Reviewing with Retrogrades ~ 2 September 2010

Within the next 24 hours, Mercury aligns in longitude with the Sun and the Earth. Marking the midpoint of the retrograde era, an overlooked detail about this configuration is the fact that this conjunction is profoundly potent. With Mercury-Earth-Sun all in a row, conscious attention applied to mundane matters tends to produce desirable effects and successful results. It’s a great time to pitch, apply, review and/or provide those extra couple of documents requested by the bank. If there’s anything that needs mental dusting, creative polishing or injection of enthusiasm, this is a perfect time.

As well, Jupiter hinges on his return to Pisces and reconvening with Uranus where they both square the Galactic Center. During this next alignment both planets run retrograde, symbolically implying review, revisit, redo. If one had submitted a book or television concept on something that intended to the change the world, this would be the time in which the editors would come back with their input. It’s a time of “we want more of this, less of this, none of this and where are the discussions about XYZ?” If a consultant presented a proposal to a company, they would respond with, “We know the problems, how about some answers?” (To which the consultant would ask in accordance with mundane considerations, “Where’s the work agreement?”)

In this spirit of and leading up to the exact alignment of Jupiter and Uranus on September 18th, one could go back to ideas conceived during the initial conjunction of these grand gaseous giants, occurring in early June in the pioneering sign of Aries, and rework the concepts to perfection. Given the several month time delay required for Galactic Center ideas to gestate in whatever level of consciousness is required for emotion and enthusiasm to wrap around ideas that stretch the mind beyond known limits, the windows of receptivity inches open. One could even go back to ideas conceived in 2006 when Pluto met up with the Galactic Center and give them a refresh and resubmit. Or one can rekindle ideas downloaded at any time, adding the latest insights received and send them out on their way.

Underscoring these patterns and occurring during the next couple of days, Mars in Libra, Ceres in Sagittarius (on the Galactic Center at the end of September), Eris in Aries and Sedna in Taurus all fit into an interesting rendezvous with one and other through a variety of angles. The upshot: ideas outside consensus reality that serve merit for the progress of the planet and evolution of consciousness have a window of opportunity to be heard. A personification of this occurred in Maryland yesterday, as a bomb-laden gunman with a history of rejected television pitches, took over the Discovery Channel and attempted to force them to broadcast his manifesto. While his methods lacked the means to produce a positive result, endangered lives and resulted in the loss of his own, a look at what he wanted observes that his agendas fit this astrological pattern. Distilling out the rabid tone, he wanted an end to the glorification of war and military technology, the cessation of programs that elevate over population and out of control breeding to celebrity status, a solution to immigration and significant progress to halt global warming. It’s hard to argue with those agendas; it’s easy to argue with his methods.

But given the retrogradation in play, let’s consider other aspects of Jupiter and Uranus as they retrograde. Both planets on the upside can be open minded, positive, and high spirited. Both planets on the downside can come off as “superior to thou.” Jupiter pushes all limits, goes beyond the beyond and lives by the Mae West rule that too much of a good thing can be wonderful. Uranus, in his flamboyantly avant garde style, can come off as, on the polite side, an eccentric, a quirky person with interesting ideas, most of which won’t fly; on the impolite side, he comes off like a contrary, cranky, mean spirited loon.

So now Mars, who likes to touch something you advised him is hot, opposes the inclusion-exclusion sensitive Eris. Ceres, a proponent for the underdog, wants her turn at the mike during the city council meeting. Sedna in Taurus, concerned with basic life necessities and trying to make what it takes to live and survive balance with the limits of the resources of Earth, also needs to chime in. A delicate mix of style, tone, demeanor and intent enter into the planetary smoothie.

The I-Ching hexagram “Revolution” comes to mind as these thoughts unfold. Change comes from within to without. A revolution must serve the good of all and be free of ulterior motive. It must happen at the right time and with something that resembles a workable plan.

So many stories in today’s news highlight these issues perfectly. Truly, anyone stepping through life, doesn’t need to consider current events to see the planetary picture. The transits play out every day in the circumstances of our personal lives. No reminder of how the patterns are playing out is required. What serves as a helpful memory jog is the urging to go back to previously faltered plans that can make positive, significant differences to the way things are going, personally and/or collectively. Give them a second look. Should the ideas no longer seem fitting, move along. Uranus and Jupiter together quickly learn that it’s true you cannot push a rope, even if the claim is heard as a personal challenge. If merit is still there in unfulfilled concepts, refresh, enhance, bump up, supercharge and advance. Remain sensitive to responses. Note the edgy enthusiasm of the planets and keep your fulcrum steady as you advance causes.

Realizing this GT is shorter than most, I am in a review cycle regarding the Galactic Times. The length, frequency, reader stats, responses and ultimate success are all being re-evaluated and factored against new work priorities. There will be more soon, but likely not with weekly regularity.

Finally, since Mercury is retrograde, it’s time to book a consultation if you’ve been deliberating about it for a while now (the link below is fixed) and while the need matches up with availability. Or check out the reports you’ve been putting off ordering, or take the dive into Galactic Astrology and those positively amazing, huge impact dwarf planets. (Okay, one news example here. Conservancy workers on Hawaii’s Big Island recently found a number of Clermontia peleana singuliflora plants, thought to be extinct. Care has been taken to extract seeds for further cultivation. This story reported as Venus and Mars stand on the waning cusps of conjunctions with Haumea, the dwarf planet named for a primary Hawaiian goddess of fertility.)