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To Honor Jupiter Direct ~ 9 July 2018

Within the next day Jupiter turns direct, presumably intending to fulfill promises made and nuances implied when he traversed the Scorpio prior to retrogradation. Now it’s a rush through Scorpio for Jupiter as he encourages all to find their bottom line, maximum richness of the creative core, soul-driving motivations and to reset belief systems and conjure philosophical renderings to inspire the pursuit of passion-infused objectives with gusto and exuberance.

Yes, it has been challenging with Jupiter’s retreat in Scorpio. Compounded by Mars retrograde, odd circumstances worthy of movie plot points occur, adding to the complexity of the standard array of more or less expected life circumstances. The pepper tree that fell to storm winds the other day served up such a condition for me last week. Friday evening was spent cutting tree trunks to alleviate pressure on another tree upon which the pepper tree fell. However, during the necessary breaks to wipe dripping sweat from my eyes, it seemed only natural to gaze to the darkening sky and those celestial objects competing for first appearance.

During this sky scan I was reminded me of the spectacle that occurred last week in the local skies while watching the fireworks for our Independence Day celebration. Far more impressive than the fireworks with points of origin likely from a now heavily tariffed country (Scorpio does oversee taxes, tariffs and matters of other money sources) the impressive planetary banner streaming across the sky stole the show from paltry pyrotechnics.

Jupiter loves propitiation, especially to him, or to any power perceived to hold influence over mortals and mundane existence. The planetary banner is still evident of an evening. Should you chose to wander out in the early night (check your local astronomical listings for planet rise and set times, and find a spot free of visual obstructions) and take in the spectacular parade of planets, likely strong seeds can be sown.

In the west, Venus presently transitions from Leo to Virgo. Petition for what you want and need... but at the deepest level possible. Mundane requests may feel flat in the face of Venus’ brilliance. How is it that what you petition to receive serves you purpose for being, supports your cause to make a difference, leaves behind a planet friendly footprint... the kinds of things that ring true with the purity of ones authentic self - the stuff of Venus in Virgo - venerate those “v’s.” If “stuff” can be requisitioned as a tool for fulfilling soulful objectives, those requests can be put forth with the brilliance of perfected propitiation and confidence of full and fair celestial consideration.

Mid-sky (at say 9:30 P.M. ish) Jupiter in Scorpio near the raw red brilliance of the Heart of the Scorpion (Antares) observes and awaits the awe and respect due in honor of his celestial magnificence and demonstrated gravitational prowess. After all, he has successfully captured at least 67 moons. Those who appeal to grabbing power of the lord of the planets are likely to hear back with an opportunistic reply to which they must reach, grab and hold on.

However, Jupiter wants to know a few requisite details. Will the opportunity he presents be graciously received? Is the philosophy in play as the justification system for the request really the ultimate in bottom line beliefs? Jupiter has little patience for requests from those who underneath a bravado of confidence actually feel undeserving and who shirk in the face of grand advancement. Given his tenure in Scorpio, Jupiter insists that a declaration of baseline beliefs be uttered that rings true in the blood in the veins, the marrow in the bones and in the particular atomic fiber of the soul.

So dig deep. Believe what you believe whatever it is. Utter your appeals with determined fervor that holds short of desecration but reveals the soulful resolve of one intent upon the maximum life result achievable.

Next, lingering toward the east Saturn shimmers in a constant and reliable yellow. A sense of approval can be felt within his warm and welcoming light. The approval of noble and rich aspirations can be assured. Now, true to his nature and celestial charge, Saturn insists that you put your foot on the gas and that you drive forward with an efficient and task-effective speed, with commitment and constancy when claiming noble objectives. He wants to see the block chain blueprint, the dharmic diagrams, the plot-rich story boards, and a contingency-rich plan for progress. Upon approval, he winks to Mars, brilliantly rising on the eastern horizon and presently the brightest of the bright in the night sky.

Mars, now retrograde in Aquarius, urges - actually insists - for a final energy check. Is the energy to be applied originating from the high road, good for all place? As Mars returns a glance at Saturn, though not visible to mortals, within the realm of that gaze Pluto holds court from his distant domain. Sure Mars in Aquarius can inspire folks to rally to a cause and prepare to take on the powers that be and/or apply fundamental steps that make this planet a better place. In his current state of retrogradation, he encourages that all requirements of the revolution are in place before pitchforks are grabbed. Actually, a great idea and such preparation pleases Pluto.

With Mars and Jupiter and Saturn and Neptune and Pluto retrograde, the past weeks and months may have felt as if the tide of forward progress has receded. With Mars in reverse, all sorts of weird unexpected challenges may have impeded the Tao of progress. However, within this next day or so, Jupiter, the grandest of the grand, the most massive of the gaseous giants, works his way to a perceived halt (the station of motion as seen from Earth) and then resumes prograde, direction motion back toward advancement and opportunity.

Those looking up with awe and wonder - those propitiating - are likely to benefit the most. It’s a wonderful time to honor the forces of Creation and to appeal to the planets for their assistance in all causes that “crush it” in a good way.

Should you be seeking to maximize the Jupiter station and Scorpionic surge ahead, how about booking a consultation or ordering a Galactic Report for insight and inspiration. With slightly less than a half calendric year remaining, it’s time to make hay.

More soon.

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