Action Without Anger ~ January 19, 2005

The Earth appears to be rebelling at the negativity occurring on her surface. Those of us who prescribe to such theories, sense that she shudders and shivers as silly to stupid to absolutely horrible things happen upon her and the hand of inhumanity. She shakes them off. Just this morning, a large earthquake in Japan prompted the issuance of a tsunami warning, that fortunately, came to no negative result. Given that we, as sensitive beings know this, and feel that there’s nothing we can do but stand by and deal with the winds the fates seem to blow, there is one other option.

We can take action without anger. I’m not suggesting activism, or the implementation of any agenda, controversial or otherwise. Presently, the planetary urges ask that we all act without raging, exploding, going off on someone, and you can run this list out from here. On the 28th of January, the lords of Scorpio, Mars and Pluto, join hands in the sky (by longitude) and skip thunderously through the heavens. Thunderously? Well, Mars refers back to lighting and thunder and Pluto carries images of atom splitting - it can go nuclear. In terms of basic human interaction, this can relate to a body going ballistic if the soul feels askew.

Over the past few days, an enormous sunspot, 720 (not to be confused with the old jetliner by that number), busied itself contributing to solar eruptions. For those of you onboard the Galactic Times postings for awhile, you know what to expect. For those you new to the GT, even though you may not know the effects, I’d bet you feel them. That sense of being squeezed... the feeling of body and mind lacking any relationship with one another... a low grade worry or fear... anxiety that waves, stimulated by the silliest things. These are all symptoms, but not all of the symptoms.

The hell with symptoms, what about antidotes? Well, getting out in nature and parking your carcass quietly on the ground does wonders. For those of you experiencing summer in the heat of Africa or the Outback of Australia thinking, “you’ve gone off your brain, mate,” try some simple physical exercise in a climate controlled environment. Whatever you do, get it out without creating havoc... and that is easier written than done. I know this from first hand experience; and praise the powers for the batting cages near my residence.

We may not feel that we can offer anything to a world in which hostility against others seems to be a global pastime. But we can. Each of us can avoid contributing to the seething pot of irritation and more, that stirs under the influence of high energy particle bombardment from the Sun, and the alignment of two potent, potential planetary agitators.

Action with awareness beats the game. Soon, as in on February 1st, Mars extends his pointer right at the Center of Our Galaxy. This nucleus contains brilliant insight, solutions and implications for smooth, fluid progress. With some of the unconscious ambient agitation shaken free, one of us, or all us, might land a solution for our own life path. In that, others may follow. Not the action, they may follow the method of solution: clear the stracky vibes, sit quietly, listen, perceive and then, enact.

More on the Galactic Center influence next week. I must dash out the door and greet my local batting cage with gusto. If I’m not mistaken, a solar surge just entered my office. I am optimistic this is the reason my cat looks at me as if I’ve grown a third eye.