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Second Round Of Brainstorms ~ 23 Jun 2019

Since in a recent post it was mentioned that the Earth’s magnetic pole is shifting, how about a look at the center of our galaxy’s irresistible magnetic field?

The image below is our Galactic Center’s magnetic field. The evocativeness of the image might be used as a mandala while speculating upon or contemplating newly received, far out cosmic downloads. Perhaps a soaring bird can be seen in the picture, or an angelic presence seeking to shed hope.

Using a variety of electromagnetic selection filters, we will see a vast array of images. They appear very distinct and widely different. The exact location of the Galactic Center when measured against differing frequencies shifts within a few degrees. The end result is the awareness that the Galactic Center is multilayered, evocative in a wide range of energy spectrums and unique within each spectrum. The implications of the GC’s texture are rich in subconscious subtext, consciousness stimulation and progress on the mundane, social and philosophical levels.


Why bring this up now?

Because inherent within galactic influences a six to fifteen month collective delay occurs before conscious on our dense plane can fully wrap around it. Years ago, I coined the phrase psycho-technological adjustment in reaction to the array of Galactic Center downloads. How difficult is it to comprehend how new innovations and inventions impact our society and culture? How long does it take to grow emotionally comfortable with such far-reaching concepts and installations?

But why discuss this now?

Because on 18 November, Jupiter, the big idea guy and ruler of Sagittarius, crosses the Galactic Center. Unlimited deep space downloads will be available and many automatically occur. Within a week or so either side of the above exactitude sufficient ideas will appear that could keep Silicon Valley busy for the next decade. November is slightly less than six months away. As such, the ideas and inspirations of the recent weeks and months, have a chance of catching on at that time.

Even before Jupiter reaches the Galactic Center, Ceres gets there on 7 November. Ceres, a planet who once ranged in the realm of Pluto according to current astronomical speculation, loves to advocate. Here she advocates for inspired ideas and the integration of progress on all levels going forward from this point, without a lament it has taken this long for the current state of conscious alertness and consciousness clarity to develop.

Following the above transits, Venus aligns with the Galactic Center on 22 November. This is the time to research, budget, develop pitches and generally figure out how to monetize galactic insights. The simplest justification during this transit: define how the innovation enhances society, eases stress and offers longer range thinking and planning in the spirit of ultimate well being for Earth and all who travel upon her.

Come 18 December, the Sun makes its annual passage over the Galactic Center. Here, conscious attention and in the moment clarity stands as key to grasping the galactic subtleties. The Sun is the most massive object in the solar system and as such urgently stresses the importance of “getting it” and proceeding with a higher tier, upgraded set of awareness filters.

How can we prepare for this influx of insight in the last weeks of this year? Focus on the reality that on 11 August Jupiter stations in Sagittarius and in virtual conjunction to the Great Attractor. The Great Attractor stands beyond known galactic definitions. We do know it grasps an incomprehensible region in space and compels it to focus on its essence. The Great Attractor emanates in all known frequencies. It gravity is so intense it is possible to view what lies on the other side of it. These physical factors imply inclusion of all and total transparency.

In August take time to consider all the things that ping your personal radar, whether it was a flight you planned on crossing your mental airspace or not. Every thought is valid and every thought contributes a data point to the plot of consciousness. Include everything. View from multiple angles and points of view. When monitoring the beauty of a structure, check out the back side. Verify there is no mirage or facade to what presents itself as an unlimited opportunity or grand scheme. Select only what serves your destiny-driven purposes best.

Come 1 October Ceres aligns with the Great Attractor. Prepare to defend ideas all the while realizing that the objective of such defense is not convincing, coercion or converting. Simply, present the facts. Let conclusions consciously result.

Yeah, again, why now?

Because presently Ixion retrogrades over the Galactic Center. Ixion acted out some horrible deeds in his time on Earth. While most sought to condemn Ixion, Jupiter decided to bring the troubled soul to Mount Olympus for healing and a second chance. Well, as the story continues, Ixion blew his second chance and ended up in the lowest level of the underworld once receiving the full attention of Jupiter’s wrath.

What do we extract from this? Well, how about a review of all grand and great ideas you’ve come up with since last November when Jupiter entered the sign he rules? Consider that November happened slightly more than six months ago such that galactic insights received then might make sense today. Put in the mental hopper that those ideas that won’t leave you alone, and currently require your attention such that between the times of Jupiter and Ceres to the Great Attractor, you’ll organically provide galactic data points for others to ponder.

The recent Mercury-Mars alignment that impacted the lunar nodes and opposed Saturn and Pluto was not entirely kind. Judgment, criticism, accusation, defensiveness and more created scenarios difficult to navigate with kindness and clarity.

In the weeks to come, following the Mercury-Mars conjunction, the Sun transits the node, Saturn, Pluto axis (8 Jul - 14 Jul). Here, it is time to review and get clear, very clear, as to what motivated the happenstances of the recent Mercury-Mars engagement. Soon thereafter Venus crosses these same degrees (16 Jul - 21 Jul). She insists that something of value be derived from the recent patterns. She insists that fairness, consideration, arbitration and negotiations be applied such that minds can be cleared and mundane obstacles eliminated. Venus does not play in the zero-sum sandbox. If it is not something from which all can gain, she will not pleased or honored.

Using the Sun and Venus in days to come, the soothing of recent bumps and bruises sets the stage for open eyes and objectivity to the Jupiter station seven weeks from today. That’s why it’s a great, good thing to go galactic now.

More soon.

For those wanting a consultation to sort through the upcoming patterns, the links below will get you there. Since Jupiter is in Sag, more information, such as that gleaned from the Galactic Report, serves the transits of the time. For those seeking more study and knowledge of new objects, I now have GongGong and G!kunll'homdima into the Galactic Trilogy keywords, data sheets and ephemeris files. Galactic goodie clicks below.

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