Now What? ~ 09 December 2007

Recent Galactic Times and many blogs and posts have all touted the apex of Galactic Center activity, presumably finishing off the year of Pluto the Galactic Center with a highly amplified Jupiter passage and in cooperation with the Sun to the Great Attractor. It promised to be big stuff. I suggested downloading Galactic Center emanations, preparing to make cosmic insight practical and rallying the spirit for another hurrah. So, how many of you wonder if you got anything? Got the will but no insight? Do you feel like you might have missed the celestial surge? Relax. It’s still okay and you’re still not late.

In case you’re wondering how I can confidently write that, remember the Galactic Center works energetically. It takes time for the energy to process within our dense bodies, DNA and cellular structures. Sometimes the essence of inspiration requires a temporal delay for our grey matter to wrap around infrared, ultraviolet and celestially chartreuse vibes.

We’ll soon have the benefit of the largest body of the solar system, the Sun, who enthusiastically supported Jupiter to the galactic core, hooking up with the GC. Since the Sun spreads light and conscious attention, it should ease insights properly in place into the cogent parts of the cranium. Our star does this every year between the 17th and 19th of December, possibly being in influence a couple days on either side of that time bandwidth. This year, though, there’s a bonus. Mercury and the Sun meet in the 18th, carefully tweaking all GC insights not only into the conscious mind but also into a clear state of articulation. See. You’re not yet late. Stay focused on the process, though, and when the idea hits, document it immediately as to capture every bit of its essence thoroughly.

Given Jupiter’s entry into the “make it crystal clear and strategic” Capricorn on the 19th, it could take even a bit longer to distill the idea down to even more practical applications. Again, be generous and gentle with the process. Venus, now ravaging about in the passion locker of Scorpio to find unmentionable motivation, moves to the Galactic Center on January 21st. She might just be the one to determine the marketing theme and provide the perfect packaging for the insights delivered from our galaxy’s core.

She’s going to have a big year, Venus is. This next year she’ll be “halfway” in between two “transits.” Astronomically, a transit refers to the planet’s passage directly across the disk of the Sun from Earth’s point of view (June 2004 and June 2012 for those noteworthy essentially eclipse alignment patterning. This halfway point marked by the occultation of Venus by the solar disk during a superior conjunction, occurs on June 9th. The feminine cosmic powers that be rejoice. Jupiter and Saturn spend the year in signs qualified as feminine and Pluto initially probes the same feminine sign as Jupiter. And with a little luck, astronomers shall finally accept the name submitted for the dwarf planet 2003 EL61, which while known to have been proposed from the Hawaiian deity, just might be feminine, too. I’m hoping.

The increase in feminine essence does not mean a woman will become president in the United States, but it is the first time we’ve even had that possibility. More, it’s time to include the new feminine namesakes in our solar system. Get to know Sedna and ask her what the hell she was thinking when she stepped on the birdman’s kayak. Invite Eris to a party. Just notify the neighbors and fire department first; she’s going to be good for some excitement, bare bones reality checking, and ultimately, amazing insight. I am flummoxed as to the reasons astrologers render as their opposition to including these gals, especially Eris, who ranks larger than Pluto in mass and diameter. Think of it, she’s even more of a heavy weight than our favorite “I can help but evolve by making things messy,” bad boy Pluto. If the realization of Eris’ impact sends shivers down your backbone/kundalini pipeline, consider that maybe the essence of the stimulation of the Galactic Center and its insights just might provide a usable vessel such that the essence of Eris can be contributive and non discordant. There’s a concept.

Regardless, some of us of our cosmic disposition claim that mundane priorities must tank for consciousness to prevail. What if they do tank during upcoming Pluto in Capricorn era as so many evidently lust to predict? Will we have the consciousness in place to reset priorities and keep humanity flowing along? Maybe that depends to our receptivity to the subtle signals overhead and the integration of cosmic paradox. And cosmic paradoxes abound in those galactic entities that warp time and space much to the delight of folks like Einstein and m. c. escher.

Paradox, not hypocrisy. Yesterday a Presidential candidate in the U.S. declared that if a person is not “religious” s/he cannot be a good American. This with the Sun on the “include it all” Great Attractor and excluding the precept of religious freedom, that sanctions polytheism, spirituality, agnosticism and atheism as viable and acknowledged belief protocols. The President included it all. When faced with the fact that Iran evidently (according to the gold standard of intelligence reports) suspended their nuclear development program in 2003, he used that suggestion to jusify exerting pressure - even quasi-hostile pressure - on Iran to prevent World War III.

On a more mundane level, recently one of my flights enjoyed favorable winds. We landed 25 minutes early and there was no open gate to greet us. Once we got to a gate we were more than 20 minutes late - early and late all in one flight. In consciousness, considering those things in which you place no faith or belief perfects your point of view and confirms your conviction to your beliefs. With that, there’s no possible way of going bonehead and contradicting yourself with your words during the Sun-Mercury-GC alignment (okay, in extreme cases there’s a possible way). That’s a relief.

One last note, the other night I went out to examine the sky and was stunned by the brilliance of Mars. He’s getting nice and bright up there. Look just to the left of Orion about ten in the evening. You can’t miss him... unless it’s cloudy or you live in New York. Maybe as he passes by the GC in January, retrograde, and in February, direct, he’ll use that holiday lighting he’s got going now to inspire all of us to action.

Okay, there’s one more note. My current Holiday Sale ends on the Winter Solstice. If others don’t know the value of giving you a cosmic holiday pressie, you could always gift yourself.