake (136472 / 2005 FY9)

Orbital Period 309.00 yr., 2nd brightest KBO (Pluto #1), 1,250 km diameter? From Rapa Nui. Pronounced maki-maki.


Positive: Articulate and ultra-communicative. Self-assuredness, especially by verbal means. Clever, quick-witted and interested in invoking insight and inspiration with speech. Quick to report findings, regardless of impact. Courageous, possessing the willfulness to confront the peril required for discovery or spiritual evolution. Conscious of family security and safety. Protection of the brood.


Negative: Cunning and verbally manipulative. Double talk. Diversion of facts. Declaring false findings (laying an egg, so to speak). Taking flight to avoid consequence. Hiding as a coping skill. Reckless. Disregard for safety of the home. Self-serving.


Mundane: Data collection to support a doctrine or cause. Books, especially those of multi-cultural interest. Translation especially with a cross-cultural theme. Cultural synthesis. Integration of tasks. Computer iterations and/or algorithms. Dissemination of information whether true or false. Split second decisions. Lightning fast assessment. Fertility and fertility procedures. Birds. Fans. Eggs. Creeds. Documents of self declaration - affirmation statements, bios or autobiographies, a feather in one’s cap, selecting a safe location for nesting.


Ceremonial: Incantations. Oral remedies for healing. Meditations to unify the minds of several. Isolation for ceremonial purposes. Shamanic retreat. Cave ceremonies. Ceremonies involving hair cutting. Personal acceptance of one’s cause and karma. Ceremonies involving the use of feathers or eggs (feather fans, Eagle feather cleansing, the egg diagnostics of curanderos and curanderas - common in Ecuador, one of Rapa Nui’s neighbors).



Gonggong (225088 / 2007OR10)

Orbital Period: 552.67 yr. Originally perceived to be bright white. Later determined to have reddish color.


Positive: Self contained, compassionate, sensitive, empathetic. Strong sense of fairness. Uncompromising assessment of one’s spiritual state. When on task, amazingly enthusiastic. Believe in dharma/karma.


Negative: Easy to consume, compliant, co-dependent, striving for closeness while using distance and aloofness as a defense. Socially conscious to a fault, competitive. Lack of fairness. Selfish. Zealous. Rationalizing. Refusal to accept one’s position. Projecting nature. Sacrificial for fervent causes, often resentful of the sacrifice. Bitter about “life’s hand” or “lot.” Feeling of being marked or a target.


Mundane: Mirrors. Narcissism. Cutting. Tatooing. Obsession with the womb and a child in vitro. Apples (more bites taken from). Contaminated produce. Mining (more the conflict of extracting resources from the Earth without harming the Earth).


Ceremonial: Rendering of fresh food for spirits. Leaving of flowers as a ceremonial gesture. Capitulation ceremonies. Immolation (not recommended)


Sedna (90377 / 2003 VB12)

Not standard Trans-Neptunian Object, Sedna is the first named Scattered Disk Object. These bodies have long orbital periods based upon their high eccentricity. They are scattered into the realm "beyond (?)" our solar system by the relatively significant gravity of Neptune.

Sedna's influence appeared in the bowl of chili severed finger incident, a finger in custard incident, and (hopefully more joyfully) in Tim Burton's anifilm, The Corpse Bride. She is the first body to bear the mythology of the arctic's Inuit culture. Orbital Period: 11,013.05 yr.

Positive - a forgiving disposition, discernment, clarity of perception, recognition of free will and choice, responsible, conscious of consequence, far thinking, dharma-oriented, does the homework of life

Negative - victimization, abuse, being deceived, history of betrayal, bitterness, “gold digging” attitude in relationship, transfers blame to others, numbs out, goes unconscious

Mundane - blubber, products made from sea mammals, whaling, diving bells that go into the dark of the sea, emotional healing, forgiveness, sorrow, engagement, masks, flight of the birds

Ceremonial - cleansing in the sea, propitiation to the sea, sea creatures, use of sea creature talismans (walrus tusk carvings, scrimshaw), ceremony with masks of sea creatures, ceremonial masks in general



Dwarf Planet Candidates

Ixion - Father of the Centaurs, and not a particularly nice fellow

Positive - understands karmic wheel, gives and uses a second chance, discerning

Negative - lustful, inconsiderate, inclined to repeat errors, learns nothing from experience

Mundane - second efforts and chances, reset buttons, cloud seeding, study of weather, watching clouds, lust or coveting of another's mate

Ceremonial - rain dances, purging fires, seeking master healers


Varuna - Vedic deity of vast power, particularly the waters

Positive - sovereign, competent, regulating without force, mastery of all tasks accepted

Negative - incompetent and blaming, laments losses, holds resentment

Mundane - appointments or elected positions, delegation of authority, promotions, demotions, court martial, public humiliation

Ceremonial - ceremonies to confirm positions, spiritual coronations, “induced” journeys as in shamanically led vision quests


Orcus - A lord of the underworld.


