Thought Tax ~ April 15, 2004

As the tax man beckons here in the United States, nothing could be more perfect. Indeed, Friday, the day after the tax due date contains the obligatory healing moment of the Mercury retrograde cycle - that being the conjunction of Earth and Mercury. Precision in mundane matters results with impeccable clarity. With forethought, one can avoid the oops phenomena with not only tax returns but other issues requiring physical, worldly attention.

Surely that can’t be it. For those who toiled and troubled through the first third of this Mercury retrograde, groans and piteous pleas rise to Heaven begging for relief. As is always the case, there is relief. Wonderfully and beautifully, the inspirations and far out ideas of Neptune in the infinitely ponderous Aquarius reach through an energy of greased ease and tranquility over to the driving thrust of Mars in option-oriented Gemini about one third of the sphere of space away. Pardon me for that sentence, but with both planets in air signs I wanted to see if I could write a sentence that would cause a need for two gulps of air to read it out loud. Now this pattern between Mars and Neptune observes a very important dictum in the surreal world of musing. Conceive an idea, then put it in play. Action without a plan looks rather... you know... uninformed. Equally important, when the inspiration comes forth get on with it.

Venus and Mars now move toward a virtual alignment in Gemini as May begins promising a meeting of resource and effort, request and need as well as the relational principle of render and receive. Bear in mind that Venus goes retrograde soon, leading to the June 8th alignment of major global import. This deliberate retracing by the planet of desire causes the alignment promised in May not to occur until December. Now for those of you reading a subtext into this of “oh no, nothing worthwhile happens until December,” retreat to your most reflective place and take a time out. I wasn’t done.

Starting in the next day or two and running through the end of April, both Venus and Mars stand in opposition to two amazingly powerful black holes in Sagittarius. The bottom line here quickly surfaces. Apply everything you know fully and with wisdom to every situation in life. Find a belief system that guides you successfully in life. The former suggestion ought to unfold with relative ease. It’s the latter suggestion that buggers up most folks.

This boils down to practice what you preach. Should you not be able to do so, something has to give. You either change the background beliefs, or alter action to accommodate what prescribed principles you profess guide a perfect life. Sometimes it’s so hard to know which way works.

Here’s a Mars to Neptune safety tip: try acting upon every divinely inspired thought received. Put all those balls in play. Take the steps. Should you follow the urges of the soul, chances are steps seem paved on an invisible laser track leading you forward. Bear in mind that in only one short week, Venus imitates Mars and makes the same creatively receptive alignment with Neptune. This is an open door, or a window that vents a previously shut off room. Rewards want to come. Rewards will come. But one Universal Principle applies here with an inertial alacrity. Only ideas invoked are subject to reward. Like any state’s or country’s lotteries promise: You can’t win if you don’t play. The same applies to inspiration.

There’s one more factor here. Neptune refers to blind faith. To pursue the unknown, muse-derived inspirations, a relentless belief that good will come because of the merit of the concept must underscore the effort. Those who believe with reckless abandon go forward. Those who do not, quit.

Maybe muse on it for a spell. Funny how it is, a muse is most usually amused through the realization that inspiration is no laughing matter.

Next time, in my present state of literary irregularity (no dietary suggestions, please), I shall write about the newly encountered whatever it is, Sedna. Many are going deep into space seeking her meaning, which is wonderful. But continue to bear in mind, that her orbit remains speculative. All data now available is subject to change. And so it is with all insights. Today, it’s the best we have. Tomorrow, it requires refinement.

One more thing, inspiration never intends to be a taxing matter. It’s only when you do something real with it that you get taxed.