Haumea ~ 23 September 2008

Happy Hawaii Nei! Last Thursday, just about the time the last GT posted, which referenced the body, perhaps the most intriguing planet in the solar system received a name. That’s right, planet, albeit a dwarf planet. Haumea, formerly Santa Claus, 136108, 2003 EL61, joins the ranks of Ceres, Pluto, Charon, Eris, Makemake and Sedna in planetary status. Two moons - and assorted other objects described below - travel with her. The lunar bodies received names as well - Hi’iaka and Namaka. First, let’s look at the mythology:

Haumea, a powerful sorceress, was the earth mother goddess born of the great goddess Papa. To prepare the world for humans she created the star children and was the first to walk the land of Mu. From various parts of her body her children were born and after each birth she resurrected her being. Thus, she rules over fertility and childbirth. Her fertility extends to the forests and breadfruit, ulu, is sacred to her. It is said her human form lives on Oahu. The elders contend that through Haumea we explore our sacred past to create our ancient future. She possesses the Makalei stick that has the power to attract fish and as such, the people never go hungry. In Earth incarnation she represents stones.

Hi’iaka, born from the mouth of Haumea, as a cosmic egg was carried between the breasts of her sister, Pele, to their home in Hawaii. She performed the first hula and rules over the hula ritual. A healer and guardian, her strong psychic powers ensure her status as an adept. Her nature provides protection against dangerous creatures. She can restore life to the dead and warns sailors at sea of perilous storms using rainbows as a warning. Hi’iaka bears association with many plants including Ohi’a Lehua, the Pala’a lace fern, which is used in healing to treat diseases and is observed to be the first plant to grow upon the cooling of fresh lava flows. Also, the Hala, whose orange fruits are found in the sea belong to Hi’iaka’s dominion.

Namaka, another of Pele’s sisters, was born from the breasts of Haumea. She is a water spirit and when Pele caused lava to flow to the sea, Namaka used her waters to cool the lava and create new land. Tales report she fought with Pele on Maui where she still keeps some of Pele’s bones.

Spanish astronomers, involved in the discovery of Haumea in somewhat dubious terms, proposed the Andalusian equivalent of Persephone. For the astronomical story per co-discoverer Mike Brown: http://www.mikebrownsplanets.com/2008/09/haumea.html and for a look at the shape: http://antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod/

Haumea maintains the fastest spin object of any planet in our solar system, which gives her the shortest day: 3.9 hours. It is believed she once orbited the Sun as a fairly characteristic Kuiper Belt body of rock and ice. Long ago in her history the evidence suggests she was hit by another body. This collision knocked off her icy exterior and left her with the fast spin and an elongated shape like a cigar or somewhat symmetrical egg. Now a rocky planet with a thin surface of ice, she travels with five significant chunks of ice in her orbit in addition to her moons.

As measured astrologically, her North Node comes in at 2 Leo 2 and her closest point to the Sun, the perihelion, is 1 Aries 04. Notably, her aphelion aligns with the Super-Galactic Center at 2 Libra 04, stressing a huge relationship theme.

Clearly, the zodiacal contacts of Haumea place themselves in self-referencing signs. Undoubtedly, her astrological themes deal with appropriate relationship, preservation of personal energy and declaring firm boundaries. As a mother upon birthing a child, Haumea endured a process of regeneration. Essentially consumed, she replenished her being, readying herself for the future. Within her orbital path travel moons and chunks of ice - an entourage if you will. Her motion leads the way for those attached, seeking umbilical sustenance, following along enjoying the ride and possibly sipping her cosmic milk, so to speak. Given the emphasis with the soul mate degree at the point of her greatest retreat, she supports spiritual scrutiny of relationship connections. Haumea asks which relationships contribute to one’s path and which hinder. Bonds that consume energy or impede one’s trajectory in life must be shed. A principle of psychic weaning underscores the evaluation of every connection with other people. Ultimately, it’s a good thing, leading to the building of a soul-based clan.

Interestingly, the two most recent planetary players named, both from the Pacific, involve eggs, fertility and the creation of humankind. On Rapa Nui, home of the fertility god, Makemake, sustenance of the people was a desperate issue. Haumea carries a stick from the Makalei tree that attracts fish and the people never want for food. For Sedna, the other Pacific Rim planetary deity, food and shelter stood out as top priorities. Obviously, with the world resources dwindling and people breeding as if the world’s population depends upon their personal contribution within the Biblical dictum “be fruitful and multiply,” creating more bodies for souls is not the agenda - even if the Earth remains the coolest, fastest, clear your karma planet upon which a soul can incarnate. Haumea on the mundane level refers to securing a wholesome food supply for the people of the Earth. How ironic she should be named the week that more than 53,000 infants in China consumed contaminated milk and the week that the market crashes and makes many wonder if they’ll be able to feed the clan. Haumea and Sedna appear to ensure the oceans are not over-fished and that the products of the sea can sustain the people. In the current global economic crisis, Haumea insists upon programs such that every human has basic staples.

Haumea possesses resurrection qualities that ask, “now that you’re done with Pluto, how shall you reinvent yourself?” She poses a series of self referential questions regarding all your relations. Which people possess the qualities of energetic ally and share similar dharma? These are the ones to keep in your aura and can be relied upon as stones of support. What folks tap your energy, constantly trying to feed off your essence and impede your path? These are ones to let go. Can you stand strong within yourself and create a flourishing dominion? Do you know your magic, your strengths and do you possess confidence in the use of spiritual skills? If not, retreat, reclaim, regenerate and rise up into the power of your being. Can you believe in yourself such that no external word, deed or thought can minimize your potency? If not, create just the right shell around yourself, like an egg of ice, to reflect negativity. We were probably onto something with that childhood rhyme, “I’m rubber, you’re glue.”

Haumea is a planet who demands our immediate attention and inclusion. It would seem she offers many antidotes for any individual, struggling to keep up with ongoing grim news that saturates our psyches on a daily basis. You don’t have to learn the hula. You do need to consider your place in the world and your spiritual agenda with increased ferocity. You do need to spread your inner energy that yearns for flowing application much like the spreading of fresh lava and in so doing, create your expanding dominion. You do need to get on with things swiftly and engage in fast turn around while resisting the urge “to spin” out a set of justifications for life’s conditions. Find your inner fecundity and give birth to your creative visions! There is no time like now.

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