Recentering ~ June 22, 2010

Looking ahead, astrologers stand poised to take a position about the alignment of Mars and Saturn at the close of next month, smack dab in the middle of a whole bunch of other stuff. That too? Why not add two malefics in a minuet, seeing how they can spark the already incendiary cardinal patterns out there all fluttering about for their perfect zone of influence? Jupiter and Uranus already co-mingle and soon Saturn gets in the fray (with Mars). And a piece further down the road, Pluto joins in the fun. If all the patterns ahead stir visions of undesirable outcomes, it’s time to do the best one can do, and recenter one’s personal energy and efforts. That’s really all one can do. Who knows what might come from these stirring patterns if everyone onboard our planetary spaceship decided to recenter?

Personally, I’m a bit fed up with the onslaught of forecasts of doom and gloom. Sure the market will continue to fluctuate faster than you can flash a new awareness on Facebook. Economic stability likely continues to wave back and forth on an hourly (or less) basis, looking like a Slinky on steroids. Maybe BP won’t be able to cap that damn well in the Gulf of Mexico until Saturn, the planet of lessening comes to exactly square Pluto, the lord from whose domain the oil pours (August 21st). Maybe countries will persist in testing each other’s boundaries with blockages, incursions and attacks. Most likely on the more personal level, the edge most everyone feels in life presently contributes to a shortage of tolerance, compassion, and evolutionary intelligence. But if we wait for the Mars triggers to the gaseous giants, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus, something important, presetting and potentially key in turning the upcoming patterns into favorable openings, will be missed.

Given the wrap around foreboding of the upcoming transits, let’s mark the calendar. There’s still plenty of time to dread what lies ahead. On July 31st, Mars aligns with Saturn on the Super-Galactic Center, the day following Mars’ opposition with Uranus. Come August 3rd, Mars opposes Jupiter, and squares Pluto, all aligned with the Super-Galactic Center.

Consider July 16th, just around the calendric corner the way days keep ticking off presently. Here we find Mars in Virgo, precisely quincunx Eris in Aries and square Ceres in Sagittarius. Can these tense patterns be mitigated or encouraged to do good given support from a trine of Mars to Sedna? Yes they can, if applied consciously and consistently between now and the cardinal culmination at the end of July and early August. These are big potatoes, transit-wise.

The relationship between Mars and Eris is a troublesome one if viewed only from mythological terms. Ares stood out as one of Eris’ favorite wing men. Together they traveled, cavorting and creating mayhem. How interesting that Eris spends about 22 per cent of her entire orbit in Aries (Ares) a sign ruled by Mars. On the 16th Mars and Eris match talents through the “adjustment is necessary, so start bending” theme of the quincunx. Forcing the fit might cause the key to break off in the lock, or may alienate potential allies who might have the skills or tools to make unpopular, yet important ideas come to term. Eris normally presents ideas that lie outside the norm. Her ideas stand so far “outside the box,” time is required for the collective to come about and to sense the merit of the quintessentially quaint. No doubt the time for psychic stretching arrives.

Ceres certainly bears a reputation for being easily scorned. When things fail to turn out according to her agenda, woe be unto those who crossed her path - at least per the context of the myths recorded about her. To contemporize her tales and bring her into useful service in the real world, why not consider Ceres the advocate? Ceres seems to take up the causes of the downtrodden or those not positioned to represent their own causes. If one’s position bears merit and lacks a meddlesome tone, great advances can be made with a Ceres-Mars pattern. In fact, one can successfully fight city hall.

