Contentment, Compromise & Capricorn ~ 16 Dec 2007

In but days, a new astrological era receives ample foreshadowing. Pretty much everywhere one looks astrologers tout the substantial impact of Pluto’s in and out and in rendezvous with Capricorn next year, which sets in place a generation of influence lasting through 2025. Yep, Pluto’s time in sign increases now as it recently passed through the sign in which it moves most rapidly. For those planning ahead, he’s slowest when in Taurus, so in those future incarnations you might want to take that into account. Anyways...

Jupiter sets up the Capricorn influence as only he can. He enters this holiday season bearing gifts, coupons, speculations, promises and an overflowing cornucopia. I’m wondering why there’s not more optimism out there. I’m not really wondering that at all: it is curious that this potentially benefic element seems more than a trifle understated. After all, Capricorn does demand high quality in all things, impeccable standards, upgrades and a platinum approach to economic issues. I find it funny that American Express, the company that seems to set the color card standard for status credit cards (at least in the U.S.) now issues a new business card: the Plum Card. Evidently, a new color to consider for Capricorn could be Plum. According to AMEX status driven advertisements, they’ve not even issued the first 10,000 cards. Hopefully, this card geared to assist soon to be thriving businesses, spares the annual fee of their “oh-la-la” designer Black Card. Anyway, think about it. Cogent, Mercury joins Jupiter in Capricorn the very next day, spinning planning pencils at the speed of plumlight. Sure, fill out those applications, make plans, apply for grants and funding. As the solstice comes around with the Sun’s entry into Capricorn on the 21st, the largest body in the solar system just might bless lofty goals and aspirations by shedding light into every nook and cranny noted or otherwise, created by Jupiter’s rapid expansion profile.

All this surging optimism graciously appears in advance and paving the way for Pluto’s entry into Capricorn on January 26th. Sure the domestic and speculative real estate market is likely to continue making flat line noises, especially as Pluto and Mars, co-rulers of the other people’s money sign, dance in March. Will Pluto’s entry into Capricorn cause global economic collapse? Honestly, I think there’s too much of a global money conspiracy and the powers that money be will pull what strings they must to keep things solvent for the wealthy at least. If you want to look ahead and worry about economic disruption, I think the best bet will be in late 2020 when Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all come to square the goddess of discord and new “planet” Eris and her companion moon, Dysnomia, goddess of lawlessness. But that’s thirteen years away and a lot of preventive good can be done between now and then, starting with each earthling in incarnation.

What’s an earthling to do? In recent conversations with clients, colleagues and friends, added to my own personal life change inducements rendered by Pluto, I’m reminded of when I was negotiating with an attorney/representative for an online column with a major online content provider with deep pockets and a squeaky cheap payment schedule. I’ll spare the Pluto-punctuating vocabulary (but it does make the exchange sound so much more juicy). She asked, “What’s the least amount of money you’ll accept to write our project and still stay motivated, enthused, well juiced and resentment free?” Wow! Great question. Negotiation does not need to minimize one’s worth or diminish desires to unacceptable thresholds. Declare your due. What is your personal line in Capricorn’s earth sign sands? Is that really the bottom line, or does it contain fibrous roots that reach into Pluto’s underworld domain? Better be sure.

Honestly, Pluto’s a greedy bastard (oops) when it comes to the wealth of his realm. He hoards the gems, which were created and thrive in the turf of his domain. Oddly, when Pluto took kindly to someone he perceived to be of great merit, he frequently demonstrated exceptional generosity by rendering gems to those he fancied. Literally, those offering gems of insight and inspiration that fan the fires of spirit such that regeneration, redemption and personal resurrection or re-resurrection result, can be rewarded with gems. Apply your art, your craft, your skill, your gems with such knowing. You know that “do what you love and the money will follow” doctrine resurrected on the heels of the frenzy over The Secret? It ain’t quite that simple. It takes drive, determination, dedication, a profound sense of destiny and a dog with a bone consciousness - all attributes that appeal to Capricorn and Pluto. Pluto also notes that one cannot cast pearls (the gems of the realm of the underworld goddess Sedna) before swine. Meaning in blunt Plutonian terms, there can be no prostitution of one’s merit.

Astrologers, when doing consultations, charge professional fees. Astrologers, when writing, commonly accept pithy, non-supporting salaries. As I was told when negotiating my online deal, most astrologers can be counted on to accept the first offer given presumably for fear that negotiating would blow the deal. Fine, if they’re happy with the deal. But writing for ten cents a word when the top standard can be as much as ten dollars a word seems silly. Does this mean, get greedy and stonewall? No. It means know the worth of what you render and declare nothing less.

This is not just about money. It’s about quality of life in all regards. Accept no teacher who’s not experienced and wise. Submit all emotional, mental, spiritual, physical, social and domestic criteria to relationship partners. Maintain that clear sense of what fills your sails; no woosing out (woos = wind out of sail, or wuss). Can one compromise beyond one’s personal line in the sand and not risk contentment and degradation to consciousness? If you ask Pluto, he’ll get that look he does and reply, “Honestly? No.” While it might feel like you’re angering a nest of hornets to set life back onto a course of smooth sailing with compass set on contentment, it’s nothing more than a fascinating journey in the gem laden underworld, seeking the gems lurking in one’s own unconsciousness while bearing the banner declaring the commandment: Thou shalt not compromise contentment and consciousness.

I don’t know about you, but I’m dreaming of Sugar Plum Cards this holiday season and for Pluto’s reign in Capricorn.

I know this was long, but I did want you to get full value especially given the planetary passages. Speaking of which, the Holiday Special expires on the Solstice, so act now. If you don’t want to buy anything, you can always Donate.