Galactic Green Zone Ahead ~ 13 September 2010

We now have the most recent Mercury retrograde behind us. With Mercury in Virgo, what a great time to relocate all those lost “to-do” post it notes, applications for work related organizations, office supply coupons and remembering details that make promoting your next great idea or campaign perfectly viable. Perhaps more significant in the planets changing direction category is today’s reversal of direction for Pluto. The traditional lord of the underworld resumes prograde motion within hours, and as he does so, his station aligns in the thick of a collection of binary x-ray accreting pulsars, including fast spinning pulsars, long period pulsars and a pulsar that sips on its companion star for a long drink of energy.

Several themes emerge from the connection of Pluto to these potent pulsars. First, let’s address the energy sipping pulsar. Pluto notes that any external reliance that one might use to fortify one’s energy, drive and/or potency, remains temporary and one should never assume the constancy or reliability of such influences. More, as Pluto sees it, the stronger one is in terms of self fortification and self reliance, the better. Pluto seems to issue constant reminders that one must and can rely upon personal energy, intent and aspiration. In applying the energy of these pulsars, Pluto points out that if one rides the undercurrent of these influences to restore inner energy resources and stock piles the available short term energy accrual, the possibility of completing tasks faster than is possible to complete them runs high. As well, the self actualizing, self generating energy triggers set in place likely remain.

Is it possible to drive somewhere faster than can physically be accomplished within the laws of time and space if one maintains a given rate of speed for a prescribed duration? Well, if you drive around the vortices in Sedona, near the lights at Marfa, Texas or under the raging displays of auroras driven by recent solar eruptions, you’ll likely come up with an affirmative answer. But more to the confines of mundane reality, Saturn’s demand for real life practicality and a sense of sanity, maybe it’s possible to work faster than you believe is humanly possible if you fall into the “zone.”

The zone can result from pressing deadlines that part of your spirit recognizes as exceptionally meritorious, a project for which you hold burning passion, or something you love doing as much as you fancy eating your favorite food. Zone intervals more easily occur when binary, x-ray, accreting pulsars are in play. Should one line up with a task, it unfolds faster than imagined and with more creative richness than previously believed to be possible. When Pluto aligns with such pulsars, as he does now, and if one consciously sits in contemplation intending to match up with inner creative resources, the results can be brilliant. The zone energy of Pluto’s station could be expected to prevail for a few weeks, perfectly aligning with Mars - Pluto’s partner in the rulership prevail over Scorpio - into Scorpio. Of course Venus has been there for several days and she picked Scorpio as the venue for her next retrogradation. The amalgamation of these forces portends a fecund window of creative development for those who can dip into the deep, rich intensity of these energies.

Two energy windows provided by pulsars underscore the more temporal and mundane applications of these trends. First, work to ride the short term energy bursts of these pulsars. When new ideas come, allow four to five seconds for the idea to settle into place. Say nothing and do nothing - except let it come in. Once the thought form locks in and passes the threshold of likely mental slip away escape thresholds, then you can settle in with a longer term period to continue initial idea development. This interval requires an uninterrupted era of dedicated attention of two hours and fifty-one seconds. These influences are the direct result of the duration of the x-ray bursts of these amazing galactic anomalies. If you apply the burst intervals in real life creative development, you’ll likely see results that have that time warp/space warp vibe.

As well, we now enjoy lingering celestial conventions of Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces, squaring the concept-rich, progress-motivated Galactic Center and Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius, near the “way ahead of its time” black hole, Cygnus X-3.

Jupiter and Uranus offer up can-do consciousness and favor an environment of solution-oriented thinking hell bent on improving important life considerations. Okay, fine. Life considerations such as what? Jupiter’s slant: travel, philosophy, reducing disparity and conflict between political and theological forces. Uranus’s tilt on things: humanitarianism, technology to improve life instead of complicating it, ideas working for the betterment of the planet and the creatures upon it.

The convergence of Chiron and Neptune implies the dissolution of psychic obstacles, clarifying what’s good for you, what ails you and how to remedy it, and insists upon an inspired recommitment to well being on the energetic and soulful levels. Cleansing rituals, clearing rituals, purging, smudging and efforts that are olfactory in nature might inspire the third eye to blink a few extra times as it restores precise focus on tracking the laser beams of consciousness.

While no time can ever be declared completely free of planetary/celestial speed bumps on the path, the next three weeks offer a slick open window of progress. Given the “recent brace for impact”warnings of the highly hyped Cardinal Cross, of which parts are still in play, but the scariest damn intersection lies in the past, the galactic go-grease offers a welcome respite from the fearful speculation of waiting for the other shoe to drop. Slap some of the galactic go-grease on the mundane axles of life and let the zestful zip through the zone begin.

Mercury’s no longer retrograde. If you’ve been meaning to get a reading, or a report or check into galactic goodies, and couldn’t get to it, this might be the time. Maybe, just maybe, such things can add to the benefit you extract from the open range ahead. If that sounds right, click the links, visit the site and order up.