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The Most Wonderful Galactic Time of Year ~ 04 Dec 2020

That dang Christmas song with the line “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” is stuck in my head. I think it was a car commercial that planted it during a break from catching up with the news. Regardless, it got me thinking. Every year about this time the song plays, touting the cheer and good will of the holidays. Is it the most wonderful time of the year? Perennially? If that lyric rings true, why is that?

Well, every year about this time the Sun crosses the exact degree of the Great Attractor (14 Sag 18, exact solar transit 5 December). Every year just before the solstice the Sun traverses the radio source Sagittarius A, which is located in the black hole perceived to be the exact degree of the Galactic Center (27 Sag 08, exact solar transit 18 December). Both these points, especially the Great Attractor, are gravitationally immense. The orb of influence of the Sun, the largest and most gravitationally significant object in our solar system, with these points can be expected to be ten days either side of the exact alignment for the Great Attractor, and at least five days either side for the Galactic Center.

Every year at this time the Sun repeats this process of engaging with these enigmatic galactic points. As well, sometime in the ephemeral vicinity, Mercury and Venus traverse these points by conjunction. With good fortune, often other astrological significators transit the Great Attractor and Galactic Center in the same temporal epoch. Consider that this year, Mercury and the Sun find their way to conjoin virtually on the Galactic Center on or about the 18th of December. At that time, Venus moves into early orb to the Great Attractor. And this means...?

Sparing the more technical aspects of why these galactic objects represent and why, here are some considerations that these points offer for cosmic consideration and personal prioritization every year during this season.

Great Attractor

Inclusion of all individuals into the spectrum of humankind.

Openness to all data, ideas and concepts without filtering through preconceived notions.

Acute psychic perception in the immediate moment (not to be used for guessing what’s behind that wrapping paper on holiday gifts).

Willingness for self reflection and to glean insights of the year’s accomplishment.

Ability to perceive previously hidden or undisclosed information.

Realization of ones personal brand and the drawing power of that brand, but more, the soulful energy of an individual’s cosmic core.

Galactic Center

Access to unlimited insight, information and progressive ideas.

Ability to be inspired in the moment to think outside the box.

A time of release for old ideas or concepts that have exceeded their shelf life.

Ironical understanding of life circumstances and the ability to see the humor in those situations.

The urge to stretch thinking and possibilities further down the road than ever before.

The tendency to wrap around the psychological and spiritual significance of inventions, technology and new social trends. Comfort within new, leading edge ideas.

Confidence and certainty of ones personal radar lock with the Divine.

Every year December is fraught with inspiration, innovation and magical mental mayhem (mayhem in a good way) courtesy of transits to these significant galactic goodies. And sure, it’s the end of the year and it’s holiday busy with shifting priorities and/or the inclusion/avoidance of the seasonal influences. Regardless, while enjoying holiday snacks and cheer (or not), the season requires making time to catch up with the download and stimulation coming your way. Set time aside for cosmic receptivity. Think of it like taking the time to ponder light reflecting in the crystal that hangs in the window that favors sunrise or sunset. Check out those reflections. Enjoy some awe. Sense the titillation of amazing new concepts seeking a delivery agent on Earth. That agent might be you.

Is this the most wonderful time of the year? For certain it is one of the most profound download times of the year. We stand on the cusp of a major consciousness shift courtesy of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction but a fortnight away. Full festive engagement with the most wonderful galactic time of the year might be one of the criteria on the entire wrap around of for those intending to contribute to Peace on Earth and Goodwill to All!

More soon!

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