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20-20 Planet Vision - An Erissian Point of View ~ 3 Nov 2019

Before commencing a report on the Eris encapsulation of 2020, a couple of prefacing thoughts. As you’ll soon read, a heap of planetary action happens in January. I’m writing about this now to ensure everyone has time for emotional and psychic readiness for the density of drama that occurs early next year. Similarly, it occurs to me that my end of the year sale should occur now, before Black Friday and Cyber Monday. My intention is that everyone receives ample astrological support well before the fun begins next year. For those ready to dive in, here’s the link. Holiday Sale 2019

First, the setting of the concrete of the events of 2020 is not likely to be solid until Jupiter and Saturn align at 00 Aquarius 25 on the solstice occurring on 21 December 2020. Yes, that’s a long time for the results of any year to be clearly perceived, even with 20/20 vision. However, with this conjunction, likely positive results appear, hope returns, and a vision of the world that truly lifts up all can be restored - in theory, that is. That depends upon everyone on the planet performing their personal heavy lifting.

The initial set up of 2020 occurs early with Jupiter conjunct the lunar south node in Capricorn on 9 January. Rhetorical questions surface: Where have we been? What have we learned? How did the grand scheme of things play out? Hold those thoughts and imagine course corrections as necessary during the immediately following days. The planets intend to play out the 2019 hand with added drama as they shuffle and deal the next hand that lasts pretty much all of next year.

On the personal front, what did you do with those Galactic Center insights that crept in from the cosmos over the last three months? Find where you left them, cultivate and apply them. You’re soon going to need them, so scour those note-taking apps, messages to self, Post-It notes and recesses of your brain.

Next up, Mercury conjoins Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn between the 11th - 12th of January. The messenger does a perfect tip-off thing, seen only by those paying attention. For those perceiving the tip-off, remember it’s not fair to kill the messenger. After all, the fleet-footed one hands over the spreadsheets and accompanying narrative reports that clearly display the facts at hand and the churning conditions. Naturally, he also bears a set of questions: Who’s running the show? How are they doing? How do they benefit? And better yet, how do I benefit... or not? And if not, what can I do to rectify the matter so I feel good about my place on the planet?

During the 12th and 13th of January the Sun, Mercury, Ceres, Saturn and Pluto all fall within 2 degrees of Capricorn - a virtual long-lasting conjunction for most of January. To boot, during these days, Mercury advances to square Eris in Aries, bringing in one of the thematic influencers of the year: Eris. Mercury was often key in schemes involving Eris. He delivered messages on behalf of Jupiter designed to set in motion the chaos required to untangle the tangles in play to return circumstances back into what pleases Jupiter - according to his view of normalcy.

Given Jupiter aligns in three quadratures with Eris during 2020 (25 March, 26 June, 17 November), the resolution of the wonky, bonkers state of the world is promised... however, it may require reversing the very order of the heavens for perspective to be restored. Keep in mind, not matter how nuts, how off kilter things seem, Jupiter blows it all out with the intention that normalization and progress are restored.

Personally, it is out of fashion chose isolationism, withdrawal from social events (and God forbid social media) savoring sullen aloneness to cultivate an iconoclastic persona in reaction to the world. What is in fashion is culling life. Engage where you organically belong. Pick causes that truly concern you and those you can do something about. Eliminate distractions and refuse to be blinded by shiny objects and resist the urge to collect such useless items.

During the year, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto each enjoy multiple squared off run-ins with Eris in Aries from their post in Capricorn. As well, the personal planets will tango with Eris when in Capricorn, Aries, Cancer and Libra. Eris, and all the discord she brings, is the theme of the year. Known for creating discord, lawlessness and mayhem in general, there is a reason behind Eris’ rambunctious agenda. She hates to be excluded. She despises being rejected, dejected, subjected, objected, and worst of all, ignored. She stirs the pot as she believes is necessary to restore her status in the real world. She wants to be invited to the party and fit in. Yes, she’ll need to cultivate some decorum along the way, but remember to include her. No manners and appropriate behavior can be expected until she is summoned. The theme on the global level: all must be respected, included, counted and there can be no exclusion or inequality.

