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Planetary Participation ~ 17 Sep 2018

Presently, the Sun, and Mercury work to navigate Virgo, Saturn, and Pluto occupy Capricorn, and Uranus bulldozes through Taurus - all the planets in Earth signs! Thoughts of getting grounded, adopting a strong stance and forging toward daunting objectives feels about right. For the next two days (or so) the Moon adds strong emotional punch from Capricorn.

Last evening I had occasion to be on Tucson’s west side at sunset, out in the greatest congregation of magical saguaro cacti on Earth. The desert (as do many other locations on the planet) at twilight is truly mystical. While pondering the planets in earth signs, a doe and two fawns ambled across the road, heading west, into not only the setting Sun, but as if magnetically drawn by Venus in Scorpio... a lodestone of intention.

Venus in Scorpio classically gets a very bad rap. It’s scary. It’s driven by the deepest of emotion and it’s intense. Yeah, that’s true... except for the scary part... Venus intends to be exhilarating. Also, all the Earth sign activity noted above could be a bit parched without water... enter Venus in Scorpio.

Venus in Scorpio, without a doubt, formulates needs and desires from the deepest of emotional recesses. When realized and engaged, such driving emotions create an “all bets are off,” “everything’s on the table,” and “I want this so much that...” types of emotional scenarios. Perhaps given the intensity at hand, three deer crossing into the twilight can offer symbolic guidance. Proceed gently and attentively. Attentively suggests with alertness and vigilance, free from paranoia and hyper-vigilance.  

Include intention. Scorpio knows it’s all about the reason behind the thought, word or deed. Venus lusts for a drive so rich and fertile that it cannot be abated or diminished once started.

Combine intention with action. Bouncing on a Pilate ball vocalizing a favorite chant surround by wish boards and thoughts of sugar plums sets a nice emotional tenor. All those Earth sign planets above inquire: “What are you going to do about it?”

Perhaps one of the reasons why Venus in Scorpio gets such a bad rap is that often what the subconscious believes a person deserves limits what a person is willing to accept or receive during times of positive response to their efforts. What to do if the subconscious sags in positive self imagery in the moment? Great question.

Sit with yourself and assess all your skills, talents and whatever else falls into the category of God-given gift or cultivated knowledge or artistry. Dump these into the bucket of what you bring to the table. Carry these in your consciousness as indelible and undeniable assets that underscore every thought, word and deed you conjure. Whether feeling fully engaged with the assets in the moment or not, the assets remain true and at the ready to follow your personal true north.

So what if it’s one of those days and when a body sits down to heap up personal attributes, and nothing happens... not a thing comes to mind? This is where your horoscope may come in handy. Grab a good reference book, pull on your planetary insights, or consult with your astrologer. For every planet, sign, house placement or aspect, create one positive statement for that horoscopic placement. This should provide a list of at least thirty affirmations or “things that are pretty damn groovy about me.” Absorb these astrological statements as fact. In fact, they are statements of truth and if integrated into the deeper levels of consciousness: subconscious, unconscious, preconscious, uber-conscious and lyfted-up conscious, they emanate from the auric field with vibrations of possibility that gleefully receive good stuff from the heavens when it showers down.

Of course the success of all this depends upon a personal relationship with the planets in which a bidirectional commingling of energies occurs. Abandon the idea that the planets do things to you or for you. What does happen is that your consciousness, aligned with effort, when engaging within the flux of planetary resonances creates personal planetary participation from which aspired outcomes more readily emerge.

These days why not write yourself a little pact with the planets? Indicate what you have the gusto and gumption to do and see if you can rally the planets to be your silent conspirators in creating maximum results for life.

Now the beauty of Venus retrograde is like painting a wall. If you bought an eggplant paint for your home office and applied to two walls during a retrograde, it is a natural situation to see how it feels. If you don’t like the hue and if it doesn’t stimulate the psyche in a good way, then go back to the paint store for that lovely sunset indigo color. It’s a known fact that the indigo can inspire determination, gentleness and agility on the path of seeking greater things.

Piles of Earth to move planetarily speaking. How about applying that rich, fecund Venus to get things going!?

In these times of great emotional viscosity, how about reaching out to get a consultation to wire actions and timing with the psyche? A Galactic Report is always good... and the links below will guide you to even more. 

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And that same weekend Otro Lado screens at the Laughlin Film Festival (Stadium 9 Cinema). Talk about transits for a weekend! The schedule for Laughlin remains unknown, but by the next post, both fest details will be posted if you have the opportunity to join in either fest, please do!

More soon.


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