Wax Enthusiastic

Someone sent me a link for www.ufomaps.com. Looked fun. I thought I’d play. I expanded the view of maps to include the entire world. When I checked, last Thursday the 13th, the only reported UFO’s were over the US of A. Not one over neighboring Canada, Mexico or anywhere else in the world. Is it so that only those living in the U.S. have the special decoder ring and cosmic ray deciphering glasses? Nah, it’s just that we’re so weirded out about bird flu, terrorism threat/political coincidences and more that we believe we’re being invaded by everything from asteroids, to wayward galaxies, terrorists and aliens (thank you, Tom Cruise for all your help). Meanwhile, this embellishment sets up the theme of the week perfectly.

Being all scared and freaked out reminds me of Halloween time, when to prove our lack of fear about spirits and death and such, we don costumes proving we ain’t afraid. As a child, I remember loving the disguise candy, which was so popular at this time of year. There were cinnamon liquid filled false teeth, moustaches, lips, vampire fangs and harmonicas. Not only could you wear or play these holiday products, you could eat them and turn them into a waxy ball of goo in your mouth. Great fun! There was excitement in the air. I loved trick or treat time and made an annual goal of overdoing the hunt for sweet stuff and ensuring it got devoured by my birthday, eight days later. Even as a child I had goals. Anyway...

Every thirteen months or so, the Sun catches up with Jupiter. During this time the largest body in the solar system, our Sun, compares notes with the largest planet in the solar system, Jupiter, who maintains a little mini solar system of his own. This era demands an optimistic reset of goals, beliefs, aspirations and the necessary perspiration to go with it. This next week stands out as this year’s one of those times. Figure out what you want. Make sure you have the attitude of increase, embellishment, things working out and open-ended results from life. Pretend, like this seasonal time of year, that it’s trick or treat time. You get to ask people for what you need and want and they comply with good spirited willingness given that the philosophy behind it all and the declared doctrines agree. You must wax enthusiastic.

What prevents people from doing this all the time? Setbacks, non constructive learned behaviors, sagging self esteem and fear. When fear and negatives kick in, Jupiter manages those as easily as he does the good stuff. Jupiter embellishes, exaggerates, amplifies, magnifies and stretches everything to max proportion with no consideration of if it’s good or not so good.

Consider the news. Pick your favorite runaway train media topic... bird flu, voting in Iraq, earthquake relief, the rush to file paper before the more liberal bankruptcy law expires in the U.S. It’s all there. Everything is supercharged with hyperbole and rumor being the norm instead of the exception. Back it up just a bit. Take a breath. Create clear priorities. Decide what you really want, especially those matters that involve other people. After all, this Sun-Jupiter aligns in Libra on potent black holes that indicate accepting substandard conditions or terms fails to do a spirit justice. No matter what arena of life and heavily focusing upon relationships, make sure all transactions occur with the fullness, richness, perception of opulence, fulfillment of needs such that all desires get met beyond a shadow of a doubt or any shadow that can be cast by those things seeking to eclipses the urges of the heart and soul.

Wax enthusiastic. Consider the Halloween symbolism. Be full and free of fear as you seek those things that you want. Ween yourself from things that make you feel hallo... you know hollow weaning. Stretch that far at least, and consider the image above the grammar.

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