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Rx Relief ~ 16 Aug 2018

It remains a curious astrological symbol... that “Rx” thing used as short hand for retrogradation of planets. Given the same shorthand applies to medical prescription protocols, one might wonder if retrogrades are unconsciously noted in such a manner as to suggest they might actually be good for what ails a person.

Nah, that can’t be it. Retrogrades stimulate stresses for the planet retrograding, or so seems to be the proclamations. Don’t think, write, speak or attempt to submit paperwork during Mercury retrograde. Initiate nothing under Mars retrograde. And so goes the list for any classical planet.

However, the demands of life dictate that each and every person remains engaged, involved and participatory in the direction of life. Forks in the road continue to appear regardless of retrogrades. Airplanes (about an average proportion) take off on time during Mercury retrograde. Companies innovate during Mars retrograde. And Coca Cola decided to change the sweetness of its flagship beverage on a Venus station, marking one of the most severe intervals of consumer push back against corporate decision making ever.

Does that mean nothing good comes during a retrograde? No. Fact is during the 20th Century only 6.8% of the time did Earthlings enjoy a time in which no classical planets moved in retrograde.

Let’s revisit a few retrograde truths.

First, a planet does not move backward. Retrogradation is a relative motion thing based upon the combined orbital motions relative to a planetary point of view which assumes the point of visual reference is stationary. Would there be retrograde planets if one stood on Mercury, Venus, Mars or Pluto? Absolutely. And every retrograde perception would be based upon the relative motion of the base planet.

The fact remains, from the Sun’s point of view no planet retrogrades. Although there are objects now known to orbit in a direction contrary to the normal perception of planetary motion. To be clear, these planets are moving directly in its prescribed, creation-ordained forward path of motion.

Second, when a planet is retrograde, a holistic/humanistic suggestion would be to review the nature of the planet retrograding and revisit any and all considerations that planet rules, intently scouring for any overlooked detail, delayed necessities, avoided conditions and things simply forgotten. Attend to those considerations as swiftly as possible, retrograde notwithstanding.

Some folks have had to schedule emergency dental procedures during retrograde intervals because routine care had been deferred in lieu a planet’s reverse motion. Spike Lee once received public opinion backlash for delaying a movie release due to Mercury retrograde. Waiting until a retrograde clears to fix an outdoor light fixture might be overridden by storm damage and rain water shorting out worn wires.

The point is: function and include retrograde influences because life marches on. Note retrograde conditions and function anyway.

Should a contact be signed during Mercury retrograde or incorporation papers filed, does that mean doom is forecast? No. But it does mean that likely modifications will be need when the retrograde interval clears. Is it ideal to sign during Mercury retrograde? Probably not. And sometimes, if a delay of up to three weeks is proposed for better planetary signature, the opportunity may evaporate.

Should a person agree to a hire and job salary during Venus retrograde, are they economically stuck? No. But it does mean that when the retrograde era clears and the obligatory corporate probation period completes, revisit job description terms, salary requirements and working conditions. Renegotiate and reset as possible.

It does seem that more personal importance is assigned to personal planet retrogrades. After all, Pluto is retrograde about 44% of the time, Jupiter travels rx 30% of the time and Saturn reverse tracks 36% of the time. Does that mean nothing good can happen about a third of the time? If one subscribes to “do nothing under retrogrades,” yes.

Planet trackers have been known to pass on fortuitous Jupiter or Saturn passages because Mercury was retrograde. 94% of the time something classical will be retrograde. It’s likely even less now that Eris, Sedna, Haumea and Makemake are planets.

From the time of writing this post, Mercury turns direct in 2.4 days. Whew! E-mails sent might actually receive replies again. In ten days Mars turns direct. Things can get started once again. In 20 days Saturn resumes prograde (direct motion) dynamics. The real world shifts gears! In 45 days Pluto turns about for direct motion! Transformation is in the air. Maybe plutocrats get comeuppance.

In 50 days Venus goes retrograde... and she’s the least likely planet to be retrograde, and as such, one of the more complex to address. Rats. Just when things were moving along again.

Like Roseanne Roseannadanna used to say: “It’s always something!” More likely than not there is a retrograde in play. Sit with it. Contemplate what the planet’s nature is and ask what you still need to consider relative to the retrograding entity and how you can effectively apply such considerations to your life. If you do this instead of the “stick your head in retrograde sands” approach, you’ll not end up as an ostrich jacket and you won’t need to utter one of Roseanne’s other notable catch phrases: “Never mind.”

Mind your retrogrades. Engage with them and life. In this very moment with Mercury nearing a station (perceived point of motion reversal) and Mars retrograde for another week and a half, Saturn and Uranus, in earth signs, form a lovely trine. If there was ever at time to install change in non-disruptive manners, this is it. Let us hope that sensibilities for a plan of progress and the integration of the new within the tried and true prevails as collective response!

Indeed an interval of vast progress is at hand, especially for those not afraid to engage the influences of the unlimited inspiration inherent in Jupiter trine Neptune and the upcoming Jupiter to Pluto sextile, though retrogrades coincide during both these aspirational planetary amalgams.

Work with the retrogrades at hand. Doing so declares that two steps forward and one step back might be a valid prescription for general life operations.

More soon.

So, if you’ve been putting off that consultation because of retrogrades or your schedule’s been complicated, get with the program! There are fabulous trines in play. Inspiration to be received. Concepts to be conjured. Timing to be engaged. And there are Galactic and Relationship Reports to be ordered! Get clicking. Saturn trine Uranus and Jupiter trine Neptune are clicking, whether you’re engaged with their energies or not!

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