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Cosmic Check In ~ 20 Oct 2018

As the year winds down, holidays approach and assessments of calendric checkpoints occur, a quick cosmic check in seems in order. How’s it going with the planetary patterns overhead? Feeling enough support for your ongoing activities?

This next week three potent aspects deserve conscious attention. If well-applied, not only can one gather low hanging fruit, but also figure the means and methods for reaching to loftier objectives and aspirations, harvesting hard-to-reach fruits as well.

First up, on 26 October, Venus conjoins the Sun in Scorpio. This is not an average conjunction. This is a direct alignment of the Earth-Sun-Venus that marks the midpoint of the Venus retrograde era. For those deliberating as to whether the trigger should be pulled on a major purchase, how to reconcile personal interactions, or if it’s the right time to make a pitch to an investor, the answer is a clear, conscious profile of matters mundane that suit your interest can be figured. So you have nearly a week to finish up necessary mundane details: get the proverbial ducks in a row, make up documents defining comparable profits for concepts similar to, but not as great as yours, and consciously clarify any relationship need not yet articulated. Get all of what you want in the planetary master mix.

The very next day, 27 October, Ceres in Libra opposes Eris in Aries. This aspect ascribeCosmic Check In ~ 20 Oct 2018s to finding a perfect social fit, creating professional alignment with work that suits your greatest attributes, but first and foremost, ensuring a perfect fit of your soul to you body. While the urge to advocate for oneself runs into the redline of the urgency spectrum, those who are centered, grounded and knowing the claims they seek to fulfill naturally align with the nature of their spirit gain the most ground.

There could be an urge to press forward for a campaign with a fervent approach that touches on aggression. If irrationally motivated or if unfounded and ungrounded, the result of the campaign could be that of winning a battle while losing a war. Ensure moral high ground. Ensure impeccability between actions and claimed beliefs before proceeding. Before raising any banner, or taking on any conquest, assess the end game. What do you actually gain by mounting the campaign stirring within? Is your purpose in life furthered? Is the foundation of your mundane world strengthened? Is your spirit fortified and nourished by the pursuit?

This should be an interesting time in the world out there. Political turbulence and upheavals are likely. Certainly raising a placard and having your voice heard matters, but having an actual solution to advance when in the presence of those with the ability to transact change, goes way further. At least, vote!

Following up on the 28th, Mercury aligns with Jupiter in Scorpio. This would be an ideal time to offer up some wish power to the receptive universal ear. Take time to make those wishes on the stars seen in the night sky, on your goal sheets, or during your meditations. Most important, underscore every wish with intention and know that behind every intention the energy and will to press forward until completion matches up with all openings the Universe provides.

These are certainly times thick with ambient noise... most of it not entirely useful. Applying the dates above should wrap up this month in good order and set up the last two months of the year for enhanced development.

Should the background noise be a bit much, a SkyScraping reader connected me with a space website that cannot only filter the noise, but perhaps provide some amazing abstract inspiration. Below is a link to a series of energy constellations devised by NASA. We know that we perceive the planets against a sort of arbitrary background in space we call the zodiac. However, what NASA did, is assign curious and fascinating images to locations in which the gamma ray energy in space is particularly potent. This set of constellations is both physical and energetic!

Admittedly, I’ve not had a lot of time to explore this high energy zodiac and as such, I have no idea what interpretive impact might be possible. Gamma rays however, do work well in transmuting energy, and more to our concerns, circumstances. Should the energy behind a situation in life be consciously altered, gamma rays contend, different results can be extracted with such an attitudinal shift. With that in mind, here’s the link:


Gamma Ray Constellations

Meanwhile, it is thick out there and the background noise of life can be downright distracting. So, I’m offering a special sale for those seeking ongoing support as part of their cosmic check-in and soul-based reality check. Through Halloween night, the Galactic Report and multiple consultation packages (two or three consultations purchased in advance) are significantly discounted. For those who know they will need time to process and apply a session, then want another session or two to support new and reaffirmed efforts, check it out here:

Cosmic Check-In Sale

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