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Machinations of Magic and Mystery ~ 15 Jan 2020

Given we had such a messy transfer of power with Mars moving from Aries to Taurus last week, and given the aspects from Mars and other transits to Uranus, it’s time to reset thinking, perception of what lies ahead, and the pursuit of the Great Mystery that somehow, despite all evidence to the contrary does oversee the outcomes of choices made by humans.


Some might reply: Sure, pal, COVID-19 is out of control and it seems vaccines can’t be made fast enough. World leaders flex their “I’m making nuclear weapons faster than you can imagine” muscles. And of course, politics in the U.S. of A. is bat guano crazy.


Is there any hope for the world?


Yes. But first, some perspective. Last week when we had the storming of the U.S. Capitol, Jupiter stood in a tense semi-square with Neptune. Obviously, rabid is not a strong enough word. On January 20th, inauguration day, Saturn stands in that same aspect with Neptune. Given Saturn is the alleged supreme nay-sayer, plan crusher and all of that contraction consciousness, the outcome, while a bit crazed, will not be the same as it was last week.


In orb and exact on 21 January, Ceres conjoins Neptune in Pisces. True, this can be fanatical advocacy and demands by those perceiving themselves as victims, must have their due. However, with Neptune, there’s always that weird reflection thing. What is perceived may not be the reality after all. Time for some honest conscious attention to beliefs prior to advocating for that which may not actually benefit ones causes.


That said, the day of the Ceres-Neptune conjunction, the U.S. Presidential inauguration will be a done deal. It’s time for all consciousness raisers (not razers) to do the their part to get this world started and moving without fearful speculations, and to streamline anger within advocacy. Keep in mind that Ceres was willing to starve herself as well as the entire planet to secure the release of her daughter from the underworld. That’s more than a tad of “cut off your nose to spite your face” or “shoot oneself in the foot” agenda.

Here’s what you can do to engage the Ceres-Neptune alignment with more optimal results.


First and foremost: Decide what you are going to do when your “group” is eligible for receiving the coronavirus vaccine. Whatever you decide to do, keep in mind that Saturn is in play to both Ceres and Neptune. What you elect as your option may impact your functionality in real world engagement later. Factor that within the choice.


Next, advocate to restore your inner magic and mystery. Advocate against any internal editor. Set your sites on your aspirational attributes and attitudes such that any person in your life who seeks to quell your inspired objectives does not diffuse your enthusiasm and motive. Consult with your spirit to ensure that should all your dreams come true, the results stand as perfectly consistent with your drive... your destiny... your dharma.


Yeah, it’s that big. It’s also “be careful what you wish for” and there’s also the element of separating dreamy idealism with what you’re willing to do to manifest the best in your life. This is because on 23 January, Psyche turns direct in Gemini, plotting a path to alignment with the North Lunar Node on 8 March. You only have six weeks to get it going as to reap what’s possible in 2021.


Why do we care about that rock in the asteroid belt, Psyche? Shh! She might hear you. She knows that her physical make-up was recently assessed to be worth more than the global economy! Your personal quest in this six-week run is to realize the value of your psyche and work with your dreams and affirmative essence to make good on your personal promise of incarnation.


The hope that magic will apply to life does not end there. Come 12 March, Ceres conjoins Chiron in Aries. Also that day, the Sun and Venus tightly bracket Neptune in Pisces. Conscious attention applied to the value of imagination, inspiration and creativity reaps the best rewards. This is a powerful time for inspired sorts to move center stage and redirect the mayhem that has been mundane life for the past year.


With Ceres conjunct Chiron in Aries, the call for every person on Earth to do their part to end this damn pandemic will be louder than ever. It is also a time in which the reality of when life might return to normal can be assessed. Here’s the best personal safety tip for this era: When faced with prospect of what is good for what ails you, avoid the urge to knee jerk against it. Take the time necessary to ponder the both sides of the coin considerations deep within your psyche per Psyche in Gemini. And make sure that what you decide to believe in and in which you invest the totality of your faith, supports your best interests and goals. Thus, at the end of the day, per Ceres and Chiron in Aries, you feel simply awesome about yourself, what you’re doing and what you believe.


The cosmic cheerleaders above that we call planets and asteroids and Kuiper Objects have their magical megaphones positioned. If you listen, they can be heard intoning their hope for the world, “Let’s go, Team Humankind”


Here’s to vision, fearlessness, creativity, magic and mystery.


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