What DO I Mean? ~ July 21, 2004

Yes, it has been an unusually long time since the last Galactic Times posting. Perhaps you’ve read that Stephen Hawking, black hole theorist, recently revised his view of black holes. Previously it was assumed matter went into a black hole and nothing came out. Sure x-rays and gamma rays radiated at us in the cosmic currency exchange of sorts, but now it’s even better. It seems “information” comes out of black holes. This portends great things as a healing model in the future as the theory thickens. So, over the last few weeks I was in a black hole seeking information. Nah, not really. Like everyone else, when the Sun recently transited Saturn, my fan was dripping just like everyone else.

Meanwhile back at the cosmic ranch over the last few days, Venus, still in option-oriented Gemini recently took a harsh angle to “I’ll amplify everything,” Jupiter. Are there too many options or not enough? Dang, where’s that list of priorities when you need it? Both these presumed positive influences journey in signs ruled by communication-driven Mercury. Add to that, these planets align with black holes in Sagittarius demanding that one speak authoritatively only of those things known, one be receptive to the validity of experiences not had, and one must practice what one preaches. A drive toward consistency in life dominates the lengthy, multiple choice exam on the testing table.

Normally the exchange of expression noted by Mercury implies an interactive, give and take sharing process. Now, the thrust forward energy of Mars reigns in Leo. It’s all about me (meaning the point of view of the person thinking, feeling, expressing, pushing too hard). What DO you mean?

Reality check. Find your priority list. Review it. Make your list and check it twice. It could be Christmas in July whether there are sales in the shops or not. Should you want to be “gifted” by the Universe and prevailing trends, how about lining up communication with what you want? Stop articulating those things that you do not want. Speak in inclusive terms. Is it magic? Maybe.

One of the speculations of Hawking’s recent thinking states that the past is actualized and the future foretold by the information coming out of the black holes. How this works, I’m not sure. Take the test and see if life passes with flying colors according to your contentment index. How will you know? On the 25th of July, Venus and Pluto form the third and last alignment during this “Venus Transit” era. Locating where you have full on passion for life might work. How do you ardently desire your life turning out to be? Can you imagine how good that will feel? Can you express this in first person singular pronouns to appease the action orientation of Mars in Leo?

Soon, the grand Jupiter, and resolver of solar system dilemmas takes on Pluto through a rather tense angle. Jupiter is a bright object, both in luminosity and intelligence. He knows better than to say to Pluto, “You don’t scare me,” “We don’t need no stinking badges,” and “Death to the infidels.” Simply, he asks Pluto what he wants, then Jupiter cuts win-win deals. In order for these scenarios to work out positively, one must know what is wanted. If not, one might feel drawn into a black hole where it seems no effort, regardless of brilliance, is ever seen - that is, until the information aligns with other cosmic realities and conditions such that it can be ejected from the black hole. No doubt everyone can tune to the black hole entities that stand eager and willing to reveal insightful information in the near future. Maybe realigning the “dishes” that track cosmic awareness will help.

Speaking of the near future, early in August, Venus passes by the Galactic Center again clearing its initial point of retrogradation. Look for this to be a cosmically spewing time of information. Though life is busy, take time to document the data. Soon thereafter (Aug 9), Mercury retrogrades. Keep that priority list tethered to your wrist like mittens ought to be in a blizzard. It seems that list is vital to knowing what you do mean to say to receptive venues, people and otherworldly creatures.