Mars’ trine to Sedna might speak some hopeful news to the oceans of the world, more specifically the Gulf of Mexico. Sedna oversees the oceans of the arctic and the mammals of those waters. Individually, the Mars-Sedna combo reminds people of the need to remain reverent. Ceremonies and intentional propitiating serve the purposes of the trine. Sedna refers to primal, basic human requirements that result from living on this planet. Handle all life supporting requirements first, demands Sedna. Following priority one, Sedna focuses upon the cultivation of one’s spirit and the inclusion of activities and agendas that serve one’s soulful calling. All non essential activities regarding evolutionary agendas can be wiped off the priority board. That which does not further, does not serve. Serve only furthering causes

The summarization of this Mars-Ceres-Eris-Sedna pattern unfolds like this: If one’s basic needs combine with a commitment to one’s personal spirit-driven quest, and if one grasps a need, cause or campaign for the betterment of the planet, and if one refocuses personal energy, building an inner vortex of undeniable strength and resolve, one can make a positive dent in the cauldron of cardinal planet-induced temporary chaos out there. Sure, that’s a nice idea. How?

Returning to influences stirred by the planets to amazingly powerful and largely ignored influences in deep space, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus all tango with the Super-Galactic Center, whose approximate position as of 2010 is 2 Libra 12. Should you hear Saturn in Virgo bellowing for greater precision, this nucleus can be focused on several different energy sources, each rendering a slightly different position. As well, this center is the virtual core of thirty plus galaxies, three trillion stars (plus or minus) and more than ten thousand globular clusters, all of which are in a constant swirl around this core.

So what about all these planets to the Super-Galactic Center? After all, when considering yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling in the United States, on the Solstice no less, it’s clear many cannot even grasp the full extent of influence on planet Earth. To dot this “I,” yesterday the high court lifted a ban against planting genetically engineered alfalfa though it is largely believed the effect will be exceedingly negative to the environment. The flat landers have not yet wrapped around two dimensions, let alone stumbled into three dimensions. It’s a little weird working to get folks lacking global vision to grasp a picture of the whole solar system - and all the new planets in it - let alone comprehending the progressive ideas promised by the Galactic Center - let alone imagining the “we’re all in this Universe together” concepts of the Super-Galactic Center, which stop far short of considering the impact of the Great Attractor and the Shapley 8 Super Cluster. My apologies, but I just entered a writing contest in which the goal is to write one coherent sentence that is longer than any penned by Herman Melville. I’ll let you know how that works out.

Every person, plant or creature on the planet possesses an economic foot print, carbon foot print and auric/chakric (I may have made up words there) foot print. If one is centered within one’s energy, the ability to influence that in one’s realm improves. In the interest of Venus’ current position in Leo, it is fair to remind everyone that every person/plant/creature stands central in its own Universal influence and all things within its realm are subject to its influence as is true for every other person/plant/creature. The end result is a compilation of central influences, each of which does its best to cooperatively orbit together in the greater galactic scheme? Cooperatively? Really?

On primordial energy levels, particles know to what/whom they are attracted and those from what/whom they are repulsed. The Super-Galactic Center reminds everyone that if they have completed successful soul mating - as in the spirit resides in the perfect energetic location inside the physical body - this same energetic intelligence prevails. In this centered state, while in the midst of swirling influences - gravitational, energetic and otherwise - one presides over one’s own consciousness. In such a state, one functions as a spiritually intact, evolutionarily intelligent being full of enthusiasm for making the best splash possible.

Come July 16th, Mars, Ceres, Eris and Sedna declare that it’s time to reverse the order of those things that do not head to desirable outcomes, both personally and planetarily.

Shouldn’t we wait until things are more precisely in orb with the Super-Galactic Center? Not if one considers the immensity of the orb of influence for the Super-Galactic Center. Right now, this very instant, it’s close enough for galactic government work. Why wait? Center and see what cool kind of nucleus you might become.

There is an article on my website (use the Galactic Anomalies link) that addresses more about the Super-Galactic Center. This piece comes from my Galactic Trilogy CD, which if you do not have one in your possession, you might be missing some good stuff. Or if the commentary above strikes a chord like one of those groovy planetary tuning forks, it’s probably time for a consultation. Should the economy still create discord in your life, you can opt for the low cost Galactic Report (or Twin Stars Relationship Report). Warning: purchasing these reports will leave you wanting more.