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Black Hole Marvel & Astro Action Agendas ~ 14 Apr 2019

At the get-go I would be remiss if I did not post the attention-grabbing DeMille-esque close up view of the black hole in our Super Galaxy, M-87 (2 Libra 33 epoch 2000.0). Of late the core of our galaxy became a bit of an Internet sensation as trolls attempted to usurp the rightful credit for the algorithm that compiled this image created by Dr. Katherine Bouman. For whatever reason trolls sought to assign the credit to Andrew Chael, Bouman’s white male colleague. Trolls stated that Chael wrote 90% of the code, citing fabricated data. Chael quickly contradicted the false posts and noted that Bouman was the brain power behind the black hole’s imaging. Cosmic Kudos to Andrew from Jupiter in Sag for resetting the truth of the matter.

While Sag A, the Galactic Center, stands as our closest galactic black hole, neither it nor ZS was not the first black hole theorized and imaged in more previous, more primitive imaging. Now ZS stands as the target of the Internet spotlight, so much so that Hawaiian astronomers assigned the name “Powehi” to it - a name that means “adorned fathomless dark creation.”

Below is the newly conjured image of the Powehi at the center of our super galaxy, steering everything we share galactically toward a common nucleus and universality of insight.

Meanwhile, closer to home, Mars in Gemini is hellbent on establishing astrological action agendas for all in our solar system to follow. On April 20th, Mars opposes Ceres who retrogrades in Sagittarius. Bearing in mind that Ceres is a planet adjacent to Mars, and a force with which all must reckon, this transit stands out as a catapult of activity ongoing for at least the next month.

Ceres is known for assuming it is her duty to speak for those unable or not positioned to speak for themselves. She picks up causes, somewhat based in maternal instincts, and blazes forward passionately and energetically promoting campaigns and waving banners. With Mars in opposition to her, no doubt attention will get stirred. Will the outrage over not seeing the Mueller Report rise during this time? Will the injustices in Brunei become more actively protested? Will more outrage arise about the battle for control of Venezuela? Or family separations at the US border with Mexico? Or will each and every person become inclined to speak up on their own behalf?

What is important with Ceres is that one does not travel the bridge too far. There is a point in protests when what is protested yields. At that point, stop. Take the win. Establish conditions of compromise and be cool with the victory. Avoid agendas that cut off the nose to spite the face. Winning battles but losing wars will not please either Mars or Ceres.

Realize Mars is in Gemini. Value the position of the opposition as valid, however misguided it seems to Sagittarius (where Ceres roams). Work for the win-win agenda over zero sum approaches. Negotiate, cooperate and work for progressive gain for all. Soon, as we’ll see, Mars will oppose the Galactic Center. Ceres transits in conjunction to the GC later this year (November). Winning without collective progress defies the rules of the galactic guidance.

Mars in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces on 27 April. For a few days actions likely feel blurry, groggy, uncertain, perhaps misdirected. Slow down and proceed with acute attention. What are you noticing that you never noticed before? There is likely a reason it is noticed now. Follow where your conscious attention tracks. See if the refocus intensifies creativity. If riding the wave of Neptune’s tides and fueling that thing(s) demanding your directed action, most likely creativity surges and more good can be accomplished while in the Neptune zone. So you have a list of priorities. Despite that list, what comes up first when you power on the computer at the start of a creative/work surge? Notice what demands you attend to it first. There can be no out of order in this transit; only working within energy waves as and when they exist.

Mars opposes Jupiter in Sag, who also travels retrograde, come 5 May. This is a marker of data review. Pause and process pesky edits that evidently cannot be avoided. Sure upgrades, changes and enhancements are annoying, but all effort extended must make sense to those on the receiving end. For a week either side of the partile date, work to show the gains of any grand plan, concept, invention, literary work or other creative output. Resist the urge to change minds, or to covert beliefs. Instead of fighting to convince others of the merits of your campaign(s), win over their hearts and spirits instead.

Yes, the above may sound lofty. Realize that on 11 May, we come full circle in this post, marking where Mars opposes the Galactic Center and works to point out the core essence of activity inspired by a black hole. Remember that black holes devour everything, including light. Black holes warp space and dilate time. While it may seem a bit boring doing so, in this interval promote ideas you cultivated nine to fifteen months ago. Given the time warp, those ideas more likely warm response than the latest galactic download of the present moment.

The Galactic Center possesses a reactionary delay. It takes time for the psyche to wrap around that which is new and reroute the status quo into the progress and evolution implied in any idea shift. Perhaps resetting or restating the original agenda might be the ideal plan. There’s that old axiom about being surrounded by alligators with no recollection of the original intention. In reviewing what agendas demanded your attention last year and urging those forward now, this policy likely grants the greatest current gain. Write down what you’re presently thinking. Write down everything you’re thinking now. During these Galactic Center tracking transits, grab the insights and inspiration that perfectly fit with the symbolic nuance of next year - the year where humankind restores perfect vision. Next year is 20-20, after all.

Take a moment to stare in the image of Powehi. Let it draw you in. See where that takes your conscious tracking and your consciousness. Wherever that is, there’s likely a cosmic reason.

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