A Cosmic Crusade? ~ June 22, 2005

So, what is this? Some sort of Cosmic Crusade out there? Feels like it. Mars stands off opposite Jupiter in the middle of the celestial highway, his fingers twitching in anticipation of martial response should agreement not immediately come to pass. Mars runs hotter in Aries, that’s about as clear as it can get. Remember, Jupiter actually lords over Mars (and all the other goddesses and gods). Why does he even tolerate the belligerence of the terse Mars? Because he’s Jupiter. Supposedly he listens, takes it all in, processes, and ultimately, refines conclusions when in adversarial situations. The assumption might be that if someone stands so heated about a given concern, their passion, at least, deserves a fair audience.

This feel like your life right now? Do you have to defend everything? Recently a new talk show started on one of those cable news networks here in the U.S. The host, purported to be an intellectual (after all, he wears a bow tie) engages in inane conversations, cuts people off and whacks them over the head with his agenda. That method ensures objective understanding, uh-huh. Unfortunately, it seems that this method is in the water supply. A lot of people blindly argue in heated discussions gaining no ground. The antidote for right now comes from restoring the highest of Jupiter. First, understand that any adversary passionately and possibly desperately grips to the proclamations made. Trying to remove those beliefs would take away all the sand on the beach of their Utopian isle. That’s just too scary and too much.

Given the conjunction impending of Mercury and Venus and soon both with Saturn all in the foundational, familial Cancer, the traditional beliefs, and more chauvinistic the better, demand a foothold. Watch as contentious arguments concerning loyalty, faith, belief, patriotism and treason conjure bolder headlines. It’s working. Here in the United States the Patriot Act, an alleged defense against terrorism, must be renewed. Not only is renewal sought, so is expansion. Without getting into the politics of it, the process carries the implications of planetary signatures.

Personally it works as well. The most contentious arguments of this interval wrap around issues of domestic matters, emotional security and safety in one’s sensitivities regarding values and beliefs. Everyone, to some degree, experiences the phenomena. We all wade the watery pools of Cancer - we’ve got three planets and the Sun there now. Navigate that!

Mercury and Venus presently oppose a black hole in Capricorn (GRS1915+105, 22 Cap 01) known for its bipolar jet. Sometimes it goes off on itself leaving behind a mark that resembles nose removal just to make a point to the face. Certainly it goes off when material security appears threatened or when it seems others encroach upon sacred turf. At this point, all bets are off. The Cardinality of Capricorn billows up over the horizon in a devastating storm that ultimately possesses the ability to clear the air. This volatility can be avoided and clarity achieved through other means.

The restorative qualities of this series of transits (and in mid July the Sun activates this point at about the same time Mars squares it - this will be hot and volatile should precautionary preparations not occur in advance) manifests in understanding the end result of a jetting flare. One must always save face. If one proclaimed an “I’ll never...” scenario, odds are it plays out. The bottom line is that whatever the individual felt was lacking and whatever needed to be preserved or controlled or captured or contained needed no such attention. In reality, all necessary resources appeared without inner lack.

For individuals with planets at 22 Cardinal the prescription of life scribbles that if one pays attention to life’s effects, one realizes that one always finds the money to do what they really want. Somehow, someway, manifestation occurs. That effect cannot be taken away. Accepting this doctrine places one at very cool square one on the game board. First, assess what you want. Desire it. Build feeling for it. Next, declare it. Next, announce its value both to yourself and your world - especially those in it. Then, build a creative strategy of getting the goal met.

This process succinctly soothes the current Cancerian congregation cackling about social situations that seem to invade one’s life. The sensitivity reduced to a simmer, the clear emotions feed the creative spirit. The planetary alignments amalgamate to declare: this is about creative development and soulful acquisition. Let’s not make it a crusade. Shed the cape. Put down the sword. Pick up your tools and don your protective eye ware (sure, they can be x-ray vision goggles given the emanations of a black hole). Doesn’t that just look dandy? There is no crusade - only a cosmic campaign remains.