Galactically Grumpy? ~ 23 February 2008

How grumpy is it out there? Well, for those continuing to process per the last Galactic Times, it’s grumpy but clearing and sensibilities insist upon reserving grumpy comments for clearing sessions. Those not allowing some “catch up with emotions” times seem to give grumpy new brightness in its connotative coloration. Let’s review where we’ve been recently and submit a heads up for the next little time to come.

First, we’ve been dealing with a heap of planets and stuff in Aquarius. Last Sunday, prior to the Sun’s entry into Pisces, six astrological notables stood in Aquarius. If one was inclined to consider asteroid Vesta a likely dwarf planet, there existed a short interval in which seven significant objects stood on the shores of the stream desperately seeking to get back in their bodies sufficiently as to be able to fetch water. The feeling might be that of an Airbus 380 at the end of a runway with all four engines spooling up to take off thrust but with the brakes securely in place. Direction and momentum seem hard to pinpoint. Where to go, what to eat, how to get in the body posed complicated conundrums for many to most earthlings. The Sun shed mercy by dipping into Pisces and surfacing the question: What am I feeling?

Of course during the era of the Sun in Pisces comes a logical Virgo Full Moon; the antithesis of “What are you feeling?” And this Virgo Moon came in the form of the total lunar eclipse. It would have been nice to view the wonder of the eclipse, but scattered clouds prevented a good view in my neck of Arizona. Later that evening I heard such a clatter. I went outside to check the goings on and rain pelted by gale winds, leaves and hail the size of very large coins greeted me. “Ah, the wonder of nature,” thought I. For those who did get to watch, hopefully in a gathering of like minds, did you notice how tolerant your co-eclipse viewers were of the one person who wouldn’t stop talking? How about traffic the next day? We were stressed by the news, personal emotional charge or a sense of spiritual destiny being abducted by life?

The United States Navy (my alumni) managed to shoot down a wounded satellite that promised to crash to earth and harm humanity with toxic fuel. Fine, the Sun’s in Pisces, let’s shoot it into the ocean and let the fish deal with it. We’ll not think about that over the next sushi platter. Kosovo became autonomous. Fidel Castro stepped down. Things are shifting. What once seemed unchangeable or fixed, moved. It’s hard to keep up. That’s enough for grumpy, right there. Says the dwarf planet skeptic, perhaps we should name one of the new diminutives and so called important bodies, Amok.

Perhaps, but I’ve so pleased you brought up dwarf planets. Former asteroid and now dwarf planet Ceres presently moves into exact alignment with conscious choice driven dwarf planet, Sedna. All these scrumbly, grumbly things might/could be resolved with installing a changing, evolving new set of conscious choices. Blessed stellar skat! This is a lot of work!

Some of the mental domination over emotional sensibility, which may help or hinder choice making, depending upon which side of the Mars in Gemini coin lands up when flipped, shifts as Mars makes his strangely ambling way into Cancer on March 4th. Yes he’s currently downloading and delivering galactic insights from the Galactic Center, but what soul occupying a body on Earth has time for that when generally out of sorts? As Mars enters Cancer, permitting some added emphasis on getting back in touch with feelings, a good support function might be to take time with the food process. No eating over sinks and only eat food of flavor and nutritive value.

Anyway, Mars continues forward in Cancer soon to oppose Pluto. This combo platter can express agitation also, especially of uncleared or denied matters. Add the safety tip, no arguing during meals. More to point, this pattern notes the frustration of time, items on the “to do” agenda and the sense of life’s overwhelm. Antidotally, apply the essence of the fastest spinning pulsar known, transited by both planets in this interval. Think of tasks in terms of energy required instead of time demands. That should feel better. Clear your head. Eat something good. Get back to it when the emotional energy of the moment supports the task to be accomplished and not when it does not. You’ll save time with that plan of energy conservation.

So does this mean that we’re condemned to a nasty week or so? Absolutely not. On the 27th Ceres and Sedna exactly align. Given that Ceres was a bit rabid when not getting her way, let’s not give her that chance. Make vows and select alternatives prior to that time to free all prisoners, so to speak. Ensure no part of your spirit is held captive by any undisclosed emotion, unexpressed talent, latent desire, craving of consciousness, failed destiny urges or whatever. If any hostages can be defined, do what it takes to ensure the safe release/reconciliation of the situation.

In the myth of Eris it is noted that she inscribed kallisi, literally “for the fairest,” onto the apple that she rolled to the feet of the goddesses in a successful effort to make everything go to hell in a hand maiden’s basket. In Snow White, an apple driven fairy tale, the wicked stepmother conducts narcissistic, reflective conversations with her looking glass, querying, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” The mirror reports that the one as pure as driven snow - and maybe eclipse induced hailstones - is, that is, one pure in intent and rich in dharmic drive casts the shiniest aura. Conscious choices, a clear, directed sense of destiny and returning to a full integration of mind, feeling, body and spirit creates a fairness of nature. No wonder those off kilter take on the disposition of Grumpy and do their best to discount the importance of the discord of Eris and her transformatively natured multiple dwarf companions... now four in number (Ceres, Charon, Pluto, Sedna) and soon to be six (once dwarf planets 136108 and 136472 receive names) and maybe even fifteen (with Vesta, Hygeia, Pallas, Orcus, Varuna, Ixion, Quaoar and two other unnamed bodies). That’s enough to make any astrologer grumpy and cause humanity a major reset interval during which time a concerted effort for clarity and the Mars rule of counting to ten - or maybe to fifteen in honor all the dwarf planets, before erupting apply. And who said these new planets were no count?

Speaking of new planets, I’m now burning post midnight oil working on two new articles for my website. One page will be amazing examples of Eris in horoscopes that undeniably reveal her potency. The other will be a semi-technical treatise on why/how “size” matters. Of course, I have to redefine size first.

If you want to get a heads up on these articles, which will post when done (I’ll let you know. Under these transits I’m not about to assign myself a time line given the energy this all takes), you might want to consider upgrading your software or purchasing the new Solar Fire. This allows you to put Sedna and Eris in the primary chart wheel and right in your face. Or you could acquire a treatise on Eris and other planetary discoveries, entitled The Fairest of Them All. And you could, given that people are getting along like they are, take advantage of the Leap Year Special on an incisive, you’ve never read anything like this relationship report. To enjoy any of these deals click here.