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Eclipse in the Rear View, and Now... ~ 23 Aug 2017

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The “Great American” eclipse as some U.S. news organizations touted it, is now in the rear view of our solar eclipse sunglasses. While some news sources reported that astrologers were freaking out about the eclipse, many enthusiastically pursued the delineations with zeal. Of course, astrologers, regardless of zeal realize this is a great Earth eclipse and its Leo double dip influence impacts every person, every creature, every nation and every geographic formation. And now that the eclipse is behind us, now what?

Did you:

> Have visions or delusions that you have a purpose on Earth?

> Feel that there’s no time like now for getting on with what you might want to get on with?

> Sense as shift in the collective angst that’s out there?

> Come to believe that ultimately you must prioritize your own needs and wants, and maybe even yours should organically come first?

> Feel an urge to drill down in what beliefs truly underscores your logic conclusions and emotional reactions in life?

If so, you’re alive and ticking and percolating on the creativity/life mission axis. Cool.

So now what, double dipped?

> Saturn turns direct on August 25th. Reread last week’s post “Saturn’s Memo.”

> Mercury, Earth and Sun align on August 26th. Despite Mercury retrograde, this is an important time to declare objectives that fulfill personal aspirations that impact everything in ones mundane sphere. Handle life.

> Mercury goes direct on September 5th. No point in unnecessary delays. Using one more fact-check or extreme deliberation prior to engaging ideas might be procrastination. If procrastination, take a moment to critically analyze why the hesitation urge or tentativeness prevail.

> During September and into October the Sun, Mercury and Venus transit Virgo, as they do pretty much every year at this time (with Venus having more leeway timewise). Add to this year’s planet in Virgo bounty, Mars. Ready to reap? That’s the drill. Pick the fruits of your efforts thus far this year.

> Once harvesting completes, use Mars and prepare the ground (everything in your mundane world) for the next seeding. Cast the seeds and consciously cull and cultivate growth of those seeds.

>In October Jupiter departs Libra and plunges into Scorpio. Figure that Jupiter’s proclivity for niceness is out the window and now spades will be called spades. If political correctness can be applied and results achieved, between now and then, great. If not, it’s fair to anticipate that Jupiter dollops out his perceptions about the state of affairs with Scorpionic superlatives. Expect that very, fairly and really will be replaced with crisis of the crossroads of consciousness descriptors that lack politeness.

> Saturn aligns with the Galactic Center in November. It is fair to anticipate progress and advancing ideas and inventions coming our way...

But first...

Jupiter, soon after entry into Scorpio, hooks up with the huge galactic gravitational steering complex known as Shapley 8 (2 Scorpio 35, plus or minus). This astrophysical enigma seems to steer the Great Attractor which regulates the flow of our super-galaxy and the Super Galactic Center, which in turn centralizes the efforts of our own galactic core.

Unconscious or unknown influences come to light. This should be a time in which unseen matters make their presence known. How entangled are our electronic devices?

Who is the man behind the curtain over there and why is he like he is? More to the “what does this mean to me” core of the matter, what is it that stirs the soul and why is that true?

Once the latter point reveals itself, dare to ask the question, How do I use this for my maximum influence in life?

Which begs the question: If apply myself to the maximum ability of my reach, can I accept what that means to my life? If I take on the world, do I lose privacy? What about full transparency and need for privacy in ones process in life? What about the unrelenting requirements that must be applied daily and diligently? Am I up for it?

Here’s an idea. Instead of waiting for this Jupiterian passage that occurs virtually concurrent with the Sun entering Scorpio, why not ask these questions at a time when other major transits in the solar system operate with systolic-diastolic maximum efficiency? Such efficiency can be applied around the time of the Jupiter in Libra sextile Saturn in Sagittarius happening on August 27th, bringing us back to the heels of the recent eclipse.

At month’s end Jupiter’s urge to press for expansion and growth finds receptivity with the watchful tone of Saturn’s caution, practicality and frugality. Figure you have a week either side of this aspect. Note the feelings of the past couple of days. Have the pre-eclipse jitters and psychic tentativeness settled into “let’s get down to it?” If not, sit, center, focus and turn off electronic devices so you can get there.

This way when Jupiter further advances in Libra and opposes Eris on September 9th the testy revolution theme of the waning Eris-Uranus conjunction makes more sense. When it is realized that everyone feels isolation and exclusion and disenfranchisement in life, then all members of under represented, neglected factions may realize that share this socio-psychic malady with everyone else on the planet, and within that realization the beginnings of notable social reform potentially gain traction.

This way when Jupiter further advances in Libra and opposes Uranus on September 27th a new set of rules for change may result. How is it that the expression of one faction can occur without suppressing the sanctity or tranquility of others? How is it that people finally get we’re all on the same space marble together? Perhaps the answers cannot presently be seen. However, perhaps the harvesting of ideas and realizations and the applications of personal action might be part of the fruits of this season’s rendering and clarify solutions to the two Jupiter oppositions noted.

Let us not ignore the powerful direct alignment of Jupiter to the Hawaiian deity, Haumea, an enigmatic and fascinating planet in her own right, both astronomically and mythologically. When this alignment forms on September 7th, fecundity rules. Not only is the portal of promising inspiration wide open, this transit precedes Jupiter sextile Saturn, which tends to offer immediate growth and gain for newly applied creative action.

In the era when politicians seem addicted to stating that “all options are on the table,” let it be clearly known that in the post total solar eclipse days all creative tools, unlimited ideas, progressive insights are on the table, which leads to open-ended discussions, decisions rooted in the pure desire of honest reform, and then, the ultimate in altruistic application. And let it be known that these tools are on the table despite the blinder-bearing bluster of egos and psyches that appear to deny worldly well-being and the evolution of Earth and its occupants.

Jupiter loves to take down those with over abundances of bluster and hubris. He might have some plans to which mortals are not privy and of which Mercury is sworn to secrecy... at least through the current retrograde.

More soon.


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Mercury in Virgo Retrograde Sale


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