Energy Management Systems ~ 7 March 2008

Over the next several days Mercury and Venus both cross the process oriented black hole, Cygnus X-3 in late Aquarius (as noted in the G.T. of Feb 15- in archives), the Sun meets up with Uranus for a big shiver of season change anticipation and we just polished off a most contentious Mars-Pluto opposition. Yep, that’s a lot. Perhaps an examination of what we can do given all the churning in the ethers might offer up an insight or two.

Mars just now and Pluto all this year and next match up with the fastest spinning pulsar known. This pulsar works on a 40.07 minute clock, reminding us all to see both sides of every situation by looking into the matter’s core. Then, it suggests, decide how to proceed. Discuss it no more and think of the task at hand in terms of energy required, not time allowed, available or desired, and dive into it. According to this point, energy transcends time so that engaging in 40 minutes of energetic output one accomplishes what would normally be assumed to take an hour. This pulsar’s next door neighbor is another odd pulsar entity that cannibalizes a star and stands relatively close to us in the entire cosmic scheme of things. This pulsar, also purporting the “do stop talking” agenda, operates with a 7,251 second cycle. Translating to 2 hours and 51 seconds, this pulsar is very close to three passes of the fastest pulsar’s energy pass. Maybe thinking in terms of energy and applying three consecutive forty minute surges might be the trick for these energy-rich, density-thick times. In two sets of three forty-minute energy blasts per day, a normal, full work day’s task load might be accomplished!

Mars also passes the Solar Apex over the weekend. This solar motion relative to the Galactic Center marker asks us all to see the irony of life, have a laugh about matters approaching bone crushing seriousness and suggests we slay all our personal sacred cows with a few lightning bolts of humor.

Meanwhile, Jupiter closes in on the unique black hole SS 433 (20 Cap 17) and soon afterward a wild, uncontrollable jetting black hole (GRS 1915+105, 22 Cap 07) that stands also reasonably close to us and spews out from its core with super-luminal, bipolar jets. Jupiter quickly (starting in three weeks) comes up to both these points, stations in orb to both and returns for a last look late in November and into early December. Sounds like a lot. Yes and no. If one applies the energy templates of both these black holes, the wind can catch one’s sails and the course across the waves of the sea of life becomes Tao-istic in nature.

SS 433 possesses two intricate internal cycles. One cycle consists of an 82 day extroversion, “approach life with wild abandon” energy followed by an 82 day interval of retreating and nearly agoraphobic-like behavior. Even going to the local store seems a daunting task; you have to deal with traffic, the psychic state of the world and people stressing out in energetically potent times. Ah, to find a shopping valet! Also in SS 433 are two 6.55 day half cycles creating an approximate week on/week off pattern. To cope with the density of life, go for it with discipline and diligence one week and chill as much as possible the next week, applied within the context of the larger 82 day intervals.

GRS 1915+105 sounds more insidious that it is. Simply, this Capricorn black hole prioritizes the conditions encountered in life and tasks at hand within strongly emotional/destiny oriented slants. It manages to make those things a person yearns to do and those things a person must do, karmically-speaking, into green-lighted, top of the list, “do it at all costs” matters. One finds the means, even if and especially if, it appears these tasks go off against status quo, standardization of life style, career and consensus reality. At this degree of Capricorn, the constellational overlap with Aquarius symbolically appears and one answers to a higher authority - the spirit boss residing in the core of the soul.

I want to return to one point about SS 433's retreat-based urges. Our newest planet, Eris, now travels through the sign of her aphelion - her most distant point from the Sun and concurrently, the sign in which she moves most slowly - Aries. Eris appears to us at this time with her node in Taurus and perihelion in Libra - both ruled by Venus - to suggest that no one get caught up in the runaway train of the status-driven rat race of life. Overcome any addition or tendencies to obsess over status and success. Slow down. Chill. Think of yourself first, something that according to Eris’ aphelion can occur only when you’re not riding the lifestyle express bullet train that blazes through the countryside faster than your eyes can focus. Part of the density of stress, angst and even fear that fills the collectively accumulated airspace above any city can be calmed by Eris. To do that you must upset the out of control apple cart of the quest life style. Eris smiles, reminding us all, that the Holy Grail unlikely resides at the head of a boardroom table. Eris and Jupiter once tag team wrestled the order of the heavens twisting it to move backward in the interest of creating perspective. Here’s hoping a bit of energy management affords the sense that ample time exists for one to step off the running track long enough to saunter over to the Bodhi Tree where one may lean up against that firmly-rooted arbor whose branches aspire to reach the heavens and drift off for a consciousness-ridden snooze.

The new Eris link now appears on my website’s home page. There’s some good stuff in there going back to the last time Eris passed through Aries. And soon, as my energy management cycle permits, I’ll be posting the essay, “Does Size Matter?” This is an amazing display of the physical characteristics of the planets in a manner I’ve never seen assembled before. Here’s a mini-preview: Those who discount the potency of the dwarf planets miss out on the best messages our solar system has to offer. They’re real, powerful and here to stay!