Nuts and Bolts ~ 27 Nov 2007

Capricorn, Christmas, Chanukah and Kwanza are coming as certain as sunrise tomorrow. One thing for sure, Capricorn hates wasting resources, whether material, energetic or time. In honor of such a concept, I need to resolve a personal effort to prevent it from becoming a waste of time, research and creative effort. With the discovery of Eris, the perception of our solar system and very important in this process, so did Pluto. After a visit to Lowell Observatory it occurred to me that someone should write about this, but for all people, not just astrologers. It was a long dance with agents in New York. Once narrowed down to two potential agencies, one agency told me they didn’t agree with my assessments and “speculations”; the other reported to book was too footnoted and quasi-science fact filled to capture mainstream interest. At 173 pages and after three months of dedicated work, the work stood still. Realizing it’s not doing anyone any good hiding on my computer, I’ve decided to make it available as is.

While this might seem as a long personal tout, it intends to be a symbol. Great ideas have come to all of us in the last year for certain. Yet, when some of those ideas met the collective mind set, an ear-shattering, grating metallic screech from a lack of getting it, caused many great ideas to rock to a standstill. So, here comes Jupiter in Capricorn (18 Dec) giving the gift that keeps on giving this holiday season: find an application, look for a mundane spin, distill concepts to the lowest common denominator and go for the nuts and bolts of the matter.

Given about an upcoming year of Jupiter driving through energy efficiency minded, time conscious, “get the job done in the simplest way possible” Capricorn, and to fulfill the promise of a few GT’s ago when I mentioned I’d highlight some of Jupiter’s more subtle impact in Capricorn, here’s a kluge for some unusual Cap contacts.

As you consider these points, keep in mind that there exists a twenty degree overlap in the actual constellations of Capricorn and Aquarius. Secretly, in every Capricorn practical idea is a wild idea yearning for application; conversely every “hare brained” far out idea in Aquarius quests to find a way to be usable - as in so doing fulfill the agenda of “for the good of all.”

At 1 Cap 36 stands the fastest spinning pulsar known. Jupiter meets it just once on 12/25/07. Think of things to do in terms of the energy required to do them instead of the time it might take. Efficiency increases. Do things when the energy appears and without hesitation. Isn’t that better!? Look how much you’re getting done and oh my, at what a fabulous rate of completion.

Another one time shot, Jupiter passes 1 Cap 49 on 12/26/07, engaging with a cannibalizing pulsar system. Check for energy leaks from your aura. When leaning on others, ensure you’re not unwittingly usurping their energy. Examine the “tugs” from others to verify no encroachment on your vital energy resources bleeds off your stamina.

Jupiter lines up with an interpulsing pulsar located at16 Cap 57 on 3/8/08, 7/13/08 retrograde, 11/1/08. Interpulsing effects note the need to shoot off in a direction contrary to the original course setting. This requires serious multitasking or delegation of activities that can be competently handled by another person. The point requires expanding goals and objectives to include life’s critical necessities and holding firm to the loftiest of goals and aspirations that seek to fulfill one’s sense of destiny.

The grand, gaseous Jupiter takes on a glitching pulsar found at18 Cap 57 on 3/22/08, 6/27/08 retrograde, 11/13/08. Extreme conscious attention is required. It’s like yawning, blinking or sneezing and taking the hands off the wheel while doing so. The results in extreme conditions may create disruption. Stop in the face of emergencies, especially hyperbolized ones (if we don’t get this report done, the world will stop spinning kind of stuff) and get clear. Take the necessary time to shake off the hiccups of life to resume efficient breathing. Nothing like a fifteen second mediation to recalibrate the ole internal barometer.

The unusual black hole system SS 433 convenes with Jupiter come 4/2/08, 6/16/09 retrograde, 11/21/08. This amazing system lives for destiny fulfillment. It senses the importance of life’s mission and works to summon the fire in the belly. Meditation on the chakras and sustenance of that which feeds the spirit becomes mandatory. Seek out retreat places to restore psychic and psychological calm. Make rest, recreation and pleasure equal priorities with career drive and work. Figure out ways to really make the pursuit of the good life a good thing.

A black hole with bipolar jets and super luminal properties at 22 Cap 05 embraces Jupiter’s company come 4/25/08, 5/22/08 retrograde, 11/30/08. This black hole does not contradict anything. It merely points out there’s at least to sides to every issue. In other to have clarity and become a luminary who can render solutions, all perspectives require understanding. Paradox, contradiction and hypocrisy themes pepper the news. The good news, sometimes a seemingly contrary solution might be the answer. You know, firefighters often set back fires in an attempt to control wild fires.

Other patterns of notable influence appear by checking out Jupiter’s passage in Capricorn as seen from the Sun’s point of view. It is interesting to observe the collection of significant orbital elements of the bodies in our solar system that appear in Cancer, polarizing Capricorn. Below are the bullet points that offer subtle overlays of meaning to the unfolding events of careers and world affairs.

On 1/8/2008 Jupiter meets the aphelion (most distant orbital point) of Saturn. If you really want to get your thinking straight, pull back from the maddening crowd, irrational screaming bosses and the negative news surge. Take some time to figure out what you believe deep down in the marrow of your bones. Delineate goals and define plans to complete your destiny. Rally upon known resources and promise to learn new skill sets required to advance. When ready, re-enter the rat race, perspective restored.

April 17th finds Jupiter aligned its own south node. Okay, clearly some of the ideas, concepts, reasons, rationalizations and doctrines need resetting. Which beliefs continue to support the flow of events in life as you encounter them? Keep solid, enduring truths and do not hesitate to shore up or replace those beliefs that may be flawed.

Mid-May, on the 15th, Jupiter lines up with the Earth’s aphelion. This calls for a life workability survey. Within your rules about work, relationships and global participation, what furthers your efforts? At the end of the day if your beliefs and spiritual claims do not ease you through the day, this combo asks, “What good are they?” Check for daily application of spiritual beliefs and causes such that every act of life becomes a ceremony. Assess your personal strengths such that if you decide to shoulder the burdens of others up to and including the world, you know you’re strong enough to do so.

Jupiter finds Pluto’s south node on August 15th. From your view of personal power to nuclear power, get your view of how you use your energy with other and in the world impeccably clear. New demands arise for sure. Most of these feel like pushing a car out of the mud. To do so, a gentle, well-applied momentum must be created to undo the mire.

Last in Jupiter’s notable heliocentric connections of next year, on the 22nd of September Jupiter embraces Saturn’s south node. What’s the purpose of it all, one more time. As Jupiter embraces the foundation of his brother, he reminds him that when up to your ass in alligators it may be difficult to recall the drain the swamp agenda. Now, more than ever, restore the objective, reboot the internal global positioning device and recharge or replace weakened batteries. When ready and the inner energy backpack is full, venture forth in capital letters.

Well, that’s a bit of a nuts and bolts nutshell. All these patterns will respectfully request efficient use of all the insights now bouncing about the solar system looking for a home. Latch on. More on the insight patterns next week just before two very promising alignments.