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Mining Psyche ~ 2 August 2021

With the Sun’s Leonine inspiration for conscious attention and Mercury in Leo to boot, perhaps thoughts of mining Psyche stretch to the bursting point. Literally, if Psyche could be mined, her physical composition’s value would exceed the global economy. Staggering! Symbolically, what could Psyche offer if she were mined consciously, subconsciously, unconsciously or preconsciously?


To honor Mars in Virgo and Ceres in Gemini, how about tangible facts on this wondrous asteroid?


Psyche is estimated to be 228 km in diameter. She rotates on her axis making a day of 4.196 hours. Every 5.0 years she completes an orbit around the Sun. A natural sense of fired up urgency sparks from her closest contact with the Sun (perihelion) weighing in at 19 Aries 11. Her theme or destiny direction ticks the zodiac at 0 Virgo 0 (note both these positions are heliocentric and not directly applicable to geocentric notations). Finally, orbitally-speaking, she is not highly inclined, nor could she be classified as eccentric.

Should one decide to mine Psyche for the benefit of consciousness, how would that occur?


First, getting on with it is a big deal. On 8 August, from her position on the stage in Leo, Psyche opposes Saturn in Aquarius. Perhaps appropriately to this transit, the assets of ones psyche could be documented and thoroughly applied in life, or maybe even a wild idea dreamed up that everyone would absolutely need and benefit from having.


Literally, these suggestions neatly relate to this transit. Sit down with your chart. Document every single chart factor, aspect and galactic gizmo you have verifiably in your chart. Knowing that these factors are true and tangible, write three positive attributes for each and outline how each of these fabulous considerations could be consciously applied in life.


Over the next few nights as you prepare to sleep, remember that Psyche could only conjure what she loved while in the dream state. Knowing that, ponder your assets and life pluses that you defined using your chart (or whatever talent, skill deriving profile you might choose to use). Reflect on those attributive truths as you drift off to sleep and let yourself dream away, receptive to whatever inspiration might come you way.


Permit the inspiration of the next nights settle into your psychic asset archives. Soon, as in on or about 22 August, the next step of Psyche integration organically occurs. That day Psyche in Leo squares Uranus in Taurus at his virtual station as he prepares to resume prograde motion. Here, think not of what it will cost to fund your dreamed up concepts. Speak instead of the profound value of what your idea. Discuss why everyone will benefit on the physical, psychological and psychic levels from your concept’s implementation. Attribute intangible, virtually incomprehensible value to your psychic conjuring.


Grant time for processing by others before pressing for their involvement or contribution. You know how it is when you first awaken still stuck in a dream. It takes a while to untangle from the far reaching cosmic webs and apply those dreamed up insights to tangible world reality.


Come 18 September, Psyche in Leo opposes Jupiter in Aquarius. Here, the true vision and value of what has been extracted can come to light. When fully and consciously included in the thought process and integrated into the philosophical platform that guides ones life, virtually all bets are off. Here, a collective receptivity occurs in a short window of time for those with the confidence and boldness to present the best of their visions and dreams, wrapped up in a blanket of Leo shine!


More soon.This next week I’ll be heading to the Phoenix Film Festival for three screenings of my short film ZAP!, which originated in a dream of pure Psychean inspiration. Despite being at the fest, I will promptly respond to e-mails for those wanting to schedule consultations and such. However, during the festival I’ll be unavailable for phone work, Zooms or detailed e-mail replies. On 23 August I’ll be back on full schedule. If you feel the need, reach out. There’s no time like now to get on the books and to take advantage of my current rates before October’s fee adjustment.


Upcoming Screenings of ZAP!


7 - 14 August, Over Forty Film Festival, online event

12 - 22 August, Alternating Currents Film Festival

14, 17 & 22 August Phoenix Film Festival, Arizona Shorts, Block A

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