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Sisyphean Seesaw ~ 26 Sep 2020

Realizing most of the world has not changed clocks back to standard time yet, we seem regulated by Sisyphean time. Yes, there is the sense of hope and self-confidence that the equinox stirred despite the mundane news. There is the hope of better days with the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction coming up on the solstice despite the mundane news. In terms of personal challenges, we push the proverbial boulder up the even more proverbial hillside, pause to wipe sweat from our eyes and clear out protective masks and the damn stone rolls back on our foot, or worse back down the hill a sizeable distance.

It’s like that in life in general these days. One day everything flows. Everyone is cooperative. Things get ticked off the list. The very next day everything seems to fall apart. The goalposts of completion get moved to what seems to be an out-of-range distance no matter how much leg one can get into the kick. From savoring progress to wallowing in setbacks it’s an emotional Möbius Strip out there in the real world.

How can this be so much of a seesaw?

Jupiter and Saturn, plain and simple. It’s the present day juggling act of expansion and contraction. It’s the difference between a burst of carefree progressive speed and a squeeze of cautionary reconsideration. It’s the contrast between optimism and pessimism. It’s the contrast between luck and earning your way though.

How do we cope with such oscillations? A reset to the core principles of the planets in question might offer some support. Consider applying the protocols and parameters of the planets setting the stage.

Jupiter’s Protocols

Delete any thoughts or beliefs that conflict with your objective(s). Affirm the belief that luck is partly the effort one extends with enthusiastic optimism which leads to landing upon the right place at the right time.

Example: Give up the idea that a person in a-b-c situations never gets to do x-y-z, especially if that’s you and your current situation. Go for Pollyanna and believe good things do happen and they can happen to you.

With non contributing thoughts and beliefs dismissed, write down - as in write down on paper - what you do believe and declare it to the cosmos. Make a dramatic and ceremonial proclamation of same to the cosmos. Keep this to yourself so you can make it as passionate as it needs to be.

Define your worthiness based upon all skills, tools and creative assets whether latent or cultivated. All these qualities verified to exist can no longer be denied.

Alert yourself to what an opportunity looks like or smells like and vow to consider all opportunities fully without discrimination. Accept all offers and opportunities that contribute to your basic operational philosophy and life goals whether or not the circumstance looks like something you would have ever imagined yourself doing.

Prescription for Jupiter:

Apply all the above between now and the next solstice commencing with the next lunar conjunction to your natal Jupiter. Do it again when the transiting Moon squares, Jupiter. Then again for the opposition of the current Moon to your natal Jupiter. Again for the next square. When the Moon returns to align with your birth Jupiter again, apply all you learned, realized and concluded from this most recent cycle. Start the process again. In each step, apply a brain cleanse to ensure that any perception of difficulty or actual obstacle can be kept in perspective and conjure levers and mechanisms to remove such obstacles.

Saturn’s Parameters

Define where you are relative to your largest life goals. Find a definable measure and honestly recognize your current state of progress. Confirm any and all milestones of accomplished progress. Realize how must yet be traversed. Figure out how much energy that will take.

Create a list of what you can do with the resources available to close the gap on your goals. Budget available energy and energy that will be regularly renewed to these tasks.

Determine what you need to acquire from others in terms of skill, experience, resources. Make a plan for reaching out to include those with skills and assets that contribute to your goals.

Determine when you need to conduct such asks and do so concisely and full of confidence, realizing your objective supercedes all perceptions of personality or ego.

Commit to accepting input from those further down the road than yourself in terms of experience and wisdom. Peer review need not apply. Opinions from friends and family may serve the interests of friends and family as far as your relationship with them is concerned. Filter carefully.

Do something every day to get closer to your goals. Remember, any job worth doing is worth applying the best of your time, skill, talent and energy.

Prescription for Saturn:

Repeat the prescription for Jupiter, substituting Saturn for Jupiter. Engage and work this plan fully.

Here’s the bottom line: Jupiter recently turned direct and appears focused on his alignment with Saturn (yes, and first Pluto). Saturn kicks off next week by turning direct on Monday. This is the time to get 2020 back on the tracks and put some miles between yourself and what used to be. The past is not the present. The present is not the future.

Maintain your loftiest visions. Keep your powder dry and ensure your personal getting-it-going gearbox runs in tip-top shape. Remember, as the aged bumper sticker likes to remind: Shift happens.

More soon.

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In other news, the script for ZAP! was upgraded in one film festival to finalist. Contracts and COVID-19 documents have been promulgated and the shooting schedule and shot list recalibrated in honor of Jupiter and Saturn turning direct. Less that three weeks to the filming of ZAP! Immediately upon filming we commence the editing process. That means is I need to button up credits by October 12th. So, if you have the inclination to donate to the film and be credited, or if you’d like to participate as a co-executive producer, this needs to happen before October 12th so you can be included. For those who have donated thus far, thank you! I greatly appreciate your generosity.

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