Not for McNaught ~ 16 Jan 2007


If it were not for C/2006 P1, a.k.a. Comet McNaught, I’d not be standing in frigid air after sunset peering westward observing the brightest comet in three decades. I’ll brave freezing temperatures - yes, I’m still in Arizona and it’s downright cold - to take a look at the blazing, dirty snowball spectacle. If you haven’t taken a look yourself, or if weather prohibits, check out the dazzling display of comet photos on Truly, these are amazing. What’s it mean? That’s a new paragraph.

With a reasonable degree of reliability, comets impact political leaders who have Sun signs linked to important points in the comet’s orbit. From the Sun’s point of view we find the perihelion degree of Comet McNaught at 3 Libra 56 and its node weighing in at 19 Libra 33, also heliocentric. If a person holds personal chart connections to these degrees, then the comet holds additional import. When a comet’s critical degrees impact a leader’s horoscope, often there’s a sudden rise or decline. However, all people are inclined to review the implication of the signs impacted, specifically here, Libra and Libra. Seems to be that most folks now reassess the nature of most relationships. In the big picture, do the relationships you encounter work in an ebb and flow manner? If a relationship appears to have only one way mechanisms in play, it’ll likely get dropped like a cold or hot potato unless the taking person realizes the inequities and adjusts post haste. As for new relationships, the question posed wants to know if this new person provides purpose to one’s path. If yes, lock on. If no, step aside allowing enough of a berth for the distraction to pass. Let the question be asking about those things of a big picture nature complete with destiny driven attributes.


McNaught Correction ~ 17 Jan 2007


An astute reader noted the node and perihelion for Comet McNaught not jiving. As I crunched numbers on it the other day during a crunch of my own, I correctly located Comet McNaught. Comet McNaught C/2006 Q1. Problem being the one we can see is Comet McNaught C/2006 P1, which in the listing lies adjacent, of course.


Here are the corrected perihelion and node for the Comet McNaught C/2006 P1.


Heliocentric degree of perihelion: 3 Gemini 23
Heliocentric degree of node: 27 Sagittarius 25


The node lies amidst the Pluto (and recently Mars) connection to the Galactic Center, again serving to support the progressive download of insights, inventions and ideas. The perihelion notes the need to stimulate bidirectional communication, as in the give and take of speaking and listening or writing and reading.


The geocentric position of C/2006 P1 on January 15th was 29 Capricorn 34 and on the 25th it will be 1 Aquarius 14. At this point in its solar relationship its declination sinks rapidly.


My apologies for the error, but it does confirm that while working on a major manuscript and having far too many pages of data scattered here and there one must watch all the P’s and Q’s in the data. I’d like to say my cat ate my homework, but she only collates. Enjoy your comet watching.


* * *

Reports of a 33.05 hour period for the Wolf Rayet binary, x-ray black hole NGC 300 X-1 just hit astronomical telegram airwaves. While it’s a mouthful to be sure, this black hole lies at 24 Pisces 44 and offers general support to all those fighting Pluto for creative control over their latent talents. Seems to be that using an attention interval of three hours shy of a day and a half works wonders. To activate the cycle, put an idea in your mind and let it percolate behind the scenes for a day and a half. At that point, consciously refine the idea and let it cycle for another day and a half.

Supporting NGC 300 X-1 is the newly clocked binary x-ray black hole also likely to be in the Wolf Rayet class. IC 10 X-1 appears at 7 Taurus 01, maintaining a period of 34.8 hours. More or less in synch with NGC 300's x-ray clock. It seems likely that IC 10 supports the manifestation of its class counterpart and offers aid with the characteristics of persistence and patience during the creative process. Assuming that IC 10 knows the creative process cannot be rushed and that a watched pots never boil, it sits back content to wait a spell. When its cyclic companion breaks through with an idea, this system offers a day and half spurt of dedicated action to seed and cultivate a strong start for any creative aspiration.

How nice that these cycles come to light during the manifestation conscious era of the Sun in Capricorn. Today Mars enters Capricorn. The planet of raw energy enters the naturally throttled sign seeking to properly direct its thrust. Mars’ entry works in perfect harmony with the black hole duo just entering our planning meetings. Mars, over the next couple of days, tracks the fastest spinning pulsar known. Try planning based upon how much energy you’ll think you need to complete a project instead of the usual tracking of trying to assess the time required. Mars points out that for now, it is a thrust issue. Point the thrust directors properly and burn the propellent only as long as required. Exhaust no energy reserve.

One of the methods used by the primal degrees of Capricorn for restoration comes in the form of good humor. Laughing works miracles for rebuilding waning energy. Notice the irony of life and take nothing too seriously. With that doctrine, more things appear funny than not. I’m not going to be joking about the fact that new photos from the Cassini probe indicate the surface of Saturn’s moon Titan looks like Minnesota though. Not me. I wrote a short story in my collection published last year (Glimpses) about a comedian who joked about life on Titan. Seems he was correct in his joking and federal agents came to make him cease and desist reporting the celestial fact and scare people. It’s true though, Titan is peppered with methane lakes and photos resemble an aerial view of Minnesota.

Finally, when not sure and facing a crossroad, why not take some to collect your energy resources before jumping into action? Stare at the comet for a spell and see if any wonder comes your way. Sometimes a better offer might lie slightly more than one day away especially from those pausing to ponder the wonder of a shimmering comet at sunset.

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