Cosmic Rays ~ 16 October 2006

The volume of e-mails I’ve received about tomorrow’s cosmic ray event has been huge. First, let me state clearly that any time those persons of good intention and prayerful open mindedness convene in cooperative, collective effort, good comes from the gathering. Let me qualify this by stating that it works best (as it appears to me) if human expectations give ground to the intentions of the universal steering forces. If one prays for elections to go a certain way or for earthquakes to cease in Hawaii, interference could be indicated. Anyway, that’s not a request for a debate.

The circulating e-mails cite an unprecedented burst of ultraviolet energy, which would in fact stimulate crown chakras in the human etheric body system. There are numbers and things tossed in that make it seem pretty dang scientific. But in my galactic observations and my receipt of astronomical telegrams, I am aware of no such event. Since there are no actual coordinates given, I cannot fact check the UV claims. A problem with the suggestion comes from the fact that what usually happens is that we get blasted by a cosmic vibe and then we report it after the fact. Thus far, we can anticipate solar radiation because we can see it explode and eject and predict the arrival of the energy. I am aware of no predictive method for cosmic emanations. Sometimes, given astronomical reporting, we don’t receive information of cosmic rays for months or longer.

The cosmic reality of rays indicates that we perpetually feel the results of emanations from space. Consider the Astronomer’s Telegrams ATEL 913 and ATEL 914, transmitted on October 11th. These report intense x-ray emanations from the galaxy M-33, apparently connected to a neutron star or black hole binary system. Astrologically, we’re looking at 3 Taurus 14. Here we find a period of x-ray emanations of 1.73245 days, or a day and eighteen hours for government work. Since x-rays provide a glance of the inner structure, and given the upcoming parade of Sun Venus and Mars over this point, we can all pause to reflect upon and clarify inner reality. Personally, we can reset our soulful agendas. In worldly matters, we can determine our own truths about reported hype in the media and Internet sources. X-ray transients were recently reported from the source known as IGR J17497-2821. At 27 Sagittarius 44, this is one of many recently noted sources in the proximity of the Galactic Center emanating to us. This effect is not new. It’s just that with Pluto to the Galactic Center, funding has been appropriated for intensified study of that vicinity. It’s not intrinsically special and we’re only now catching up with and understanding what has always been. Like the potentially archaic prayer concludes: “Is now, ever shall be, galactic emanations without end. Amen.”

The point is, there is no point in determining that October 17th has more cosmic potency than any other time. Earth perpetually receives cosmic rays. The point becomes that of a quest of tracking cosmic rays in a perpetual, ongoing, never taking a moment off from dedication to consciousness manner. In a mundane world, such a task daunts one’s sensibilities. For instance, once done with this I must return to World Series predictions for a column and this website and the perfection of a book proposal. It’s unrealistic to stay in a state of unending meditation. However, it’s essential (of the essence) to remain attuned to the emanations arriving at any given instant, always. The arriving galactic energy inspires a reaction to a corresponding downloadable awareness, always. Really the energy needs only receptivity and the accompanying body response that lets a person know they just tripped over some powerful insight. As it always is.

Soon Jupiter and Saturn finish off the agonizingly anticipated square and a stellium in Scorpio rocks the foundations of every sign. Redefinition of resolve, will, intent, application of received energy and the whole cosmic enchilada asks if you dare sprinkle the renderings with your own chakra-derived energy-ridden soulful salsa. Everyday is October 17th, the next Concordance, Harmonic Convergence or end of Mayan Calendar portal. At least that’s what the cosmic rays tell me. They also tell me that Spam is only good for sculpting into iconic figurines of one’s favorite spiritual master.

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