AGN’s Acting Out ~ May 25, 2005

The good news is: you’re not crazy. There really is a reason, and an ultra valid one at that, for those surges of energy you get that itch under the epidermis like an insect bite urging you to jump out of your skin. The other side of the coin is, we now only scratch the surface of understanding how much cosmic itch occurs in any given moment. Is time accelerating? Who cares? The bottom line is that we’re aware of so much more that affects us and the energy is abundant and acting out. Have people always been affected by this kind of energy? Yes? Then, is this different from before? No. And yes.

It’s different because when you’re aware of something, your attention finds it difficult to next to impossible to delete it. Imagine that you’re drifting into dreamland some pleasant evening. Suddenly, the high-pitched whine of a mosquito happens by your ear. That’s it. That awareness keeps you awake until utter, abject fatigue finally drops your body into unconsciousness. We claim society gets more and more complicated. Perhaps it does. As Pluto nears the Galactic Center, most folks will find it difficult to reconcile technology and discovery within their psychology and views of spirituality.

Consider just the most recent postings of several Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN’s) in varying states of outburst. There’s 4U 1715-39 at 21 Sg 38, NGC 6440 at 27 Sg 23, 4U 1850-087 (in NGC 6712) at 13 Cp 32 added to blazar 3C454.3 at 21 Pi 22, black hole GRO J1655-40 at 16 Sg 49, 4U 0614+091 at 4 Cn 22 and 4U 1608-522 at 11 Sg 20. The Sagittarius proliferation, of course, is related to the spiral arm of our galaxy, which from our view, contains the Galactic Center. There’s always more goodies to be found there in that cosmically muscular arm.

Have you heard people complaining about the extra tweak, the stretch required to cope and unbelievable strangeness in the air? Is it any wonder? Again, it’s always been this way. Now, however, we are aware of all pesky cosmic mosquitos. Too, we are aware how many asteroids come so close all of the time (but no tangible threats are yet known). It’s a lot like radio stations. Used to be there were AM and FM. Now there are Internet radio stations as well as new frequencies of AM. What in heterodyne shall we do?

Get ready. Consider that the consciousness of all is being piqued. Whether the Mayan Calender, the return of a major religious figure, reduction of the ozone layer passing more cosmic energy, traditional astrology, Vedic astrology or cracker crumbs that fell on the carpet in the shape of a religious apparition, the attention of all members of the human race (who won that race anyway?) is requested. Presently all the Sagittarian points mentioned above stand opposed by Mercury, Venus and the Sun in Gemini.

The Sun offers conscious attention and focused awareness such that issues levitate into the plane of cogent awareness. Step two in that process originates with the first planet out from the Sun, Mercury. His job begins when an idea aligns in the recognition part of the brain. He must then assimilate the information, compare it to existing data, make necessary updates and come to new conclusions. Venus polishes off the matter by offering the shining value of the new ideas. Respect for alternate points of view, as in listening to another person, fits the Venus conjuring of the time.

In early June, a fertile dance opposite the center of the galaxy occurs starting with Venus, then Mercury and finally the Sun. The innovation cycle of this is huge. But only those caring enough about the cosmic energies out there can do anything about it. They perceive, take in, comprehend, value, contemplate and conclude new progressive insights. Normally I contend that Galactic Center insights take six to nine months to gestate in the consciousness of collective humanity. As I was writing that previous sentence, I had an entirely new idea.

Again whether channeled from the enhanced image of King Tut’s recently revealed face, Atlantis, the Pleiades, Nibiru (okay, not Niburu), Cheese Bob Square Pants, the GPS system in your Mercedes or the Galactic Center, all systems strive to support an evolution of consciousness. Simply the messages make sense at the time they arrive if people tune to, using radio as the metaphor, the new AM stations, not the old. Then, we evolve. Otherwise it’s just static that takes too much time for integration and resolution. Tweak and tune now. It was more fun back in the old days when could watch the vacuum tubes in radios glow purple and orange and whistle out choruses as they strained for alignment. Ah, progress. Right. Progress, that’s the point.

Turn it up a notch. Ditch flawed beliefs. Here’s another Sag factor for the mix. Just because something affects you in a certain way, no need to seek a Universal dictum. Gonna go mildly political on you here. If t-shirts on women do not tuck into their pants and it bothers you, what right do you have to tell the world how to dress? Isn’t that your issue? Similarly, if Texan cheerleaders make you think about things that your lord objects to you thinking, doesn’t that just mean you’re turned on by it? Is it a problem for the world?

The Galactic Center impulses report their knowledge in a tone that sounds like, “You know, there is another way of doing it.” Would you rather hear that or something that sounds like “You know what you need to do, don’t you? Let me tell you what’s wrong in your world.”

When I worked in electronics one of my managers told the story of how the late night construction on the nearby highway kept his wife awake. Her doctor prescribed sleeping pills. Reluctant to take the potentially addictive drug, she got the brilliant idea that the gelatin capsules could be used as ear plugs instead. As her body heat rose during the night, the capsules melted into her ears. The next day as the doctor pulled out the residual goo, he calmly reported, “You know, these can be taken orally.”

So, if you can’t sleep, try clearing the goo from anything that blocks listening to the Galactic Nuclei that dance and sing for your listening pleasure. Tune in and turn it up a notch.