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A Century of Eris in Aries ~ 7 May 2021

Before you know it, Earth will have dealt with a hundred years of Eris in Aries. Of course, it’s with great curiosity to consider that Earthlings, from the astrological point of view, have only known of the goddess of discord since 31 October 2003 (her astronomical discovery).

Between June 4, 1922 - July 21, 1922 Eris made her initial exploratory survey of the sign of Aries. Over the next five years or so she teased collective consciousness by dancing back into Pisces, then hop scotching into Aries multiple times. In January 1927 she had one last dip in Pisces then took the leap to remain in Aries - until June of 2044, when she initially explores Taurus through September. As she is inclined to do, she’ll then engage in a dizzying back and forth between Aries and Taurus until January 2049 when she decides Taurus is her tenured transit for the next while.


Simply, the theme of Eris is to create an impeccable sense of personal belonging... to feel included... to feel respected... to feel as if your life matters, both to others and to you. She creates mayhem and upheaval anytime she feels ignored, slighted, rejected, dismissed, objected, minimized, not included, and any other word or phrase that suggests she doesn’t feel she fits.


Before 2020 came, astrologers were all aflutter with the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto thing in Capricorn. Those including Eris in their horoscopic analysis realized this was far more significant than classical astrology might imply. During the year 2020 a complex array of squares to Eris from our two largest planets and Pluto blasted life as we know it into oblivion. Simply, courtesy of the pandemic, pretty much everyone was excluded from life as life was previously known. Thank goodness Jupiter and Saturn completed their squares to Eris!

Wait!? Pluto’s not complete dealing with Eris?


No. Despite the 10 December square of Pluto to Eris - the final such quadrature of 2020, there are two more squares to go between these two outer planets.


Pluto in Capricorn squares Eris in Aries on 27 August, with both planets retrograde. On 9 October, Pluto now in direct motion, completes the cycle by squaring Eris for the last time in his Capricorn run. Is this good news or do we need to brace for more of the same?

While these two remaining squares can be nasty, they do not have the collaboration of Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn. In fact, both these domineering gaseous giants insist that a more evolved use of the Pluto-Eris pattern be applied through their placements in Aquarius. Effects created by the multiple Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto to Eris aspects virtually lose their life force this fall. Sure there will be a few flare-ups of more of the same. At this point what remains important is where humankind intends to go, taking the world within the grasp of what can be conjured and created.


It's interesting to recall that Eris’ astronomical discovery was dang near stolen online. As such, she bears rulership over online mischief. Anything underhanded that can be done on the world wide web to diminish or disadvantage others or causes, falls under the discord and chaos this goddess can create. As well, online conspiracy propagation falls under the spell of Erissian powers. To this, add the pressures of social media and how social media demands Eris-like inclusion. You simply HAVE to sign up for the latest platform or fad. You HAVE to be included. You HAVE to be liked. You HAVE to have followers who spew praise your way for virtually no reason whatsoever.


How is this a good thing again? Remember, Pluto, the lord of transformation and regeneration, in transit of one of the most grounded, pragmatic signs, squares Eris and her campaigns. As he always does, Pluto insists upon the ultimate in evolution, or he has other options. Eris is not immune to Pluto, and with a tense tango between the two of them, even the downside of Eris rises up for a proper purge.


What can we expect?


First, keep in mind that Pluto requires 248 years for one solar revolution. For Eris, the passage about the Sun requires 558 years. Anything established under the auspices of slower moving planets requires time to coalesce and solidify into the foundations of society. Nothing happens overnight. Major change takes time, dedication of consciousness and transformative intent.


Where might we see changes as the tribulations of 2020 trail away?


In terms of society, attitudes, matters of inclusion, disparity, equality, fairness slowly but surely, things come to pass that indicate progress and evolution. Good things.


Evolution takes time. When evolutionary progress is made, personal or collective, it deserves acknowledgment and celebration. Celebration is important as one of Eris' most famous conjured catastrophes resulted from her being snubbed from a wedding. Invite Eris to the celebration. Include and celebrate her ability to reverse the order of things for purposes of restoring perspective. Eris ultimately serves each and every mortal in the quest for a life that fits ones nature perfectly.


Eris is closest to the Sun in Libra. Do your relationships serve mutual needs?


Eris’ north node stands in Taurus. Are your professional aspirations consistent with your energy, your needs and your spirit?


Eris transits Aries. Are you good spirit-wise over there in that body of yours? You finding a good fit of soul within incarnation? Simply, asks Eris, is your life in the spiritual Goldilocks Zone? Just the rights amount of everything?


“So, then,” coyly inquires Pluto, “Are you good?” If the answer is uncertain, get good. Use the two remaining Pluto-Eris aspects to do so. Engage life with the belief that personal inclusion stems from the clear and dedicated demonstration of all soulful endowments.


More soon.


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