Humor Over Overwhelm ~ February 4, 2005

The common denominator filtering into my office, e-mail and phone of late is that of people feeling overwhelmed. It’s more than overwhelm actually, it’s overwhelm and a generally cranky demeanor. Astrologically, this makes sense. We’re backing away from the Pluto-Mars alignment hopefully with no one getting hurt. Add to that the current convention in Aquarius: Sun, Mercury, Venus and the wild, wacky, don’t say anything to set if off, Uranus.

Maybe this is best described as crisis of incarnation. As the world turns, many have manufactured ideas and concepts to make the world a better place. Some of these concepts run at the leading edge of brilliance, thus making them a bit hard to understand. Frustration in the human realm results from being misunderstood. Some of the best ideas of an Aquarian agenda stand on the weird side of the room. This naturally builds a little resistance to the new ideas from the tried and true proponents. Those individuals feeling unheard or misunderstood long to be with their own kind again - maybe like those folks of the original planet of origin (or wherever they started out). It brings up the urge to pick up your marbles and go elsewhere. No one on this planet gets what I’m talking about anyway, fine. I’ll go talk to people who do get it.

It’s ironical that the inevitably of such new ideas receive such intense resistance in the beginning. Aquarius, and Uranus, its modern ruler, refer to the astrological quality of fixity, which is a nice way of saying stubborn, tenacious to a fault, mad dog with a bone. To which, I’m reminded. If it ain’t fixed, don’t break it.

I learned in Washington State about the ironical nature of nature. Up there when you dig into nettles thinking you’re about ready to pick blackberries (they look a little alike), you start scratching much faster than Saturn’s seven year itch. Usually, right near the nettle patch you’ll find those lovely ferns common in woods that receive a lot of rain. If you take these ferns and rub the bottom side of the leaf where you brushed into the nettles, the itching immediately goes away. The fern does not even need to be picked.

The point? Right adjacent to, or in this case to return to the common denominator idea - above, the source of greatest irritation, is the solution. A lot of people describe themselves as cranky, out of sorts and use other words that would change the PG rating of the GT. The antidote is humor. The reason this is important is that next Tuesday, Mars the impulsive and agitated one, lights a fire under a cosmic point known as the Solar Apex. This point (which varies in exact position depending up the point of reference used - call it 2 Capricorn), refers to our Sun’s tangential movement about the Galactic Center - literally, going off on a tangent.

The Solar Apex holds the blessing of ironical humor. Laughing through difficult times (but not at people and things that scare us) offers relief. To get through these tough, cranky, out of sorts times, call the good humor people. Find the irony; in the irony is the humor. In the humor and with a good laugh, perspective returns. After the laugh, an amazing insight appears. If you can find it, under the providence of this Capricorn solution provider, a practical missing piece makes your previous ideas more understandable and compelling.

Consider the recent announcement that just before the United State’s tax day in April, an asteroid will come very close (and no, it will not hit us, but please feel free to strike those offering such doom scenarios) to Earth, might actually be really funny. Better yet, how about the hot spot astronomers just reported near Saturn’s south pole? I’ve got a few lines for this, but Saturn being who he is astrologically, I don’t know that I’ll agitate his itch mechanism by writing them down. And I’m not kidding.

Meanwhile, gather your friends and colleagues for a good run of ‘cranky hour’ at the local comedy hot spot.


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