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Venus Wants Her Due, Too ~ 11 May 2017

After seeing my last post on Mars’ motion magic coming up in May, Venus vocally declared she wanted her turn in SkyScraping in May, too.

Good thing. Like Mars, she has a heap of very direct conjunctions and oppositions on her immediate horizons, in fact, starting next week.

First, a review of Venus’ physical characteristics might serve the transit assessment well. She is a planet on which the surface temperature is extremely hot, largely a function distance from the Sun compounded by her atmosphere. Her surface gravitational pressure runs strong - virtually crushing. With anything Venus, the heat is on and the pressure applied, both conditions strongly felt. Matters of money, relationships, internal perception of worth, social status, feeling liked and loved, knowing what is brought to the proverbial table, all feel the intensification of pressurizing priority and a surge of urgency when Venus is in play.

Should the urges feel more extreme than normal during the upcoming Venus passage, that’s totally understandable. Keep in mind that if one proceeds with their life experience and skill set dossier in the front of the conscious mind, a smarter prioritization of tasks required for Venus fulfillment likely results.

So, here’s the run down of notable, upcoming Venus celestial scheduling:

Venus opposes Jupiter on 19 May

It takes money to make money. Business and promotional expenses demand attention and prompt payment. The most important check in this window is to verify that the expenditure produces the intended result. This is not a favorable time for status-based expenditures or fashion frivolity. This is a time to print promotional materials, invest in a prototype, or expend the dedicated time to presentations, pitch packages and legal support for security of intellectual property and compliance with investment rules and regulations.

Think big. Think end game. Think quality. The extra few dollars for the slick postcards might do the trick in representing your wares. The three hundred dollar shirt/blouse versus the hundred-dollar blouse only supports the end game if the apparel provides an inner feeling of well-being that is not ego-driven.

Venus opposes Haumea on 29 May

Okay, the creative lava flow pours from the core of consciousness. This is a collective trend and everyone feels the surge of inspiration. There will be others clamoring for the same results as you. Do not hesitate with the creative downloads. Register all property that can be protected. Keep your cards close to your chest until your pitches/prototypes are good to go, then get them out there as soon as developed and ready.

When aligning with others in the interest of supporting your creative vision, take a little extra time to review any agendas or expectations those others declare they seek through the relationship. In the heat of shared enthusiasm for a creative explosion, write down all terms and conditions such that no misunderstandings or misrepresentations can be declared later.

Venus conjoins Uranus on 30 May

This is a “have no expectations zone.” Avoid the urge to pin specific outcomes on opportunities you presently pursue. Notice those things that summon peripheral attention. Turn toward any oblique situation and give it full and complete consideration. Though not directly ahead on your path, this slightly off course development could be the thing you’ve been pursuing all along. Without focused attention, though, the slightly off the path opportunities will not be seen if one does not turn their way.

This is a time when individuals will insist that established protocols and industries yield to their radical innovations or insights. That’s not going to happen. Truly, the “get in the arena before you demand you take the field” agenda applies. The “I’m an outsider and I get it better than you” syndrome quickly runs thin if the materialization inferred cannot be substantiated.

If you intend to play the game, play by the rules, until such time as the need for improved rules becomes clear to all.

Venus trines Saturn on 1 June

As Venus trines Saturn, all the benefits of Saturn’s ongoing transits to the Galactic Center come into full attention. Truly, progressive and innovative ideas are out there. This trine offers a clear path to see intentional, focused, deliberate steps that apply the downloaded, brilliant insights at hand and render an executable path for fulfilling and manifesting innovation in the real world. This is an extremely positive trend lasting three to five days either side of the exact alignment.

Trial and error methods do not work. Should you be in the position of answering the question, “How do we deliver that?” take some quiet time to sit with the solutions you instinctively seek to apply. This is Venus in Aries after all. There are impulse instincts and some knee-jerk reactions to the trends at hand. With Saturn directly on the Galactic Center’s black hole (close enough), use some time warping. Imagine six months, nine months, a year down the road. Will your proposed course of action stand up to the test of time? Will the desired results successfully manifest and endure? If you get green lights in the forward assessment, get it rolling.

Venus conjoins Eris on 3 June

The most important consideration for this transit: take time to assess where you stand with total clarity. Given you applied the transits above, likely you’ve made progress. Maybe you’re through the door, in the room, and you’ve wooed and worked your mojo. That means you are no longer an outsider. When you are no longer an outsider, act in accord with the dimension, the arena, company, consciousness that now surrounds you.

Note achieved objectives. Each completed goal should ease a complaint, yearning or satisfy a sense of duty or destiny. When in the state of successful completion, feel it, savor it, know it in every cell of your being. Then you can declare “mission accomplished.” With any such declaration, shed any feeling of wannabe, aspiring, seeking, striving. When there, be there.

Yes, Venus wants her veneration. No doubt anyone with aspirations for a greater life and creative sanction does, too. The weeks ahead surely offer support. Again, keep in mind that everyone will be feeling the persuasive pushes of these celestial patterns. Save and protect your work. Be thorough and conscientious, and when check lists are complete, tarry not.

More soon.

Off to Norwac before you know it. If you’re there and want a session, let me know. If you’re not attending Norwac and want a consultation to support Venus sorts of activity, reach out let’s get you booked. With consults and reports and things, sooner seems preferable to later especially with fecundity at hand!


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