Positive: a person of one’s word, challenges broken promises, aligned with a spiritual creed, accountable for personal thought, word and deed

Negative: hypocritical, fault finding in the ways of others, blame assigning, ducks responsibility for word and actions, unable to keep promises

Mundane: contracts, oaths to organizations, religions or countries, creeds

Ceremonial: declaring faith, writing creeds, channeling the latest cosmic downloads and formatting it into doctrine


Quaoar - Native American deity of creation. The first object in space to bear a Native American name (not counting Hopi and Navajo, which refer to tribes)

Positive - creative, inspiring, possibility oriented, uplifts sagging emotion, strong sense of self

Negative - doom saying, prophet of Armageddon, controls others with fear

Mundane - birds, frogs, bears, songs and dances of cultural or spiritual origin, harmony, syncopation, rhythm

Ceremonial - singing and dancing praise the Creator, use of animal totems



Trans-Neptunian Object Keywords

Albion -1st Kuiper Belt Object discovered., oldest name of the isle of Great Britain, according to NASA's orbital generator: In the creation mythology of William Blake, Albion is the island-dwelling primordial man who divided himself into the four Zoas (Urthona, Urizen, Luvah and Tharmas), each representing important aspects of human character


Positive - maverick, inquisitive, receptive, initiating, instigating, inventive, quick to conclude from bits of evidence, punctual, inclusive, expansive

Negative - flaunting, first oriented, maverick, selective listening, willful blindness, jumps to conclusions and into action, fear of missing out, tardy, excluding, cliquey

Mundane - archetypes, initiatives, pinnacles, psychometry, albinos, empire-building, imperialism, armadas, cloture, opening or closing events

Ceremonial - ceremonies on summits, initiations, rites of passage, I-Ching passages of “Before Completion,” “After Completion,” releasing ceremonies


Altjira - first body to receive Aboriginal name

Positive: Strong sense of purpose/dharma. Solid work ethic. Sense of appropriate position and need for involvement. Aware of As Above, So Below. Feet on ground, head in sky. Visionary. Proactive and energetic

Negative: Confusion of work/self - I am what I do. Absorbed in work. Impulsive/hesitant

Mundane: Foot anomalies, job descriptions, dreams, dream interpretation

Ceremonial: Vision and dream work, meditations involving detachment exercises, remote viewing


Arawn - Celtic underworld lord


Positive - confident, knowledgeable, assimilating, quick to process, obsessed with vocabulary and grammar, articulate, precise in declarations, accepting of responsibility

Negative - arrogant, boastful, bombastic, self-righteous, reckless in speech, denies consequence, blaming and shaming

Mundane - help dogs, wild packs of dogs, audio distortion, throwing of the voice, summons to fateful meeting, confidence training, sales training, positive thinking courses

Ceremonial - howling at the sky, affirmations and incantations, religious/spiritual songs and chants


Arrokoth - From the Powhatan (Virginia Algonquian), meaning “Sky”


Positive: considerate, compassionate, artistic, awe-inspired, reverent, explorative, ponderous, able to hold opposing thoughts, duplicitous, far-reaching, willing to consider the unknown, transcends borders, limitless

Negative: judgmental, critical, scrutinizing, wayward and wandering, inattentive, lackluster, unmotivated, excuse-making, rationalizing, short-sighted, limited, assumptive

Mundane: sky, details, abstractions, process of artistic creation, lover of all animals

Ceremonial: rituals that honor the sky, considerations of parts to whole, cleansing, letting go rituals


Borasisi - From Kurt Vonnegut's Cat's Cradle, meaning the Sun in Bokonon cosmology


Positive: sense of authority, dominion, mandates, confidence to declare personal power, open-minded, captain-like attitude, quick orders and delegation.

Negative: dictatorial or an imperial attitude, the emperor's clothes, distortion of data, cherry-picking facts, opinionated, blind one's own bigotry, solipsism.

