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The Twin Stars Relationship Report ~ perhaps the best compatibility report on Earth!

Why might this be the best relationship report on Earth?

First, it includes four centaurs, Chiron and three relative newcomers - Chariklo, Hylonome, and Cyllarus, each of which personifies a more ideal attitude toward personal relationships. Four steps evolve from these attitudes:

Get back in your body. (Chiron)
Set clear boundaries. Release assumptions. (Chariklo - Chiron's mate)
Shed grief and shame. (Hylonome)
When you find the "one," create a solid bond, holding nothing back. (Cyllarus)

For those who have ever said, "She/he doesn't have a clue!" this report has answers. In comparing the planets by aspect with the centaurs, planets, angles and nodes, each pattern gets a cosmic clue. This clue is a helpful suggestion for using the energy between the horoscopes in a constructive manner. Information, remedies, insights and other helpful hints all in one report.

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Product Reviews

Your Stellar Singles (Twin Stars) Compatibility Report should come with an advisory that it is hardly a 'report,' but an exquisitely written Aphrodisiac. My beloved and I read your delicious insights amazed by the accuracy and beauty of your penetrating report. Couples should treat themselves and experience this soulful journey you brought to us. Thank you! ~ LL & PC

I'm blown away by the accuracy. I laughed outloud about some of my tendencies, and I felt sheepishly nailed by other descriptions. ~ AG

  Twin Stars Compatibility Report ~ $19.99


The Galactic Report ~ the only “out of this world” personal birth report

The Galactic Report provides a computer generated, written analysis of the natal position of the first of the six named Centaurs, aspects to your planets, nodes and angles. As well, conjunctions to 74 black holes by geocentric and heliocentric placement receive incisive delineation. You'll receive insights into psychological and spiritual details of your being you never knew could be extracted from a horoscope! Please include your birth data in Paypal form.

Please include the names and birth data in the Paypal Comments.

   The Galactic Report $13.99

Product Reviews

This report was deemed, “downright spine tingling,” by one satisfied recipient.

And from another... “Never have I read anything more definitive on them (centaurs and black holes) in regards to my own chart. I've had some jaw dropping moments as I read this report.”

And another... "Astounding!! Most accurate report ever... it addresses factors not considered by other means."

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