The Meaning of Life ~ March 24, 2004

Last week (on the 18th) the recently discovered asteroid, 2004 FH, made its closest approach to Earth. At a mere 26,500 miles distant, it was the closest asteroid encounter ever recorded. That was close! I wonder how many people knew, cared or even stopped to ponder the consideration of mortality or the potential threat to life as we know it. The whole asteroid issue is one of, it’s not about IF the Earth will be struck, but WHEN.

Now, I’m not trying to invoke the whole Planet X doom and gloom scenario or encourage the purchase of Chicken Little style hard hats. My point is to encourage seeking the fullest experience of life in every given moment, taking nothing for granted. While you’re at it, why not seek out your own personal version of the meaning of life?

Not long ago I was speaking with a young Sagittarian (who has the Sun aligned with the enigmatic Great Attractor). We were actually transacting a bit of business. As it concluded, she asked if there was anything else I needed. Being as I am, I quipped that I needed the meaning of life. Swiftly she replied that she did not want to find the meaning of life. “After all,” she continued, “Then what would I have to live for?” Perplexed by her response, I was left with pointing out that she had ended her sentence with a preposition.

What I began to realize is that the meaning of life is the meaning of life. And all that means...?

The attachment one places to/on life demarcates the meaning one derives from life, or so it seems. If you assign meaning to the events, persons and places of your life, the very meaning of your existence unfolds right in front of you. Noticing these “attachments,” and not in a negatively connotative manner, permits clarity as to one’s personal mission statement of life, direction and necessary mapping to fulfill the intended reason for being. Actually, that sounds easy, right?

When the drill and drudge of life on Earth take over, life’s demands overlay a murky tone that reduces the meaning to annoying background noise. Often one might say, the bigger purposes go to the back burner because of the flash fire priorities that require immediate and seemingly constant attention. To regain focus, reassign attachments.


Recently, I have had abundant opportunity to examine the meaning of life. The belief prevailing as a result of these examinations is a refresh of a belief I formed years ago while enduring extended life threatening situations. Each day, every moment, feeling, thought, action and word needs doing as if there is no tomorrow, asteroids notwithstanding. The meaning (and quality) of life exponentially expands as one invests energy, intention, attention and conscious decisions about what means what. Get in there and live life fully. At the end of the day, the review of the day ought to suggest that it was a day with full, conscious investment in life.

About the time of April Fool’s Day, Venus begins passage over the Pleiades, transited by Mars last week. Again, a clearing out of the cobwebs of consciousness presumably occurs. This could refer to refreshing beliefs, grieving losses, changing emotional patterns based in the denial of fulfillment or shifting thoughts from negative to positive.

Want more help? No problem. Astrophysicists just announced that the type I X-ray emitting neutron star binary, SAX J1747.0-2853, recently sent a new outburst of the recurrent hard X-rays. Best yet, this is located within the core of our galaxy (this binary is at 27 Sag 09). This outburst was observed on March 20 and 21, coinciding with the commencement of changing seasons to the equinox. Did you feel it? I certainly did. It conveniently rearranged the meaning of my life.

X-rays, like those emitted by this duplicitous, binary system, see inside to reveal the inner structure. It would seem that the Universe has just handed out the special multi-d goggles to put on for observing the evolving (hopefully) movie of your life. The meaning of life is inside and at the core of everything that holds meaning to you.

I’ll be back with you soon. You gotta know I can’t resist sending out a Galactic Times on April Fool’s day.