Damn that COVID-19 Discounts


Given the current economic uncertainty and consciousness malaise inspired by the prevailing threat of COVID-19,

the following discounts are offered to support short term matters and long-term, post virus life recovery.


Twenty-minute phone or Skype consult with MP3 recording... $50
A short, discounted session for fast answers to immediately pressing questions. 
Multiple short sessions can be ordered. Sessions must be completed by 30 April 2020.

Following imposed restrictions on life and subsequent disarray, more than one session might do a seeker good over the remaining course of the year.
A package of two or three full 1-hour consultations may be purchased at a further discounted rate. Stock up now!
Sessions must be completed by 21 December 2020.

Two one-hour sessions: $350 

Three one-hour sessions: $450  

The Galactic Report (Natal planets to six named centaurs, Personal Helio planets to Black Holes)... $12.99