Planetary Potpourri ~ 12 November 2006

There were a few “interesting” galactic pulses and such recently reported, however, the news of those bodies takes a back seat to some new developments in our own solar system. The big flash of the week addresses the photographing of an enormous hurricane on Saturn’s south pole. This storm exceeds the potency of the two large hurricanes on Jupiter because of its clearly defined eye wall. What storms signify to the interpretive nature of the planet I’m not sure. What is certain is that on the planet that orders, organizes and hopefully organically creates improved infrastructural systems, churning turbulence stirs the pot. While this affects all people attempting to upgrade the quality in their own lives, it certainly appears in the wake of the overturning elections in the United States this past week. It seems that Saturn’s current trine with Eris - the goddess who with Zeus can change the very motion of the heavens to let right be restored is alive and well. The hard part is battening down the hatches of old structure to maintain systems that simply can’t meet evolutionary needs - be that mundane and personal, of psychic orientation or the world’s big picture.

On Friday the Minor Planet Center posted the names of two new scattered disk objects. These bodies fall into the Trans-Neptunian Object group of which Pluto, Charon and Eris are members. The two new contenders are very small in diameter, likely nothing more than adjectives to the adventure of consciousness in which we all embark. Of course, if you had the Galactic Trilogy you would have already received the ephemeris for these bodies as well as keywords (assuming I have a current e-mail address for you). Yes, my site is updated on the Eris, Sedna, etc. page, for these new bodies.

First is Typhon, formerly known as minor planet 42355. This body takes a mere 234.88 years to orbit the Sun. Typhon was a grisly monster with a hundred heads and serpents coming out of its thighs. This image following the week in which a guy going for one of those you really have to be drunk on Guinness to get their record put a vast number of rattlesnake tails in his mouth. He actually looked a lot like Typhon while conducting his feat. There’s a record to write home and tell the folks all about. And this week, too, a girl was bitten by a rattlesnake in one of the snake worshiping sects of middle America. More that strange images, Typhon refers to cavernous voids, confined breath, volcanic forces and hot dangerous winds. You guessed it, it is the root word of typhoon. Not only did we find out about Saturn’s bad ass storm, we also heard about evidence of relatively recent volcanic activity on our own Moon.

Typhon’s Node is in Pisces and its perihelion (closest point to Sun in its orbit) lies in Virgo. The image personally: Figure out the relationship between parts and wholes. Attend to all details of life in a way that permits maintaining a view of the big picture. That way there’s no reason to storm about or issue noxious fumes as we witnessed during the final days of last week’s elections in the United States complete with toxic advertising campaigns singling out details completely out of context to conjure a psychic slur.

Following Typhon is Ceto, formerly identified as 65489. Ceto orbits in an extreme eccentricity. Of named bodies, Ceto trails only Sedna in the stretch of its orbital ellipse. Such stretching renders long orbital periods; Ceto completes a solar orbit once every 1,039.65 years. Ceto incarnated as a daughter of Gaia and Pontus in the form of a hideous sea monster. Generically, her name refers to all sea monsters, dangers of the sea, unknown terrors and bizarre creatures. A derivation of her name is applied to the constellation Cetus, now the star group transited by Eris. This past week during the time of her naming a group of whales beached and previous to that a dolphin with odd tail fins was found. This dolphin supposedly suggested that these sea mammals once walked upon Earth. No one mentioned that the dolphin might be sprouting legs to get the hell out of a polluted ocean or maybe the fin anomaly was caused by pollution.

Ceto’s Node can be found in Virgo with perihelion in Leo. She refers to exorcizing imaginary monsters in one’s life. With her detailing of unknown terrors perhaps idle threats (such as to our homeland security) can be accurately assessed and efficiently eliminated. When ties to fears get cut loose, then people can return to a regime of healthy choices both physical and spiritual. In late Libra, she’s a slow mover. Try getting rid of whatever a person might be thinking of you, or what a person thinks of another - as in gossip and slander. What am I thinking? What would news shows have to talk about? Anyway, personally Ceto suggests restoring a balance between what one knows they ought be doing and what they actually are doing. On the heels of the recent chaos, restoring balance is good, right? No need for monstrous extremes in anything.

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