The Balance of Optimism and Fear ~ November 4, 2004

The election in the United States stands archived in the records of this country’s history. At least that’s over. The sad reality is: about half the people (as indicated by vote) remain incensed while the other half stands blissfully content. Right now, Venus - the planet of values - stands in alignment with Jupiter - the planet of belief (arrogance, superiority and religious views when running amuck). It appears in this country that sharply demarcated factions result that offer a potentially divisive rift and backlash in this country that cannot be afforded regardless of the state of the economy. But the above alignment promises a superior grade of optimism.

Over the past few days I asked people who voted differently than I did, why they voted as they did. (No, I’m not going to tell you how I voted. The GT is for awareness of the trends at hand. I may blog elsewhere on this, but not here. I will tell you that in my youth I served two combat tours on behalf of this country and was personally responsible for a series of nuclear weapons. My beliefs have resulted from first hand involvement with many of the considerations of great current contention. Should I blog elsewhere on this, I’ll let you know - with the reservation, enter at your own risk.). Back to the voting queries: many voted upon issues of sameness, familiarity and uncertainty of the future. My hope was that everyone would vote because they had strong convictions regarding their candidate’s convictions and a hopeful optimism for the future.

Seems to me that security does begin at home much like our Homeland Security Department points out somewhat unceremoniously and in an off color way. Fundamental security comes from Venus. If you don’t have enough money, ability to make your way in life and provide simple needs, you’ll not be secure. This factor will supercede any other sense of security. Venus and Jupiter shine brightly, promising to dispel the dark in the pre-dawn sky. Should you be wearing out the carpeting pacing through the early morning in your favorite room at home, go outside and look. Classically, both these planets offer enormous wish potential.

It’s a bit more than wishing. Venus asks you to remember the value of what you know and how you think - these intangible assets seek tangible form. She prompts you to lean back into Jupiter’s broadness of view to recall what your view of the Heavens, the Big Plan and factors of Divine inspiration are. Reclaim your beliefs. With your philosophical base intact, take the next step: understand your adversary.

During the debates I was stunned at how both candidates told us what the people in other places of the world want, thus justifying our intervention. How do they know? Someone out there, needs to explore the tenets of Islam and break it up into bite size chunks so we know what drives these people. Add in the culture and their sense of economic security (or not) and the picture unfolds of why they and us cannot agree. Absolutely, without understanding the other side, no progress will be made.

Venus and Jupiter promise bountiful and beneficial realizations. Take the time to understand why others tick they way they do. Then, offer what you have as solutions, antidotes and insight to ensure the common good of all. One thing the world should have learned by now: if you force your views down the throats of others, the cosmic gag reflex abundantly responds.

Given each person strives to balance their position in the world with others (at some level), start with a clear assessment of your position. Be able to state it consistently and clearly. Then, listen to what others offer. Decide what you bring to the table. Act on that.

Somehow in this unsettled, volatile air mixture in the ethers, Venus and Jupiter seek to restore homeland security. Indeed. Find you gifts, offer them, and handsomely reap the rewards. Choose to make your personal contribution of magnificent value more powerful and profound than ever before. Seek the win-win scenarios. Ultimately, we are one world, one solar system, one galaxy (amongst trillions at least) of one Universe (oops, maybe trillions there too) and we need to stay in cosmic accord with all of them. Therein, is balance. Accord overrides animosity. Intelligence overrides ignorance (the act of ignoring the obvious) and enlightenment supercedes fear-based speculations. Do your part to balance the picture.

Given the above, I have decided to personally assist the President in reducing the deficit. To do this, I need to pay more taxes. To pay more taxes, I need to offset the economic effect of fear and worry demonstrated on this planet. To accomplish this end, it will be necessary to adjust my fees for consultation work, both personal and business. This will happen in January and I haven’t decided the new structure yet. So, if you want to avoid the approximate Super Bowl flurry of busy-ness this will bring, please consider the following sooner than later. And until next time... stay optimistic, balanced and flaunt your value.