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Awesome Alignments and More ~ 18 Jan 2019

This weekend should have us looking up. Sunday touts the Super Blood Wolf Moon total Lunar Eclipse across the first degree of the Leo Aquarius axis. That’s a lot to unpack. Even if the eclipse does not directly impact your chart, it is a bit on the above average scale of intensity by virtue of its totality and the “super” quality. Super means the moon appears larger than normal because it currently stands closer to Earth. Two of the factors in its title promise above average magnitude - something the collective powerfully feels. The blood moon thing means its going to appear red. Not so much something to write home about unless prone to superstitious inclinations.

Given the eclipse runs between Leo and Aquarius, the collective consciousness responds with a need to assert individuality and personal uniqueness. That’s awesome - an unconscious urge to run into the deeper soulful waters of self and render full expression of one’s being. Might be good to keep in mind that some of the more charismatic and appealing keywords for this axis include: confidence, inspiration, magnanimity, progressive, curious, innovative, inventive, problem solving and profound. Wearing those merit badges likely bring a person to the forefront of any circle in which they travel.

Speaking of profound, less than two days following the eclipse (22 Jan), Venus aligns with Jupiter in Sagittarius, coming off conjunctions to the Great Attractor, and now in tow with two notable black holes. One black hole asks the question: Do your actions and beliefs stand in alignment? If yes, awesome. If no, which should you change? The other black hole reminds the psyche that applying expertise and experience greatly contributes to any place a person shows up. The alignment cautions against offering counsel outside the realm of experience and discourages excessive pontificating while in the process of acquiring knowledge. 

The Venus-Jupiter alignment marks a limit for shaking off New Year funk, gathering ones wits and attributes, and affirming marks to be made in the tangible world and to usher progressive consciousness forward.

Perhaps a reason the upcoming lunar eclipse holds additional promise is that for the first time, humankind has landed a spacecraft on the dark side of the Moon. On January 3rd, China landed a spacecraft near the south lunar pole on the dark, unseen side of the Moon. Swiftly, experiments commenced that included the spouting of cotton (the plants soon froze). However, images are coming back from this mysterious half of our Moon. Who knows what feelings and reactions can be liberated as a conscious exploration of an epitomization of the subconscious is clearly seen?


Dark Side of the Moon

This landing two days after the New Horizon probe flew by the spinning Kuiper Belt Object, Ultima Thule (486958). Twirling like a propeller, this intriguing joined-at-the-hip object follows the significant spacecraft’s flyby of Pluto and his moons a few years ago, and opens the door to comprehending further curiosities in our solar system. The larger lobe of the body picture below is called Ultima, the smaller lobe, Thule.


Ultima Thule

Let’s not stop there. The asteroid (6478) Gault recently collided with another object in the crowded asteroid belt. All belts are off for the actual position of Gault until orbital refinements are made as are the speculations as to what that means for the asteroids physical nature.

Wait! There’s more! A Fast Radio Burst was recently detected. This FRB came in from unimaginable depths of space from an unknown source (I do not have a zodiacal degree for this). Is this a burst resulting from stellar or galactic dynamics, or the byproduct of an undiscovered intelligent species seeking to discover us? What we do know is that galactic energies penetrate out protective atmosphere. As such, the argument to dismiss astrology that contends that cosmic energy never reaches us on Earth is confirmed false - yet again.

One more thing. The poles of the Earth’s magnetic field currently wander. Shifting from Canada to the general direction of Siberia, there are resulting geomagnetic variations. Some airports may need to repaint the directional numbers on runways. The shifting currents impact the navigational systems of submarines, and could be messing with any location dependent feature in your cell phone or any magnetically sensitive electronic device.

So far, it’s been an amazing year. Those who grab the galactic goodness of next week’s Venus to Jupiter alignment and reset and reaffirm affirmations and attentions like will reap even more amazing things that support the underpinnings of ones consciousness.

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More soon!


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