Emulate Yourself ~ 25 July 2005

If you’re one of the lucky ones immune from the realization that it’s a little tough out there right now, count your lucky stars. A low grade tension seems to carry a higher than average level of less that optimal response to life situations. In this country, it could be the heat. Then again, maybe it’s because Mercury recently started retrograde motion, which adds to assumptions, personal projections onto the words of others, accusations of narcissism and feeling “dis-ed” by others. Sure this retrograde Mercury now engages Neptune in a testy two step of subjective blurriness, but there’s so much more.

Saturn, sharing space with Mercury in Leo and crowding the messenger out of the way with flailing elbows, demands his due. He seems to think that all effort should be rewarded swiftly and promptly. He needs to be reminded that latent talent is something others cannot see until applied. In the mythological realm, Saturn had a habit of conveniently changing form to shun responsibilities. Once while having an affair with a nymph, he took the form of a horse so no one would know he was horsing around. Wink. Wink. Since responsibility issues appear with Saturn, both he and the nymph assumed the other held the charge of contraception. The result of this union birthed Chiron. Since Saturn assumed the identity of a horse in this sexual transaction, Chiron was born half horse and half human. Saturn disowned Chiron and his mother, displeased with his appearance, gave the strange lad to the teachers and healers. That’s how Chiron became as well versed as he did. Now back to now, Chiron and Saturn oppose each other in the sky. This pattern suggests collective issues of resolution referring to the relationship of Chiron to Saturn and the mythology behind it.

Any issue any person holds regarding attractiveness, being wanted, intelligence and being visible appears for resolution in Chiron’s archetype. He now travels in the odd, I really don’t give a dang what you think of me (except really I do - I need you to seem me as odd and wonderfully strange) Aquarius. Specializing in the unorthodox, alternative, eccentric and ultra creative would please Chiron given his current zodiacal disposition. All the while, he supports such efforts and proclivities, the maverick wonder gives his father a well-gestured salute across the zodiac intending to mean something like, “Who’s your daddy?” Saturn, though a tough customer at a comedy club, has to give up a smile and a chuckle. A point of agreement just transpired. To be solid and strong in self as Saturn wants in Leo you have to be the full of strangeness of whom you are as Chiron in Aquarius promotes. Sharing the view that it takes courage to be strange and full of yourself, both bodies can set their sites upon a mutually endured annoying and approaching intruder.

Mars soon squares Chiron and Saturn from his entry into Taurus later in the week. He’s going to nudge both the outer bodies asking what inner resources stand to be offered. Now any Mars-Saturn pattern does well dressed up especially if it has a place to go. If there’s a job to do, it gets done. Work efficiency soars in these intervals and those with natal patterns of Mars-Saturn can warp time and space to do the impossible, but only if they really want to do so. Motivation comes from Chiron in his spot in strange Aquarius. If you’re really doing your thing, as in really doing your thing, then you’ll be motivated. There’s work to do, places to go and you’re all dressed up. Given that you’re truly making a good splash and not just annoying people, they’ll overlook the fact that your socks don’t match.

The trigger mechanism, a weary, nearly spent Mars in Aries, (and he’s really tired fighting off all those inaccurate e-mails about his orbital path) rallies, mustering all remaining adrenalin and endorphins for the fiery last hurrah before closing the current sign conference. The really hard work he faces right now is that of embracing three black holes, two in Andromeda. It’s true. There really is an Andromeda strain. These black holes offer up three powerful messages. Go get a pencil if you must. This e-mail won’t go stale, at least not for another week.

One: Note all your actions of the past. Note that you did the best you could given what you knew at the time. Restore your innocence regarding efforts that failed, did not measure up or caused you to send out erroneous e-mails.

Two: Emulate excellence. Have no models of mediocrity.

Three: Use the pure essence of your spirit as the ultimate model. Fall into yourself. This is that ever so obnoxious metaphysical precept that until you accept and forgive yourself, no one else can get along with you.

Given things are as they are with Mars annoying the crapola out of Chiron and Saturn later this week, get all dressed up. At least pretend like you have somewhere to go - and if you know what you’re supposed to do, then you know what you’re supposed to do. Realize that Mercury and Neptune do their projective dance right now. When you carry yourself all shiny and spiffy out into the real world, those not feeling similarly about themselves might be inclined to honk horns and wave in ways less friendly that Chiron did to his daddy. Should you encounter this behavior, understand the sagging spirit behind the actions. Reply back with your best smile and call out, “Emulate yourself, pal.”

You might want to duck just in case they are armed.