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Is Tesla an Asteroid? ~ 16 Feb 2018

Space X’s Falcon Heavy, the most powerful space launch vehicle ever to ascend from Earth, blasted into space at 3:45 P.M. EST on February 6, 2018 from Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Two of three boosters conducted a safe return to Earth in an impressive simultaneous display that rivaled the best sci-fi movies ever. Once in orbit, an additional payload was deployed.

The payload “satellite” was Elon Musk’s personal cherry red Tesla roadster, complete with a mannequin named Starman, at the wheel, Bowie’s “Life on Mars?” in continuous play, Easter eggs in the car, a storage device that contains Asimov’s “Foundation” sci-fi trilogy and the names of 6,000 Space X employees involved in the project.

Yes, Tesla is an asteroid (1952 UW1) with a 4.71 year solar orbit. This new solar system object is not that asteroid which was first discovered in 1952.

This Tesla “satellite is in a solar orbit between the orbital planes of Earth and Mars, stretching out as far from the Sun as Mars, as close to the Sun as Earth. Actually, NASA classifies the Roadster as a Near Earth Object, a category generally reserved for asteroids with proximity to Earth. They are tracking the object as it must be factored into any outward bound launches as a potential navigation hazard.

The Tesla roaster, A.K.S. Starman 2018-17A, also known as -143205, is projected to crash into Venus or Earth in 10 million years are so. It orbits the Sun in a 1.55 year orbit with a north node of 17 Aquarius 28 and a perihelion degree of 14 Leo 45 (both those degrees heliocentric). As of 15 February, it passed through 15 Scorpio 54 geocentric.

Where is it in your birth chart? It’s not... unless you were born after February 6th of this year. Do transits from Tesla count? Maybe. If it transits your Sun you have to invest in solar panels for your home, car and favorite headgear. If it transits your Venus, then what? Invest in Tesla, solar energy or buy Bowie music? If on your Mercury, buy Asimov works? If combined between Jupiter and Uranus, buy a Tesla automobile? If to Mars, sign up to be one of the first to inhabit the Martian space colony?

Whether the above delineations are tongue-in-cheek or not, a larger philosophical astrological question appears: Do human-made objects in orbit impact the planets in our horoscopes? Or are they merely watching us from beyond and reporting our whereabouts to those who might be concerned with such things. It’s only fair then, that we are tuned into where they are and what they might be stirring.

Elon Musk might have had a good time with his “look what I can do,” gesture. He’s done many good things for the planet and people on it. However, I’m battling with the nonsensical nature of the gag. In truth every space launch - to some degree - compromises our delicate and continuously diminishing atmosphere. You know that’s true because it’s a plot point in Star Trek!

Seriously, what should we make of this? Should we perceive the nodal agenda of some sort of Aquarian unification of global consciousness as all in the world look upward? Or should the perihelion encourage Leonine confidence, and inspire boldness in the inventive spirit? Those will work to create meaningful significance.

Meanwhile, we had the solar eclipse in Aquarius today and also felt the essence of a notable Coronal Mass Ejection. Keep looking up, while remaining grounded and responsive to all the energies we receive, regardless of their eccentricity or their tangential pulls.

More soon.

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