Grand and Grander ~ 23 November 2008

So excited was I last week about the Mars activation of the x-ray triggers in the Virgo-Sagittarius black hole matrices I forgot to mention the grand trine between Jupiter in Capricorn, Saturn in Virgo and Sedna in Taurus. It’s still going on as the three planets remain within a half degree of trining each other. Also, I forgot to mention my new ephemeris of Pluto, Eris, Haumea, Makemake and Sedna. And last Friday night I had the good fortune of attending a lecture at the University of Arizona conducted by Mike Brown, co-discoverer of so much in the Kuiper Belt and Eris, Haumea, Sedna and Makemake. My report follows at the end of this GT.

There’s going to be a new player in the grand earth trine in the very near future. As Jupiter moves forward in Capricorn, he trines the recently named planet, Makemake, exact on December 17th. Arguably, Jupiter is in orb of Makemake now, as are the other planets currently trining Jupiter.

The astrological heads up is that next year Saturn trines Makemake. Let’s walk a likely logic step or two along here. The birdman deity Makemake, a fertility icon, dealt with severe survival issues on Rapa Nui, much like Sedna did in the severity of the Arctic. Food supplies and the propagation of the species historically challenged the inhabitants of Easter Island throughout the centuries. Consider that with Jupiter trining Makemake, a change of season, the increasing optimism of the trine pattern and with the global political climate potentially lightening, things might feel cozier than normal. Next year, the planet of manifestation and responsibility, Saturn, moves into exactitude with Makemake in September of 2009, nine months following this pattern. Could it be that we experience a birth rate spike next September? That’s one possibility.

One the other side of the present and forming trine, what matters of personal fecundity can come into manifestation between now and the end of the third quarter of 2009?

A notable manifestation of Jupiter-Saturn-Sedna appeared this month in legislation and actions regarding the seas. I am not sure if the plundering by pirates near Somalia fits the signature but I am inclined to think so. Anyway, during the formation of this trine, the impact of Sedna, the goddess of the mammals of the deep and Arctic lands, delineated itself. Australia invested in whale research and on the beaches down under great efforts were taken to save beached whales. A judge declared that an insufficient environmental impact study had been conducted regarding whales and offshore drilling in Alaska. Japanese whalers left for their hunting season near Antarctica and the Supreme Court ruled against the whales in the matter of U. S. Navy sonar and its impact upon whale navigation and lightened previously assigned navy restrictions. Oh yeah, Sarah Palin, returned to Alaska pardoning a turkey and conducting a news conference while turkeys were slaughtered in the background and the Burburry scarf draped around her neck resembled a symbolic rendering of the long tresses of Sedna. Great. How about something we can all work within our lives?

Thinking ahead, what if one applies Jupiter-Saturn-Sedna-Makemake now such that a substantial, profitable, contributive manifestation of the pattern occurs next September in a big way and possibly exceeding expectations. As mentioned above, think fecundity. Go creative. What if no idea appears in the immediate future? No worries. Set the intention in motion to seize forthcoming aspects of creative genius as soon as recognized. There appear several “light bulb idea” pattens appearing once Jupiter enters Aquarius. Consider patterns during the middle of February (Mars to Jupiter), early March (Jupiter to several innovative black holes) and again between April 8th and 23rd (Jupiter to more black holes) and late May as Jupiter and Neptune align. During this last pattern, Saturn has recently resumed direct motion, meaning “Hurry up and get on with it, would ya? You only have a little more than a trimester of fertility development left to go in this cycle!!”

The Jupiter-Saturn-Sedna-Makemake grand trine pattern receives “supporting” aspects from Uranus in Pisces, Neptune in Aquarius, Eris in Aries and with a more minor push, Chiron in Aquarius. The angle made by Uranus cooperatively works with all the players in the trine. The aspects formed with Neptune and Eris (and Chiron) stress, agitate and inflame each of the planets in the grand trine. Uranus soothes and smooths the pattern, naively suggesting change is the ticket - much like the fool on the hill stepping of the precipice ala Tarot cards. Neptune enters the mix with a mixed bag message. He touts the importance of humanism, evolution and consciousness all the while noting that with Jupiter in stingy Capricorn and Saturn splitting way too many hairs in Virgo good luck with infiltrating the mainstream. Eris, sporting tough angles to each body in the trine, grins gleefully. “Let me at them,” she confidently declares, “I have a barrel full of apples and I’m not telling you if any of them might be ‘bad apples.’ Allow me to attend to a proper and promising upset. I, and I alone, shall upset all apple carts. You’ll thank me later, honestly you will.”

Simply, ideas that go against known grains have already started appearing with great frequency. Individuals who detect, develop and drop these innovative thoughts upon our hungry humankind have just what is needed for the propagation of the species: compassion, conscious clarity, consciousness and creative vision. Somewhere, somehow some folks shall emerge from previously unknown quarters to lead us through the murk into the hopeful rays that lie ahead.

Astronomer Mike Brown, co-discoverer of Sedna, Eris, Haumea and Makemake, spoke at the University of Arizona last Friday evening. The sprite-like Gemini kept an overflow crowd intrigued with the edge of our solar system during his topic, “How I Killed Pluto and Why It Had It Coming.” He declared that those maintaining that Pluto is a planet are delusional (like me and probably you). With impressive graphics documenting size and mass (and neglecting my website posting “Does Size Matter?”), he determined the large Kuiper Belt bodies do not belong in the planet category, but has no major argument with dwarf planet category. But he noted, the way a person views Pluto is rather religious and those views will stubbornly resist revision.

As he described the discovery process of Eris, the disruptive influence in this whole mess, he stated to a gathering of astronomers and lay folks that it almost made him a believer in astrology. How could this goddess’ name be ignored while virtually all other Greco-Roman names applied to asteroids? The goddess of exclusion held out for the first distant body larger than Pluto!? How crazy is that? Hardly coincidental. Dr. Brown concluded with a commentary that given today’s technology, astronomers had a window of opportunity for discovering Sedna of about 200 years, or one-sixtieth of her orbit. Immediately he cautioned against extrapolating upward and true to his Geminian nature, did so anyway. Upward extrapolations suggest the possibility of 60 more objects in the unnamed zone through which the Arctic goddess travels in space, a handful of these likely to be larger than Pluto and Eris. Going to the far end of laying cosmic odds, he suggested there could easily exist a body larger than Mars in this region, though it may take centuries to discover. According to current astronomical definitions, this would be a dwarf planet. The planet thing is far from over. There were other interesting conversations surrounding this event; more on those as time goes on. This is long enough for a short week - in the U. S. that is.

Last week I forgot to mention last week that I compiled a monthly ephemeris for 1900 - 2050 that includes Pluto, Eris, Makemake, Haumea and Sedna all in one place. This is invaluable for trend research and to my knowledge is the only place where such a compilation can be easily read. Those of you who have purchased the Galactic Trilogy already received this ephemeris (given the e-mail on file is current). This inexpensive ditty is a must! Here’s the link and while you’re at it, why not take advantage of the other specials I have going on for but a short time more? Check for the Major Sky link, too. A new issue is just around the corner and you might be missing out on some great information. Finally (honest), given the short week and busy weekend, I’ve extended the pre-Thanksgiving reading sale until 18:00 GMT, Tuesday, November 25th.