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Retrograde Swap Out ~ 14 Nov 2018

In two days, November 16th, two planets change their apparent direction.

Venus, who has been retrograding for nearly forty days in Scorpio and Libra turns direct in Libra, her own sign, setting a course to return to Scorpio on the second day of December.

On the same day, Mercury turns retrograde in Sagittarius. While Mercury retrogrades typically three times a year, this phenomenon always seems to catch many off guard.

First a note or two on these retrogrades. From the Sun’s point of view none of the classical planets actually move backward. A planet moving backward is a function of relative motion from the Earth’s point of view. Any other planet in the solar system also would see other planets retrograde because of the relative movement between them. Those retrograde eras would be different from the retrograde cycles observed on Earth.

In the Kuiper Belt objects have been found that orbit in the opposite direction of how the majority of planets traverse in a revolution around the Sun. To date, none of these have been perceived as major solar system players. It is worth noting that not all objects in our solar system agree on how they should cycle about the Sun. Perhaps “different drum” signature will be assigned these bodies.

Venus is the least likely planet to travel in retrograde motion, and within that notation, it does seem that her retrograde is more difficult to process - both for those with natal Venus retrograde and for all during the time of Venus retrograde. So let’s start with her current upcoming change of direction.

Venus in Scorpio stirs passions in ones greatest depths. With the retrograde perhaps consideration of the merit, value or appropriateness of those passions falls under unfair scrutiny. This placement stirs valid, intense, soul-enhancing needs, throbbing desires, and the kind of wants that in theory, fuel a soul. Of course, if one blurted out: I want to eat all the candy corn left over in the stores following Halloween and I don’t want to share it with anyone, eyebrows may raises... except of course those of the local dentist. Someone needs to clear the shelves for Christmas candy.

Venus in Scorpio works to bring what you want into a clear and undeniable focus. If you want to be filthy rich, you want to be filthy rich. Venus holds no judgment on those wants. She is aware that others might hold judgment on such desires, so she may conceal, not disclose or even hide the awareness of the urge. If one achieves filthy wealth status, perhaps that person would use the wealth to fulfill personal karmic objectives and do good for the planet. Hard to know in advance of such acquisition how it would be deployed.

Whether it is money, social placement, relationship involvement or insurance policies, the depth of the desire to manifest Venus reaches undeniable heights... and one would do or how far one might go to achieve such wishes would be best held in objective perspective.

Now, as Venus swings direct, she operates from a natural sign to her, Libra. In this placement no doubt she can find a means to articulate her desires that are appropriate and efficient. It is important to recognize that what you and Venus decided you need to enhance the vibrancy of your soul, fulfill your passions and induce unrelenting commitment to karmic cause, must be put out there so that it may manifest. As Venus turns direct, find a palatable means of communication and put it out there, full-blown and without attenuation so that the need can seek fulfillment and participation from others in your realm.

This retrograde-to-direct Venus passage changes internal stirring from yearning and wishing to full on realization, intention setting and active engagement in life.

So the Venus transition seems to hinge upon manner of expression... which cues Mercury to the ready. While in Sagittarius, is Mercury ever ready. Mercury’s enthusiasm in this fire sign is over the top. The messenger might be inclined to blurt out whatever truism comes to mind in the moment. This Mercurial passage is inclined to believe that truth is better than sparing feelings. True that, Mercury, but while Venus turns in Libra, work to be kind and compassionate within those utterances.

Mercury in Sag cannot afford the luxury of falling back upon “I misspoke,” “Oops, I didn’t have all the information and facts when I said that,” or “What you heard is not what I meant,” or “I changed my mind.”

The retrograde motion of Mercury recommends that consideration of what is about to be uttered be filtered through sensibility considerations and social norms and then articulated in truest form. Grab the concept, wrap around it, and once groked, get it out there in the grandest way.

Is there a bow to be tied from these two virtually coincident planetary motion changes that does not fall into a knot? Absolutely:

Wrap around that you want what you want.

Realize that your deepest soul-inspired desires are true to your nature and intend to foster your mission on Earth. A nurtured and fortified individual functions more efficiently than a soul perceiving some level of mundane malnourishment.

Reserve the expression of your needs and wants to those in the context of a relationship capable of meeting those needs.

Speak the truth about your needs. Allow for others to speak their truth in reply.

Perhaps it shakes out like this: Let’s say someone close to you asks what you want for a holiday gift, tell them it’s a blue Tesla, or a powerhouse computer or a stunning outfit for your work meetings ahead. Then, allow them to respond within their credit card limits and financial prowess and emotional ability.


More to the holiday point, what can you give yourself that serves Venus’ and Mercury’s motions? How about clear articulation of the truth of all your attributes, talents, skills and abilities? When fused into your consciousness, awareness of assets cannot be taken away by life circumstances and challenges.

In this shifting, permit your psyche to locate new attributes, needs and desires. Planets are changing positions. Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune all travel home turf. Assume that some organic cosmic support is out there... support that will endorse all that is clearly articulated about your self that aligns with the purest, most organic sources in your soul.

More soon.

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