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When a Door Closes ~ 19 Sep 2017

Last weekend the Cassini Space Probe, most known for its revelatory exposé of Saturn and his moons, fuel expended, did the swan song thing and took a swan dive into Saturn itself. Pictures continued to transmit back to NASA central for a while after the death of the probe. For those who would like to explore Saturn’s own solar system, here’s a link to the images:

Cassini launched back in October 1997. Reading the news of Cassini’s purposeful demise reminded me that years ago at a conference I was approach by an enthusiastic young astrologer who, charts in hand, insisted that upon launch Cassini would malfunction, explode or crash and the supply of plutonium powering the spacecraft would rain down upon the Earth ending the existence of our planet. Having looked at the horoscopes of hundreds of space launches, I assured him that his dire prediction would not come to pass and humanity would go on and regardless of your opinion of space exploration, abundances of information would be gained. He remained insistent and labeled me as archaic in my astrological views.

Suffice it to say, we have learned much about our solar system and Saturn during the Cassini probe years. Soon, in December, Saturn’s tenure in Sagittarius concludes. A door on a Saturn cycle completes and Saturn ventures into his own sign (by rulership) and the sign in which he travels the fastest because he is closest to the Sun during the time of Capricorn - all good things.

Prior to the Saturn door closing, a planet transit window opens. Before you know it, Jupiter takes on Scorpio. On October 10th Jupiter dips into Scorpio for about a year of dwelling within all of Scorpio’s reputed darkness.

Now before predictions run amok into forecast Stephen King like plots for the collective, consider that presently things feel unsteady. Over the next several days Jupiter opposes Uranus. It feels chaotic, unpredictable and as if shoes can drop. And a heap of stuff is in Virgo presently as we pass through the new moon (with Mercury, Mars and Orcus in Virgo). There’s a key point here. Pay attention and switch to immediate “fix-it” mode. When you notice the squeaky door hinge, at least it’s time to oil it. Perhaps the hinge requires replacement. Perhaps a new door might be in order... one that can keep out Scorpionic boogie men.

The point is: escalate attention in this transiting transitional era - from Jupiter’s sign change through Saturn’s sign change. Fix everything you can with the most permanent fix possible. That way, when you’re running out the door to an urgent meeting, the door will not break, delaying your trajectory toward a life-changing opportunity.

So, with situations in life over which you have control swiftly fix them. Should the anticipation of Jupiter in Scorpio conjure up scary transit images, fix it. Fortify yourself with personal confidence based upon documentation of real world skills, creative resources, clarity of consciousness and reenforced determination to pursue personal dharma.

Sure Jupiter in Scorpio will encourage some to forecast the deployment of nuclear weapons, the meltdown of the economic system and the certain occurrence of a zombie apocalypse.

My forecast is that each person must expand their view of all matters Scorpionic:

Find your passion for life.

Live today as if it is your last day.

Pursue your greatest dreams with unlimited enthusiasm.

Dig into your creativity and gather it all into a cohesive collection of talent to be applied.

Enjoy the emotional fullness of life.

Realize that when a door closes a window opens.

Here’s my number one tip for enjoying Jupiter in Scorpio... it is true that on the road of life not all days are good days. When a bad day happens, notice it. Listen to the creaking doors. Observe the signs of things falling into disarray. Agree to enjoy the chaos, instability, setbacks. Absolutely savor the fact that a bad day is in progress. Make it the best bad day ever. When you do, absurdity and irony make themselves known, and those realizations lead to shifts in consciousness and subsequently, application of consciousness.

Of course, it goes without saying, it’s your personal best bad day. This does not need to include any other person in your life.

Scorpio does rule the vast psychic sea within. Jupiter embellishes everything he touches.

Take time for your personal emotional reaction. With Jupiter, engage it, exaggerate it, embellish it and evolve from it. If there’s something you need to improve, do so. If there’s something you need to enhance, get on with it. Then, get back in the groove and lay down the tracks required to transport you to fulfillment of your aspired visions.

Sure the world’s unstable and your knee caps might feel gelatinous with Jupiter opposing Uranus. What does this make your psychic sea really feel? What is it you regret not pursuing? Does the rising tide of Jupiter in Scorpio feel like its going to sweep you away and lose you in creative abandon? Fantastic!

The final consciousness download of Saturn to the Galactic Center is upon us and will be complete by the end of November. Concurrently, the elevation of ecstatic pursuit of life purpose tasks and use of gifts granted by the Creator within this incarnation throw up the window sill of the next opportunity faster than you can say Rumpelstiltskin.

Slightly more than three months remain in this year. I can think of no better way to harness creative talents and to put together a plan to make this year more than imaged it could be at its start than to get a reading. Or order a Galactic Report. I thoroughly enjoy consultations in which creative aspirations are placed upon a time line. Click on!

Finally, my short film Elevator Pitch next screens at the Sunscreen West Film Festival, Hermosa Beach, California on October 7th. For details: And a Bollywood short film that I cowrote, Turned Out, is now in the final stages of post-production and is being submitted to festivals. Stay tuned.


Stay tuned: Elevator Pitch ~ the Movie

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