Planets Trading Signs, Restoring Order ~ 19 July 2006

In the last few hours Venus slipped into something more comfortable - the sign of Cancer. Over the last week she opposed Pluto, which contributed to a ton of butting of minds, wills and ideas, at least as people and the news report. She passed by the Galactic Center, encouraging every person to catch up with the insights magnified by Pluto and beamed directly at us. The shiny body asked everyone to look one step past what appears to be the answer to find out if the River Styx actually makes up the water table of life, which it does, which is not a bad thing at all. Now she’s easing into the sign of Cancer as if she’s stepping into a soothing bath. She encourages us all to pause, treat our bodies well, catch up with our emotions and reset what we need and want.

On the 22nd, the Sun takes on its home turf - the sign of Leo. In the same day Mars commences a campaign to dissect life as he cuts his way through the sheaves of wheat that create the fertile fields of Virgo. What? That too much a metaphor? You want something you can sink your teeth into and apply in real life? Jeez, the Sun’s not even in Leo yet, nor is Mars in Virgo and look how you’re going already. If you think everyone is a trifle crazed with life’s details with Mercury retrograding, wait til these bodies shift gears in tandem.

Actually, it’s a good thing if a body (and a well-nurtured body) applies a mindful approach. Naturally, the pressure intensifies for things to go your way based upon the impetus of the I-Me-My orientation of Leo, which can be restorative to diminished psyches. Mars in Virgo demands that the times be chaos free, orderly and conflict solving in nature. Mars’ demand contains more than a bit of cosmic irony. A few days into August, he squares the Trans-Neptunian Object named Chaos. At this point (0 hr GMT, 08/04) Chaos tracks 8 Gemini 13. A weekly position of Chaos is posted on my website on the New Planets, Sedna, Centaurs and More link (and you can get your natal placement for this and other TNO bodies computed for a nominal fee - or you can get the Chaos ephemeris in the Galactic Trilogy CD and much more that help translate the energy of any given moment).

Chaos was the nothing that was all prior to Creation. Chaos can be untangled in the hot string theory model currently leading the edge of physics. But Chaos actually implies the silent calm and order in the universal structure. Just this morning a galactic e-mail noted that a recently observed Active Galactic Nuclei (J1933.9+3258 @ 4 AQ 19), normally noted for being energetically rowdy in all frequencies, stood out as radio quiet. No need to bombard the airways, especially in a moment of overwhelm.

Starting now, Mars and Chaos work with an intricate structure of black holes in early Gemini and Virgo. The essence of this black hole complex encourages every person in every solar system around any star (yes, the positions would be different on 51 Peg, but they still feel the energy) to get thoughts collected, organized, cultivated and applied. The critical point of the matrix comes in allowing ample time to receive the new blasts from the heavens. One of the key black hole players contributes an x-ray pulse of precisely 283 seconds - four minutes and forty-three seconds if Mercury retrograde allowed me a clear path for numeric conversion. Hold one thought and one thought alone for that entire interval of time. That’s a long time to hold any thought, especially given the mutability involved. But that’s how long it takes to do the download. If you were downloading on the computer you’d let the hour glass stop twirling before attempting another task, right? Same drill here. Get the thought captured, then develop it. That one principle alone, between now and the end of the first week of August goes a long way to restore the order evidently upset during July’s Venus-Pluto, Jupiter direct, Mercury retrograde patterns.

Here’s one last thing to think about with Mars in Virgo. Let’s say you’re as motivated as if you’ve been sipping the waters of the River Styx (or maybe pomegranate juice). With intense motivation you might track on an accelerated time curve. If others fail to share your motivations, interests, causes or needs, they’ll follow a different clocking mechanism. To be on the safe side, estimate time required for any life task and add a third again to create completion deadlines that can be successfully accommodated. You don’t want to come off as incompetent if your printer, agent, manager or web designer failed to share your clock. Truly, it’s not about time. It’s about space. Instead of warping time, can you warp the space in which tasks get done? I’d bet if a question asking how to warp space was posed to the black holes dealing with Mars and Chaos a really solid answer for you and you alone would come down the pike. You got time for that? You do if you set the space.