Mundane: relations with offspring, propaganda, mandates, lobbying, political appointments, crony-ism

Ceremonial: Enacting affirmations, declarations, setting one's rules of soulful communication and cosmic law


Ceto - aquatic monster symbolizing the fears of the unconscious mind/psyche and the collective unconscious


Positive: potent imagination, adventure oriented, confident, healthy choices of life style

Negative: fearful, sociopathic (telling tales about horrible woes for pity), insecure, weak willed

Mundane: dreams of monsters - especially sea creatures, oceanic anomalies, whales, whale products, dangers of the sea, unknown terrors, bizarre creatures

Ceremonial: rebirthing ceremonies conducted in ocean waters, demonic purging, exorcism


Chaos - Before all that is, creator of Gaia and Ouranos (Uranus)


Positive - orderly in the face of confusion, goes with the flow, mellow and non-stressed

Negative - worked up, paranoid, projecting fears, assuming disaster is a step away

Mundane - fractal patterns and analysis, big bang theory, chaos theory

Ceremonial - meditating upon de-materialization, cleansing and re-materializing, dismemberment (shamanic reconstruction)


Deucalion: The Greco-Roman Noah, the magic of manifestation


Positive - understanding the flow (tides of life), manifestation ability, magical, resourceful, seeing the talent in everyone

Negative - feeling overwhelmed, not able to tread water (keep up with life), financially irresponsible, feels the burden of humanity

Mundane - monetary ability, extremely imaginative and resourceful, magic

Ceremonial - ceremonies of manifestation, spiritual exercises using images of bounty and harvest, runes, reading bones


Dziewanna - Slavic goddess of the wild, forests, the hunt


Positive - motived and driven though with tremendous sensitivity, practical in emotional displays, a sense of a time and place for everything, inspiring, able to rally others and lead

Negative - driven by greed without concern for feelings or others, emotional sloppiness, inappropriate display of reactions, manipulative

Mundane - hunting, forestry, mullein flowers, torches, attitude toward social media

Ceremonial - hunting with reverence, retreats in forests, woods, ceremonies using torches or fire, fire dancing


G!kún ʼhòmdímà - From the Juǀʼhoansi ( Kung) people of Namibia


Positive: formidable, cleansing, nurturing, confidence inspiring

Negative: vindictive, retaliatory, self-absorbed, meddlesome, insecure, smothering

Mundane: aardvarks, pythons, elephants, antelope Devil’s thorn, spines and thorns used as weapons, hailstorms, antelope horns

Ceremonial: truth ceremonies, cleansing rituals, shape-shifting


Huya - Egyptian underworld deity, Yaqui and other indigenous lore


Positive - focused, dedicated, attentive

Negative - fretful, worrying and obsessive

Mundane - attention to detail, religious or spiritual ritual - especially of a repetitive nature

Ceremonial - capitulation and clearing ceremonies, offerings to spirits, especially those perceived to oversee the underworld


=Ka'gara - A binary Kuiper Belt Object, paired with !Hãunu


Positive - strong sense of community, sharing both personally and tribally, respect for culture and tradition

Negative - judgmental and rejecting, exclusionary, selfish, deceitful

Mundane - rescue, abduction, warriors, thunder lightning

Ceremonial - celebration of weather, particularly thunderstorms


Leleakuhonua - Hawaiian for where the sky meets the Earth


Positive - ability to combine old and new, integration of past, present and future, blend of traditional and progressive, far-sighted, inclusive, off global mind, sense of abundance, appreciation of innovation, possibility oriented

Negative - short sighted, rigid and set in ones ways, scarcity consciousness, cantankerous, disruptive for the sake of disruption, seeks to spoil good or abundance happening to others, naysayer, limited in perception of personal and global resources

Mundane - the horizon, cracks between the world, dawn, twilight, the island of Oahu, hunter-gatherer, the environment, preservation of sky, Earth and her waters.

