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Mars Outshines Them All ~ 9 Jun 2018

This week, because of his increasing closeness with Earth, Mars became brighter than all the stars in the sky! Mars officially appears brighter than the brightest of the night time stars, Sirius.

Mars currently approaches his closest contact to Earth. The exactitude occurs on the 27th of July with Mars in “perihelic opposition” to the Earth. Between now and the perihelic opposition, Mars increases in brightness by a magnitude of three and will appear even brighter than Jupiter.

Should this trigger some sort of memory of the distant past, fifteen years ago Mars came the closest to the Earth in nearly 60,000 years. The deed was done on the 27th of August 2003. And for about five years thereafter repeat e-mails were forwarded every July and August portending all sorts of doom.

Is there doom with Mars being so close? No. Mars will not appear larger that the Moon. It will not disturb our orbit or the orbits of Venus or Mercury. This is what has been happening since the formation of our solar system.

Mars travels only a few more percentage points distant during the upcoming opposition than it did in 2003, so it should be a pretty good show. Make a point to take it in, even if you do have to get up early in the morning.

Mars inches significantly closer to us and that should mean something, right? Yes, it does. It does not mean doom or the end of time. It does mean that all matters Mars require increased attention than normal. It would be reasonable to expect increased collective testiness in the next two months. It would be normal for individuals to unconsciously react via knee-jerk mode. More wanderlust, impatience, impulsiveness and peskiness could be anticipated - and those anticipating personally respond with more awareness.

Through such anticipation and understanding of the prevailing Martian trends, one can step back and take a breath when reacting in any of the above manners. One can reposition and recollect ones wits when encountering another individual lacking knowledge of the trend and demonstrating less than ideal behavior and reaction patterns. One can also stare at the sky as Mars travels by and feel invigoration, enthusiasm and motivation as the throbbing emanations of Mars are received through the shortest distance in a long time.

The brilliance of Mars could be inspiring. In fact, on July 27th opposes the Sun in Leo, marking the technical midpoint of his rare retrogradation. Mars asks each person to stop and ask all places deep within, what is it that I am here to do for the good of all (this is Aquarius time for Mars) and how can I make my soul shine brighter than the stars and the lord of the planets? Mars is aligned with the lunar nodes, more or less. As such this is the time to use that karmic calling card.

Also during perihelic opposition:

Mars squares Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, from his current digs of Taurus. So, whatever changes need to be conducted, whatever those changes might require in material resource, you’re good with that, right?

Mars sextiles Chiron in Aries, home turf for Mars. This impulse declares that feeling the vibe, getting it going, and riding the wave of vitality and motivation is a good thing. More than good for what ails you, it’s good for all.

Mars semi-sextiles Saturn in Capricorn. Saturn suggests preparing for the inevitable. Getting a good idea, riling your spirit and the souls of others is great. However, the amplitude of the awareness in play requires dedicated application. Plan on action, applied over time, potentially for the long term - whatever that means - to produce the desired results. Perhaps the installation of pride for a job well done comes into play here.

Mars is brighter than the lord of the lords, Jupiter. Mars is brighter than all the royal stars. Mars acts on behalf of the self, and potentially with Leo and lunar nodes involved, for the good of the soul. Mars rules a self referential sign, demanding that the first steps be those of self affirmation, personal branding, establishing soulful willfulness and feeling impeccably full of oneself in a good way.

Focus on the Sun on the North Node, Mars to the South Node. When disputes arise and if battles of will occur, recall the agenda, the purpose and the agreement to do great things. Then and only then can the full thrust of Mars be unthrottled, directed and aligned with the best of personal causes.

In riding this wave, you, too, might outshine them all.

More soon.

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