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Sun-Jupiter Extravaganza in Capricornus ~ 14 Dec 2019

Come 27 December, the Sun moves into a conjunction with Jupiter at 5 Capricornus 41 - to state the sign in the old-fashioned format. This conjunction packs extra significance because:

This is an alignment of the two most massive objects in our solar system.

This conjunction occurs within the realm of binary, x-ray, eclipsing pulsars which populate the Sagittarius arm of our spiral galaxy in the general vicinity of the Galactic Center.

The meeting between these giant gaseous bodies happens near the fastest known spinning pulsar.

Ultimately, a Sun-Jupiter conjunction is the most potent of possible transiting aspects because of the massiveness of the objects involved. It may not seem to possess the magnitude of other transits because its maximum effect lasts but days.

Both the Sun and Jupiter agree that a person seeking to create progress and seek fame and fortune must get on with the getting on as soon as the principle, belief system and objective become consciously clear. One can afford no hesitation with these two bodies of impulse. When momentum prevails, it prevails. Those who hesitate lose out. Neither body holds any compassion for resistance, fearfulness or trepidation in the face of immediate opportunity.

Technically, the opportunity cycles of 2020 can be assumed to commence on 27 December 2019. If you have made the effort to check schedules, compare prices, pack adequate supplies and needs and know where the hell you’re boarding this transport vehicle to go, and why, there is no gain in being fashionably late boarding the vehicle of progress and evolution. Get onboard, stow your stuff until you need it, and buckle up. This is going to be big. That is: should you commit to bigness and grandness in every fiber of your being.

Now some may contend Capricorn carries within its boundaries intrinsic cautiousness. The Sun and Jupiter note that conscious, confident and competent life seekers only need to know when to pull the trigger, engage the opportunity and get on with getting on.

Consider that this alignment with the multi-talented pulsars noted above already ride a wave of energy that completely supports daunting objectives. Let’s break down the significance of the pulsars’ attributes.

> Binary: Both sides of any issue can be clearly ascertained. Conscious clarity results in deciding what side to be on. Such clarity requires no second guessing or armchair quarter-backing and if action was taken based upon such conclusive assessment, regret and remorse are avoided.

> X-Ray: Introspection and diving deep without bias or precondition permits a look at what truly resides in the core of any objective. Motive becomes clear and perfects impeccable intentions.

> Eclipsing: This attribute requires reading the room. There is a time to step forward and shine. There follows a time of stepping back to permit emotional grasping of what you just presented. There need be no concern for those who throw shade or gaslight. Your intentions and objectives are clear and in cycling awareness whether in the immediate spotlight or not. Think of this as a superb Tao instinct.

Then there’s the fastest spinning pulsar dealie-bob. This pulsar requires positive affirmation. It notes that negative projections, sabotaging thoughts and worse, statements based upon those thoughts drag a person’s psyche into the depths of despair. So here’s the prompting: Find your issues and laments. Declare them to yourself (or your psychological and/or spiritual guide). Do an energetic releasing session of where the toxicity of that thought resides. Flush it out. Think of or speak of it no more. Create a replacement affirmation that fills the void created by the clearing release.

This last part is huge with the Sun and Jupiter. One must be clear and free of any mechanisms that burr the gears, glitch the system, or induce self sabotage. Affirmations stated must be believed so that they beam out from within and pack the aura with potent brilliance. That’s the ticket!

So, get on board. Whether applied or not, the momentum to overcome the inertia of insecurity dominates the last week of this year. Some will make serious hay. More baling results from those who get on with and do not wait for the traditional turning of the calendar.

The Sun and Jupiter together is an extravaganza. Put all that’s extra and beyond the beyond into every vaganza that appears on your event horizon, activity list or declaration of dharma.

If you to have multiple consultations with me during this next year, I will apply a random discount from my already bundled consultation savings, if you e-mail me before the Sun-Jupiter alignment of 27 December I will send you an invoice for the two or three-consultation package with a randomly generated discount of between 11 and 17 percent from the multiple consultation package! Now that’s a good deal!

There remain a few consultation spots in 2019. Click on below and get scheduled in. Also, check out reports and the Galactic Trilogy.

More next year (unless an astounding astronomical breakthough before).


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