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Did You Planet? ~ 15 Mar 2018

To be fair the title should read, “Did you plan it?” Of course, in our Universe that means did you apply the best influences of the planets, propitiate wisely, and activate agendas in accord with the timing afforded by the celestial motions?

In the short term, planning and its higher octave - strategy - are demanded by planetary pairings ahead. Whether setting a goal of completing the zen garden out back, redoing the tile grout, setting in motion the next avocational plan that hopefully will transcend into a career, or saving the world, the next six weeks stand out as pivotal.

Mars goes into Capricorn on the 17th and for ten days following he rages over those fast spinning pulsars near the core of our galaxy. In short, find the flow, fall into it, work until the energy expires, then rest. Next time a wave of energy comes along, do the same. Feel it and flow in it. Using the next ten to fourteen days, a huge spreading of seeds can be sown. Send out feelers for creative response. Test ideas. Poll the Universe to see if you get a ping in reply. If you hear a ping, move on it. When in a bandwidth of energy, exhaust it. The feeling after will be fabulously satisfying. No need to concern yourself with the wonder if you will be able to regenerate and sustain the pace. The energies out there support moving like a banshee in surges and waves. The phrase “daylight’s burning” comes to mind. Planning ahead... strategizing the next steps - whether for mundane progress or spiritual advancement makes a heap of sense and reaps superior rewards to a “by gosh and by golly” attitude.

No kidding, on April 1st Mars comes to align with Saturn in Capricorn, which is home pasture for Saturn. Mars is exalted in Capricorn. Good, strong aligning and allying energies for work, progress and accomplishment. And on this same day within a reasonable orb of time, Mercury retrograde in Aries, aligns with the Sun, the astrological midpoint of Mercury retrograde. When Mercury and the Sun align in retrograde, signing contracts is cool. Committing to projects, launching websites, registering patents, applying for copyrights... all that stuff is good to do on that day of Mercury retrograde... and only that day.

So you have Mars and Saturn all refined and ready in Capricorn and a perfect day for getting underway, with the support of Mercurial messaging, so use it. The fool this April is the one who chooses not to advance under such auspicious astrological planning signatures. Stepping forward with a statement of purpose, a solid strategy, and realistic expectations of when yield likely results from initiating efforts does a body and soul good.

Mars comes up to Pluto to share his court on April 25th. While Mars and Pluto together can conjure scary images of lava spewing from an erupting volcano or an atomic bomb detonating, keep in mind that Mars and Pluto share a bond. They both rule Scorpio. Together they’ll commiserate about those who proclaim lofty spiritual paths and fail to explore the soul’s inner workings... those who stand in the shade and claim to have no shadow... those who post on Craigslist, “I have great movie ideas. We’ll win an Oscar. You write my idea and we’ll split the profits.” Those guys. Those guys Mars and Pluto know need their attention.

Given the alignments in Capricorn, these planets who admire effort and introspection have no tolerance for those who will not dive deep or do the hard work, seek to support sincere souls. Together Mars and Pluto remind Earth-based cosmic travelers that praying can be done while doing the hard work. In fact, hard, dedicated work is prayer. The sweat produced by such work waters the planet and ensures that those seeds planted grow. The Mars to Pluto conjunction demands the brakes be taken off and that full power be applied with sentient receptivity to all atmospheric changes such that the throttle of progress consistently aligns with the demands of the environment. Shifting priorities and energy flows... no problem.

As April draws to a close, Mars squares Eris. While you’re busy doing things and making progress, and while you’ve communicated you’re busy and focused, some may not include you in some of the goings on they are hosting. That’s fine. If you went, you’d be fretting about what you’re not getting done and how these fun-seekers are not vibing with the commitment you have to ensuring your life turns out absolutely more than excellent.

Choose activities well as April ends. Anything you do or chose for engagement must support your intended life objectives and remain consistent with your karmic focus and work with you to perfect your trajectory in life.

Soon you’ll be coming up for air. In fact, Mars comes up to square Uranus and you’ll likely want to sample society again. You might want to hang out with people whether socially, economically, spiritually or politically aligned or not. The fruits of your labors, if you’ve done a wide bandwidth presentation of your talents, offer something to everyone everywhere. How cool is that? And how cool is it that as Mars and Uranus form this square, they do so on the day that both planets change signs. As Mars enters Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, Uranus leaves Aries ruled my Mars headed for the green, solid pastures of Taurus.

Want to do something big? Realize that your creative output, the results of the energy expended in the past six weeks presents something to the world of universal appeal. If you wrote a book, some might say, they liked it but didn’t understand it. Or they might say they didn’t agree with the conclusions, but they loved the line of logic that wove the chapters together. Perhaps they didn’t like your movie, but they can’t stop thinking about it. Maybe they loved your movie, and feel inspired to do their own thing for the world. Maybe your painting is too abstract, but it’s an awesome mandala. Or perhaps the painting makes them want to stare and space out... tripping into the realms where creativity and inspiration reside.

It’s a time to seed the land, nurture those seeds, foster the seedlings and land. The stewardship promises great yield at the end. Watch, people will ask. “Did that just happen? Did that just turn out like that? Or did you planet?”

So, to prepare for these busy times, how about scheduling a consultation? Scheduling sooner assures that you’ll get a session in before your creative cauldron reaches boil. Or order a personal, inspiring Galactic Report, a karmically rich relationship report, or check out the Galactic Trilogy. While you’re at it, scroll down further in consultations page if you know you’re going to want to do more than one session... there are other discounts for multiple sessions

By the next SkyScraping post I expect we will have a website posted for my next short film, Otro Lado, (Other Side), a film about difficult choices for a better life. Stay tuned, there is more film news to come...

More soon.

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