Preparing for a Push ~ 11 June 2008

Of course we’re all grateful that Mercury’s fixing to go direct and that he seeks to sort all the hiccups recently endured on the communication front. Others might savor the fact that as Venus and the Sun depart duplicitous Gemini and slide into Cancer, emotional themes rise, shifting the short term emphasis away from think, explain, rationalize, justify and wrap your best logic around this into the thicker realm of matters emotional. It might feel like the relief that follows finally knocking some major task off a list that caused undue stress and worry, like having the car’s transmission checked or going in for that doctor’s appointment to examine that illusive, hopefully imaginary ailment. Chiron and Neptune are conjunct. Oil things that need oiling. Whether lubricating a door hinge, restoring a healthy body regime, enriching relationship matters such that those interactions feed the soul or adding the juice of inspiration to inspired, but stagnant projects, take your mark.

While urging on the shift of personal planets, it might be easy to ignore something deeper, darker and potentially more illuminating. While we wait for Venus to reappear in the evening sky just after sunset, one could overlook Pluto’s departure from Capricorn and review of Sagittarius. In but days he moves from the sign of economic concern, retreating to the high-minded sign of the centaur for a review of straight shooting beliefs, Pluto urges review of doctrines that might actually restore truth and inspire taking the high road. Pluto’s return to Sag refreshes promises made about maintaining the course of insight, sticking to one’s principled guns and applying the greatest, grandest insights received, no matter what. Of course, the last element comes courtesy of the Galactic Center with which Pluto maintains a virtual conjunction during his remaining time in Sagittarius (through most of November - and the majority of next year as well).

We get another magnified super surge of galactic emanation courtesy of the density-rich dwarf binary planet alignment. Once again, all the magic of the Galactic Center’s progressive insight showers those who would listen. For more information on this pattern, please visit the article on the GC on my site found by using the Galactic Anomalies link in the left column of home page. During the past 18 months with the Jupiter and Pluto passages to this powerful galactic notable, have felt like a bit of a nag when it comes to urging folks to download the inspirational ideas and earth-breaking sky-moving insights readily available in this black hole source. Conveniently, during the next week Venus and the Sun oppose the Galactic Center from their positions in late Gemini. On the cusp of Pluto’s return to Sagittarius, the Sun and Venus do their best to make it person. Innovations, money-making inventions and humanity-saving insights continue to pour in.

Supporting all of the above, we enjoy Jupiter in Capricorn, square Eris in Aries, who forms a trine to Mars, ruler of Aries, in Leo (whew!). At one level this pattern invokes caste system consciousness in which some conspire to exclude others from the elite stratospheric membership tiers. Those affected definitely sense the snub. The increasing evaporation of the middle class is one manifestation. So is a loss of airline frequent flyer status as oil prices rise making video conferencing more practical than flying. In this matrix lies the other matter of selecting the affiliations in which one chooses to roam and those desired affiliations from which one feels excluded. If snubbed, the solution is not to create another entity that ends up becoming the organization perceived to be at fault. Rather the solution comes from an accurate ego assessment courtesy of Mars in Leo. One’s character is not shaped by organizations, country clubs, status symbols and the like. One’s character forms in the passionate fires of soulful creativity that inspire an individual to apply full-blown passion in a soulfully singular manner. In the today’s entrepreneurial Capricorn culture they call this phenomena “branding.” How fire sign delicious and ironic.

Another distant dwarf planet also plays well others in intricate patterns. Sedna in Taurus trines Jupiter in Capricorn while forming highly motivating squares to Mars in Leo and Chiron in Aquarius. The basic Sedna premise of “pick well on your own behalf” applies to matters in which one seeks affection and adoration as well as the part of one’s spirit that seeks recognition for soulful contributions rendered. The emphasis of conscious choice to create reality booms from the heavens like resounding peals of thunder. Judging parties might declare, “You’ve made that bed, now you have to sleep in it.” “No!” decrees Sedna as she stretches her arms out to both sides, drawing in the other planets with her vast reach. “In each moment you have the right to declare new, improved choices based upon what you now know.” The damnation of “if I knew then what I know now” crumbles. Sedna extends her influence beyond Chiron to include the potentially inspirational Neptune into the mix. Move away from speculative fears. Summon your spirit to choose well upon your behalf. Dare to declare your due.

As we look ahead, it is good to prepare for some of the patterns just around the next bend. On July 4th the Earth reaches its most distant “time for a retreat from the heat” point of the Sun. For those of you in the southern hemisphere enduring winter, consider this a declared break from unrelenting intensity. This break restores depleted energy and renews one’s will to catch the wave of the precise, methodical, detailed, devotion to duty demanding Mars-Saturn conjunction sharpening to a fine edge on July 10th. The Mars-Saturn pattern promises that those who use this pattern stand well positioned to enjoy the fluid, productive Jupiter-Saturn trine of early September.

The dwarf planets push our psyches about a bit at present. The reports of chaos and strangeness recently received via e-mail on this computer confirm the worldly disorder and demand the need for collective cobweb clearing and well-plotted flight plans for the days ahead. The Mars-Saturn pattern (which just precedes the re-emergence of Venus as the evening star - that “star” upon which so many wishes get made) sets up the purchase of a full can of life axle grease from the hardware store cooperatively owned by the Jupiter-Saturn Trine Corporation.

According to my observations, it’s a great time for a consultation to get some flight plan plot tweaks prior to the big shifts. Check out my store and consultation services pages for all the latest products and consultations. Support the global economy. Invest in your future.

Lastly, a safety warning for astrologers and aspiring astrologers. Warning! This warning contains two “bad” words. If you don’t care to read them (they are quotes of sorts), please retreat to my store or services page. Ready? Okay. Last week I watched the last show of the season for Penn and Teller’s Showtime program “Bullshit.” Penn and Teller are Las Vegas magicians clearly aligned with the skeptics front when it comes to metaphysics, spirituality and astrologers. Near as I can tell, they despise everything about which they do a show (duh, dude, check out the title) and they go to many ends, including deceptive means, to make their point. They promised a new season coming for next year and declared they wanted to take on “Asshole Astrologers!” So, if you see an irresistible blurb on Craigslist (one of their solicitation tools) for an astrologer to get great TV coverage, they will set you up and edit you to look... well, not like you’d like your Warhol 15 minutes to go down in annuals of broadcast cable history.