Yet Another Correction ~ February 25, 2004

I’m starting to feel like the press secretary for a presidential campaign: Oops, nope what we meant to say was that the voracious black hole reported incorrectly twice yesterday is actually cohabiting (with the star it’s been shredding and sipping) at 14 Libra 17. And so it is. Well, that changes everything - and it doesn’t.

This black hole, more precisely noted as RX J1242.6-1119, does endure a tense, nudging aspect from Mars virtually as I write. Instead of the square, however, this urging is through the 150 degree quincunx. Since this aspect induces adjustment between the players, and since the black hole is as strong as it is, the essence of Mars is what requires adjusting. It cannot stand up against the gravitational grabbing of this black hole.

In relational matters, take notes. A change of approach, method or even involvement is suggested. One of the implications of the vastness of the black hole depth asks the question, “does this feed your inner being?” Here, the question contains a rather blunt “yes or no” type answer.

This black hole also resides in the longitudinal neighborhood of several accretion pulsars. Simply, accretion pulsars observe that if the source is fed mass, it spins faster. Symbolically, should dialogue be done again and again, it adds momentum. This suggests that hashing the same issue again and again spins the energy deeper into a tightening, tangling ball of confusion, should resolution not be evident. The antidote lies in altering the energy of the situation, instead of beating it to death with words. Mars, as in angles to these potent points, reinforces the idea of energetic pursuit. Add a new energy: take the fresh course.

Consider the other messages of yesterday’s first Galactic Times in regard to 2004 DW. That body’s position (which is correct, thanks for asking) appeals to our galactic core for vision and insight. And so it is, as well.

More next week. I apologize for any confusion my spreadsheet misreads caused.