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Zhulong and Refreshed Kuiper Oddities ~ 8 Oct 2018

Last week the Minor Planet Center listed the name of a new Trans-Neptunian Object, Zhulong - previously known as minor planet object 472235 (2014 GE45). Notably, Zhulong comes to us from Chinese mythology and its name posted within a day of President Trump asking the Chinese to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden. That’s curiously coincidental.

Zhulong measures in with unremarkable size as far as Kuiper Belt Objects go, but distinguishes itself for a reasonably long orbital period: 419.34 years. Today (0 Hr. GMT), Zhulong stands at 0 Scorpio 36. The heliocentric north node tips the scales at 23 Libra 06 and perihelion (also Sun-centered) aligns with 19 Aquarius 18.

From Zhulong’s node we get the theme to be that of relationships and the urgency, from perihelion, to be creating appropriate space, boundary and context in all relationships. Given personal planet transits to Zhulong in progress, emphasis on relationships to be sought and cultivated and those to be renegotiated or put into the cloture category should become clear.

Consider that Mercury roughly aligned with Zhulong (I do not yet have an accurate ephemeris) on 3 October coincident with when Trump began his appeal to China for election interference. Another cosmic coincidence?

Within the next 24 hours, Venus aligns with Zhulong. On 23 October the Sun lines up with Zhulong and on 19 November Mars conjoins this newly-named Kuiper curio. These transits should shed some light onto Zhulong’s meaning given observation of personal interactions and mundane events. It is worth noting that over the next several years, slow-moving Zhulong will be interacting with the influence of the Shapley Attractor, the subject of the previous Sky Scraping.

Of course mythological origins contribute to an object’s delineative attributes. Zhulong, also known as Zhuyin, was the Torch Dragon, or a giant red solar dragon and god in Chinese mythology. The footless dragon consisted of a human face on a snake's body a thousand leagues long. It created day and night by opening and closing its eyes. Seasonal winds (and rains) came from the dragon’s breathing. Residing on Mount Brillianttail, the creature never ate nor drank. Some interpretations consider Zhulong to represent the Sun as the dragon carries a torch in its mouth to light up the sky. Other references cite that “the enlightener” represents Aurora Borealis which had a brilliant and dramatic display in the last days between the Mercury and Venus conjunctions to Zhulong. In no mythological reference was a gender specified for Zhulong.

Since Zhulong represents a definition of day and night and in accord with the Libran perihelion, perhaps creating renewed priorities with how one uses day and night and how that impacts personal relationships should be a pressing priority. Expect dramatic emotional claims to be lit up by the times.

Continuing my search for information on FarFarOut (I still have no clear details on this object) and within the astronomical search for Planet 9, I noticed a newly posted Kuiper Object designated 2019 QQ8. This object is not noteworthy by size and although its orbit is reasonably long (490.11 years), the eye-catching attribute is that while this object that dips into the depths of our solar system to 117 Astronomical Units (Pluto goes out 39 AU at max, Eris to 96.9 AU) it comes in as close as to 6.8 AU, which is between Jupiter’s and Saturn’s orbits... rather amazing. Now this object was only recently posted and the data will change with more refinements from continued observation. However, if the general reach of this object stay within the current data, it distinguishes itself an unusual entity and personal ambassador for far-reaching messages for sure! Its north node, which should remain solid plus or minus a few minutes is 26 Libra 48.

Zhulong and QQ8 both have orbits in the 400-year range. In perusing recent updates to the plethora of Kuiper Belt Objects in search of FarFarOut, I encountered two objects that truly deep dive in space while remaining part of our solar system. KBO 2014 FE72 (preliminary data for an unresolved orbit) seems to stretch out 1,067 AU, corresponding with an orbit of 58,412.22 years! Besting this KBO, 2012 DR30 reaches to 3,192 AU when farthest from the Sun, resulting in an orbit of 64,207.87 years.

Again, the data for the last two referenced objects will refine over time. Still, think about it. In 1992 we thought the furthest object in our solar system orbiting the Sun - Pluto -ranged out to 39 AU. Now look at us... by distance from the Sun our solar system is 81.8 times wider than we thought not even a Saturn return ago. By orbital period our solar system is 259.2 times as vast as previously imagined!

What does this mean? Well, as personal planets cross Zhulong and the Shapley Attractor it’s time to redefine ones scope and reach in life. What does it mean to be an influencer, and if one is an influencer, what does that mean for personal relationships? More, can one adjust consciousness to reach into the vastness defined by objects in our solar system, and consistent with an agenda of Zhulong, fill it with light?

More soon.

With all this space to fill and the demands of life, is it time to schedule a consultation? Sounds like. Links below will get that going for you. And those links will also lead you to the “must have” Galactic Report and for those doing the galactic deep dive, the Galactic Trilogy might be the ticket. Soon data and keywords for Zhulong will be added.

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