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Mercury’s Rx Midpoint Matrix ~ 10 Jun 2021

First, a Mercury retrograde note regarding Alicanto. Following the last post and prompted by some reader questions, I reviewed the JPL orbital data of its orbital track in right ascension and declination. When I made the comment about natal placements in Taurus, I neglected to consider the more rapid speed with which Alicanto travels when near perihelion (it now travels the sign of perihelion) as a function of its extreme eccentricity. We are indeed fortunate to be living in the time where this Kuiper Belt Object can provide an array of signs for those incarnating the the last century as well as the one we are in. When I receive data, I will advise of my ability to calculate an accurate birth position for Alicanto, as well as the other Kuiper Objects. Regardless, even when moving as fast as it can, a transit from Alicanto competes with molasses in winter for glacial movement. Now, onto the show...


A matrix involving patterns coincident with Mercury movements appears in the mirage on the near horizon. Within the next hours, Mercury’s retrograde motion encounters the Sun’s direct motion in Gemini, which marks the technical midpoint of Mercury’s retrograde era. As well, this conjunction in a sign that Mercury rules. Finally, Mercury and the Sun oppose the position of the Earth in Sagittarius.

What does this mean? Get clear in your mind, and if your mind rings true, get going and get going good. Sign on the dotted line. Anything that has occupied deliberation space in your brain steps forward to the decision-making corner. Decide and do. Should you not be able to make a decision here and now, decide to not decide and shelve the issue until Mercury clears the retrograde shadow on 7 July. Don’t even think about it again until then. Give yourself some relief from mnemonic manipulations and the stresses that accompany same.

Add to this the conjunction and occurring within hours of the Mercurial alignment: Ceres conjunct Uranus in Taurus, virtually squaring Saturn in Taurus. Ceres will exactly square Saturn tomorrow and Uranus direct precisely squares Saturn’s retrograde Aquarian backpedaling on 14 June.

What’s all this? First of all, should you be riled up about some sort of campaign or cause, there are a couple of important factors required before your next steps. Asks Taurus, “Where’s the money going to come from to do this advocacy you have in mind?” If you have an answer, proceed. If you lack the resourcefulness to get it going good, step back and figure where and how you can secure what is needed. Then, ask yourself if you’re making noise and loudly banging pots, or if you have a viable solution to offer the world. Should you lack a solution, Saturn in Aquarius recommends stepping back until you have resolutions that work well in the collective and for which collective support can be rallied.

Mercury at its retrograde midpoint and Ceres and Uranus and Saturn appear to be stage setting as Mars enters Leo tomorrow. While it’s true Mars in Leo could be boisterous and bombastic, the important consideration to remember is: every person with a horoscope has Leo in their chart.

Where is that Leo component of you and what about it requires agitation into stimulation into completely creative application? This is no time for false modesty. This is no time to apologize for what you know you must do in order to manifest the greatest of the gifts and attributes the Creator granted you with your incarnation.

So, learn to strut or sashay or swivel however it is that you must to draw the attention to your presence upon this planet. False modesty, feigned shyness or toxic timidness have no place in the Martian surge onstage from tomorrow through 29 July. Here comes a time to rock and roll with the volume high enough to be heard and not so loud as to distort the signal... or message.

If you were a stage actor, you would project to the person in the most-distant row of the highest placed balcony. Know what the current environment demands and fully fill that space. Hold nothing back. Be brave and bold, knowing that you have fulfilled Saturn’s requirements and that the stage you stride upon is primed for your presence. Know that any Uranian alternatives held close to the heart of Ceres will make sense when outlined with fully developed plot points and a clear sense of from whence you came to the end game that represents your destination marker ahead. Know also that you fully understand the current mindset and processes of the specific demographics within your voice and your reach.

When at this Mercury matrix point realize that when the light changes from red to green, it’s time to accelerate and to do so swiftly and smoothly. No burning rubber. No fishtailing from the display of speed. Smooth and proper acceleration to the conditions of the road in the moment. Be bold, magnanimous and on point.

More soon.

Should you be looking to fortify the baseline beliefs or strategy behind the tasks demanding your attention, this could be a signal from the road that it’s time for a consultation (or series of). Or maybe it’s time for a Galactic Report or perhaps deeper delving into the astrological details that are available. Or if you’re simply curious, here’s to the links below offering their intrigue.


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