Ceremonial - ceremonies that honor sky and earth, grounding ceremonies, astral travel, remote viewing, affirmations of beauty and good


Lempo - Binary object, Finnish diety of love and fertility


Positive - capricious, loving, fecund

Negative - fiendish, profane, insensitive, erratic, dangerous

Mundane - a culture or religion overtaking another and imposing views and beliefs, philosophical purging, burning of books, swearing, profanity

Ceremonial - fertility and love rituals


Logos - the rational way of the Universe, possible precursor to the collective unconscious


Positive: clarity of personal priorities, belief in one’s own destiny, sense of personal urgency, commitment to self-nurturing and cause, sense of one’s connection to All that Is, logical, rational, use of natural order and law to describe and define life

Negative: arrogance, solipsism, use of data and numbers to defeat valid arguments, sense of superiority (possibly based in inferiority)

Mundane: thought, reason, data, statistics and their use, rhetoric, belief that humans are superior because of reasoning abilities

Ceremonial: proclamation of affirmation, shamanic rituals of disassembly & reassembly, capitulation ceremonies to find one’s place in All


Manwë - From J.~R.~R. Tolkien's mythology, Manwë is foremost among the deities who rule the world. Manwë takes special responsibility for the air and winds. He resides in the Undying Lands across the western ocean from Middle Earth. For intelligence of events in Middle Earth, Manwë relies on the kingdom of eagles led by Thorondor


Positive: communicative, quick witted, expressive, verbose, loquacio us, infectious

Negative: verbally manipulative, obsession with logic and making a point instead of addressing the emotionality of situations

Mundane: payment by the word, hype, spin, PR, propaganda, software updates, wind, breezes, air
Ceremonial: Vows, oaths, yelling to the four winds from the mountain tops, breath therapy


Mbaba Mwana Waresa - A Zulu diety


Positive - loyal and faithful, resourceful, opportunistic, confident in personal beliefs and intelligence, self affirming, exceeding supportive of individuals and humankind in general, cause-oriented, fierce in defending what is precious and sacred, righteous and virtuous

Negative - arrogant, selfish, malingering, subject to infidelity, lack of trust, suspicious to the point of spying upon loved ones and partners, drowning in despair

Mundane - rainbows, rain, sky, clouds, agriculture, grains, beer, weather, seasons

Ceremonial - raindances, ceremonies for the good of the Earth, toasting, propitiation of any kind especially involving grains, beverage or Earth, weddings, celebration of accomplishments or awards


Mors-Somnus - A binary TNO of nearly equal size bodies; Mors = Roman personification of death, connected to Mars, Pluto, Orcus; Somnus = personification of sleep, a son of Night and brother of Death, resided in a dark cave and slept on a bed of feathers


Positive: alert, conscious, cogent regarding responsibilities and personal domain, aware of immediacy of life, value of every moment

Negative: lethargic, inattentive, dismissive of the views of others, wasteful of energy & effort

Mundane: death with dignity, sleep aids, euthanasia, uppers, stimulants, sleep walking, mattresses, sleep platforms and pillows filled with feathers (down), night time light - specifically light that aids sleep or prevents it (blue light), melatonin

Ceremonial: meditating into deep states, intentional dreaming, death rituals, rebirth ceremonies


Praamzius - first object to receive a name from Lithuanian lore, the god of time, sky, peace and friendship


Positive: eccentric, solution-oriented, strong sense of time and fate, comfortable with leadership and issuing directives, timeliness, good friend

Negative: arrogant, eccentric to the point of social dysfunction, disregard for spiritual function and meaning, feeling of no escape or doom, disposed to tardiness

Mundane: negotiations, treaties, humanitarian efforts and organizations, flood control, water regulation (concern of pollution and poisoning), time, things carved in stone (literally and figuratively), weather patterns, sense of past, present and future, friends

Ceremonial: grounding ceremonies following celestial travels, casting wishes, affirmations to wind and or water, sky viewing, floating in water while contemplating the heavens


Rhadamanthus - A member of a tribunal of judges that judged the merits of mortals and souls


Positive - sanctions second chances, latitude giving, open minded, fair, non-judgmental, seeing the larger picture

Negative - critical, judgmental and damning, feels persecuted and persecutes

Mundane - judges, courts, karmic penalties, justice

Ceremonial - release ceremony to cut cords with a judgmental past


Salacia - The unwilling wife of Neptune, prodded into marital agreement with the trident bearer


Positive - driven, determined, resourceful, able to work with the unseen, chaste, pure, calm, sensational

Negative - salacious, ostrich-like - hiding to avoid commitment or confrontation, relationship phobic, exaggeration, distortion of facts and visions, projection, hyperbolizing

Mundane - things that take refuge in the sea (submarines?), affiliation with dolphins, seaweed, pearls, hairnets, sea horses, salt water

Ceremonial - water rituals, baptism, water births, rebirthing in water


Sila-Nunam - A combination of an Inuit god (Sila) and goddess (Nunam)


