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Getting to Jupiter’s and Saturn’s 2020 Conjunction ~ 15 Jan 2020

On 21 December, as 2020 passes through its waning days, Jupiter and Saturn conjoin at 0 Aquarius 28. In theory, all should be right with the world... humanitarianism and compassion restored and a big, whole world plan to make things right for this planet and all the people on it. Perhaps the restoration of optimistic pragmatism and a perfect balance of expansion and contraction may guide us during this conjunction.

It’s getting from here to there that might seem to be the trick.

So let’s traipse back a few weeks and review the day before the most recent solstice, 20 December. On that day, Venus crossed the degree of the upcoming gathering of the grandest (by size) gaseous giants. Here we were in holiday mode, end-of-year mode and “I need a break from the mundane in order to cope with the highly touted year to come” mode. So, let us assume that during this Venus marker some psychic restoration occurred. Perhaps a review of personal creative worth, material assets and the spiritual values in ones life - in spite of the world - served to recharge personal value batteries. Now, more energized for what lies ahead, the next transit in the sequence can be addressed with enthusiasm and clarity, right?

Tomorrow, Mercury crosses the degree where Jupiter and Saturn shall align. Today, the world presents a political palate of unpleasant humanistic hues. Today pretty much the entire Russian government resigned. The tension in the Middle East remains volatile. Riots persist in Iran... and Hong Kong. Australia continues to burn. Articles of Impeachment are about to be transmitted for trial in the Senate. The first space walk of the year is happening overhead. Prince Harry and Megan seek an autonomous, royalty-free independent brand, and Jeopardy completed the “Greatest of all Time” championship last night. Incidentally, Jeopardy’s abbreviation for the competition appeared to be in total compliance with Capricorn respect issues: GOAT.

So where are you in all this in your world?

With the Mercury engagement to the power conjunction’s degree, it might do a person good to make a list of what they are going to do about it. Not which petitions to sign, or which campaign deserves whatever disposable income you can rummage. What are you going to do? Should you add to the spectrum of available podcasts with your wisdom? Should you write an inspiring book that is not on the nose? Should you develop a dictionary of words that actually mean as they sound and create protocols for people to use them in personal and professional communication? Should you write a law for legislators or labor through the research for those who are fully intent on saving the planet? Maybe collect trash along a highway sporting a safety vest upon which you have inscribed in bright marker: “Please do not litter.” Get creative. Get weird as long as it works. But get the gears going and plan your part.

Within the week, on 20 January, the Sun reaches the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction marker as he engages Aquarius. While the Sun is bright and optimistic and tends to cast off shade thrown, realize that if you let people know what you think, even when asked, they will react through their beliefs, biases and superstitions. More to the point, should you be clear on what you are going to do to become part of the Aquarian amalgamation of brilliant concepts and acts assembled to save the world and the bacon (vegan or otherwise) of all the people on the planet, offer your solutions. Avoid pointing out problems or supercharged positions. Offer remedies to personal, social, political and global maladies that anyone, from any point of view, can see a viable arc of applicability and benefit. And in so doing, you invoke personal ambassadorship for any and all concepts articulated.

On the first day of February, Ceres aligns with the point of Jupiter’s and Saturn’s powwow. Ceres represents passionate advocacy. In her mythological history, she issued ultimatums that presented lose-lose contingencies. She was hard line, livid and languishing. Probably none of those traits fit into an Aquarian jumpsuit. The antidote: advocate from the point of view of the high road, moral ground, and legal frameworks. Create win-win solutions. Seek to spread the greatest benefit as far as can be seen. Inspire all to align with individuals who invoke such considerations. Avoid those who cut off noses in spite of faces and those who tend to aim at their feet when holstering pistols.

Notably, Saturn actually has two prior contacts with the degree at which he later joins with his brother in December. The first contact occurs on 25 March. By retrograde, Saturn repeats a passage of the conjunction degree on 25 June. Either of these times could be considered as monumental for progress. Consider that the lever is perfectly positioned to advance objects along the ideal path. So, in March, submit bills, issue protocols, announce viable improvements to any and every thing requiring enhancement. Then, take a few months, see how it goes, and make adjustments and corrections in June such that as Saturn returns to direct motion in September, significant evolutionary progress is already at hand.

The first Saturn encounter with the hopeful conjunction degree marker occurs within a day of Jupiter in Capricorn squaring Eris in Aries in the first of three encounters this year: 26 March, 26 June, and 17 November. Each of these seek to restore perspective. At first the view may appear disjointed, jarring - entirely the point. With a new angle on old views, the Jupiterian agenda seeks and insists upon immediate reform. These markers also seek to rectify exclusion, inequality and uplift those ignored by organizations, economic institutions, nations and society at large. Personally, these are times to identify and slip into a perfect fit for the soul in the real world.

Similarly, Saturn’s station on 29 September is slightly more than a degree away from an exact square to Eris. Concurrently, Saturn exactly squares Mars, who happens to retrograde back into the precise quadrature. Saturn intends to regulate the institution of all new perspectives invoked, stirred up and kindled by Mars.

Back closer to now, there is one notable precursor occurring within the first quarter of the year a direct function of the aforementioned Mars. On 31 March, Mars aligns with the forthcoming conjunction degree between Jupiter and Saturn. The delineation is simple and straightforward. Without anger, without malice, without charge, whatever must be done to ensure that the optimal results get realized from Jupiter’s and Saturn’s meet up and matching of combined wisdom, get it going now! Don’t hold back. Grand, innovative concepts often take a while for people to wrap around and support. Establish momentum when inertia yields... it’s simply the natural order of things.

There is only one Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in the upcoming cycle. It is up to us to get there from here. It is up to us to develop support for and to apply its influence wisely and completely! And to use that conjunction as well as it can be applied, the staging and illumination need to be positioned for grand revelations ahead.

More to come. Stay tuned!

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