The Dance/It’s a Blast ~ 8 November 2004

Late last week, between the 3rd and the 5th, the Sun sent an unprecedented five Coronal Mass Ejections (CME’s) into space, including an all encompassing halo blast. Evidently some sort of intensification of collective energy was deemed necessary by the Power At Be. These blasts persisted in affecting our atmosphere and auras throughout the weekend. Did you feel it? That old familiar feeling of being out of synch with one’s self - hyperstability - came back. We felt it a lot a few years ago when the Sun was at it’s peak.

Just quickly, I’d like to put some Internet rumors to rest. Conspiracy-like, quasi-scientific e-mails state that the Sun is more active than it’s been in 8000 years. Since detailed recordings of solar activity and sunspots only began in the 1600's, how do we know this? Evidence of climatic shifts found in river beds and rock formations indicate unusual activity from somewhere. But it could have easily been from volcanos like the one under the glacier in Iceland that dramatically erupted November 1st. Mt. St. Helens, take notes. Meanwhile, the lingering solar activity of the last maximum has diminished, despite this recent flurry. There is no known threat of being made extinct like the dinosaurs, save tiny dinosaur brain consciousness.

There’s something even more interesting and hopefully revelatory going on right now. Today and tomorrow, Venus crosses over the black hole surmised to be in the center of the Sombrero Galaxy (M-104, 13 Libra 47). This spiral galaxy once consisted of about one billion solar masses to create the black hole characteristics indirectly observed. Why single out this black hole amongst the ever growing numbers of black hole candidates?

Because I live in Arizona. Two hours up the road from here at the absolutely lovely Lowell Observatory, Percival Lowell set up shop to find water and life on Mars. In 1930, Clyde Tombaugh discovered Pluto late one afternoon while gazing into the blink comparator. But even before that (1912), the observant, Vesto Slipher (you gotta love a name like that), scrutinized the “movement” of one M-104, a spiral galaxy that with little imagination appears to be a sombrero in space. Slipher noted the galaxy’s radial movement, confirming it’s red shift (apparent movement away indicated by the doppler of light). This noted that M-104 was a galaxy outside our own - this stunning realization confirmed our galaxy was not some sort of solipsitic sense of oneness in the Universe. And, the Universe appeared to be expanding according to this stretched out ringed-shaped object in space. These breakthroughs, first made us aware of how much more is out there.

Even prior to the establishment of Lowell Observatory, things were happening up there on Mars Hill. Lowell had sent Andrew Douglass out west to find the best place for sky watching. While Douglass insistently reported that Flagstaff was the place, he discovered something of his own. It was at the future observatory site that Douglass conceived the art/technique/science of dendrochronology - the determination of the age of a tree by counting its rings.

Revelatory circles on Earth; revelatory circles in the Heavens. As above, so below.

Now Venus in Libra, seeking balance, tranquility, great value and inner peace, traverses the Sombrero Galaxy. After a hard night of dancing around the sombrero, she reminds us all of the real meanings: connect Heaven and Earth, there’s a lot more out there than us, and things increase in expanding proportion - more personally and hopefully our own sense of worth, connectedness and alignment. Grasp both golden rings: on Earth and in the Heavens linking them into an unified field within our personal auras.

Soon, Jupiter commences the first of three passages to the Sombrero Galaxy. The planet of expansion connects with the object in space that confirmed Universal Expansion and played a huge part in Big Bang theory. Hmm. What could this possibly do? I’m going to be scanning the science pages during these transits (December 4th {with Venus and Mars conjunct in Scorpio}, April 5th 2005 and August 4th, 2005) for discoveries that stretch and bend our comprehension of what is out there. Hmm, again. Former UN Ambassador and Governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson, recently called for the release of all government files on the “Roswell Incident.” That would fit. So would a UFO landing (I’m not predicting that, however, I have invested in camping land near Roswell). So would a concept that describes parallel universes, near speed of light travel by warping space, a medicine that cures cancer, finding the real value of pi, defining dna to a new level.

But closer to home, as in inside each life form’s energy, establishing a grounded connectedness to home base and an aspiring link to the galactic point of origin does the trick. Instead of dancing around issues, find the inner core reality and make up your own dance steps. No clumsiness here. That sombrero is not a pinata.

A call to arms to astrologers to draw to a close today. December’s Astronomy magazine exercised the tired argument against the validity of astrology. Perhaps we could remind of the research presented and rejected back in the 1970's.

May your ticket to the dance open the gateway to even greater horizons.