Your Local Group ~ October 27, 2004

As the relationally based themes of Mars and Jupiter persist in feeling the urge to connect, bond, fuse and thoroughly merge, a moment’s repose promises great results prior to Venus’ imminent entry into the Libran livery. Today, the highly touted lunar eclipse running between the Scorpio Sun and Taurus Moon certainly enlivens the emotional airwaves. Meanwhile, Venus holds to the last degrees of Virgo hoping to restore some sense of lucidity on the brink of so much potential impulsiveness.

In the United States, there’s a whole big campaign to get voters to pick their party, change their mind and/or vote in the most proper and perfect way. Yeah, and with distorted facts, skewed statistics and fear-based campaign promises, that’s likely to happen. On the heels of Sedna’s naming, the collective reminder appears: choose well and pick life’s choices consciously.

Venus now begins her engagement with a distant grouping of Super-Massive Black Holes known as the Local Group. Over the next week, she carefully dances around the event horizon of many gravitationally irresistible singularities. Can she avoid entry into all of them? Unlikely. Can she avoid entry into any of them? Also unlikely.

This potent region in space provides the gravitational nucleus known as the Super-Galactic Center. Around this point thirty plus galaxies orbit, slowly heading toward the core of this enormous black hole (roughly 1 Libra 49). For perspective purposes, some three trillion stars also head toward this black hole.

The images of this region of space promote the idea of soul mate. Most fundamentally, mate with the essence of your own soul. Then, find your own personal local group. The forces of nature, and included within that natural law phenomena, the forces of the Universe, display the brilliant intelligence of knowing toward what things they are attracted and from what things they are repelled (also called repulsed in gravitational terms) - just like most people, right?

Venus insists upon perfected discernment (not to be confused with a judgmental, rejection criterion for people, places and things). Know those things that draw you, support you, feed you, honor your spirit and inspire your soul to flourish. Organically drift in that direction. All of this occurs with no thought, simply by following the natural drawing power of the Universe sans impetuous, impulsive impetus and inertia. It’s too easy, totally uncomplicated, and defies the goal-oriented driving mechanism of social standards. What society declares as cool and attractive may not work within your local group framework.

No matter. Regardless of our best efforts, the Universe seeks to cause personal migration toward persons, places and things that constitute the “local group” or cosmic family and locale for each and every being. Follow the undeniable drift factor. Be with your people while recognizing the differences of other people. Feel the perfection of associating with those like you. Find a place of like. You’ll like it a lot. The artistry prevails. In reality, anyone can draw.