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Helio Undercurrents ~ 14 Sep 2021

At this juncture of the year, perhaps it’s a good idea to check in on some of the transits as seen from the Sun’s vantage, the heliocentric point of view. This way the entire solar system’s dynamics can be considered and the added perspectives ensure that mental myopia and single focus never taints perspectives.


First up, Saturn in Aquarius transits the south node of Neptune on 30 September. Here the yearning to include the big picture and those fantasies for a fabulous life that drifted into awareness way back when can be factored into all pursuits in life. Whether smashed by the coronavirus, diminished as viable by life’s demands or the reality of living in a material world, dreams and vision ache inside the soul. They seek to be seen, realized, felt and to provide psychic priority to enhance ones well-being while in the pursuit of life objectives.

Very soon thereafter, on 3 October, Saturn transits the aphelion of Venus. The aphelion is where a planet moves most distant from the Sun in its orbit. Here the planet moves most slowly and feels the solar vibes at minimum effect within the orbital revolution. Saturn with Venus exacerbates any yearning or ache of nonfulfillment and points out anything wanted but not held in the real world must be pursued with full gusto.

The positions of the nodes of Neptune and the aphelion of Venus are very nearly conjunct. Their counterpart positions (north node, perihelion - closest point to the Sun) stand in Leo. The Leo theme defies Saturn to recognize determination, work completed and done well and accomplishment in the interest of contentment and confidence. Here the realization to the soul - not the ego - unfolds to declare it is absolutely perfect to want what you want and to manifest it in hard core reality. This is subtle inner stirring, not a whack on the side of the consciousness. Take time to listen to your spirit-based whispers as the current month proceeds. It will be well worth the time.

The orbits of Venus and Neptune are the two roundest orbits in the solar system. With the Saturn influence in play the feeling might arise that one juggles two conflicting dimensions in life. Saturn must be told by the spirit’s inner workings that pursing dreams and acquiring fulfillment of desires prevail as guiding forces in life. Once Saturn wraps around that - and he can and will - then he works in favor of such pursuits.

On 24 October, Pluto in Capricorn lands on his south node. The effects of this transit could easily range a month before and a month following. What does this feel like? How about: Hey, remember in that previous life when Nostradamus got kicked off Twitter? If such things had existed in the prophet’s time, would his prophecies been perceived as conspiratorial? It’s likely.

This transit seeks to root out insidious collective rumbles. The passage seeks to end collective fears and worries by limiting the influence of those who propagate misinformation and work to dispel faith in institutions. At the same time, any institution dedicated to serving the causes of plutocrats and plutocracy receive abundant admonition from the lord of the underworld. Could this be a time when wealth is generously grated to the downtrodden? Could this be a time of undoing laws that stimulate disparity and exclude a major portion of society? Will this be a time when the efforts of intentional misinformation and the spread of what is simply nonsense is thwarted? Absolutely possible to all questions posed.

Yes, this is a collective, globally impactful transit. Most likely, it will best serve the good of all if each and every individual makes their desire for a world that works well together known to the powers that be. As Howard Beale shouted from the rafters in NETWORK, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more.” Pluto moves slowly and he reminds us all that he is not Uranus. His interest is not radical revolution and upheaval. Pluto works to fortify the substrate, repair cracks within the structures of society and to ensure that those institutions that should endure, do endure. Ultimately, he lives beneath the surface of the planet. Those who might be inclined to bet for wins and swift and outrageous economic gain - definitely a Pluto thing - would do well to bet that Pluto does not want the world in which he thrives destroyed by the misguided, superstitious or fact-free.

As the final Gregorian month commences this year, specifically on 2 December, Jupiter in Pisces (remember this is from the Sun’s view, not the Earth’s) Jupiter aligns with the perihelion of Mars. Back in 1947, when short wave radio propagation research was conducted atop a Manhattan skyscraper, John Nelson, the researcher spearheading this work, noted that any planet to the perihelion of Mars (by conjunction, opposition, square) supported extreme solar volatility. Solar volatility ensures the Earth is blasted by an abundant assault of Coronal Mass Ejections. These wreak havoc on the atmosphere, short wave radio propagation, satellite-based communications and the information-sharing fabric of society, not to mention, most importantly, the human aura.

Imagine that the Internet goes down because of such a Jupiter to the perihelion of Mars inspired blast. What to do? Well, reset and reshape the aura. Realize that the mind and body feel out of synch in a huge way. Energetic disequilibrium results. So, get grounded. Literally park your posterior on the surface of the planet. Draw energy up from the planet into your heart. Put a curly-cue in that energy while you reach out to receive the energy of the cosmos above. Bring it down to the heart. Weave it together with the energy drawn from Earth. Feel this energetic alignment spread within and throughout you. Radiate this energy back to the Earth and up to the Heavens. Cool. You’re now an energetic solution.

While the “meta-stability” of the energy of Jupiter to Mars’ perihelion prevails, remember that everyone feels uber-weird in these times. Strive to perceive no knee-jerk reaction as the true reaction. Allow others time to reset when confronting the boundless, fantastical things that Jupiter in Pisces is likely to render. Give yourself ample reaction time before responding. You know how they say “count to ten before reacting?” Now the impatience of Mars rides the wave of Jupiter’s amplification. Fine. Take time to do your grounding exercise once... with completeness and saturation of feeling. When confronted with the weirdness likely in this era, take three seconds to recall the centering. Take a breath. Then, check in. You good? If good, engage. If not sure, apply another three seconds. Do this until psychically reset. The delay required is well worth it.

When stabilized within, realize that Jupiter to Mars’ perihelion asks, “Hey remember those visions and desires that were bouncing about inside like the pinball wizard back when October began? You got everything good to proceed with that? Awesome! Get on with it and make something of this year!

More soon.

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