One Down, One Up (Almost) ~ 18 January 2006

Online last week I was reading about the Wolf Full Moon just experienced. I wasn’t thrilled that the online report said it was based upon Native Americans hearing wolves howl during a full moon at this time of year - once. Certainly there had to be some sort of database. Last Friday night, while dealing with my own fixed cross crisis, I heard such a clatter outside. I ventured forth to investigate and standing upon a mound of dirt that rose above the retaining sound wall to the cemetery next door three coyotes proudly howled to the crisp Moon above. Given my state of crisis (read on, I tell you about it later), I howled with them, much to the delight of neighbors peeking through window blinds. I love collecting data.

So Sunday, NASA safely brought down the Stardust Probe and now delves into sorting the mystery of the dust captured from the tail of Comet Wild 2. If that’s not cool enough, NASA intended to launch the New Horizons space probe on Tuesday, which will head to Pluto, Charon and his two other unnamed moons. Oops, there was a delay and no posted rescheduled date as of this morning on the website - that’s okay the aspects were lousy for a launch. Anyway, this probe won’t get there until 2015, but that’s okay. By then we’ll know the effects of Pluto crossing the Galactic Center and those of the expiration of the Mayan Calendar, and we’ll have invented the next wave of cosmic distortions about which we might worry. Maybe by 2015, we’ll know that the Age of Aquarius began or will begin, and we can get on with the message of looking beyond mundane disturbances and find significance in it all.

Most immediately and in the effort of taking the next possible step to invoke the agenda above, Venus now retrogrades over black holes in Capricorn that require two things: One, reset your energy. Two, don’t shoot yourself in the foot with silly tangents.

What if fatigue plagues you this week and the demands of life insist upon your attention today? For anything that can be set back just slightly - a week and a half - do so. Can you reschedule your launch? Catch up on rest. Gather your wits. When your energy naturally rises again, you’ll know it. At that point you’ll work more efficiently and without noticing, your goals ease to completion. Work when and only while energized. Rest when tired and before fatigue reigns. Play with your partner when awake enough to do so. Now about the tangent thing, how many times has it happened in human history that upon the cusp of success or accomplishment of a significant life objective that a person goes off and runs amok (amuck, my preferred previously contested but also accurate spelling)? For now, just notice the tendency. Should it appear, resist the urge to go off and do something ultra silly like climb K2 just when you’re most needed or decide to intern to become Richard Branson’s launch pilot on Virgin Galactic’s first space craft. Stay in synch. Follow your desire for completion and accept the thresholds of success that all your hard work brings. Venus will back in this same neighborhood between the 19th and 24th of February. For those who did take a shot at their toes, it will be the time to visit the podiatrist.

Part of the tangent dilemma comes from the transit of Mars. This planet, which seems like it’s been in Taurus since the last millennium, now clears Neptune, completing his participation in the Grand Cross. You know how it is when you put your head down, trudging forward into a brisk wind. Should the front pass and the wind cease, the forward lean puts you on your chin unless you respond instantly to the decrease in intensity. How long must a white knuckle flyer clutch the arm rests of the airplane seat once turbulence ceases? Given the brace for impact, resistance sensitive, catastrophe oriented time we now leave, invent no new or imaginary problems. The recent Mars to Neptune over last weekend could have been one of fighting windmills, chasing false blips on the radar and worrying about eventualities that never come.

All that said, create the space for daily quiet time. Pluto is just under a degree away from the core of our galaxy. Those who listen get the goodies. Those who do not must make a habit of listening to those who do listen to the larger, subtler essences. It’s a teeth grinder to be that far down the chain of command (evolution?). Find new, innovative solutions. Really under the fatigue that many presently fight, lives the urge to apply a more brilliant, more solution oriented, choice-based approach to life. Listening “UP” as in up to the Galactic Center might do the trick. One last thing. What you hear today might be hard to apply for a while longer. Write it down and keep it under your hat until the times signal this is the time.

Not being immune to transits, during the Mars-Neptune, which impacted my horoscope heavily, my computer took a virus and had to be reformatted. Sorry for any delays in or dropped communications. I’m back up and running, complete with a firmer resolve about e-mail. Any unrequested downloads, e-mails with pics or forwards will be deleted. Nothing personal. I’m deleting the e-mails my cat sends, too - the ones with dogs in clown apparel.

However, my website and store worked right on through my computer crisis. There’s lots of cool stuff and stories and mind refreshing things. You know what to do.