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Light at the End of the Tunnel ~ 26 Mar 2020

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The lyrics “Hang your clothes on a hickory limb, but don’t go near the water,” seem fitting for this current time. This is from a ballad from long ago as a daughter petitions her mother for permission to swim. The built-in oxymoron totally applies: Life your life fully, while in lockdown, isolation, self-quarantine. Doesn’t Eris rule all that exclusion stuff in life?

She does. And the evidence of her influence has us surrounded.

Thus far, we have made it through Mars to Jupiter and Mars to Pluto. Today we contend with Jupiter in Capricorn square Eris in Aries. The politics and economics of the COVID-19 pandemic have the stage through the weekend. More of what leader or politician did or did not do and when that was done or not undermines where attention should be, which is focused upon the realities of the pandemic. Not to worry, as Mars enters Aquarius on Monday (30 Mar) and cozies up with Saturn the focus shifts away from false proclamations and blame games into a solution-oriented mindset.

But first, in the last post I wrote that despite not being an “all clear” regarding the reach of the outbreak, efforts would be made to rescind restrictions when the Sun aligns with Eris on April 12th. That’s Easter... when Trump wants everyone to snuggle up close in pews for hymns. How he’s turning into astrology (likely he’s not) and announcing how he intends the planets to play out in advance is really something. Actually, if he knew all about Eris, he might be a bit more delicate with his declarations.

Now yesterday, some established, credible doctors cautiously reported we should begin to see verifiable declines in cases and deaths in two to three weeks. Three weeks from yesterday is two days following the Sun to Eris conjunction. Now this may not be an all clear point, however, it would seem since one of Eris’ key gripes is feeling left out, the edge and pressure of confinement will be taking its toll. Truly, even if the government declares it safe to travel, common sense may mandate far greater caution and can be applied by any conscious individual.

Back to next Monday. Remarkably this is a hint of light. Sure it’s Mars and Saturn and all the usual attributions of restrictions and limitations of effort and all the classical delineations of doom fill cyberspace. The degree of the Mars-Saturn alignment is virtually the degree at which Jupiter and Saturn conjoin in December. The gathering of these gaseous giants will feel like a breath of fresh air that a body is not concerned about taking. Off December’s conjunction the world can pull together better than it has in maybe forever given what has been learned from COVID-19. Despite the fact that movie theaters are closed, consider Monday’s Mars to Saturn mix a preview of coming attractions.

So, as Mars and Saturn align on Monday, while numbers of incidents of the virus and deaths grow overall, carefully assess how the impact of social distancing works to slow the exponential arc of the growth curve. Pay attention to such subtleties. True, depending upon the source of the graphs you view, reactions may vary. But progress can be perceived though the data at hand feels like one of those left-handed compliments. It’s hard to see the glimmer, but it is there.

Also, work to be encouraged by the ongoing antibody blood testing and the investigation if the blood of those who have had the virus and recovered can be used for healing others. This is Mercury to Nessus in Pisces which reaches exactitude on Saturday.

Per Mars, new, faster tests are coming, and should be in play (Saturn) soon enough to offer one last surge of mass fear on 3 April as Mercury aligns with Neptune in Pisces and on 4 April as Jupiter reaches Pluto in Capricorn. While the hysteria pot comes to a boil, we could be realizing apexes in areas long affected.

This, by no means, suggests it’s safe to hang your clothes on a hickory limb and go into the water. With the passing of these intense aspects and facing what will be rolling rescinded restrictions - restrictions lifted gleefully by politicians, regretfully by medical professions - apply the awareness and wisdom gleaned from recent experiences.

Still, come next Monday, it is imperative that all shake off the stench of worry and fear and set sights on December. It will be necessary to pour optimism and reality everywhere that hyper-reaction maintains a foothold. Yes, Virginia, there will be a December, and with it likely a greater rage of cautious festivity than normal.

Truly 2020 is the year of ongoing Eris mayhem given her multiple squares from Aries to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn throughout the year. As such, it occurs to me that the mayhem she invokes in this time, likely can be determined to conclude by her final aspect in this painful parade. Beyond the virus and the urgency of containing its spread and healing the ill, tremendous social awareness stirs within the collective substrate. Eris is all about those who are excluded. One of her other key phrases is: “Things you know not of.” Or spun only slightly obliquely, “That which you have not yet realized applies to you.”

Much of the social reweaving stems from the economic crisis that is a byproduct of the pandemic. In fact, just last night, the Senate in the United States passed a relief bill over which there was heavy battling... the battling sought to ensure that workers, as well as the corporations and the plutocrats that run them, receive aid and benefit. Today with Eris and Jupiter squared off, both those planets, realizing the imperfections in the legislation, can nod with preliminary approval over the intent of the bill. Despite it all, some short-term economic relief for those left behind by the incredible and unjustified stock market rise of earlier this year has arrived. Likely without the pandemic, no such relief could be seen.

Now, for a good portion of next year Jupiter bobs on the waters of Aquarius. Saturn does so as well. You know, Saturn and Jupiter are not dense bodies at all. In fact, Saturn would float introduced to a body of water large enough. Next year these gaseous giants promote buoyancy and the ability to keep the head above water.

And wait, there’s more. For those wanting to get to improvement faster, Jupiter and Saturn, from the Sun’s point of view, align on 2 November. Come 10 December, Pluto in Capricorn squares Eris in Aries again. This marks the definitive beginning of the end of the current Erissian cycle.

The beginning because Pluto will align with Eris on 28 August 2021, both being retrograde. Then Pluto stations in early October 2 minutes of an arc from exactly square Eris, and moves past the exact aspect point on the 9th of October. At that point, while in orb for a while longer, events that create Erissian disruptions likely cease.

It is true that in October of 2022, Pluto stations roughly 2.5 degrees from a square to Eris. However, at that time most will be talking about how to innovate the progressively-minded square of Saturn in Aquarius to Uranus in Taurus for fun, evolution and profit.

So, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Truly, there is. The flickers of light seen now are not optical floaters... they are glimmering filaments of hope ahead.

Here’s another thing. There is a comet getting closer and approaching visibility. Its coma is large and for those willing to take on the night sky, soon it could be seen (refer to local astronomy websites for location data). This comet’s node (heliocentric) is 0 Leo 28 with a closest Sun pivot point (perihelion) of 28 Capricorn 01. Its message: Maintain your dharma path despite the collective urgency and needs that surround you. Do good things to resolve the current difficulties and make the results part of who you are. The heliocentric position of Saturn crosses the comet’s perihelion on 30 June; Jupiter follows suit on 19 September. Given the Capricorn influence of these contacts, it would seem that the message would be something of: Be conscious of burdens and responsibilities chosen and shed those imposed that do not fit your soul’s agenda. After all, this is Comet Atlas, something which surely should not be shrugged off.

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Heads above water, keep treading. More soon.

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