New!! DVD Lectures

Two exciting new lectures: Consciousness of the Solar System and Haumea - Hawaii's Heavenly Goddess. Both lectures appear on your DVD as one track.

Recently these lectures were recorded specifically for the River of Stars Conference on the Big Island of Hawaii in January, 2011. When I discovered life was in the way of attending, I hired a professional videographer and we put together the presentations I was scheduled to do in Hawaii on an expedited track. Here is the result! Two never before given talks on some of the latest developments in our solar system. (It's true, I didn't have time to get a haircut and there are no intro titles, but the content is top notch)

Consciousness of the Solar System (approx 59 minutes) When the downgrade of Pluto occurred with the discovery of objects in the Kuiper Belt, an entirely new realm of bodies appear at the known edge of our solar system. These bodies answer the question “what do you do when you're done with Pluto?” if one is ever done with Pluto. But the introduction of Sedna, Makemake, Eris and Haumea opens the doors for addressing social issues, applying creativity and becoming a participating member of planet Earth. Here we'll explore why all these bodies stand out as important, regardless of size, and what it means that the perceived width of our solar system has expanded more than 40 times since 2003.

Haumea (approx 68 minutes) This presentation was first viewed on January 23 with a conjunction of Haumea and Saturn on the edge of Saturn's retrograde. Could there be a better time to bring the message of Haumea to Earth? In this topic the mythology of Haumea is crafted with her compelling astronomy to reveal how she inspires creativity and concern for the planet, and her opinion on modern social issues such as social networking and more. An amazing mundane corollary is discussed as well. And while the talk was in progress, Pluto and Eris get their due as well. 

Consciousness of the Solar System and Haumea DVD $24.98 plus $3 shipping and handling.

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