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Lotta Leo ~ 22 Jul 2017

Tomorrow’s new moon in Leo aligns with Mars, now part of the planetary pride, and further along in Leo Mercury moves away from a recent conjunction with the lunar nodes. In short, that’s a lotta Leo.

The old astrological joke about the Leo who is relieved to realize that she/he is not the center of the Universe and does not share the burden for all the goings happening. Still, the issue of securing a sphere of influence and locating an appropriate space to fill in the interest of soul expression dominates conscious attention and subconscious prompting.

Should one hold an ideally confident Leonine perspective about ones place in the world and the universe, one recognizes the fact that they, and they alone, stand center stage to all experiences and circumstances encountered in life. Similarly, each and every person encountered is subject to the influence of that individual and conversely. Each person encountered ideally perceives every soul encountered as traveling some sort of supportive orbital path to their own in life.

Unactualized Leo, described in today’s techie vernacular can be seen by those who log on or into someone’s life and seek to use up all the bandwidth. Those lacking confidence, purpose and a clear sense of soul suck the air out of a room, throw shade, upstage and seek the central position in any situation, whether qualified for the position or not.

Given this past week’s notable solar eruption and infusion of all sorts of solar energy, tomorrow’s new moon aligned with the spunky and reactionary Mars, resetting self perception and soulful agendas provide action points to apply in a functional short term remedy. A strong starting point would be to apply the urging of the recent Mercury to lunar node conjunction.

Since Mercury rules inquisitive questioning, a set of interrogatives might suit the life mission statement ascribed to the nodal axis.

Where are you?

Where do you stand on your status in life?

Big picture, what purposes do you seek?

What tools exist in your tool box of cultivated talents and skills, and what wisdom resides in your consciousness based upon life’s accumulated experiences?

Yes, it is necessary to write the answers to these questions down. It is also necessary to write down all affirmations consistent with the Leo energy out there. “I am manifesting...” are three words that dignify the assuredness that Leo loves.

The new moon in Leo offers one simple recommendation: My feelings first. Take notes from the pre-flight safety briefing on any commercial flight: In the event of an oxygen failure or in the event that someone with dysfunctional Leo successfully sucked the air out of the aircraft, an oxygen mask will drop from the compartment above you. Put on your mask first, before attempting to aid any other person.

It’s like that right now. Get good with yourself. Then, every person who enters your gravitational field benefits from the soulful solidness of your being and the polished glow of your aura.

This lunation, aligned with Mars, instinctively responds with “Me!” It’s supposed to be that way. It’s not selfish. It’s not solipsistic. It’s not unGodly. It’s merely an organic response to the reset of personal, soulful priorities the cosmos has in mind for every Earth-based universal traveler. Be true to you. Act accordingly (knee jerk not included).

To follow the mercurial prescription of appropriate auto-interrogation, a few simple questions may serve to isolate soulful objectives.

What are you feeling? How do you want to feel?

Who are you really? Once you know that, what part of yourself are you comfortable revealing, and to what extent?

Are you comfortable in receiving mode such that you can accept what comes your way following your request, beckoning or mighty roar?

Are you clear your objectives suit your soul? When you go for it, are you confident you’re going for it with the best of intentions and high road motivations?

Can you be cool being confident and full yourself?

As with any transit there are cautions. Consider:

Steer clear of blustery, bombastic, self-serving individuals.

Resist the urge to convince anyone of your capabilities. State your capabilities clearly and allow time for them to settle. Others will accept them or not. Engage accordingly.

Avoid justifications for actions/causes you know best serve your purpose on the planet.

Bear in mind everyone is in the middle of this self-referential galactic gig. As each person fortifies their being in the ways they see fit, their force field strengthens. Some force fields make you want to move to the other side of the room. Trust that instinct. The energies of others feel compelling, evocative and inspiring. It’s okay to engage in an orbit with such influences. If you bring your full energetic package with you, the natural laws of physics sort out the energy dynamics. Let it do its thing... and keep your self-affirming aspirations on the tip of your tongue.

Mercury remains in Leo until next Wednesday. As soon as Mercury departs Leo, the messenger aligns with the royal star Regulus, now in the first minutes of Virgo. Take a moment to reflect upon what dominion you seek to declare - tangible and intangible. Then, declare it. Use your freshly reaffirmed energy to fill the space of the territory you claimed. Fill it all... fill it fully... with fire and passion and unlimited soulful expression. Enjoy the lotta Leo.

More soon.

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