Vectors and Venus ~ 15 July 2007

First, we are rapidly approaching the Fire in/at/on/with the Grid event so widely touted on the Internet. This is a good thing to get people focused at the same time, meditating and working to raise consciousness. As I look at the event from an astrological point of view, I do not see the profundity of the horoscope. Yes, Pluto is “to” the Galactic Center, presumably in exactitude. There are many places by which the Galactic Center’s position can be cited, mostly dependent upon the energy one chooses to perceive. The radio signal location differs slightly from the infrared location and so on. The point being, within a half degree or degree of orb, Pluto is potently affected by the emanations of the core of our galaxy. To me, it seems a bit too analytical to define “exact” with finiteness when it comes to galactic matters. Regardless, people intend to step back, chill and meditate. The logic would suggest that being receptive to the incoming emanations serves a higher purpose that outputting desires, wishes and plans for consciousness during this perceived cosmic window of opportunity The Galactic Center seems to speak best to those who listen, and between now and the time that Pluto passes the galactic core late this year, all sorts of shifts in consciousness are suggested.

Meanwhile, we’re in a bit of a reprieve between two dreaded terrestrial planets’ retrograde eras. Yes, the discombobulating retrograde of Mercury ended last week and on July 24th, he clears the outgoing shadow zone - the passing of the point at which Mercury went retrograde, which marks a symbolic conclusion to the cycle. Three days later, on July 27th, Venus commences a turn on her heels - more of a planetary pirouette and takes her rare turn in the retrograde place.

Rare? Absolutely. Venus spends less time retrograding than any other planet - she reverses her course a mere 7 percent of the time (okay, it’s really 7.2 % of the time; a little factoid to appease the Moon’s alignment with Venus in Virgo at the time of this Galactic Times transmission).

Venus actually entered the incoming shadow zone - encountering the degree at which she shall turn direct - on June 24th, during Mercury retrograde. To astrologers the shadow zones mark the perceived initiating and concluding effects of the retrogradation cycle. So, while Mercury was retro, Venus set the stage for consideration of what her upcoming reversal might mean. On the heels of Mercury’s clearing the shadow and the presumed “all is said and done” phase, Venus makes her physical station and starts backing away from the table, slowly and with strategic certainty.

If Mercury retrograde’s purpose works to refine one’s thought process, redefine conscious and mental agendas and observe needed changes in communication patterns, Venus’ reversal suggests the need to redefine need/desire profiles, rework one’s attitude regarding the principle of attraction and reset factors like the value of money, physical desires and the urge to make a splash in the material world. Given that Venus distinguishes herself as doing the reversal of fortune dance very rarely, it makes sense to ready ourselves now for the upcoming cycle.

She’ll start the retrograde pattern in Virgo. Most folks respond by trying to outline a plan for how do I get what I want and setting logistical steps in place for contentment. While good planning, it lacks the passion that Venus needs to successfully push forward. When she retrogrades back into Leo on August 9th, she’ll reencounter a strongly passionate desire nature. It’ll sound like, “I want this because I want it and because I said so, I’m going to get it.” At that point the previous planning gets tossed aside and her internal fire, hopefully with spirit overriding ego, brightens her appeal to as shiny and lustrous as she can be. Who can resist the shimmering pearl of the heavens?

Key to any retrograde cycle is its midpoint. The midpoint occurs when the retrograding planet simultaneously aligns with the Sun and forms a conjunction with the Earth, best seen from the Sun-centered point of view. In these times, the distraction and demand for attention placed upon people by the retrograding planet allows for things to drop through the cracks. While many using astrology would sacrifice a Jupiter transit because Mercury is retrograde (a silly act, indeed), how about marking calendars with Venus now in Virgo, for her conjunction with Earth and conjure a creative and critically defined plan (as in considering all necessary budget requirements and logistics) and set yourself ready to sign onto creative projects that you’ve had in development for what seems to be eons? As Venus reenters Leo, she’ll be accompanied in that sign by the Sun, Mercury and Saturn, all for good measure. Make it about you, spread the concept and ink the deal, which of course, extends from Leo’s generosity and for the good of all concerned. If I’m not mistaken, that aligns with the Fire Grid agenda.

The Venus-Earth conjunction occurs on August 18th at 03:36 GMT. This is five days following Earth conjunction Neptune - grounding of great vision - and three days following Earth opposed Mercury - direct articulation of mundane agendas - and Mercury opposed both Venus and Neptune - getting clear on desires and needs, mundane, inspirational and spiritual and Venus opposed Neptune - making the mundane spiritual and the spiritual mundane (all heliocentric aspects).

Personally, I’d be willing to sign contracts on those big deals and major contracts on the 15th or 18th of August with no hesitation or reluctance. Later, when Venus goes direct, the financial considerations can be refined and players to be named later can actually be named.

Should you have a Galactic Center kind of idea good to go, this may be the time you’ve been awaiting. Like an airplane wiggling through the skies to a well-intended destination, use Venus to vector your visions.

Last weekend I conducted a workshop in New Mexico regarding successful navigation of the Underworld through the use of the named dwarf planets: Ceres, Charon, Pluto and Eris. Given Pluto’s proximity to the Galactic Center, that key point was the nucleus of the navigation. The Underworld CDset is now available for purchase. And it includes never published materials regarding the “size matters” concept by including all of the physical characteristics that could be classified as having size (mass, diameter, gravity and density). It’ll reshape your view of the planets and their influences. Use the hyperlink above to take advantage of a great offer on this CD and more!