While this may seem unlikely, do recall that Jupiter and Saturn match wits in early Aquarius in the waning days of December.

Back in 2016 during the U. S. Presidential election, the theme was Uranus conjunct Eris. Don’t let those bastards exclude you was a rallying cry. I will take care of the forsaken and those who are downtrodden. I will protect your interests. In 2020, Jupiter intends to truth test the results per his high bar; Saturn works to restore his view of order; and Pluto lusts to deal with plutocrats in the way he prefers to deal with things.

Two terms recently appeared in cultural vernacular. Both refer to Eris’ actions and intentions. First, we are now familiar with “gaslighting.” This is when someone or an institution creates a campaign with the design to cause individuals to question their reality. The second term comes from the organization vocabulary of Netflix and offers a positive look at what Eris can do. To “sunshine” (or sunshining) is when one acknowledges a misstep or explains decision in front of friends, family, peers or even the world for total transparency. During 2020 Jupiter works to restore truth, reality and in so doing, he demands that clear reason and non convoluted rationale underscore decisions, platforms and beliefs used to predicate actions.

But before Jupiter gets going, Ceres in Capricorn squares Eris on the 13 January. Saturn squares Eris on the 15 January. This is a monumental set of transits. It will now be evident what parameters are required to set the year straight. The plan is there. However, it’s a heap to process. Some leap onboard; others hesitate. Saturn smiles, reminding everyone that over the course of the year, step by step, stone by stone, as he likes to go, he will advance and construct what is required to create a world that shuns no one.

Lofty? Yes. Will it all come to pass? Again, that depends on how fully and how swiftly those in the positions to take the helm can assume the station. There’s a heap of subtext in here. And between these transits in January and the end of September, specifically, the 29th, when Saturn stations one degree and ten minutes of an arc from an exact square to Eris, subtle implications become full blown, consciously applied plans.

Personally, get involved. Find the causes that feed your soul - personally, socially, spiritually, collectively - and engage. Apply logic, method, planning and reason over time with emotional dedication. The challenges and tasks at hand are life-changing, and as such, they insist upon complete commitment.

Closing on the first month of 2020, on 26 January Pluto in Capricorn Squares Eris in Aries. Consider this the last hurrah of the negative Pluto characteristics: greed, corruption, abuse, exploitation, whatever people do for their own benefit only with no regard for consequence. Have fun plutocrats. Things are fixing to go all Erissian cattywampus before two shakes of a dead lamb’s tail. For continuity of these massive causes, Pluto retrogrades through the square to Eris on 15 June, and finishes up on 10 December with his last square as Jupiter and Saturn take first steps in Aquarius. Carefully watch the financial markets in these times and trust your instincts to protect your assets and investments. Pluto has been known to prick a bubble or two just for fun.

Given Pluto and Eris are slow solar system movers, expect these transits to last for weeks, possibly months on either side of the dates of exactitude.

At the end of the first quarter of the year, Jupiter, ready to play, fully engages. Remember that Jupiter long ago enlisted the assistance of Eris to aid him in reversing the order of the heavens for political perspective to be restored to his liking. At the end of March Jupiter squares Eris with Pluto in a 36' conjunction (26 March). Jupiter forms the retrograde square to Eris on 26 June, and finishes his agenda with the final square from Capricorn to Aries on 17 November. The world may seem upside down, but Jupiter maintains his reasons.

The transits to Eris will be addressed again and again as the year goes on to ensure Eris receives proper attention. As well, any newly named objects or promising discoveries in the solar system will be disclosed.

Realizing this all feels like a lot, it is. And the outcome of 2020 portends good will and progress. It’s work to get there. Hope must be relentlessly maintained. Creative fires must be fanned with vigor. Tasks in the interest of the good of all taken. This next year is a handful... and at the end of the year, hands heaped with hope scoop deep into the well of the waters required to nurture and evolve this planet.

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