The Cosmic Course of Correction ~ 14 May 2008

Over the past days, I’ve been finalizing my presentations for the upcoming UAC gala in Denver. It has become perfectly clear in reviewing zodiac assessments, the Earth’s motion in space and the soporific math of chart calculation, there’s really no such thing as perfectly accurate chart. Without debating details, equations and stuff that would have people unsubscribing faster than you can mouse click, suffice it to say that horoscopes, while a valid and clear template for guidance, are never entirely exact. When I fly to Denver, the airplane will often be off course. Sure they file a flight plan based upon the weight of the aircraft, wind streams, weather patterns and schedule of departures and arrivals at the respective airports, but can the plane and crew actually fly it? Typically, no. Have you ever watched the Earth drift by underneath you, as you skipped about the clouds like a whimsical air sprite and noticed the things on the wing that keep moving? Those moving parts ensure the plane stays as close to its flight plan as possible and quickly adjusts to every environmental change for trajectory accuracy. What a nice image for the current position of structured, strategic Saturn in perfection-minded Virgo.

Most of the time the course of life is a bit off track, striving nevertheless for a right down the middle strategy. Often off course, the key for efficient arrival at one’s destination comes with swift recognition of shifts in one’s strategy, receptivity to adjustment and improving the course, and at each instant in time, evaluating where you are and where you intended to go.

Incredible, sometimes painful, objectivity is required. Any denial of reality of failure to shift when confronting varying conditions, promises much less than a favorable outcome. The steps are basic. Read and recognize where you are when facing the read out of life’s GPS. Reassess where it was you intended to go in the first place. What are the differences between where you want to be and where you are now? What will it take in resource, energy and intentional effort to close that gap and feel a distinct sense of progress?

The Saturn in Virgo discernment trick useful at this point is that annoying thing that people say when attempting to wax philosophical about the nature of something in less than an ideal state: It is what it is. That’s right; it is. You are where you are. No need dwelling on how you got here, especially if the ideal state has not been achieved. Better to focus on what remains to be done with no criticism overlaid upon previous efforts or present circumstance. Easy to write, more than a wee bit harder to do.

“D” words apply equally well to Virgo and Saturn. To get from here to there, one benefits from accurate discernment of present conditions, resources available and energy intending to go forward. This combination of consciousness commonly yields the configuring of dedicated effort. There’s the “right” or practical thing to do, but there’s also a needed assessment as to whether one’s emotional disposition exists to pursue that course. It’s similar to the aptitude/attitude axis common in Virgo/Saturn assessments. Sure a person might be good at tasks x, y and z in the professional environment, but if none of those tasks produce a sense of contentment, perception of purpose or rock your world, are they worth doing? In these assessments, “But you’re so good at that,” falls drastically short as a valid reason.

Finally and probably most important, is there a dharmic fulfillment template for life? Is there a mission statement such that any that anything that resembles karma can be healed in the efforts made for forward progress in life? What a perfect question! Better to refer to the template of the birth horoscope and its relationship to the planets’ present positions to get a tracking of a direction to take; despite mathematical exactitude, it's still one of the best guides on Earth. Currently, Saturn and Pluto trine. With a little instinct and delving deeper than initially planned - in the aviation metaphor, possibly flying at a slightly lower altitude - a channel of perfectly greased progress can be found. Sure, Saturn and Pluto are not exactly trine, but they're close enough to create a fuel cost cutting, time saving tail wind - or following sea, if you’re a sailor - to ride. The course does not need to be perfect. Steer upon the distant lodestar, correcting the wheel or rudder and intent with each instant. Steady as you go.

One final note on the Saturn in Virgo pattern in effect. From the Sun’s point of view, Saturn recently crossed the most-distant point of Mars from the Sun (aphelion, 6 Virgo 16). The most distant and closest contacts Mars makes to the Sun, when transited by any other planet, historically produce bizarre and intense weather patterns. Saturn reached the aphelion of Mars around March 30th. Mars lines up with his retreat point on May 13 and the Sun squares this sensitive polarity on May 27th. The record pace of tornadic outbreaks in the United States likely will continue. The tragic “perfect storm” in Myanmar fits the archetype. The hatches require battening down for the next few weeks. (I am not sure if and how these patterns fit into China’s recent earthquake catastrophe). Using this kluge to look ahead, Jupiter goes into Pisces in early 2010. This pattern should bring back El Niño, rendering relief to parched areas forsaken by precipitation for some time.


As mentioned, this next week, I’ll be attending and lecturing at the UAC gala conference in Denver. If you are also attending and would like a consultation or to purchase the Galactic Trilogy CD, there is a special deal for attendees. Seeing me sooner than later for consultations is better. For those of you not at UAC, please check my Specials. Not all sales and specials last forever.

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