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Planet 9, Not Planet X ~ 21 Jun 2017

Happy Solstice to all and here’s to many more.

Why add “here’s to many more?” Well, on May 25th a member of the Brazilian senate took to the floor and announced the certain destruction of Earth in October resulting from the collision of Earth with Nibiru, a.k.a. Planet X. He announced that two-thirds of Earth’s population would be killed in the collision and two-thirds of the one-third who survive will succumb to starvation, disease and other apocalyptic ailments. I don’t know what his data sources are, but those are hard-core, definitive proclamations requiring no legislation.

The fires of Planet X fervor have been sadly and wildly fanned again. The videos, e-mails and posts re: Nibiru are again appearing at a frenetic pace.

First of all, there is no Planet X, Nibiru. What are my sources for my declaration? I have personally discussed this matter with one of the greatest Kuiper Belt experts and have conducted vast amounts of research on the topic.

Second, if we were to be destroyed by a collision with Planet X, every amateur astronomer in the world would be able to see it now. There could be no NASA cover-up.

Third, if a planet the size of Earth was beyond Pluto and heading inbound, it would not be able to arrive by October.

If a planet the size of Earth was close enough to collide with us in October, by now we would be experiencing gravitational/orbital anomalies. Our tides would be bonkers and likely we’d be off our organic revolutionary trajectory about the Sun.

The facts of Planet X are supposed to be known by NASA, the leaders of our country and other scientifically advanced nations, and the Vatican. Seriously, and no one in the Trump administration has leaked it?

To be fair to this topic which I have long railed against its veracity, I pulled up some online videos and watched them - for as long as I could. The longest I was able to go before hearing a “fact” that was “fake fact” was about a minute in most cases.

It cannot be photographed in pictures and videos if you claim it is a brown dwarf and invisible. One way or the other.

Most of the videos I checked referred to Planet 9, the Mars-sized planet with the 20,000 year orbit by best estimates, and used this strong, likely true astronomical speculation to justify their Planet X disinformation. A video fact or two to establish some semblance of credibility and then a quick sashay into pseudo-science.

You know, eighteen years ago, I wrote a column entitled “YNot2K” for the website of the Science Fiction Channel (now Syfy). Remember Y2K? How computers and a lack of foresight by computer programmers were going to interrupt society as we know it and cause catastrophic mayhem, remember? I held the belief and confidently blogged that Y2K was not a problem. Want to know how I knew? I reset the date in one of my computers to well after the date in question and rebooted my computer. With the post 1 Jan 2000 date in my machine, it worked like a champ.

You know how I know that there is no Planet X? Because I have intensely studied the Kuiper Belt and have a grounded (all misnomer intended) knowledge of astronomy.

Planet X, Nibiru is absolute nonsense. It is not real. No Earth-size planet will collide with Earth this October more than it did at the forecast points previously issued. A random, yet undiscovered asteroid? Who knows? That’s why we need ongoing funding for the Near Earth Object/Potentially Hazardous Object sky search.

If you want to worry about the fate of Earth, consider our international politics. Better than worry, next time you meditate or unroll that yoga mat, send healing vibes to the planet and pray that Un, Putin, May, Assad, Duterte, Trudeau, Macron, senators in Brazil and even Trump favorably respond to the plan of the Powers That Be. My recommendation would be that mortals avoid issuing declarations as to what the ideal outcomes might be, just in case the Powers have a better, more insightful plans than can be perceived from our vantage point.

When you encounter someone espousing the doom and gloom of Planet X, stick an organic cucumber in their word-making orifice so they become unspeakable. Then remind them of the failed prophecies surrounding Y2K, the Photon Belt (if you don’t remember, Google it), then compile a listing of all of the times dating back to the 1990s in which it was promised that Planet X was hell bent on killing us all. None of those came true, by the way.

Maybe it’s because it’s the first day of summer where I live and the record heat intensifies my annoyance with this nonsense. The heat also adds to the “get off the grass” disposition that the Uranus-Eris conjunction continues to underscore. However, according to hard-core reality Saturn in the sign of truth and justice, Sagittarius, it is allowable to hold no patience for those who idly repeat fiction as fact. If we are to learn something from Saturn’s last transit to the Galactic Center this year, let it be that progress and insight must replace ignorance and the addiction to the anticipation of doom that has plagued humanity for time eternal.

Live every day as if everything is at stake, full passion, maximum effort with the greatest insights and clarity available.

Here in Arizona where the Kitt Peak Observatory complex is located, the local tribe calls the astronomers (the observatory is on their land) “long eyes.” Put on your long eyes and get rid of the dang VR glasses. Have far-reaching visions of reality and consider the long-term impact of efforts employed in every moment.

The Sun at the solstice is at what is known as “standstill”because it seems to linger at the peaks of its travel above and below the equator in either solstice. Take a hint from the life-provider of our solar system. Pause, reflect, and when set upon the intention of the organic revolution at hand (as in the Earth traversing the Sun), merge into the flow of how the road unfolds before you.

In three days, Mars in Cancer squares Jupiter in Libra. It’s a great time to collaborate, cooperate and to create projects that will improve every aspect of your existence on Earth... something that can only be accomplished if not worrying about the end of days.

More soon. Next week we take on some potent short term transits ready to aid and abet all those seeking to “make hay” or “grow corn.”

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