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Is ET Phoning? FRBs ~ 14 Feb 2020

The other day while gazing out the kitchen window pondering the mundane, scheduling, with a mix of speculation as to what lies ahead, a bobcat wandered down our driveway. This cat was large, stunningly marked with more spots and stripes - perhaps even a mix of ocelot in there. It looked directly at me. We had a moment.

Regardless of everything I was contemplating at the time the amazing feline appeared, it was evident this fine creature was no doubt a messenger... and a favorable one at that!

Recently readers have been pinging my e-mail inbox with great suggestions for SkyScrapings and with the subtext of “Are we currently receiving cosmic messages like I’m seeing online? I could use some good news. A happy message. What about that thing out there that’s sending whatever signals it is our way? Should I turn my cell phone in an opposite facing direction?” Actually, no to the last question.

E.T. or other aliens are not phoning or cosmically texting. The widely reported signals come from a FRB - a Fast Radio Burst. Specifically, FRB 180916.J0158+65 is the source of the emanation demonstrates a cycle 16.35 days. The FRB sends out radio bursts that last for about four days, then pauses for approximately 12 days and then goes Groundhog Day. The first 28 cycles of this FRB came to our awareness as a result of observations recorded between September 2018 and October 2019 by a radio telescope in British Columbia.

To make a comment about one FRB of the anomaly’s galactic tribe seems rude. So consider:

The first FRB to come to our attention was FRB 010724 at 15 Aquarius 18, noted in 2007. Also known as the Lorimar Burst, the FRB assessment was derived from data received on 24 July 2001.

Then there’s FRB 121102 at 24 Gemini 05. This radio source spewed dozens of bursts over the past few years. Consider 2015: There were two bursts on 17 May, eight bursts on 2 June, one on 13 November, four on 19 November, and yet another on 8 December. At one point there were fifteen bursts over a 24-minute interval. This FRB is noted as being “very polarized,” a label that could be assessed symbolically.

Are these FRBs targeting Earth with a focused beam of energy sending us dire messages and warnings to decipher? Unlikely. It stands as plausible that FRBs emanate in an omni-directional manner from their source. Of course, here on Earth it is easy to conclude that we are being singled out because of our collective intelligence, imagination and evolution. That’s how we are. And would we listen to cosmic insights from a strong radio station? Well, that’s how we are, too.

Are their more FRBs? If there are more, really what I care about is: what does it mean to me?

First a few notes. Likely there will be more FRBs realized as time goes by. As well, other potent galactic energy sources stand to come into our awareness. Some day every degree of the zodiac will be realized for its specific and unique cosmic emanation background. At this point there is no exclusivity implied should you have a connection to the FRBs that are listed below.

However, it should be noted that if you have planets to FRBs, particularly personal planets to support generational connections (like Saturn on one of these points), you stand as an ambassador or spokesperson for these intriguing points in space. Your job, should you choose to acknowledge and accept it, is to take some time to be contemplative of what life signals you receive. What are the thoughts that come to mind “out of the blue?” What things do you conjure up that need to be invented? What reassuring words form that can be offered to the plight you notice in individuals you encounter. How can you become the best representative ever for these degrees and the insights they bear?

Sure, you can refer to the Sabian Symbols for a supportive thought or three. That would be recommended.

Further it should be noted that when looking at distant points in space the parallax between geocentric and heliocentric positions is negligible. Why not check out if your helio personal planets reach out to tune into the cosmic radios in the sky as well as your more well-known geocentric natal objects and angles and things?

Following is a listing of FRBs for which location information is available. These are tropical zodiac positions. 

01 Aries 33              FRB 191228

02 Taurus 53           FRB 090625

26 Taurus 53           FRB 180916.J0158+65

24 Gemini 05           FRB 121102

01 Cancer 51           FRB 180725A

03 Cancer 21           FRB 180301

24 Cancer 11           FRB 150418

25 Cancer 21           FRB 131104

00 Leo 34                FRB 181030.J1054+73 contains galaxy NGC 3403

09 Leo 22                FRB 160317

09 Leo 41                FRB 160608

11 Leo 08                FRB 160410

16 Leo 37                FRB 190523

17 Leo 10                FRB 130628

28 Leo 41                FRB 151230

23 Virgo 33             FRB 170107

02 Libra 17              FRB 150610

25 Libra 40              FRB 130729

29 Libra 27              FRB 190116.J1249+27 with Coma Cluster NGC 4702

05 Scorpio 43          FRB 171209

06 Scorpio 14          FRB 130626

00 Capricorn 39      FRB 121002, double pulse

04 Capricorn 35      FRB 150215

13 Capricorn 16      FRB 011025

13 Capricorn 18      FRB 010621

15 Capricorn 57      FRB 191223

21 Capricorn 22      FRB 151206

03 Aquarius 58        FRB 180311

04 Aquarius 50        FRB 110627

09 Aquarius 29        FRB 181112

12 Aquarius 44        FRB 180309

14 Aquarius 07        FRB 180924

15 Aquarius 18        FRB 010724

18 Aquarius 21        FRB 150807

22 Aquarius 12        FRB 170922 extreme scattering, long pulse

25 Aquarius 12        FRB 170827

28 Aquarius 31        FRB 110523

28 Aquarius 35        FRB 171020

29 Aquarius 38        FRB 160102

05 Pisces 34            FRB 140514

05 Pisces 36            FRB 110220

12 Pisces 24            FRB 120127

22 Pisces 10            FRB 110703

So honorable ambassadors, here’s to tuning in, grooving on the radio, and singing along with the cosmic insights!

More soon.

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