The Fairest of Them All ~ The Planets Compete for their Places

an original manuscript by Philip Sedgwick

PDF format, 173 pages, 8 X 10 double space pages, footnoted

This thought provoking and fact rich treatise first details the discovery events from Uranus through Pluto, the discovery of the Kuiper Belt and ultimately, the discordant Eris. Following the history, we look at the astronomical controversy surrounding the realization that Eris was indeed larger than Pluto and the “demotion” of Pluto. Then we explore the mythology of the Pluto, Sedna and Eris to develop a bit of context for our astrology. To follow the myths and since Eris dealt chaos with an apple, fables and lore involving apples and suggesting Eris slide under our microscope. Finally, we explore the social contexts in which we see the Kuiper Belt planets influencing our world.

While this book was written so non-astrologers could track the insights, this compilation is not available anywhere else and is certain to assist astrological consultations. The contents of The Fairest of Them All might inspire you to join the leading edge of astrologers applying this great discovery in times that so crave guidance.

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