Positive - life giving, compassion for sincere or devout people, nurturing, high-minded, healthy conscience and ethics, regard for animals (particularly land animals)

Negative - critical, eager to punish, nagging inner critic, incestuous

Mundane - blizzards, wind storms, breath, breathing, resuscitation, land animals, preservation of endangered arctic species, wombs, birthing, incest

Ceremonial - breath-based ceremonies, rebirthing, capitulation ceremonies, retreats, solitude in the interest of spiritual development


Teharonhiawako - Native America creation deity


Positive - optimistic, gives others the benefit of the doubt, inspires innovative ideas, quirky, skillful in mediation

Negative - naive, gets blind sided, trusts the untrustworthy, fails to apply healthy skepticism

Mundane - treaties and agreements that require good faith, cellular regeneration, racial issues, migrations, expeditions, cellular growth through splitting, cellular fusion and/or bonding, covalent bonding, glue, meteors - especially those bringing matter and material from other
worlds, weed killers, varmit hunting and bounties

Ceremonial - anything carrying the theme "All My Relations," creation or regeneration ceremonies, prayers to invoke cellular clearing and healing, processes of culling, thinning or"weeding" out of the negative


Typhon - grisly monster with an abundance of heads and serpents, figuration of volcanic forces, hot winds


Positive - balance of parts and wholes, sense of details and big picture, ability to reduce overwhelming tasks into manageable steps

Negative - fatigued by details, overwhelmed by daunting tasks, failure consciousness, can’t see the forest for the trees

Mundane - snake worship, lava flow, scary reptiles, highly ionized wind patterns (Chinooks, Santa Anas)

Ceremonial - resetting kundalini to shun fears and anxieties, worship of or including reptiles,
ceremonies conducted in caves


Varda - From J.~R.~R. Tolkien's mythology


Positive - Cooperative, receptive, able to negotiate, ability to remain strong in conviction while perceiving another’s point of view, relationship oriented, perception of shared resources in relationship, mi casa es su casa, ability to “get over ones self”

Negative - Selfish, intractable, uncooperative, unyielding, emotionally self referential, selfserving

Mundane - Rose color, pink, negotiation, arbitration, counseling, blessings

Ceremonial - Incantations intended as blessings to self and others, shared energy exercises, couples chakra exercises


Zhulong - Chinese red solar dragon, torch dragon


Positive - light, optimism, brilliant, illuminating, fostering

Negative - dark, pessimistic, light stealing, throws shade

Mundane - sunlight, torches, lanterns, compass, boundaries, soul mates, hybrids, genetically altered creatures, snakes, dragons, seasons, seasonal winds

Ceremonial - dawn-based, dawning ceremonies, bonding or infusion ceremonies, breathing ceremonies



Centaurs are a unique group of bodies more or less part of the Kuiper Belt, a region of icy dust and asteroid-like bodies near the edge of our solar system. There may be hundreds of thousands of Kuiper Belt Objects. A smaller subset of this collection, Centaurs, by definition, must possess a perihelion distance greater than that of Jupiter and a semi-major axis that does not exceed Pluto's aphelion distance from the Sun (originally defined as a semi-major axis less than that of Neptune, but ignored as definition of the bodies continued)


Amycus - The longer period of this centaur seeks longevity and notoriety


Positive - intuitive, questioning, insightful, progressive, determined, reliable

Negative - doubtful, skeptical, withdrawn, often late, unreliable, lacking resolve, insecure

Mundane - doctrines and policies designed to produce a result (policy manuals, creeds), any mechanical device that enables a shift in energy, for instance a clutch for shifting gears, monuments, commandments (as in carved in stone), pictrographs and petroglyphs

Ceremonial - stretching, yogas that shift fixed structures, chiropractic sessions, watching storms as a mediation, drumming, descent into the underworld (use of caves or kivas)


Aphidas - During the battle between the Centaurs and Lapiths, Aphidas remained in a drunken sleep. The Lapith Phorbas threw a spear, killing Aphidas while he slept


Positive - kind, compassionate to a fault, empathetic, “walk a mile” in the other person’s shoes consciousness

Negative - inattentiveness, denying of reactions, emotional diversion, head vs. heart conflict

Mundane - sleep disorders, sleep drugs, out of body

Ceremonial - cogent dreaming, power napping to resolve questions or pending issues, remotive viewing, astral projection


