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The Undercarriage of Uranus ~ 19 May 2018

Since Uranus is in Taurus, and since Uranus is attributed to the far-reaching thinking of those pursuing astrology, look for a special consultation offer at the end of this post.

As Uranus steps forward on the terra firma of Taurus, it seems a good idea to look at the cranky fella’s underbelly to see what agendas he harbors. It does seem that he impatiently wonders why those living in this world... or any world in the solar system he influences and inspires have not yet figured out his new agenda. Let’s look under the hood of Uranus.

Indeed, every Uranian sign change signals a change of plans. In Taurus, evidently Uranus seeks changes in the basic economic platform. Perhaps he intends to do a thing or two to get Plutocrats “woke” such that wealth inequality upon this planet can be successfully addressed well before he commences a series of trines to Pluto beginning 2026.

In Taurus, gone are the cranky, disruptive, revolution-based trends of Uranus’ alignment with Eris. Gone is the “mad as hell” fist shaking, saliva sputtering agendas of politicians hell bent on sweeping changes that they think would be good for the world. It is true that Uranus returns to Aries in early November. From then until March of next year, he offers a review quiz of what we were supposed to glean from his march through Aries. Aided by Chiron in Aries, Uranus’ upcoming re-visitation inspires internal adjustments to conjure solid, soul-based confidence in the core of the being that requires no declaration. Simply, spirits comfortably settled in the bodies in which they reside and tracking a dharma-driven agenda reek an inspiring, contagious “can do” attitude.

Uranus is not an entirely speed fellow in his revolution around the Sun. Eighty-four years continues to exceed the median data of a human’s life. Generally he spends seven years in a sign, integral within the proverbial seven-year itch. He grasps that it takes those dealing with a mundane plane significant time to lock onto an insight virtually under their noses. He understands resistance, stubbornness, bitchiness in the face of change. He realizes that change requires a person to transcend the dimensions of their comfort zone. Still, he bears annoyance at those who resist timely evolution when the writing is on the wall. When change signals, consciousness must catch up... which starts with a shift of conscious attention. Says Uranus, “Shift happens. Get on with it.”

Avoid selective listening. Eliminate willful blindness. Find your comfort zone. Establish your unique skills, then apply those talents to the beckoning adjustments, twists and turns on the path of life immediately ahead.

In the instance of Uranus in Taurus, step one is to notice what you value. Notice what you feel that you “gotta” have. Notice what acquisitions distract your attention from the tasks at hand. Take a moment to recall that when Uranus and Eris aligned a few years ago, the call was to no longer feel as an outlying person... one left behind... one ignored... or forsaken. Apply that recollection to the desire to acquire, accumulate, accrete, invest and enhance economic well-being. Check to see what motives lurk behind those urges to gather stuff and engage in uber- monetary gain.

Ask if those urges aid to establish the perfect fit of the soul in the body. Does the desire contribute to the incarnation agenda held by virtue of choosing planet Earth at this time of the soul’s evolution?

Now, given the relative slowness of Uranus, he understands that the integration of change and the resulting consciousness could potentially take some time. Awarenesses occur. Only then, can minds shift to accommodate the new realizations. It takes time for it to settle in and completely wrap around the new situations and environments. It’s like when your bank’s website designers decide to reformat the entire site for your “convenience.” The first look at the new site is jarring. It can be disconcerting, time-consuming, emotionally upsetting and downright disruptive for a spell. Same thing in life. All shifts that modify the established norms and status quo require emotional and psychic adjustment.

Also, no matter what sign Uranus travels, he is the architect of revolution. In the I-Ching the hexagram “Revolution” does a great job of personifying what is required for deeply urgent change to be successful. To paraphrase:

> There must be inner strength that secures the confidence of others.

> There can be no rushing, nor ruthlessness. Nor can there be hesitation and conservativism.

> A sense of timing such that change is presented within the readiness and ripeness of the collective - often when the perception of readiness is not conscious.

> Agendas must be inspired and for the well-being of all, and for the good of the planet.

> Consequences must be considered.

A consequence is the result of a result. In making change one must consider the results of the long term agenda/action put in play. If shooting coyotes is the agenda because they are destructive varmints, remember that agenda when rabbits overpopulate and gobble up ground vegetation that would normally quench their thirst by lapping up rainwaters and precluding flooding to expensive homes.

Asks Uranus, “Will the change create positive results, and will those results remain valid for at least seven years?” If not, perhaps more planning and consciousness conjuring is required. Inquires Uranus, “Does the change address a need, scratch an itch, or create improved and enhanced well-being for all?” If not, maybe reset and focus on enhanced solutions until it does.

Uranus is impatient with those who do not get it. He is equally annoyed with those who are short-sighted and cannot integrate linear logic with abstract reasoning. Uranus wonders why he did not inherit the interpretive characteristics of being the most-distant planet from the Sun upon his discovery. Why did he not inherit the rules of limits that Saturn for so long held, at least until such time as Neptune was discovered. Upon Neptune’s discovery why did he not assume the perception of physical limits, which he should have owned for 84 years (subtracting 1846 from 1930, the discovery years of Neptune and Pluto respectively)? “How come,” Uranus queries in his most non-rhetorical tone.

Uranus realizes that not all changes work ideally. Back in the late 1980's aircraft manufacturers, with Saturn and Uranus around the Galactic Center, noteworthy in the horoscope of the first acknowledged mechanized flight, experimented with propellers on jet engines. And not on the front, mind you. On the back of the engines, where they had never been placed before. The idea did not stick, however the experiments did offer insights as to what would work better.

So, in this era of Uranus in Taurus, buckle down on what you value. Notice how it really makes you feel. Adjust as necessary. Ensure that what you want and what you need converge into a perfection of consciousness that feeds the spirit while remaining engaged and participatory in a most mundane world. Experiment and integrate. Aspire and inspire! Shift gears. Leap into higher valences levels. Achieve higher tiers. It does a body good and a spirit wonderful.

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More soon.

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