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Rays From Uranus ~ 9 Apr 2021

While this title may read like a sci-fi movie title from the 1950s, astronomers recently reported curious x-rays detected from Uranus. While the planets out through Saturn have been determined to reflect radiation, including x-rays, from the Sun, this is a new find within the colder gaseous giants (Uranus and Neptune). Before we explore these energetic emanations, first a reminder...

Today, Venus aligns with Eris in Aries. On the 12th, the Sun has his turn in conjunction with Eris, on the 16th Mercury stands with Eris and on the 22nd Ceres stands with Eris. With each of these transits the instinct that mayhem may serve useful purposes likely is off-kilter. With Eris easily it is possible to exhibit behavior that result in isolation, dismissal, rejection, exclusion or excommunication. While picking up rabble-rousing flags and banners, make sure the protest serves a valid purpose that would please the likes of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. Ensure any campaign is a war that should be fought and that battles engaged can be won as cumulative stepping stones toward the largest of life goals. If not, these transits indicate a discernment and discretion zone.

With that reminder pinned, Ceres to Eris is likely to be the most confrontational of those days. Let’s add to this that the same day, Venus moves into conjunction with Uranus in Taurus, initiating a trend with two personal planets and the Sun all in direct alignment with the spectacularly beautiful ringed planet. Before proceeding, let’s have a look at this amazing, weirdly inclined gaseous wonder.



Let’s return to the x-ray phenomena which some news sources posted on April 1st - April Fools Day. While it was no joke and while Uranus symbolically could play the fool in the Tarot deck, the importance of the Uranian x-rays is profound and requires no folly.

Astronomers contend that Uranus likely reflects solar x-rays. As do Jupiter and Saturn, the rings of Uranus also seem to be a source of x-rays. Still, other x-rays detected do not yet possess a clear explanation... as astrologers might anticipate.

X-rays in the medical world serve the purpose of looking within a body and assessing the physical condition of things. They are particularly useful for examining the skeletal structure (Saturn). Point being, x-rays assist in determining the physical reality of the infrastructure at hand at the time of the “look,” or the exposure.

The realization of x-rays sourced by Uranus in Taurus is particular useful as a real-world looking glass. Since Uranus is associated with the excitation in life required to jump through the valance level shifts of major life changes, perhaps now, such shifts and restructuring can be accomplished with the scrutinizing insight of x-ray perceptions at hand. Should change be perceived as less “unpredictable” and instinctively aligned with the critical flex/bend points of life to ensure breakage does not occur, perhaps a greater willingness to shifting gears the next time Uranus impacts your chart can create ease in receptivity and remove dogged resistance to the inevitabilities of life.

Anyway, later in April, Venus, Mercury and the Sun (in that order) transit through exact conjunctions with Uranus in Taurus.

Venus does so on 22 April, Mercury mimics Venus on 23 April and the Sun completes the conjunction triptych on 29 April.

Venus with Uranus seeks a clear financial assessment of things. How’s it going in the real world? Do you have enough money? Chipping away at whatever coronavirus debt may have occurred? Can you project having the resources to accomplish what needs to be accomplished in the next three to twelve (or the next time Venus meets up with Uranus) months? Most important: Is what you have to offer and bring to the table appropriately valued by the world? If yes, cool. If no, what are you going to do differently to secure this outcome? One last deeper dive point here... are you valuing your outer world assets and worth combined with your inner talents and skills in abundant measure?

Keep in mind that the day Venus moves to conjoin Uranus, Ceres moves to conjoin Eris.

Mercury with Uranus does portray the fool. It can be foppish. It is a fine time for puns. However, should one choose to invoke fop-like communications, verify before uttering there is a point to the jab or utterance. Shakespeare’s fops were typically insightful Yoda-like messengers. The jokers and wise crackers in any Aaron Sorkin screenplay slice to the marrow of the matter with their “silly” insights rich with revelatory truth in humor. Here, say what you must and especially what you’ve been sitting on because you weren’t sure if it would impact your economic world or not. However, as you blurt, tweet, twerk or Igram, do your dangest to let the x-rays of Uranus shine and shimmer through rendering clarity of the cosmic infrastructure behind insight.

The Sun with Uranus is the most powerful of these transits not only because the Sun is the largest object and central object in our solar system, but because Uranus no doubt reflects solar emanations and in this case, insightful x-rays.

Here, change cannot be denied. The spotlight shines upon the exposed x-ray image. The conscious reality declares: This is the condition. This is the situation. If it’s not fitting with the intended outcome, change it. Should it not support the weight and energy requirements of real world realities, enhance it. Seek out the clarity and insight necessary for proper duo diligence of what’s on your plate of life. Then, fortify yourself, seek all resources required, and when availability matches up with the need, engage and lock it in place.

The Sun and Uranus in Taurus require an absolute commitment to cause. There can be no Plan B reassuring the subconscious. There can be no fall back strategies or “I can always do what I did before if this doesn’t work out” elements to your current state of enlightenment. Clear conscious commitment that is unfettered and uninhibited meets the clarity of change criterions.

Should you have the sense that there’s no tread on the road yet, the Sun to Uranus event is your time to declare you’re on the road to your perceived nirvana. Should you need to see more data to believe post-coronavirus life is in place and things are back to normal that won’t happen. Life may appear somewhat the same to how it was before. But it’s not. Everything has changed. Most important, you and your perceptions have changed. Everything is different no matter what the illusion of normalcy declares. Use the x-ray emanations of Uranus and seek out any and all underpinnings in all levels of consciousness to ensure the pursuit of what is worth pursuing is clearly in your sights and that your agenda is full and fecund.

More soon.

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