Now Batting: Saturn Opp. Uranus / Quincunx Chiron & Neptune ~ 14 April 2010

Here we are days away from the next Saturn to Uranus opposition at the start of another baseball season. While we struggle with the concept of integrating successful changes in our lives, perhaps a modicum of peripheral vision goes a long way in aiding the process. As the voice of the strong inner critic increases in volume as it resonates with Saturn’s return to Virgo, one of Saturn’s progeny seeks to offer relief.

Looking slightly askance across the crowded sky, Saturn, if attending to a wider breadth of attention, no doubt notices one of his gaseous giant cohorts, Neptune, off to the side bobbing on the waters of Aquarius. Presently accompanying Neptune is the most famous of the ninety-five known centaurs, Chiron. Mythologically, Saturn conceived Chiron during an affair with a nymph - a fact he later denied. From the get go, Chiron experienced the wound of disavowment from the father. Add to that the psychic hit of being rejected by the mother for being an abomination - evidently, she was quite chagrined that Chiron emerged as half-man, half horse, the result of Saturn shape shifting into equine form to consummate his relationship with her. Somehow, Chiron managed to surmount his early rejections and turn himself into a valued healer of phenomenal acclaim and ensured that he received the teachings from the elite of the learned ones, invoking brains over beauty.

Chiron, from his current position in the quirky, oddball mindset and out of the box thinking attributed to Aquarius, soon forms one of those pesky, adjustment-oriented, course-correction, tweaking patterns known as the quincunx. As well, Chiron enjoys the backing of Neptune’s inspirations, creative visions, surges of spiritual revelation and high water mark of consciousness.

No doubt Saturn frowns at his pairing, certain that once Chiron sets foot in Pisces - the sign associated with Neptune (and classically Jupiter, now in Pisces) and which he does rather soon - that the reins will need to be pulled hard to keep his son from burrowing his keel onto an environmentally critical reef. Guidelines, cautions and limits are always good, thinks Saturn, especially while in Virgo. According to the I-Ching, a wise soul places limits on limits.

Adding to the Chiron-Neptune pattern emphasis, next month Pluto’s underworld dwarf planet counterpart, Orcus, takes a quick dip back into Leo, opposing Chiron and Neptune. As May rolls around, we’ll take a deeper look into that matter. Meanwhile, suffice it to say that the “be careful what you wish for” caution applies very strongly to words spoken, requests written and affirmations intentionally directed into the Cosmos.

More pressing in the present is the push back that Chiron makes to his father through the quincunx. This is not the offspring knows more that the parent, listen to no guidance, adolescent rebellion classically issued by children to parents. This is the realization by the offspring, that the perceived foundation of what appears to have been rejection and diminishment in life, was likely ill-founded. So, prior to the oath-rich importance of Orcus, soon to enter this fray, it’s time to smash and demolish previously accepted negative ideas that simply do not apply and more, have never been accurate.

Should one choose to use the blending of Chiron’s alignment - both while in Aquarius and Pisces - with Neptune in Aquarius to plant, cultivate and harvest the new, strange, improvement-rich (albeit uncomfortable) concepts that can come to fruition throughout this year, an enriched relationship with Saturn must occur. Such enhancement occurs when one perceives only the healthy dictums of the disciplinarian: No texting while driving, eliminate corn syrup made from genetically modified corn, no smoking while pumping petrol, keep your safety belt fastened in flight and a big one here in the U.S. these days, if packing (carrying a gun), keep your gun out of sight of someone packing. These guidelines keep a body safe and ensure that at the end of a day of hard work that satisfies Saturn, you may sit on the porch, observing and enjoying the sparkling display now granted by the Venus-Mercury conjunction in Taurus.

The other things that Saturn (a.k.a. inner critic, inner editor, self-condemning internal judge, inherent sense of flaws and deficiencies) renders are best disregarded. Saturn issues what he believes are harsh cautions about overstepping the boundaries of one’s skill set or overextending one’s attributes, psychic or physical. However, to a rejection-sensitive psyche, this sounds like a bombardment of doubt and diminishment levied upon someone already hunkered down in a foxhole for protection.

This is where Chiron steps forward. He fights back with facts, undisputable accomplishments, a cultured nature, refined learning and a soulful confidence that stand firm. For every persistent, spectral echoing negative thought form bouncing inside the cranium like a pinball machine on uppers, Chiron issues a successful antidote in the form of a fantasy fulfilled successfully. Chiron claims all dreams and visions pursued and enacted. With Neptune’s support, he keeps one’s head held high through the continued declaration of ongoing aspiration and inspiration and the representation of success as evidenced in the mundane. Bringing Heaven to Earth, you say? Pretty much that’s how it goes. When inspirations become part of an individual’s consciousness, as soon as realized and regardless of where on the path of completion or success one stands, a shift from restrictive mindset into the realm of a possibility occurs.

Chiron recognizes good days and bad days, too. Neptune and Jupiter are a bit inclined to be a frosting layer too thick of the rah-rah, always smile mentality. Chiron is smart enough to know that if you hit one of those patches where it’s hard to rally, the underlying bruise must be honored for its presence. He retreats to his cave deep in contemplation while applying the psychic balm required to turn bruises from purple to green then yellow then no remaining evidence. Chiron does not deny the fact that psychic internal battles occur at all stages of awareness, inspiration and evolution. With each bombardment, he realizes the onslaught is shorter, less intense and easier to offset with the disciplined restoration of one’s intrinsic value through invocation of acquired attributes, learning gained, insights received and lessons mastered.

No fructose rich frosting can be applied here. This Saturn-Chiron-Neptune wicket challenges everyone. Affirm progress made and successes achieved. When challenged, buck up. If you can’t quite get there, take the needed retreat. Reclaim and refresh until you can declare that you are back in the groove and ready to step up to the plate.

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