Frequency Fix ~ 25 September 2006

The intent for this Galactic Times was to report upon the plethora of galactic emanations recently discovered in astrophysics, heavy on those in the vicinity of the Galactic Center. Really though, there were far too many of them to document, and there’s always the question as to whether or not the Galactic Center presently receives more attention from high energy astrophysical scans than other parts of the Universe. The end result was overwhelming. Given the busy-ness of this time with Eris and other calculations to be done, managing life, meeting writing deadlines and such, life was sagging the ridgepole to the breaking point. So, this will be a more basic GT.

First, Happy Equinox. Regardless of Southern Hemisphere’s “spring” and the Northern Hemisphere’s “autumn,” there always seems to be a bit of recharge from the time. Well, maybe there would be if it weren’t for Jupiter very square Neptune and Saturn and opposing Sedna. Jeez O’Pete. When you put that together with all the galactic emanations so prevalent, these days what’s a human to do? Near as I can figure, we need to take a hint from the model of the radio. Personally I prefer the ancient vacuum tube ones that squealed in eerie noises when being tweaked to the desired frequencies just because it seemed more dramatic. Regardless, the nature of the time is that any given person simply cannot process the entirely of the spectrum of life’s stimulation, input, propaganda, pressures, desires and selection criteria and what not. It seems that in this super charged time we can take a page from the schematics of the super heterodyne receiver. Pick the frequency to which you want to tune.

Sure there’s optimism, enthusiasm and progress out there counterbalanced with negativity, woe and despair; each like a different broadcast frequency. As the sky turns every day are you noticing when you change stations - and why? Basic human needs such as rest and sustenance play a huge part in what one tunes into when. The demands of the time require more bodily rest. When stress is high, nutritional needs change, e-coli tainted spinach not withstanding.

Take care of the physical basics. Without rest and sustenance, minds tend to fall off the high road radar into the river of less than ideal sludge. With the body needs complete, go for the spirit and emotional needs. Each day, especially when the daily wheel turns with such a gear grinding symphony, make a point to do one thing good for your emotional wellness and at least one thing for your spiritual stability. You know what, given the way things are right now, that’s about the best a body can do on some days. Truly, it’s major intense.

Some of it is the Grand Cross, which if you’re not considering the new maybe dwarf planet, Sedna, you consider only a tough t-square. Sedna seeks to render us conscious and into a frame of being in which good decisions get made. If one jumps without looking, that’s a whole other can of worms. Some of it is the lack of integration of the newly named dwarf planet, Eris. I cannot remember ever seeing astrologers so pissed off about something, ‘cept for maybe the clarification of Pluto’s planetary (dwarf) persuasion. I say get over it and accept it. The astronomers are not trying to mess with the scientific discipline of astrology. But when one objectively tunes to the essence of Eris, the dissension displayed by astrologers aligns with an archetype of Eris - the kind that runs through lower rivers, but may not make it to the spring of the Underworld, the River Styx.

Anyway, tune well. Pick a good frequency and shunt out frequencies that do not further your personal decision making process or enhance your incarnation’s presence on Earth.

Meanwhile, things have been busy here, too. I know many of you expressed your interest in the reinstatement of my weekly scopes... I still don’t have that kind of time, at least that’s what Sedna in Taurus tells me, however, there is a new scope that launched. If you go to and flip through the lovely pages, you see a column entitled Psss... This is a joint writing venture between the editor/publisher of Constellation Mag, Sherene Schostak, and me. As far as we know, it’s the only place where you get the female and male voice about astrology in one place. Two things. One: There is not hyperlink direct to the column. This is an online magazine, and like those in any waiting room, the pages are meant to be turned. Get over the Internet addiction of fast, furious and inattentive. Enjoy the process. Two: We’re writing this column with an R rating using the kind of vocabulary you might hear on cable TV. Should such words not appeal to you, don’t read the column. Certainly don’t write to complain. For the price, you can’t get anything more valuable.

I shall have ephemeris package for Eris (1700 - 2100, monthly) and Eris/Sedna (1900 - 2150, daily) complete within a week. If you have the Galactic Trilogy CD package, the first part should have come to you as part of your free for life technical updates. If not, you can purchase just the ephemerides. To do so, look for the link: Where is Eris? on my site later this week or early next week.

Finally, as a matter of Eris-ian, hmm, this enigmatic body was as far as it gets from the Sun in March and April 1951. Stay tuned (and tuned in).