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Drawing Power ~ 15 Oct 2017

Currently, we are near the temporal midpoint of two Saturn to the Galactic Center conjunctions. From the Sun’s point of view (heliocentric) Saturn aligned with the core of the galaxy on September 9th, and from an Earth occupant’s point of view, Saturn reaches the Galactic Center on November 24th. Suffice it to say that realizations occurring on or about Saturn’s heliocentric contact with the core of our galaxy will make their presence known or will require significant mundane effort for manifestation to result around the time of Saturn’s geocentric galactic gathering some five weeks hence. (Heliocentric Sale)


Today and tomorrow Venus transits the supermassive black hole complex known as the Super-Galactic Center (ZS). Actually, she’s been feeling the nuclear core of our local group of galaxies compelling influence for at least a week now and will continue to do so for another week. The exactitude of a transit to the Super-Galactic center (or any supermassive galactic point) remains virtually undefinable. The “center” point of the black hole complex depends upon what energy emanation is considered central, and no matter which source is considered, it is huge. Suffice it to say, the urging of Venus to ZS has stirred consciousness in the past days and will persist in doing so... certainly permitting time to feel it, perceive it, and to decide what one might want to do with it.

ZS is the center of our collection of 30 plus galaxies in the Virgo Supercluster - our local group. Here’s a really cool image of our local supercluster - if you click around, there are many amazing images here: Local SuperCluster

Venus’ transit to ZS remains in play long enough for Mars to join in the fun. Mars butts into what would be perceived as a partile contact to ZS October 25 - 26, and like Venus, feels the influence at least a week before and another week on the waning end.

Venus to the ZS also lingers as Mercury comes up to Jupiter and together they encounter the mega-massive galactic complex Shapley 8, starting Tuesday and running through next weekend.

It may be worth contemplating that Mercury, despite his hall pass in and out of all forms of the underworld, received message delivery orders from Jupiter. Doing Jupiter’s bidding often involved a bit of trickery to ensure those receiving such directives established compliance with Jupiter’s wishes. Jupiter always came out on the upside of all such “negotiations,” and this fact probably inspired the origination of the appeal, “don’t kill the messenger.” Though Jupiterian dispatches tend to work out for the greater good, those with alternate wishes may require an adjustment curve to wrap around the beneficing influences within their own “want versus need” profile of consciousness.

Okay, so considering massive galactic points and transits from planets in our solar system can be consternating. Here are suggestions to break down these powerful gravitationally irresistible transits and so you can feel the drawing power in a good way.

Venus to ZS...

Notice where your attention is drawn.

Notice what inspires your imagination or presses the accelerator on the engine of your inner motivation, summoning creative expression.

Consider how it would feel to engage with what now occupies your consciousness.

Can this be monitzed?

Is this something you want to do?

Is this something you need to do?

Can you accept universal directives that more perfectly steer your actions toward an optimal dharmic destination?

Are you willing to consider that those things required to engage such tasks which are currently outside your possession, can be learned, acquired or drawn in with relative ease?

Are you receptive to good things that exceed your expectations?

Are you willing to apply the best of your creativity regardless?

Mercury & Jupiter to Shapley 8...

Take time to hear and assimilate the incoming messages that promise growth and opportunity.

Assemble a detailed goal sheet that defines what you would be willing to commit.

Consider the possibility that this may be bigger than what you initially perceive, and investments of time, creativity and resource will likely expand.

Consider that doing Jupiter’s bidding might just be the best possible outcome.

Consider that Jupiter’s bidding will instruct, educate, define or enhance belief systems and add wisdom to ones consciousness.

Recite the mantra “I exert intention fused with the best of my creativity and focused, deliberate action(s).”

Mars to ZS...

Work to realize that since you’ve slowed down to ponder, consider or have a look see at what summons your attention, you are now in the tractor beam of the object of your interest.

Do your best not to engage in knee jerk reactions. Pause and gather reactive wits. Stand tall. Maintain your inner center of gravity.

When the realization occurs that you will engage with drawing forces, pivot and get on with it.

The galactic gravitational forces and their drawing powers operate from points of view far beyond what we can perceive. They know of energies yet unknown to our consciousness. They possess broader, grander insights, and from any belief in God, deity or powers that be, these insights offer consciousness and real world guidance that work toward the greater good.

Perhaps if you’ve never examined your horoscope from the Sun’s point of view, a big step toward stretching into galactic energies, this might be a great time to do so. Until the 26th, Heliocentric Consultations will be on sale, and for those wanting to learn about Sun centered astrology, a package that includes my treatise on heliocentric astrology, The Sun at the Center, and a Galactic Report, which includes heliocentric horoscope connections to Black Holes may be the ticket. And there’s a link for a heliocentric consultation and a Galactic Report. Heliocentric Sale

Alternatively, traditional geocentric consultations are also available and there’s no time like now to get riled up to reckon with the transits ahead to glean the most from the remainder of this year.

Finally, if you click on the Elevator Pitch link below, there is a new link on the film’s website where you can check out behind the scenes and film festival pictures. Soon more festival results will be coming in for Elevator Pitch and Turned Out, a Bollywood short I cowrote. Stay tuned!


Stay tuned: Elevator Pitch ~ the Movie

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