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Chiron on the COVID Quarantine ~ 30 May 2020

No doubt Chiron, the wounded healer, has many views on the maladies resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, whether physical or psychic. It's as if Chiron requests an essay from every earthling regarding...


What I did on my summer vacation, or...
Daddy, what did you do in the war? Or even more to the point...
What in my life was healed and accomplished during my personal COVID-19 quarantine, or what did I do of extreme creative importance while in isolation?


The transit that underscores this life report writing is Chiron in Aries to natal Eris in Aries. Now and through the next few years pretty much every Earthling’s Eris will be transited by Chiron. Next few years? Why do we care now?


Naturally, those more mature in age per the breakdown below are affected in the nearer future. Still, the further principle is that of getting a leg up on a situation... or investing in preventive activity. The sooner, the better. Even if you’re not transited yet... or in the “immediate future,” Chiron is still in Aries, as is Eris. As we know, Aries fancies being the first kid on the block to have the new gizmo, in this case a galactic gizmo of sorts. Why not be the first in line? Why not pre-order the transit so that when the window for the attributes developed appears, you’re already good to go and not scrambling to get started?


Chiron now ranges at 8 Aries 42 and he will retrograde back to 4 Aries 56 this December. Chiron’s December degree coincides with the Eris’s first position of approximately 5 Aries for those born in mid-1940, though being close to the Eris position in mid-1937, 1938 and 1939 - as in close enough for the influence to be felt. Eris, being modestly eccentric in orbit and at its furthest point from the Sun in Aries where she moves most slowly, does a good bit of tedious retrograding back and forth during the sign of her aphelion. While many born in the late 1930s or early 1940s may not technically be “in orb” with the transit, the effects of Chiron to the Eris position stand in the distinct category of definitely worth consideration.


In 2025 Chiron and Eris engage in a series of conjunctions and this marks the time when Chiron completes this phase of collective healing in matters of significance to Chiron.


Here is a decade by decade breakdown of Eris starting with 1940 for 0 hour GMT, January 1st of the year:

1940 - 03 Aries 40
1950 - 06 Aries 20
1960 - 08 Aries 55
1970 - 11 Aries 25
1980 - 13 Aries 51
1990 - 16 Aries 15
2000 - 18 Aries 36
2010 - 20 Aries 55
2020 - 23 Aries 14

Consider that younger Earthlings, those born this century, will have Chiron to Eris four to five years from now. Why do we care? The results of the massive amount of teleconference education should become clearly evident at this time and any behavioral effects of having ones youth stolen by the isolation of the pandemic also makes their influences known. Whether such forced environments stand as positive or negative remains to be seen, and possibly, refer to how those in this age group respond to the Chiron to Eris transit. Again, the suggestion is: sooner is better. While external life lingers in throttled down mode, with the promise of possible quarantine-like eras occurring again in second peaks and second waves, maximize the astrological influences for self perfection and soul polishing that epitomizes the best of Aries.

Chiron, natally, by transit or transit to, rings up any sense of personal insufficiency perceived by any native of any horoscope and demands it be improved upon. Chiron inflames any aspect of ones being that requires healing and points the way to the psychic urgent care clinic. Chiron is everything about you that declares inadequacy. I’m not tall enough... not smart enough... not cosmic enough... whatever not you can muster, Chiron aims to fix. Chiron irritates any emotional, psychic or physical wounds and places them right where they cannot be ignored even if and especially if you tried. While he’s at it, silently he’ll point to what solves and salves the situation requiring healing attention.

Chiron in Aries mandates healing self perception, which includes but is not limited to: self-esteem, applications of ego, self awareness, self respect, self appreciation, self confidence and any part of ones being - physical, emotional, mental or spiritual - that seeks to cause the individual to stand tall and bask in ones divine regality.

Chiron to Eris in Aries requires that one heal any malady of isolation and separation, self proclaimed, mandated by the state, social distancing protocols accepted or the federal authorities. More Chiron to Eris in Aries requires that one access full range of personal talent and skill, cultivated or latent, and make something magical and masterful from it. Add to the current transit of Chiron to Eris that for all intents and purposes, now and for some time to come, Eris opposes the Hawaiian goddess dwarf planet, Haumea, blessed with extreme creativity and virtually unlimited talent. Consider that while munching on those macadamia nuts pondering what to do on your computer’s keyboard next.

This period of isolation has been difficult and grueling. It’s nothing more than the realization that in this time of limited “out there” activity, everything “in here” (as in within your being), must be fully engaged and applied. Solely, such doing is the cure for the longing feelings of isolation so widely complained about by those on ZOOM and lamented about in lip-synched songs on TIKTOK and blasted on Twitter or whatever. Sure, there’s the look at all the time I have to do all the things I said I’d do if I ever had the time. So, how’s that going? This is that time. It’s tough to get the rubber on the road. Now that things appear to be opening up, how has the urgency changed? Feeling more pressure to do what you said you would?

Here’s another Chiron to Eris spin: While in isolation what did you think about the ways you handle interactions in life that you intend to change when things get back in the groove? Are you ready to show up and respond accordingly? Whether socially distanced, working at home, starting right now, act as if and be the new, improved, confidence-sanctioned, healed version of yourself.

A viable option for the Chiron to Eris era is to, every day, every single day without fail, do something that furthers the most vast potential reach of your soul. It doesn’t matter if its as little as five minutes effort or as much as five hours or a fifteen-hour task marathon. Every day do something of progress. This is not to suggest that some cosmic task meister lives in the heavens keeping tabs on your daily drill and accumulated creative output... unless you give Saturn any never mind. What this does suggest is that every day you benefit from feeling good about yourself via some form of creative output. At the end of the day, if you can recline for sleep comfortable and content with what you accomplished, your spirit’s satisfaction works to heal everything about you, from inside to without.

Going forward, make time for you to do you, to be you, and to apply your gifts. Do so today. Do so tomorrow. Do so throughout whatever COVID-19 restrictions you currently endure, will endure again, and do so when COVID-19 is well in the collective consciousness rearview mirror, whenever that is.

The past is gone. Let it go by embracing the present. Chiron is in Aries now. Eris is in Aries now. The future is not yet here and even the best of the psychics argue over how long COVID-19 and its problematic pandemic will last. A pandemic is no time to be pusillanimous. It’s time to be proactive, positive, progressive and receptive to receiving the goods of ones creation and the benefits of ones feelings reciprocated. That basking might feel like vacation.

A final astrological thought. The hurricane prediction centers are forecasting a more severe than normal hurricane season. Astrologically, it is documented that when there are transits to the perihelion of Mars (a heliocentric phenomena), more severe storms proliferate. That said, from a heliocentric point of view, Mars transits its perihelion (5 Pisces 59) on August 1st. Ceres transits the perihelion of Mars on August 29th. Both these times plus or minus a few days are likely to be potent storm generators. Like the transits involving Eris, transits to natal Eris and Gonggong, like the precautions required for COVID-19, should you live in a storm-prone zone, these transit warnings should be taken very seriously.

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