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The More Mars Matters ~ 14 Nov 2017

Mars, while finishing his trek in Libra, wants to add more than his two cents in the next weeks, if for no other reason than to ensure everyone stays engaged, on task and motivated. It is the time of year when festivities can draw attention away from important “wrap this year up with flourish” and completion of the year’s goals that leave a body feeling warm with satisfaction.

The more Mars matters the better. When feeling the inciting, incendiary influences of our planetary next door neighbor action gets taken and things get done. The key with Mars, of course, is to ensure that actions taken follow well-developed plans, thoughtful objectives and to ensure that your guiding philosophical/spiritual template serves as navigational software.

The upcoming Mars parade starts on the 19th with Mars in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn. Now the Mars-Pluto combination might feel a bit on the intense, confrontational side of things. Keep in mind that they still intend to work out one last bit of Libran negotiation and diplomacy before the apply “all options on the table,” “scorched earth” modality. We can hope that in this holds true in international relations. Maybe that long needed incentive to get all parties to a peace summit can be achieved.

It is important to keep in mind that by virtue of shared rulership over Scorpio - where Venus and Jupiter linger aligned in visual splendor - Mars and Pluto possess similar objectives and create a cooperative planetary pairing. Together, they represent the phraseology commonly used in business and by investors before they commit funds to the latest, greatest idea on the table: let’s drill down, dive deep. This means explore the why the effort at hand is being done. Is there an end game? Does the end game hold the highest merit based upon the deepest soul stirring? Is this done with enduring passionate commitment or is it a momentary surge? Mars and Pluto can sense “right answers,” forthright responses and clarity of intent. They will respond accordingly.

Mars next directly engages Eris by opposition on the 27th. Here’s another potentially scary sounding aspect between planets that share intrinsic simpatico. Ares (Aries), the sign that Mars rules with singular status, was a constant companion with the goddess of discord and disruption, Eris. When they were together, and if Eris was displeased, mayhem typically occurred. However, if Mars and Eris are given their fair chance to matter in ones life, positive outcomes can be achieved.

Eris refers to the feeling of being left out, shunned, banned, diminished, excluded. None of these feelings sit well with Eris. As well, her planetary orbital elements emphasize social status and financial factors. To constructively invoke Eris, determine the social plateau that serves your life objectives and suits your spirit. Establish economic agendas that match your psyche. Then, use the Mars-Eris opposition to get these matters underway.

Mars in Libra articulates those things that feel “not fair,” as if the playing field is not level. Mars rules Aries, which is about you. Eris is in Aries, which is about you. If the feeling that others interfere with your social, professional or economic objectives, what are you going to do about it to fairly represent yourself? With this pattern, those who show up with options to put on the table to resolve commonly shared objectives become part of the team. Those who show up and alter the perspective, and critically, only for long enough for alternatives to be clearly seen, tend to inspire out-of-the-box solutions that work for all and are eagerly embraced in the fold.

Mars is in Libra after all, and despite his edge, in this sign he wants any and all action taken to create win-win scenarios.

Mars opposes Uranus on December 1st and a bit later in the day conjoins Haumea - the Hawaiian deity specializing in real world creation. This is an interesting combination. Let’s say that a person plans on getting that novel started before the end of the year... the edgy political thriller with a controversial theme. What may end up happening here is that the same novel is written but it is cloaked in another story. Or one decides to paint a mural depicting a great historic event, but instead begins a mural portraying a Utopian futuristic existence for humankind.

Under this Mars action, anticipate a change in the theme as soon as creativity commences. Go with it. Let your creative flow follow the terrain ahead instead of forcing the direction. Ultimately, the result will be incalculably better, unexpected, and for the good of all, just as Uranus would have it. And the result embellishes the best of ones creativity, just as Haumea would have it. Of course, Mars stands to be pleased with the effort exerted no matter how that action skews into new arenas.

Mars loves bite-sizes pieces. Mars appreciates the high-speed, short duration sprints of a jaguar or cheetah in search of its lunch. Mars finds marathons boring. So, as these potent Martian aspects to distant planets who love long term commitment and the associated endurance, ensure that the measure of Mars’ execution in your life is divisible into useable daily drill packets or activities to which one assigns an agreed energy exertion.

Mars enters Scorpio, a sign he co-rules with Pluto, shortly after the first full week of December is in the books. The tone of this ingress reenforces the upcoming Mars square to Pluto. Finally, right before we log a week in 2018 Mars aligns with Jupiter in Scorpio. Here, with effort fastidiously applied and energy directed with the upcoming planetary prompts and the fruit of the efforts of seeds cast and cultivated, it will become clear how great it is for Mars to matter...

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