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Grooving Galactic ~ 11 Sep 2019

Over the next weeks the personal planets engage with and groove on several galactic powerhouse points. Coming up first, our Galactic Center, followed by our Super-Galactic Center. These interstellar interactions commence tomorrow as the planets in Virgo parade through a square to the Galactic Center’s residence in Sagittarius.

Given the Galactic Center grants oodles of insight to anyone who takes time to listen, what is it that gives a person pause in the first place? In this current transit array, it’s the realization that something is out of place, inefficient, not as ideal as it needs to be, or more bluntly, not working worth a hoot. Following such an annoyance might be the thought, “That’s a fine kettle of fish. What am I going to do about that?”

First, a notation about Virgo energy. The objective with these engagements with the Galactic Center seeks to locate an optimal, nominal zone for all life systems - personal, professional, collective and spiritual - in which they can seamlessly function. There may be no perfect data point. However, there is a range in which things work more ideally than could have been imagined. Not too hot, not too cold - not too close, not too far - not too low, not too high. Nominal in the most Goldilocks of ways, and within that nominal-ness, perfection.

Tomorrow, 12 September, Mercury and Venus square the Galactic Center. Mercury’s two dimes in this mix seems to be the caution to pause and notice what’s out of range, non-functional and wonky. This takes objectivity and honesty - the kind of honesty that requires assessment in the face of the pressure to hurry up and fix the issue. It’s the realization that if the efforts in progress do not produce the intended results, it’s time to pause, look up and get receptive to the lightbulb over the head. Immediately, Venus should recognize the application. She’ll likely see usefulness in the Galactic Center application and encourage all to circle the activity and engage.

What may not be immediately clear is that this is a Galactic Center download. It applies universally. Given the relief and glee that a problem at hand has been fixed, it may take until Jupiter nears the Galactic Center at October’s end before the wide application of the insights and ideas become totally clear. When they become clear, disperse, dispense and aid those in similar straights to where you once found yourself perplexed.

On 20 September the Sun squares the Galactic Center. Here, a person is more inclined to feel the stirring to step forward and render ideas. Sometimes others are receptive; sometimes not. How does one know when an insight appears it should be shared? Well, if the sky parts and you are told to do so, that’s one way. So is being asked for your two Mercury dimes. Equally useful, ask if assistance is wanted. If not, leave well enough alone and find others inclined to listen to new ideas.

A point of review on any galactic gizmo spewing ideas to inhabitants of Earth: These objects distort space and time as a rule. The insight you receive today might be so time-dilated that it will take weeks or months - in extreme cases, years - before other can wrap around the new concept. Most commonly the incomprehension stems from emotional considerations, not thinking. You can walk the logic track to a clear conclusion and if the feelings and psyche can’t get there, only head tilts and quizzical looks are received. So, when offering currently useful input, consider ideas you’ve had in the past few months. Perhaps one of those can be wrapped around in the current space-time consciousness continuum with ease, grace and immediate applicability.

As September wanes, 29 September to be precise, Mars in Virgo completes the personal planet line ups to the Galactic Center. Actually this is a great time to retreat to the work bench, studio, office, tinker shop or favorite tree to sit under and contemplate. Action and mental effort actively applied to figuring “it” out both serve the objectives. Here, it’s a matter of assembling the data blips of the past fortnight or so. A lot of in-your-face insight came down the pike that noted the way things are being done is quite simply, not ideal. Here’s how to collate the concepts and orchestrate the track that creates a stream of consciousness of evidently random ideas. Here’s the funneling of fecund material into a stream of immediately applicable information. When realizations coalesce, offer no hesitation to getting on with the getting on.

During the transits from Virgo to the GC in Sag, the lead personal planets immigrate to Libra and commence engagement with the black hole nucleus around which the black hole in our galaxy’s core and some thirty-two other galaxies revolve around... the Super-Galactic Center, who logs in at approximately 2 Libra 19.

Now the current Virgo planets, led by Mercury, can be heard in unison: “Approximately?” Yes. Approximately. Often different objects are used to define the exact center of the Super-Galactic Center, each with its own precise longitude. It also matters what energy you define as the core. Visible light holds a slightly different precise position than does infrared or x-rays. Given this core is likely more than a hundred million times the mass of the Sun, if you slow down to take a look - sometimes even if you don’t - you’re under its massive influence. The dates that follow define the personal planets in Libra in a virtual conjunction with slightly more than two degrees of Libra.

The alignments to the SGC starts with Mercury on 14 September who asks, “Who wants to go on a safari? Have an expedition? Align with this amazing galactic concept I’m grooving to?” Realize this is an orthodox ask. Those that do not wish to sign up, leave them be. The folks whose hands raise, enlist them, engage them and as a soul-group team, get on with going galactic to share the most mundane results of galactically applied insight.

The very next day, 15 September, Venus saunters to the gathering, curiously tilts her head side to side, thrusts out a hip and offers, “Hmm.” For the time being that’s good enough. She observed the unification of cause and the underlying consciousness. Maybe she took a flyer. She’ll muse and assess, but more she needs to feel her way into this arena. If it’s a fit, she’ll show up soon, and with more to contribute than anyone would expect. Her particular perspective, when and should she share, is going to be amazing.

Venus won’t take long to warm. Likely as the Sun aligns with SGC on 24 September she’s in the mix, sharing her assets and inspiring others to do the same. It’s a good fit. Expect that at this time, cosmic nametags are printed. The Sun sheds light on who can do what and encourages the best effort from everyone. Clear conscious realization of the cosmic coalition lies at hand.

Then, on 6 October, Mars directly engages the Super-Galactic Center. Now it’s time to get serious. It’s time to mean it. It’s time to cast the nets of influence created in the affiliations, alignments and amalgamations of the recent weeks. Mars knows it’s a significant time. Mars knows that influence can be wielded in these days. Mars also knows that onlookers are not impressed with rhetoric. They want results - tangible, useful tidbits that make “at the end of the day” even better than it has been. If you want to be useful and influence people, offer solutions and insights to greater ease and harmony. Work away from factions, right and wrong, this versus that. Mars knows that getting along requires the realization that we’re all on this planet together and things tend to go better with realizing commonality than distinctions.

No doubt as Mars brings up the rear and lays out these bottom lines, Venus smiles and winks, the Sun brightens and Mercury hands out task lists to all. It is, after all, a significant time.

If a consultation or a Galactic Report or even posing a quick question or two seems like a good idea under the transits, there are links that follow that can get that going. Should some added astrological insight feel a good fit, click on!

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