The Backbone of Creative Application ~ 18 May 2010

Last weekend with my sister visiting, we stopped at a great shop just up the street - Starizona. This shop is a telescope store and most weekend nights, or if there’s something special to see, they set up telescopes in the parking lot. There are no streetlights in Tucson because of our proximity to Kitt Peak, so even in town you can get a great look at the night sky. There we had a chance to check out Mars in Leo and Saturn in Virgo. Saturn, of course, was particularly impressive. How nice to view the ringed task master, but especially now. Within the week Jupiter and Saturn form an opposition across the heavens along the Pisces - Virgo axis, both in virtual exactitude of a square to the Galactic Center. For the past several days, Venus in Gemini created a t-square with the gaseous giants directly across the sky from the Galactic Center. Back in the olden days before CAD programs and computer design software, draftspersons used T-squares to lay out brilliant designs and provide a template for concepts to move toward real world creation. Could this be an era of concept creation that may lead to shifts in consciousness as we realize Uranus in ultra late Pisces still stands in this pattern? Indeed.

But let’s back up a bit first. There’s a lot of online chatter about the disappearance of one of Jupiter’s red stripes. While the belts endure changes in color and shape somewhat regularly (maybe every decade to decade and a half), the complete vanishing of a ring is unusual. While at Starizona the docent at the telescope suggested that somehow the iron - which would give a reddish hue - went all Hohokam as they say in Arizona - all used up. Simply, Jupiter is morphing, as all planets do, whether connected to a massive inhabitant-induced ecological tragedy or not. What does this mean to Jupiter’s astrology? I don’t know. Maybe one should consider iron supplementation if natal Jupiter is under stimulation? Likely the astrological nature of Jupiter is unchanged despite this ring loss, which evidently was not the case with the impact of Comet Shoemaker-Levy back in the previous century.

Given Jupiter’s change in appearance, many online sources have revived the discovery going back to 2007 of a large rotating hexagon pattern on the north pole of Saturn. With a trifle of imagination, one can perceive the “seeing eye” similar to the eye in the pyramid on the dollar bill of the United States. It takes a super huge suspension of synchronicity to link the recent observations of Jupiter to the three-year-old, evidently long-term manifestation on Saturn, but it’s being done. I would discourage “connecting” these dots other than to observe that the surfaces of the gaseous giants are ever malleable and shifting. The appearance reflects a bit of the overall dynamic of the planet’s chemical and physical evolution. Most notably on the astrological front, the shifting variability on the surface of these planets actually defies some of the qualities assigned to the planets and the signs they rule... except for Neptune that is, who remains appropriately diffuse and assigned to the shifting/swirling priorities of Pisces. Uranus rules a fixed sign Aquarius. Saturn rules the firmness and solidity of Capricorn and co-rules the fixity of Aquarius. Jupiter refers to the mutable sign Sagittarius and Pisces, too, in the olden days of rulership. But Jupiter and Sagittarius can be observed to be opinionated and locked into a sense of mental superiority.

In my mind, it makes sense to limit our observations of the surface changes on gaseous giants to the symbolic suggestion that maybe we all need to apply more flexibility in environmental response and conditions appearing in our lives than ever before. Perhaps added flexibility ensures that our compositions will not become physically (or mentally and spiritually) depleted. However, I’d suggest avoiding conspiracy theories that cannot be proved and whose propogation benefits no positive result. If Jupiter does rule drama, maybe toning that down too, is an appropriate symbolic suggestion for these times.

Back to the more traditional aspects of astrology land - literally. For a week or so already, Jupiter and Uranus have been pushing through a square, seeking out the best ideas the Galactic Center has to offer. Over on the opposite side of the sky, Saturn perfectly mimics the action in Virgo. What’s the result of three gaseous giants, squeezing the insight out of the Galactic Center? How about new ideas? Can these aspects conjure a new technology to suck up the oil in the Gulf? Yes. Develop some sort of physical barricade on the U. S.-Mexico border that will not endanger the few remaining jaguars and ocelots? Yes. Find a way to control electronic hiccups in the systems that control the world’s stock exchanges and Toyota accelerators? Likely. Design a jet engine filtering system that screens out volcanic ash? Yep.

These squares can also aid an individual in shifting the energy behind the psychology of entrenched life reactions, unleash personal brilliance and shed any restrictions to personal creative development.

Saturn serves the Galactic Center well. Behind every brilliant manifestation of galactic insights, Saturn rules and rocks the way. Saturn demands the diligent effort to take a brainstorm out of the grey matter and work the mental innovation through whatever it takes to make it real in the physical realm. As well, he nurtures one’s creative process by creating the structure upon which innovations can hang. He applies format rules and templates to writing projects. He provides the attention required to mix the proper hue of indigo blue for the ocean in one’s masterpiece mural. He regulates the temperature and time that one applies in a kiln to create a perfect pot. He’s a master glass blower, too. Saturn takes mnemonic insights, thoughts about software and sketches out the blueprints, fabricates the prototype and goes on the road to show the practicality of the innovations to investors.

Saturn observes that any Galactic Center inspired insight does not belong to you unless you get up off your duff and do the doing that developing an idea requires. If you do not infuse your energy with your concepts, the concepts will not be yours. If you do not infuse your essence with the inspired and evolving outcomes of life you claim you desire, those outcomes may elude you.

In the event that you have more ideas than you can do in nine lifetimes, you can give away the ideas you cannot complete or lack the interest to take on, or hire others to take your concept to manifestation. If you do nothing, though, most likely before the first quarter of next year completes, somebody else will grab the idea, run with it and put it out there in a big way, reaping vast benefits. Saturn reminds you a second time (and while in Virgo he feels obliged to remind you at least three times), if you did nothing to make the idea a reality, it really wasn’t your idea. No sour grapes. The ideas are out there for anyone willing to insert their aura’s antennae into the collective unconscious that the Galactic Center provides. It’s free and available to anyone. No intellectual property claims can be made without the application of Saturn.

Over the next two weeks or so, allow yourself some conscious day dreaming. Posit a life problem - personal or collective - to your consciousness. Without going into meditation, trance or intentionally altered space, sit with it. Give yourself at least twenty minutes. Write down what you gather from the ethers. If over the next six weeks these ideas begin making even more sense than when you first pulled them out of thin air, you’re onto it. Dive in. Get going. Make something of the insights. Before you know it, you’ll be glad you did and if you sincerely tracked the Galactic Center, so will everyone else.

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