Asbolus - An intuitive auger, considered wise and just


Positive - intrepid, courageous, leading the charge, motivated to reach the top, intuitive, wise, common sense insightful, solid advice

Negative - lack of sensibility, blind action, failing to follow instincts, intuitions, omens or sensors, easily intoxicated, unable to receive advice from self or others

Mundane - common sense, intuitive forces, mountain climbing - specifically in the face of obvious danger, risk taking especially under the influence, abstract logic, extreme sense of smell

Ceremonial - meditation, visualization of tasks before setting to action, climbing to reclaim a sense of nature


Bienor - This centaur offers a sense of creative spirit, belief in urge of the soul, confidence. His name means literally, “strong man”


Positive - creative, inspired, talented, motivated, burning with creative vigor

Negative - repressed, sullen, withdrawn, resentful that life does not respond and bestow rewards

Mundane - benefactors, creative sanctuaries, places of recognition (Halls of Fame, etc.), awards, grants and prizes for projects seeking funding support

Ceremonial - mediation upon the heart, Hatha yoga, meditation in general, creating while listening to or dancing with music, dance ceremonies


Chariklo - Consort to Athena and healing assistant to Vesta in the temples


Positive - boundary sensitive, wise, just, non-assumptive especially regarding personal relationship, interrogative about touchy issues

Negative - judgmental, feeling of being victimized at a glance, assumptive, intolerant, biased by gender archetypes

Mundane - swimming in the nude, eyesight, hearing, flirting, sexual harassment, motivation oriented

Ceremonial - a see no evil, hear no evil scenario, energetic healing, work to clear intent and motive


Chiron - The wounded healer who possesses insight, wisdom and grace


Positive - healing, just, wise, fair, insightful, knowledgeable, skilled in arts, medicine, healing, philosophy, focused, positively full of one’s self, sense of soul’s purpose

Negative - opinionated, teaching others the lessons needed by oneself, wounding, corrupt, illicit, irritating demeanor, clinging, feeling homely or unwanted, estranged from parents

Mundane - healing of all types from allopathic medicine and surgery to chiropractic and all forms of homeopathy and naturopathy, soul retrieval, justice, mentoring programs, cave exploration, illegitimate offspring, archery

Ceremonial - soul retrieval, any natural healing modality, chiropractors, retreats - especially in caves, ceremonial chambers or kivas, making a talking stick or ceremonial arrow


Crantor - Emotional declaration stands out as the quest for Crantor, not actually a centaur, but killed by one. A bit of the what did I ever do to you syndrome applies


Positive - sensitive, emotional expressive, strong sense of emotional boundaries, nurturing and passionate

Negative - emotionally abuse, manipulative through feelings, projects guilt, shame and blame upon others, substance abuse

Mundane - acute sense of emotional motivations, cathartic therapies and the ability to lead them, comprehension of emotionally based traumas and phobic responses, grief counseling

Ceremonial - cathartic ceremony, Wailing Wall-like rituals, water cleansing rituals, baptisms, fervent declarations of faith, ceremonies of emotional renewal


Cyllarus - A handsome, devoted centaur, he represents positive sensual expression, willingness to fully embrace life in the physical plane


Positive - artistic, soothing, tactile, healing, comforting

Negative - shut down, defensive, protected, lack of creative outlet

Mundane - any body healing including massage, rebirthing, Shiatsu and those involving physical contact, artistic work that comes from full expression, such as painting with the hands, musical skill, culinary ability

Ceremonial - water rituals that include coming back on shore upon completion, rebirthing, creating ceremonies that involve contact with earth elements and water simultaneously


Echeclus - The mental balance between the abstract and linear logic. Swift decision-making criteria, resulting in polarized good idea/bad idea scenarios


Positive - mentally integrating, solution oriented, non-judgmental, abstract, conceptual, will shift opinion when new information or consciousness prompts a new set of beliefs

Negative - critical, opinionated, twisted logic, rationalizing, able to justify anything

Mundane - abstract art, conceptual theories, spatial relations, forced decisions under time pressure, close calls, head injuries

Ceremonial - celebration of the coyote or trickster, meditation on time/space warps


Elatus - Expression of self and ego through word and writing


Positive - Excellent communication, articulate, precise

Negative - Verbose, boastful, shallow in conversation.

