The Grip of Control ~ October 11, 2004

Allegedly the world’s political scene undergoes a series of individual-based events that can alter the course of everyone’s life. Last week people in Australia voted in the incumbent prime minister; Afghanistan held elections now under protest, but where people allegedly had their say; the US prepares to vote while clearing the air of propagandized smoke and steam not generated by Mount Saint Helens; and in January, Iraq gets to vote. The people of the world try to sense reality within the intentionally manipulated press messages and political statements. Somewhere in the mix people strive to retain some sense of personal will, spirituality and the sense of a clear, individual destiny.

The congregation of Libran planets certainly inspires the message of not wanting to do it (it being life) alone. Fine. Jupiter lingers over a bountiful gathering of black holes located in the central region of our local group of galaxies. The physical implications of this region of space bend the mind to verge of breaking when trying to figure the curvature of space, time warping and other cosmic twists and turns, all of which contribute to alterations in each person’s psyche. Suffice it to say that step one in regaining a sense of control over one’s life given the weirdness of the world comes from a complete reconnection with the core of one’s own being. Take time out for yourself now. Adding the influence of nature and the night sky dramatically contribute to reaffirming the inner sense of well being. First, do life with yourself. Then, others may join.

Should you have awakened in the past two days with a nearly crushing pressure to get life together, then you’re right on track. Yesterday, as seen from the Sun’s point of view, Saturn passed the point known as Pluto’s North Node. Many feelings can come from this. Why vote? It’s all orchestrated anyway. Why make an effort to change the world? The momentum of status quo appears to be more than firmly rooted. How can I put my creative gas into the world and not be dissipated in the winds of franticness created by war, terrorism, economic uncertainty (and probably control by a minority of powerful people, anyway), political propaganda and assorted other forms of bulging balderdash? Good question.

First, take care of your needs on a daily, step by step basis in the present time. Deal with the unpleasant necessities of life’s mundane demands each and every day. Maintain tracking with your own personal “hour of power” on a daily basis. Stay connected to those things that feed your soul and contribute to a sense of well being. These feelings reaffirm personal power. A passionate stirring deep within that causes surges of energy to elevate your consciousness to the point of personal persistence despite the sense of worldly overwhelm remains imperative. As our President so poignantly stated in the first debate with challenger, John Kerry, “it’s hard work.” He also noted that he has to talk to these folks (world leaders) every day. Each of us can take these words for personal inspiration. Please note that I am acknowledging no political affiliation here. Simply, a man who has assigned to himself vast amounts of influence and power lets us all know how it’s done: It’s hard work that requires daily communication with people of power.

Each and every day one must persist. Every day one must rely upon others of similar or stronger power for encouragement and support. Every day one must ring up the true essence of the inner self. Jupiter and Saturn both move complying with a strategy of a well-orchestrated celestial symphony. Your job, to stay in connection with your own personal power, is to harmonize with cosmic chords. If it is written in such musical ways, make sure you do not refrain. It’s a cosmic sing along right now, and soon the audio portion of the program telescopes to favor your voice.

It’s not about practice makes perfect. It’s about awareness stemming from powerful application of your personal insights, commitment to your causes and belief in your destiny. Vote, whether you ever enter a polling place or not. Vote for your destiny to unfold. Vote and enact the daily effort for personal excellence. Trust that the cosmic conductor will point to your chair. Your part matters. Vote for that.