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Transit Tidbits ~ 01 Aug 2020

Realizing I’ve had some long transit missives since this whole COVID-19 thing started and have laid out a heap of dates and such, I’ve decided to write transit tidbits over the next weeks - at least until Jupiter turns direct in September. Each week I’ll note a few and offer thoughts as to how the planetary energy can be effectively applied. Finger sandwich astrological suggestions. Of course, there’s always the chance that a new discovery or breaking news with cosmic import alters the plan.

So the first full week of August features a Mars and a Venus pattern.

4 Aug - Mars in Aries squares Jupiter in Capricorn

The Dilemma: How to engage in impulsive pursuit of huge objectives? This transit can be adamant and insistent. It can be pushy. It can be arrogant and all knowing. Can counsel be given to a person portraying this pattern? Can counsel be received by one feeling this influence? It’s a bit like a horsefly landing on the north end of a southbound horse and telling the horse that the North Star is in the opposite direction... if that’s where he’s headed. At this point the horse has a lot to say about its destination and accuses the horsefly of assuming it knows the mind of the horse. What’s a horsefly to do?

This pattern lines up with the anomalistic black hole SS433; Jupiter by conjunction, Mars by square. This black hole distinguishes itself as a renegade, a maverick. Its actions arouse controversy and can be highly polarizing. Unlikely everyone will follow your course, however, certainly you’ll garner a heap of attention for all efforts. Perseverance and consistency work well to support the insights gleaned by this inter-dimensional entity.


Define a clear end game.

Outline each step required to achieve said end game destinations.

Assess the energy required to completely and carefully execute each step.

If you’re so inclined, seek feedback. Should this be the case, ensure that those you solicit are higher on the experience/wisdom curve regarding the tasks you intend to engage. Have full respect for those you seek out and gratefully receive all input - not that you’ll take any of it. The point is an objective perspective.

Assess potential outcomes and quagmires that may result. Consider if the win is worth it. If so...


Kick off the objective with long range vision and a full tank of enthusiasm.

It is possible that because of alignments that become precise the following day, new, amending ideas may immediately appear once commencing a campaign. If so, quickly decide if this idea can be integrated into the existing agenda, or needs to be a new effort down the road a piece.

5 Aug - Venus conjunct North Lunar Node in Gemini, Mercury ingresses to Leo

The Dilemma: Sure it’s a good idea, but what do I do about it? The alignment between Venus and the north node stand opposite the Galactic Center. Anyone with an active brain receives amazing insights... albeit insights that feel slightly ahead of the time. Keep in mind this cosmic revelation is available to everyone without any prohibition. In Hollywood it is said that everyone is writing the same screenplay at the same time. Then they remind you that an idea or a title cannot be copyrighted or claimed as your own. So, it’s then up to you to make something of value from your new ideas. After all, we’re talking Venus engagement here!


Ask questions of the cosmos in an objective manner. Ask as if the answer will not be of consequence to you.

Try to do so regularly, at the same time of day, for a fortnight, at least. Write down everything that comes to mind. Write it down by hand. This makes the channel clearer. Once written, it can be transcribed into a computer.

Review the insight collection every week or so. Notice how you evolve to wrap around the insights and see their place in the real world. Value the ideas!

Do what you must to flesh out the ideas. When in some sort of development, then you can claim ownership of the insight.

Focus on the fact that you received this information. As much as the Cosmos gave it to you, the Cosmos needs you to be the fresh insights mouthpiece.

Consider your newly rendered concepts to be divinely inspired and make your contribution with enthusiasm and confidence!

Fortunately, with Mercury in Leo, a confident rendering of the newly received concepts can occur.

In the, “Oh, by the way,” category, since Mars is featured this week, here’s more news. This past week NASA launched a robotic exploration probe and drone to Mars. Figure that by March we’ll be receiving some new, cool images of the planet. Mars will get even more attention than he’s getting with his transit in a sign he rules. The actual exploration vehicle is an Erector set looking dune buggy named Perseverance. Remember a while ago that, Elon Musk launched his personal Tesla roadster (of course, it was red) into orbit between Earth and Mars. Imagine the Martians stumbling upon Perseverance upon it’s landing and commenting to one another, “What the hell! I thought we were getting a Tesla!” Dryly, another Martian replies, “Least they sent us a drone!”

More soon.

So, there’s a lot of Mars prompting to get it going, pandemic be damned! Are you ready for a consultation to reset your inner compass? Or you can ask a question or two by e-mail and get a useful answer. How about one of those Galactic Reports? Or an exploration of the Galactic Trilogy package (available by download only during the pandemic). Links below will get you to my site and the store.

My short film ZAP! is making progress. The Oregon Short Film Festival nominated the script for best Sci-Fi screenplay. The incorporation for the film has been filed. We have secured a telescope for the film from the most amazing store, Starizona. The director of photography and I have canvassed the site, figured out our lighting package and have a plan to test lights soon. Dare I say things are buzzing for ZAP!?

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