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Fire Sign Ignition! ~ 3 December 2018

Clyde Tombaugh, the Kansas farm boy turned astronomer who discovered Pluto - a nearly impossible task for the tools he had on-hand, followed up with an illustrious career in astronomical/space-related matters. Once, while participating in a rocket launch, and when said rocked failed to ignite, Tombaugh quipped, “Fire it!”

Here we are. The two largest objects in our solar system traverse the fire sign Sagittarius. Rockets at the ready. “Fire it!”

Chanukah candles lit. Check.

Yule logs burning. Yep.

Credit cards on fire with holiday shopping.

Not only are the two largest objects in the solar system blazing in the element of fire, Venus recently returned to passion-thick Scorpio, where she will remain through the first seven days of 2019. During this transit, she aligns with Ceres a day or so following Christmas. There’s an inner surge of passion for those stopping long enough to feel it... it’s the surge of internal advocacy for complete disclosure of your personal worth according to creative inner assets, and the issuing of the demand for fair and adequate recognition and compensation for what you bring to the proverbial table.

Mercury turns direct in three days in Sag. It sounds a lot like blurt-it-out central. Maybe hesitate long enough before issuing honest proclamations to ensure that mouth and brain operate in full synchronization. Once confirmed, and once the long term consequence offered up by Saturn in Capricorn reminds you that words matter and they have eternal impact (especially if posted online), speak what you know best ensures your position and fate in the year to come.

With self affirmation secure and with mind and mouth in full meld mode, tune into our largest solar system guides. Self awareness leads to self confidence. Confidence when applied with forthright action and relying upon tried and tested baseline philosophies to support your destiny track in this lifetime, produces the strongest probable results. Consciousness flourishes and resulting efforts tend to abound.

So, there’s no waiting for 2019 to launch what you know you want to get going. Get it going. Get it warm, past the kindling point, and into full ignition. Those who hesitate and wait until next year find themselves trailing behind the front runners. Fire signs suggest that if you’re the first to arrive will a well-lit lantern, you’ll be the one to lead others forward.

It is worth noting that once Ceres completes her passage in Scorpio, she matches wits with Jupiter in Sagittarius for a significant portion of 2019. This is a fortuitous combination as Jupiter possessed the insight and resources to deal with Ceres’ demands. Together these two advocate for good thought. The two of these planets together declare that pretty much anyone doing anything needs to be honestly aligned with the rules and regulations they believe govern the Universe and closer to home, human behavior. These two believe that following the universal navigational tracking beam is a good thing.

So step back for a second. Spend some time visiting yourself for the holidays. Take yourself into the most private spiritual sanctuary... the core of your being. Place a finger on the pulsations of personal passions that drive you to the noblest causes. Feel it resonate with the wisdom within the belly barometer. Get it churning. Get it lit.

With the best of your being that the Sun can muster and with the best of your beliefs as Jupiter prescribes, celebrate your creation and honor your consciousness. Here’s to a head start to energy of the year to come. Here’s to fire sign flourish. Here’s to blazing trails.

More soon.

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