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Plotting Planetary Pulses ~ 13 Mar 2019

Tomorrow marks the midway point of the current Mercury retrograde interval - an alignment of Earth, Mercury and the Sun. Make those mundane declarations conscious, clear and constructive. Offer solutions before any underwriting difficulties are noted. Get it rocking... transits are happening. Planets are pulsating.

This morning in my overnight e-mail queue was an article from (a fabulous site for all with aspirations of tuning into the cosmos) that declared that neutrons from distant cosmic sources have been detected by individuals researching the effects of high altitude airline travel. There’s a couple of things to focus on here: First, when flying you will also be exposed to multiple sources of radiation; emanations that it was once assumed could not penetrate our atmosphere or influence us. So, do what you need to do to offset the effects of radiation while traveling. Even if not flying, be aware that pollution thins our protective atmosphere and more radiation makes it to the surface of Earth, so do what you need to do nutritionally to mitigate radiation effects.

Second, the confirmation of the presence of such radiation actually confirms that objects way out there, well beyond the grasp of gravitational guidance, impact and influence us each and every day. In fact, we are constantly infused with energy that passes right through us from cosmic sources.

A very unique and specific energy emanation source out there, SS433, at 20 Capricorn 19 (plus or minus a minute or so) currently finds itself bracketed by Saturn and Pluto, both of whom throughout the next year or so will directly engage this anomalistic object by conjunction. Now seen as a complex black hole system, SS433 possesses a maverick “shoot-from-the-hip” reputation. Its energy belches from its core, often jetting off with extreme flares. Bear in mind these narratives to define SS433's controversial nature come from astrophysicists.

Half the time, 82 days, SS433 appears to be approaching (blue-shifted light). The other half of the time, SS433 uses the 82 days to demonstrate a receding nature (red-shifted light). Sort of like Aloha or Namasté... it can be either a greeting and a farewell. Most important to functioning in the mundane, SS433 recommends a head-ups, straight ahead, extroverted approach to life for about a week short of three months - almost the coveted “quarter” deemed invaluable for corporate reports and other assessments. Then, SS433 strongly suggests stepping back, surveying recently appearing options, surmising as to which might be most consistent with soulful goals, and submitting to a review, revision, rewrite interval. Certainly, forward motion still occurs, but at a somewhat throttled down rate while such cosmic infusions and revisions receive installation. Sort of a “pardon our dust” sign posted as progress on all levels occurs.



While some might fawn over the importance of always applying evolutionary, progressive agendas, this is actually a precessive agenda - based upon the organic precession of a black hole object that inspires out-of-the-box thinking, relies upon alternative consciousness, and all the while with its Capricorn foothold, ensures that current infrastructure supports innovation and evolution. A compact and tidy totemic vision for progress. Very cool.

SS433 possesses another short-term cycle worthy of notation. This is a 13.1 day cycle that renders a week-on/week-off (6.55 days) approach to life. One week is “full speed ahead, damn the torpedoes.” The next six and a half days require reflection, reserve and reconsideration of the results of the preceding week.

Granted these SS433 effects are stronger for those with natal chart alignments with this galactic anomaly. However, the ongoing exchanges with Saturn and Pluto influence the collective, and submit for consideration that this configuration is a worthy image for all to ponder and apply.

Think of the planets as crystals that focus the emanations of galactic objects when they pass between those distant cosmic wonders and our position on space station Earth. The vibes reach us more focused and contextualized for use in our solar system reality as a result of planetary projection. A different resonance will certainly be felt in other solar systems with their own specific collection of planets observing the same SS433 influences relative to its position in the Cosmos.

So perhaps you do not feel resonance with SS433. That’s fine. Find your unique personal resonance. During the remainder of Mercury retrograde, apply the generally dispensed caution of hesitation in the face of action, or review of words about to be expressed, to conduct your own energy assessment survey of the Universe as it passes above you.

Make an effort to get outside twice a day and render your eyes onto the sky. Take a moment to perceive every pulse that comes your way perfected to your localized worldly application by planetary focusing. You know, this can be done during daylight hours as well. Just because you cannot see the stars because of the Sun’s inescapable brilliance, stars, galaxies and black holes still stand above, doing what they do best... emanating and inspiring through the focus of the potent planetary objects in our solar system.

Feel your natural Cosmic resonance. Note the cycles and vibrations, then with those as your guide, put yourself out there when you need to be out there. Retreat when required and repose to refill your energy reservoirs. You know what? Regardless of Mercury retrograde, or any other ongoing collective transit, your groove will be felt. Your personal precessionary best insights and actions will be good to go, and with idealized personal resonance.

More soon.

Should you be interested in honing in with the galactic pulses that impact your planets, a Galactic Report would be a great option... a very affordable option. For those interested in a more in-depth view, a consultation stands to open some potent portals, and synch you up with the relevant energy sources. Of course, for those who want to dive deep into to study of galactic effects, The Galactic Trilogy, offers a fabulous alternative. This collection of PDF files (and oodles of pages of narrative and data) can be electronically transmitted to you through to ensure you get started sooner than later.

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