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Supporting Transit Surges ~ 19 Apr 2018

Since last Saturday and through the end of this month, a stirring set of planetary offerings swirl support, enthusiasm, and even a touch of optimism once soul-based motivations are tapped.

Last Saturday, Jupiter, retrograde in Scorpio, and Pluto in Capricorn formed a sextile. The ruler of Scorpio, the smallest planet, Pluto, and the largest planet, Jupiter, in Scorpio matched wits within an aspect that implies ease and exchange of important concepts and information. As this aspect completed, it was revealed that the head of the CIA of the United States secretly met with Kim Jong Un to discuss nuclear weapons issues. Wait! What?

So all this nuclear saber rattling is calming? That’s a relief! Talks between countries with fingers poised above the proverbial “button” (it’s not a button at all) are in diplomatic conversations? So it’s possible that sanity could be restored? That means that now, maybe relations are calming and the world won’t end in a rain of nuclear destruction? Wow! And all the while we didn’t know.

This is sort of like how transits work - a lot. Transits happen and sometimes the immediate result seems paltry - perhaps as if nothing happened at all. But it did. The waters of the River Styx, clearly referenced by Pluto at any time but especially now with Jupiter in Scorpio, run silent, deep and subtle.

Sometimes support surges from planets are imperceptible. They occur in the substrate of life, shifting foundations in subtle ways as not to disturb institutionalized (or rigid) concepts, organizations and psyches.

Now is such a time.

An open window of idea exchange is in play on the heels of Pluto and Jupiter’s sextile. In fact, if the sense of things making more sense, sorting out, or perhaps even feeling more cooperation “out there” it should be trusted. Next, in this window, Mars and Jupiter sextile - in five days (24 April). It’s like grease to the creaking wheel, or WD-40 on an inflexible door hinge.

Energy applied to well-thought or well-founded plans can go a long way... the roots reach deep. How deep? The very next day after the Mars-Jupiter sextile, Mars and Pluto, co-rulers of Scorpio, align in Capricorn. For those diving deep or drilling down into the soulful urges that underscore the best of life’s passions, promising results are implied. Accretion, aggregation, advancement are awarded to aspiring, inspired sorts.

Upcoming is a powerful window of advancement based upon well-intentioned energy applied. Use it. Use it well. Any effort that promises advancement, evolution, improvement, regeneration or resurrection stands to benefit. Let the unconscious become conscious. Let the soul’s urge infuse with and steer the ego.

This last part of making it about soulful desires instead of egoic demands is huge. On April 29th, Ceres and the north node in Leo align. Given Chiron in Aries, those persons working through a collected consciousness - preconscious, unconscious, subconscious, superconscious - all working as one, and those who display an inner confidence go far.

Those operating from ego, bluster, bravado and the insecurities they mask will be swiftly disregarded. Those with negative agendas... trolling, revenge, greed, or any dark motive... will be dropped like hot potatoes. Yes, they will be left behind, like Eris not getting the invitation to the gala wedding of the millennium. But be clear, this is due to behavioral disruption. Since Mars squares Eris on April 30th, and since Eris often hung out with Ares (Aries, the other sign Mars rules), cooperative behavior and contributing souls are the ones invited along to share in ongoing adventures.

The window of advancement concept is an important one here. In May, on the same day (15th) that they square, Mars and Uranus change signs - Mars in Aquarius, Uranus in Taurus. This is a huge shift in the collective attitude. Not long thereafter, both planets retrograde back into the preceding signs. More notable in the short term is Mars retrograde, a perceived planetary motion in play from June 26 through August 27th.

Mars retrograde is the second least retrograde effect that we see from our Earth placeholder position in the solar system. Subsequently, it may feel a bit unnatural. Efforts advanced under Mars retrograde are often met with less than open arms. With Mars in Aquarius for most of his upcoming retrograde the response will be: “Huh? I don’t get it.” Perhaps even, some will endorse an effort, but may bet against it until it proves itself true or valid, a reaction likely to coincide with the entirety of the Mars retrograde era.

So, we know Mars retrograde is coming. We know that for the balance of this month, for self-assured, proactive, soulfully focused sorts, a window of opportunity exists. Make hay. Make sure that daylight doesn’t burn up without applicable effort. When the breeze blows in the window, flow in it.

Jupiter is impatient, perhaps even more so than Mars. He knocks on the door of a self-proclaimed seeker and asks if the seeker wants to go on an adventure. Jupiter assumes that seekers have “go-bags” packed. When the knock comes, they go. He will not entice you to join in. He will not plead. He will not beg for company. He has a mission; he knows that the time supports the mission - in this very instant!

Know the plan. Feel the receptivity. When Jupiter knocks, graciously answer.

For those who feel that a consultation would benefit the sorting of plans and align psychic receptivity with action, the first order of business would be to use the links below and get scheduled! Or a Galactic Report might spark an insight of self recognition that fuels the nodal axis alignment with Ceres. Says Chiron in Aries, when you know it would do you good, act on it.

More soon. In fact, up next a preview of Uranus in Taurus and what that planetary era means to the economy and cyber-security.

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