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Capturing Creativity ~ 23 May 2019

Should all proceed according to plan, my plane will have landed in Seattle and I’m between the airport and the hotel where Norwac is being held. Ask me about my Norwac rate.  But do so before Monday and while I am at Norwac. Now onto creative ventures...

Currently Haumea in Libra stands virtually in opposition to Eris in Aries at the 24 degree marker of their respective signs. Given the slow movement of both planets, and even though Haumea will not retrograde back into an exact opposition with Eris, the opposition’s close enough for government work, gets a cigar, and counts in horseshoes.

Both goddesses possessed an edge - tempers, if you will - regarding their vulnerabilities... and/or what they believed to be their Achilles Heel.

For Eris the wound surrounds being shunned, excluded, rejected, ignored, not invited, or worse uninvited or unfriended.. When she perceived any of the above, she sought to secure her inclusion, no matter what the cost, and without consideration if being included represents a good choice for her soul’s evolution or not.

In the context of what that means to any individual, Eris refers to a perfect fit of the soul within ones being, including only those things that further personal progress and spiritual evolution in ones life. Tidy, neat and empowering.

Haumea’s weakness appears when she senses she’s snared in a triangle. In Hawaiian lore, Haumea could provide fish for all the people simply by putting her makalei stick in the water. She generated the flow of lava, which could both create new land or overrun and destroy existing land. She birthed other deity from an array of regions of her body, including her head, womb and abdomen. Following birth, she quickly regenerated into her finest form. Despite all this fecundity when it came to pass that Haumea and another deity had eyes for the same prince, and it appeared that Haumea lost out, she invoked lava to ravage the land of her adversaries.

While it could appear as a tragedy for Haumea to invoke such rage, the symbolic outrage applies to individuals who feel or sense that others (third parties) impede full application of skill, talent and creativity that causes the soul to flourish - and more how that individual reacts to such a realization. Whether it was the music teacher who defined the student as tone deaf, the parent who scolded a child for foolish, creative pursuits, or anyone, regardless of perceived peer position or higher or lesser status who rained on the creative display of another.

Now with Eris and Haumea in opposition, it’s as if the Universe declares, “No matter what’s up in your life, find what you absolutely cannot flourish without doing and get on with doing it... all the while standing full of yourself, confident and empowered.

For purposes of time, space and the creativity yearning bubbling just below the surface, here are some bullet point suggestions for maximizing the effect of Eris opposite Haumea - a transit that for all intents and purposes will be around through July of 2020.

* Disregard naysayers. Turn a deaf ear to their fears and concerns.

* Ask no one in your family or circle of friends what they think of your talent or creative output.

* Rely upon those whose experience, wisdom and skill exceed yours.

* When feeling triangulated, choose none of the above. Back away from those seeking to entrap you in a web.

* Spend time ceremonially honoring your talent.

* Constantly review valid compliments, awards, accolades.

* Study stories of persistence and perseverance.

* Each and every day, without fail, do something clearly to advance your talent.

* Contemplate how creative effort elevates mood and heals the soul.

* Work to state creative truths about yourself with modest firmness.

* Recognize the healing in self-fullness.

* Find your personal Goldilocks zone socially and economically.

* Affirm all gains and savor progress and advancement, howsoever small.

* Flourish with flair!

While some of those suggestions will feel like natural fits and others might seem a bit... over the top, keep in mind Eris transits Aries. Haumea’s north node lands in Leo and her closest contact with the Sun is in Aries. It is about the self and it’s all about soul!

More soon after Norwac. Meanwhile, don’t forget to e-mail and ask about my Norwac rate.


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