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“Directed” to Action ~ 21 Jan 2018

It’s that time of year. We have entered the first full sign transit by the Sun of the year... in Aquarius, and it’s time to get over whatever post-holiday funk or seasonal blues and get this year rolling. That is, if you’re playing by the Gregorian Calendar.

This year, there’s even more of a reason to be directed into action, especially in this moment. Saturn is in his own sign, Capricorn, excellently and efficiently indicating that hard work pays off. There’s yet a few days remaining of Mars in Scorpio, also a natural sign placement from a totally charged planet and passionate signsake. There’s still time to rally the spirit from the deepest point within and bellow out bhakti tears from the psychic bilges!

Even more, right now, and for the next forty-seven days all the classical planets are direct. In symbolic theory, this suggests that traction might be easier to gain and that start-up progress should be a trifle easier to achieve and measure. Of course, any general astrological statement must be mitigated by a person’s natal horoscope. Still, it’s time to take steps. Daylight’s burning!

Speaking of daylight’s burning, here’s an image of the current sky. Notice the Sun leading the charge with Pluto, closely followed by Mercury, with Mars and Jupiter bringing up the rear. Maybe gazing at the sky might offer the motivational tip of the iceberg the planets are cheering to see happen.

So how significant is this all planets direct thing, anyway? Well, in the 20th Century all the classical planets were direct 9.1% of the time. Should you consider all the direct planets between 1700 and 2050 the time all planets travel direct was, is and shall be weights in at 6.8% of the time.

Looking ahead, in forty-seven days Jupiter turns retrograde - how he travels a trifle more than thirty percent of the time. Not to worry, much of his transit in Scorpio will be repeated in review mode, then a surge toward goal fulfillment later this year.

In sixty-one days, Mercury, makes one of his infamous retrograde dips. While Mercury is retrograde, it may seem that the speedy messenger apparently moves backward for an infinite time. Actually, Mercury is retrograde only 19.2% of the time.

Some eighty-seven days down the road, Saturn reverses. He’s retrograde a modest and efficient 36.4% of the time.

Can the ongoing direct planets be used for progress and gain, and can we use an anticipatory strategy for the next three planet retrogrades? Absolutely.

There’s 47 days to map out a platform, doctrine, and to hitch it to an operational theory or belief system. Sure as Shinola, when Jupiter turns about, everything one has taken the time to carve in stone will be challenged. Reality confrontations do not aspire to shake ones faith. Instead they intend to uncover any loose nuts in the staging platform of life and reveal loose wires in the power grid or code flaws in the spiritual software. That’s only natural during Jupiter retrograde. To get ready for this trend some month and half down the pike, ponder, contemplate and wonder. Then, solidify beliefs, while remaining receptive to superceding insights such that evolutionary thought follows your every declaration of belief.

In about two months, Mercury retrogrades. Best to have the new website pushed, promotional material prepared and presentations for pitching in place. Ducks need to be as in step as possible. During Mercury retrograde questions come up, typically about things that have not yet been considered. This is all in the interest of mutatis mutandis - ensuring that all respective differences have been considered, and with that consideration an even greater certainty about claims made naturally follows. Also implied, all necessary steps for improvement get made, and when solid, steps forward occur with greater confidence.

Good thing, too. In slightly less than three months Saturn retrogrades - his natural mode 36.4% of the time. Think of it this way, Saturn in Capricorn loves to pour foundation. When the cement is setting and settling, time is needed for its solidity to be confirmed. Premature steps forward leave marks indicating the impatience of earth travelers and as Saturn sees it, insolence toward the concept of cure. Sure, it’s great at Mann’s Chinese Theater, but not so much in hard mundane reality.

Think of Saturn’s retrograde era as time for stepping back, reviewing, contemplating, mastering concepts not fully grasped, and for redefining all needs for any objective on the table. Saturn retrograde symbolically represents the time that a budget can be honed to reasonable accuracy. Or when assessments of the likely scope and reach of any task or project can be measured in terms that make sense in the tangible realm.

Such assessments are particularly dear to Saturn. He always wants to know what’s required, how much it will cost, what’s the source of the money, and once money is realized, how long to land this thing? Saturn in the first third of Capricorn transits the greatest density of pulsars in our galactic structure. Often overlooked considerations with Saturn are: How much energy will this take? How much consistency must be applied? Are the batteries to support such constancy fully charged?

Saturn is quick to ask, do you have that energy (Mars in Scorpio, heading for Sag)? Do you possess the desire and the belief (Jupiter in Scorpio)? Do you dare to do the deed, all things considered (Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn)? If yes to all, then it is reasonable to receive the sanction of Saturn.

As well, can you respond to the current solar system sanction in progress? All classical planets are direct. Should you be feeling directed, or sensing a navigable course ahead, make hay!

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