Mix Makemake into the Mash ~ 12 July 2010

Mars comes up to match zodiacal wits with Makemake on July 21st. Venus follows suit on August 2nd. These lesser known and likely to be ignored conjunctions are all wrapped around Jupiter turning retrograde, Jupiter squaring Pluto, Saturn opposing Uranus and Mars aligning with Saturn, opposing Uranus and soon there after squaring Pluto.

Last weekend I attended an astrological gathering in which many planetary pundits declared their expectations for the transits ahead. There is no doubt that some very difficult transits inch closer to their exact impact. How potent the events corresponding with the patterns will be remains to be seen. Astrologically, it makes sense to forecast stormy weather. However, by comparison, this weekend the local weather forecasters declared an intense violent weekend of monsoon storms. Most of the region saw no rain; a few areas enjoyed modest rainfall but nowhere experienced the floods, lightning or wind forecast. Where I am, we enjoyed several light showers, barely enough to knock the dust off the cacti. Was this embellished forecasting a function of feeling the vibe of the emotionally super-charged solar eclipse in Cancer? Does this mean we should not issue warnings such as “Baton down the hatches,” or perhaps “all hands stand by for heavy rolls while coming about” (a Navy expression meaning that as the ship changes course, the intensity of the waves increases). Is it better to over forecast, or is that yet another of fear-based consciousness?

Forewarned is forearmed. Perhaps attention to the environment and a fret-free consciousness that seeks ways to install upgrades, find improvements and simplify complexity might do the compliance with warning thing. With Saturn edging through the last minutes of Virgo, perhaps deleting unnecessary complications should be a paramount part of restoring drama-free coping skills.

Recently a guest on one of those comedy news shows seriously contended that the more people multitask, the shallower their thinking becomes. Hmm. With the patterns of Mars-Jupiter-Saturn-Uranus and Pluto, deeper thinking must be the doctrine. Greater vision for the future and clarity regarding what a little nip and tuck might do to the fabric of the quilt of life being patched together must be part of the mental protocols. A strategy of temporary fixes and only putting out the fires fails to resolve ongoing, long term concerns and likely ignores fire hazards and the tree patterns on the terrain of life.

Over the weekend, we enjoyed the emotional high tide brought on the wake of the Cancerian solar eclipse, visible from Rapa Nui, (Easter Island) and the land where the inhabitants long ago revered Makemake. This solar eclipse, within three degrees of an arc, squared Eris - the feared and loathed goddess of discord and did so from a position roughly equidistant between Mars and Sedna. The nutshell summary: Invest energy first into fortifying life’s basic requirements. With necessities in place, dedicate abundant attention to securing matters of spirit. Become unshakeable in the core. Summon competence, clear thinking and a consciousness of “can do” possibilities when life’s challenges flank you.

Sedna and Makemake share mythic iconic tales of birdmen and both promote an acute awareness for concern for their respective resource limited environments. More on task, Makemake was a deity that insisted upon proper reverence, devotion and ceremonial rendering. Maybe this concept infiltrated the culture because of the severity of survival issues thousands of miles from the nearest continent. No doubt Makemake’s proclamations to the elders inspired the dedicated work necessary to construct and place the Moai on the isle.

So now we watch as Mars, recently triggered in pattern with Sedna and the eclipse, moves onto match action strategies with Makemake. This is about fixing the planet. Nice thought. How?

Important in the birdman of Rapa Nui ceremonies and exceedingly relevant in the Gulf, care for the eggs of the birds and respect their nests. Effort was made recently to secure the eggs of the sea turtles to ensure a clean environment for nurturing and hatching. For a simple to apply mundane act that anyone can do, replant the planet. Plant a tree(s) and nurture the tree’s adaption to a new environment. Conserve natural resources and figure a way to cut usage of petroleum-based products. Investigate solar and wind power sources as applicable to your living conditions. Check the insulation in your heating-cooling systems.

Inventor Thomas Edison worked through a natal conjunction between Makemake and Mercury. Cartoon animators took the light bulb and made in an animated avatar from it to signify the dawning of a brilliant idea flashing in from points unknown in previously acquired consciousness. To appease the mental requirements of Makemake, set aside time for innovative thinking, concept development, mental conjuring and alternate strategy planning. To add Saturn to the mix (presently they are only five degrees apart), apply long term planning that can effectively increase in benefit with the passage of time. Solutions created cannot afford to be patches. They must withstand the test of time, especially with the undeniable watermark of Saturn on the parchment of present day planetary passages and those coming our way in the next several weeks. Given Uranus plays in the sand box of celestial alignments with these other planets, alternate action agendas fit the billet requirements, too. The mental invocations of the time hopefully present new ways of approaching chronically annoying circumstances in life.

Adopting the ceremonial imagery of Makemake, propitiate. Fortify the psyche. Fear no change. Embrace insights. Perform whatever centering, meditation, soul-restoring activities you know to axe the angst away. As the patterns of planets continue to unfold in the next weeks, angst rises. It will be in the air. A solid step one, should an unsettling trickle of trepidation creep in from nowhere, might be to assess if there is any such reason for concern that you can determine. Some of what you may feel might result from the thickness of reaction and uncertainty in the collective mind set. Should a challenge greet you on the path, center your core. Assess what is required and conjure courses of action you might be able to engage in the interest of producing a favorable outcome. As much as the patterns out there are anxiety producing and can be event creating, so are they rich in yet undiscovered possibilities, especially when reverentially applied to Makemake and his realm. Perhaps his natural fecundity shall reward those thinking deeper, looking farther and reacting from a solid center with creative solutions and unlimited inspiration.

Try a simple start to mixing in Makemake. Take a moment to view the parade of Venus, Mars and Saturn just after the Sun sets. There, you might imagine Makemake and his place in the string of lights and marvel at the unfolding order in the celestial canopy. It’s worth more than a look!

It’s reasonable to expect that every astrologer on earth will be booked solid as July closes and August rolls about. Now may be the time to ensure you have whatever consultation input you would like for the unfolding celestial cha-cha just ahead. Book your appointments now! And for taking your mind off the fret of the day, the Galactic Trilogy would present a perfect place to focus excess mental activity. Please visit the new links in my store for consultations and services and one-stop shopping.