Tropical Turns ~ June 19, 2004

Tropical twists and turns are in the air. The Sun, as it enters the sign of Cancer, initiates the start of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, and winter in the Southern Hemisphere. The reason is that the Sun now stretches as far north as it does in relative passage to an imaginary circle inscribed upon the earth - the Tropic of Cancer. No, not the novel, but something equally steamy.

The I-Ching observes that in China the borders were shut on the Solstices. This is really funny given that American Airlines just announced commercial route negotiations with China on Friday, on the cusp of the solstice. Regardless, the getaway urge maximizes. Those up in the Northern half of the planet seek summer refuge. The beach, remote locations where wild animals can be taunted with cameras and theme parks come into focus. Those in the Southern Hemisphere similarly might be checking out destinations closer to the equator to take refuge from the increasing chill in the air and surrounding waters.

Here in Arizona, my neck of the woods, it’s just hot. Even in your best tropical print designer outfit, you profusely sweat emulating the flowing waters of a melting glacier. Another thing becomes very clear. People get a little testy. Is it the heat, specifically? Nope, because all people might become a little testy (no e-mail feedback reports on this matter are necessary) due to the extreme stretch induced by the Sun right now.

No matter what the season - winter downunder, summer atop - over the next few days both Mercury - master communicator and jokester - and the Sun - semblances of ego and the sense of self - both pass through the sky at a point opposite the Solar Apex. Sure, whatever you say. This very hard to describe and define point bears the attribute of keeping all things in perspective through the use of good humor. Here in the States, we have the famous Good Humor Ice Cream man that drives through our neighborhoods offering a variety of frozen delights intending to pacify heat induced stresses. But the humor implied here is even better than that.

Nothing is sacred to this point. Those things that you take most seriously in life require levity to maintain perspective. “If can’t laugh at yourself,” says the Solar Apex, “hold your horses. You could be gripping your own reigns a little tightly.” In this time, the need to locate the ironical edge of humor to maintain perspective in those issues topping one’s priority lists in red ink comes to neon illumination.

The Apex lies in Capricorn, a sign noted for economic diligence in all resource-based matters. With this present influence, the hot commodities seem to be time and tasks. When time runs out, tasks don’t get done. People get tense. And those people on the roadways were not sent there by an evil force or political conspiracy to interrupt your destiny. They’re simply wanting to get somewhere, possibly without proper directions or a misplaced e-mail map, maybe even in a similar quandary as yourself. Perhaps the real matter is one of original planning. If all tasks had been conducted in a less harried manner over a longer, less rushed interval of time, the pressure now would be substantially reduced. The rush in this moment at this farthest reach of the Sun in declination, would render you inclined to relax. So, get things done as you can. End of story. You can only do what you can only do. Then, recline, to get the proper root word “line” lined up properly. Muse. Amuse. Find the good humor in life. Laughing induces breathing. Breathing gets body functions back in balance.

Speaking of balance, let me leave you today with a safety trip concerning life’s tripping hazards. With a chart, constitution, ability for preoccupation and task load that I maintain, I sometimes - as in once in a Blue Moon - forget something I need to take with me on my errand excursion. To avoid the humiliation of having the person at the Post Office (or some other such place) think that there’s no brain left - baked out by the Sun, perhaps - I stack the things that need to head out the door with me right in front of the door. That way, if I do trip over these, other tasks remain free of the pitfalls of time/space delays.

Enjoy the tropical turn ahead. Create a vacation in mental, laugh-filled paradise to maintain a refreshed view of life.