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Morsels of Mercury and Mars ~ 11 Dec 2017

Within the next two days, Mercury, true to the fleet-footed messengers methods, aligns with the Earth and the Sun, marking the midway point in Mercury retrograde. The current Mercury retrograde has been particularly troublesome in terms of lost items, memory issues and computers taking forever to perform their morning wake-up routines. Given whatever hiccups might result from the influence of Mercury retrograde - Tuesday or Wednesday - depending upon your global position - the alignment of Mercury to Sun and Earth offers respite.

If you must sign an agreement, within twelve to eighteen hours of the conjunction offers a favorable time to do so. If your lease on the vehicle or software rental requires renewal and is transacted during this window, it’s not a liability. Within this alignment, words, thoughts and decisions occur with the conscious attention of the solar brilliance directly focusing on all mundane matters and in full cogent consideration of the requirements of living in the real world.

Part of why this Mercury cycle has been more charged is two-fold.

First, starting the retrograde era in alignment with Saturn, the pivot bore a sense of heaviness, significance and consequence. For those feeling that the past week or so held foreboding elements, bear in mind that was phase one of the retrograde. Complete resolution of doctrines, programs, laws, contacts will require adjustment throughout the rest of the retrograde and likely not polish up the paperwork until Mercury clears its shadow - the degree where the initial retrograde occurred - which occurs on or about January 11th.

A mundane example is the tax bill that the U.S. legislature attempts to jury rig into passage. There was a proviso in the bill that Californians cannot take deductions for losses incurred in earthquakes and wildfires. Of course with the infernos raging in southern California, the President declared the fire zones a disaster area. This declaration assigns federal funds availability for the rebuilding process. While not exactly the same thing, the result is that those displaced by the fire must have economic assistance available - and while attempting one budget slash, another expenditure was required.

The second part of the Mercury retrograde intensification has been ongoing solar activity which has blasted us with heaps of radiation. During intervals of heightened solar activity it is common to feel out of synch between body and mind and/or spirit and body. It’s best to have chill out time during overwhelming times in life. If contemplation-recenter time out cannot be taken, be clear on whether the decision-making pressure at hand requires a logical conclusion or is better decided based upon emotional protocols.

Mars slipped into Scorpio in the past few days. Similar to Saturn entering Capricorn, which he does around the upcoming solstice, astrologers tend to imply more apprehension than the transit deserves to both these eras. Both transits occur with the planet occupying a sign they rule. There’s a natural affinity. Grease on the gears. A good fit. A celestial compatibility.

That said, Mars will be heading over the degree of super-massive galactic anomaly, Shapley 8, in the next days as well. Shapley 8 is a huge gravitational steering mechanism that does galactic flight control for the Great Attractor, our group of local galaxies and our galaxy. With Mars transiting this point, expect draws and pulls outside of the typical realm of influence.

Let’s say a person walks down the street of a Christmas street fair. As they pass a vendor’s booth, the sunlight aligns perfectly with glass orbs inside some cool spinning device that is an amazing window decoration. It’s awesome! You could get lost in that dang thing. If you had it hanging in a window where the morning Sun can spread light though the sphere in visually tantalizing spectrums, you could get lost in it.

Would getting lost in the visual display offer you inspiration, restore frustration with awe, and inspire an understanding of the mysteries of the universe? Or would you idly dream away endless hours with no perceivable gain? Saturn in Capricorn will want to know.

Mars to Shapley 8 will impel you to attend to ideas and activities that were not on your agenda. Will these gravitational disturbances more perfectly direct your path in the next days? Will the distractions seed new life-altering activities? Is the investment of energy in accord with the best intentions of your soul? The answer lies in the intent with which one applies Martian effort.

It’s a great thing that the Mercury-Earth-Sun alignment virtually coincides with Mars to Shapley 8. Develop an instinctive overlay to all those galactically potent pulls that demand your action to ensure that you consider the previously unimaginable, the potentially daunting and the most certainly life changing within the most appropriate commitment of your energy to cause.

Here’s to a Happy Holiday Season to one and all!

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