Saturn Over Jupiter ~ 29 July 2006

Nope, you didn’t miss the Galactic Times this week. I didn’t send one yet. A mistake? Hardly. These things go out as they do, lacking any rigid schedule. This week I was busy doing what I’m fixing to recommend as a transit remedy for the upcoming interval of time. When I had a break in my writing schedule, the Moon worked its way into Virgo; a time noted to generate confusion and semantic disorientation when I transmit GT’s using that lunar window. Add the stationary position of Mercury and the wild ranging missed communications of the week past and I figured I’ll wait for my baseball team to start playing well again (or is it good again? rhetorical, no need to respond). Well, that’s not quite happening yet, but when Saturn’s over Jupiter, you can’t just sit around and wait for life to happen.

Precisely. Currently Saturn leads Jupiter in the depth of longitudinal degree in the fixed sign it travels. As I write, Saturn is just short of four degrees ahead of Jupiter, who now gains speed coming off his retrograde interval earlier this month. Jupiter does not actually equal Saturn’s degree until October 25th. Between now and then the Universal Codex, properly decrypted, reads: Do the work first. Opportunity follows later. Let’s say a writer was waiting for a publisher or agent to approach them and say, “What do you have written?” If the writer replies, “What do you want? I’ll write it,” the agent and publisher walk away. They’re seeking instant gratification. They want it now, not next month, year or sometime after the expiration of the Mayan Calendar or adhering to the cuneiform figurines recently unearthed in the Mississippi ruin dated as during time of Jesus. What an ugly sentence. Good thing the Moon’s not in Virgo. So anyway, the agent and publisher move onto a writer who can say, “What do you want? I’ve got this, this and this.” Do the grunt effort of grinding it out and when the time to pitch arrives, you’ve got all renderings ready.

Saturn crosses the intersection point of the Super-Galactic Center and Galactic Center on or about August 3rd. Jupiter hits that same point on or about September 7th. This potent axis causes an inquiring mind to reevaluate its subconscious programming. The subconscious network easily infiltrates the magical possibilities of the above point (I’ll call it Z/ZS, as it’s shorter to type) and disrupts the possible rewards. Work to eliminate anything that sounds like, “Who wants what I can do? That’ll never happen. Sure, like world leaders will ever really listen to astrologers.” Truly, an alchemy of inclusion of even those things alien and foreign allows for an evolving epoxy to cause improved outcomes in life to stick when the Z/ZS point stands active. Saturn says, “Do the work and stop grumbling about the outcome. You haven’t even pitched it yet. Make it good. Make it solid. Make it credible. Make it evocative. Make it impact-full. But mostly, just make the damn thing.” When Jupiter gets there, make the pitch. That’s when mind conditions open and receptivity to that which makes sense in the bigger picture allows for brilliance to be met for what it is.

This point is in Scorpio (14 Sc 18). Don’t jinx it. Jinxing comes by announcing projects prematurely (how embarrassing to need five more days than what you declared), losing an idea to a competitor who’s not above lifting your concept, or applying subconscious performance pressure upon you. Keep it under your hat. Just do it and do it well, including all the amazing ideas that drop into your consciousness while you’re not looking. Manifest it. Refine it. Pitch it. You’ve got about five weeks to get a ton of work done. Save all new pitches until early September and then, let them rip - unless Saturn and Jupiter personally impact your chart earlier than this axis. If you’re not sure, maybe check in with your local star seer.

Lastly, for now, the Cygnus X-3 complex has a highly active component right now. This point, EXO 2030+375, at 26 Aquarius 01, works overtime in an intense outburst mode. It began on June 21st and will probably clock along the 46 day orbital period of the binary system. Funny how it goes, 46 days from June first, if I’m using my non-Mayan/Mississippian calendar correctly, works out to August 4th, around Saturn making his aspect to Z/ZS. For those who are not sure what to work on or cultivate at this point, go back to the Solstice and poke around in your inspiration files. What came to mind then, or since then? You still have a few days left in the anticipated outburst cycle. Since Saturn leads Jupiter right now, pay homage to Saturn. Work to recover inspiration. Add sweat, conscious attention, and at least once a week, say no to idle frivolity (but if frivolity is not idle - use Capricorn root words - be sure footed, like the goat and capricious). Think of all of it as FUN - Formulate Universal Notions.

Enough, I have some writing to finish.