Mundane - creative writing, affirmations, self improvement courses, poetry

Ceremonial - reciting affirmations, chanting, writing spiritual treatises, ceremonial magic

Hylonome - Grief stricken at the loss of her mate in battle


Positive - relationship devotion, sense of self with or without relationship, accommodating

Negative - grief stricken, codependent, sacrificial, self esteem based upon relationship, self destructive in the face of relational difficulty

Mundane - grief counseling, bereavement work, relationship healing

Ceremonial - bonding ceremonies between couples, cathartic emotional relief regarding lost love, lost money or missed career opportunities


Nessus - Ferryman at the River Evenus


Positive - generous, benevolent, compassionate, willing to lend a helping hand, cooperative, respectful of boundaries, aware of the power of life force energy, healthy use of sexual energy

Negative - coveting, possessive, jealous, vengeful, manipulative, resorting to negative alchemy for personal gain, negative use of sexual energy

Mundane - bad blood between parties, feuds over money especially regarding relationship dissolution, diseases transmitted by blood, transport ferries over water, potions, tonics and elixirs designed to cast spells, therapy designed for healing sexual or monetary issues specifically

Ceremonial - prosperity ceremonies, sexual healing rituals, ceremonies involving Earth fertility


Okyrhoe - Daughter of Chiron and Chariklo she promotes principles of discernment and conscious life skills


Positive - affirming, supporting, common sense based, acute logic skills, organized, detailed

Negative - critical, judgmental, whining, prophecies of doom, using logic to find fault, works in perpetual worst case scenarios

Mundane - mental attitude programs, tapes and other repetitive tools for reminding the psyche of a healthy state of mind, failure analysis in technology, spreadsheets and lists - especially those geared at mental health, affirmations, mantras, chants

Ceremonial - chanting, affirming, drumming (establishes cadence), Om exercises, cleaning to promote godliness


Orius - The balance of values - professional, personal and relationship


Positive - perceptive of demands of society, sense of what people want and think they need, favorably responsive to senses, balanced and fair, clear perceptions of material goals, accurate assessment on internal attributes and tuned into creativity, clarity on the idea that a relationship does not make you successful, nor does success make you relatable.

Negative - greedy, possessive, directorial in a controlling way, muddled view on materialism and relationship priorities

Mundane - tuned into collective need, innovative in terms of creativity and technology, able to create things that simplify life, artfully astute, tasteful in ambiance and decor

Ceremonial - taking time to savor and celebrate great accomplishment, celebratory, inclined to toast and propitiate, honoring the good and inspiring


Pelion - Self-confidence for effort and the climb to accomplishment in life. Sacred Space, professional status, gratitude and sense of destiny


Positive - driven by dharma, balanced ego in professional status, giving, nurturing and sharing with co-workers with an extraordinary generosity.

Negative - demanding, infantile in work relationships, flaunts social status as a result of accomplishments, showcases with past laurels

Mundane - job recognition, awards and accolades, merits, medals and certificates

Ceremonial - rites of passage, passing of baton, graduation ceremonies into higher spiritual orders


Pholus - Keeper of the sacred wine and host to Hercules


Positive - just, wise, nurturing, meeting the needs of others while keeping own needs in balance, conscious of choice, ceremonial, pacifism, self nurturing, attentive

Negative - opinionated believing rules of cosmic forces do not apply, addicted to food or alcohol, careless regarding weaponry (or security tools), ignoring spiritual needs, indulgent, reclusive, meddling

Mundane - food and drink - especially regarding celebrations, daily ceremony and ritual

Ceremonial - toasting, celebrations, creating a daily hour of power


Rhiphonos - A protector of Dionysis, sprite turned into centaur by Hera


Positive - self affirming, confident, self reliant, always willing to lend a hand, shoulder the load

Negative - afraid of one’s shadow, what’s under the bed, bogeymen, selfish and unhelpful, lack of cooperation

Mundane - designated drivers, perimeters, boundaries, security protection, exercise

Ceremonial - “I Am” exercises, affirmation ceremonies, displays of spiritual prowess activities


Thereus - Relational and professional attitudes based upon others. I am what I am in this relationship because of my career status or the ornamentation of this relationship


Positive - Balance between relationship and work, money and sexuality.

Negative - Object oriented, status seeking, mercenary in work ethics, stunned by glamour and beauty of partner

Mundane - resumes, bios, promotional photos that project an image, any status object whether relational or professional

Ceremonial - tandem energy exercises, hiking for spiritual purpose with a partner, sitting in audience with an enlightened person